A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 17

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 17

017 episode. number fight (1)

Afternoon workshop.

gang! gang!

A posture with legs crossed and arms crossed.

Zervia was sitting on the chair she had brought herself and watching Cain.

“… … .”

very terribly


It was what she did when she got used to her work and came to the studio whenever she had time.

gang-! gang-!

Regardless of the gaze, Cain was absorbed in his work.

Sweat pouring down like rain.

The passion in his eyes as a maker of something.

‘… Don’t be fooled. Something like that.’

Zervia bit her lip.

Cain wiped the sweat from his forehead and turned around.

“I didn’t know you were here.”

“… … .”

Cain’s gaze glared at her sword.

“I heard the story. In the morning, one of our classmates whistled to the Inspector and got a sword on the back of his hand.”

Harassment in which a woman walks on the basis of her gender and appearance.

She didn’t really care.

Not only was it familiar, but the harassers soon regretted their actions.

“I apologize again. Let that prisoner be trained separately.”

The only thing I didn’t like right now was the fact that Cain was living a life that was not like a prisoner at all.

“According to Article 72 (3) of the National Law, all prisoners in the prison are obliged to work 9 hours a day.”

“… According to paragraph 7 of the same article, it can be replaced with other tasks designated at the discretion of the director.”

You could not win with your speech and knowledge.

‘There were analytical data suggesting that it might be the son of the Fallen Nobility. There may be some credibility… .’

He turned on the lights on his eyes to find faults, but Cain did not show any gaps.

He polishes the statue all day and goes to the church in the evening to help the priest.

He said that there were many prisoners who started their religious life after Cain.

“Are you going to finish the rest of your sentence by continuing your religious life like that?”

“That’s right.”

“… Your sentence is 170 years. I can’t go out until I die. Do you know that?”

“of course.”

170 years.

In addition to Cain’s revealed deeds, it was the result of adding weight to being an executive of a large organization.

“If I had been a judge, I would have sentenced him to death.”

“I am only grateful for the humanitarianism of the Empire, which does not tolerate the death penalty or torture.”


I didn’t like it, but it was a national law, so I had no choice but to follow it.

‘In the name of that, the superiors hand over criminals straight to trial. Without properly digging for information.’

Especially if it was someone related to the Blue Serpent.

As if there was some kind of connection.

‘The tendon was cut and left at the scene… . Like waiting to be caught. mine? No, there is also the possibility of infiltrating the prison to get in touch with someone… .’

Frowning her brow, she took out a mana probe and walked around the studio.

It was a habit I did whenever I was frustrated because my reasoning was blocked.

“The sensor does not sound even when you touch it. As you know, I am not a mana user.”

“… … .”


And I was happy about that.

If such a monster could even handle mana.

It was just terrifying to imagine.


A sigh mixed with emotions.

Zervia went outside to cool off for a while.

“… … .”

Her detection rod on the desk.

In an instant, Cain’s eyes changed.


He strengthened his muscles with magic and lifted a huge lump of ore.

I pushed the detection rod stuck in the gap below it with my foot and pulled it out.

Then I replaced it with the one on the desk and repeated the same operation in reverse order.

In less than 10 seconds, all movements were finished.

‘I have more things to thank Estelle for.’

It was an item in the guards’ warehouse, and I was able to obtain it through her.

Mana was injected and ruined.

Power is on, but the detection function does not work.

It can be said that it is a perfect imitation because it uses the characteristics of “memory” to imitate even the degree of scratches and wear on the surface one by one.

A few minutes later, Zervia and the warden came in.

The warden said with a fuss.

“Five! Completion is just around the corner. How long do you think it will take?”

“I think we can finish it tomorrow morning.”

“Guardian Xavir, how are you? Isn’t it a masterpiece?”

“… Yes.”

Zervia replied reluctantly.

I had to admit that.

“I think we will have to decide on a place for the statue of the goddess to be erected. How about the front of the central building? I guess that’s where the guards and prisoners pass the most.”

“You can look down from the office. good idea.”

At Cain’s response, the warden nodded with satisfaction.

“Javir, what do you think?”

“… I think I’m fine.”

If Cain had suggested the location first, he would have doubted it, but this was the opinion of the warden first.

In addition, the inspection has already been completed several times. I didn’t like the creator, but the goddess statue was just an ordinary statue.

“okay. I’ll instruct the guards. I want you to carry the statue around lunchtime tomorrow.”

“Yes. I will be waiting here. And this is something I worked on separately.”

Cain pulled an object out of the drawer.

It was a palm-sized statue, like a miniature goddess statue.

The warden exhaled admiration as he looked around the statue.

“her! The workmanship is truly admirable. How can you make such a meticulous piece of a small gemstone!”

Zervia, who was watching, picked up the detection rod that was on the desk.

Quietly, he aimed its tip at the statue.

“… … .”

Also, the sensor didn’t ring.

It was an item I had already checked before, but it was a gift from the warden, just in case.

“I will put this on display next to the chess trophy. Come to think of it, both of them are things that benefited from you, huh.”

The director burst out laughing, looked around the studio more and disappeared out of the door.

Zervia followed him and stopped tall. And he turned his head and said.

“… Don’t be fooled into thinking that the director will take care of your convenience. Since you’ve come here, you’re just a prisoner.”

He bit his lip and spoke.

“I hate criminals like you. And I know you damn well. Demon-like people who know human life as much as a fly’s life. It must have made many civilians tremble and killed them again and again.”

Cain stared at her without a word.

“As long as I’m here, don’t even think about making a fuss. Because I am watching you.”

Kick- bang!

The door closed, and the sound of militant footsteps faded away.

“… You know me well.”

Cain shook his head.

she doesn’t know

The fact that while she was away, “Flame Explosion” was “engraved” on the statue of her palm.

The fact that he has never killed a civilian until now, rather, he has tried to save it.

And the one who knows the other person well is that it’s not her, it’s this one.

* * *

Workout time after all afternoon labor.

I stopped working for a while and headed to the vacant lot.

‘Van Woods.’

In the distance, among the gang, an old man could be seen.

I strode closer.

The prisoners on the way backed away.

“Long time no see. Van Woods.”

“… … .”

“I have something to tell you.”

I looked at the prisoners around me without saying a word.

Guys who are very vigilant.

Woods beckoned and soon there were only the two of them left.

“It’s been a long time. Is this the last time I’ve seen you in a war in District 33, five years?”

“Looking at your memory, you are still correct. Fortunately, the.”

“I have heard occasional news. The kid at that time became a Blue Serpent executive. That’s great, that’s great.”

I said looking at the red skull tattoo on Woods’ arm.

“It wouldn’t be as great as running away with the slush funds of a self-organized boss.”

Woods stared blankly for a moment, then burst into laughter.

“Khahahaha-. Yeah, there’s nothing as great as that. Is that your purpose? There were a lot of people who came in to dig up the hidden places.”

One of the three largest organizations.

red skull.

Woods, who was in charge of the accountant, ran away with a slush fund.

His plan to disguise his death failed, and he was chased by the gang members, and he entered prison to live.

It was a minor role that was molded for the second half of the episode.

“Seeing that each of the executives was sent, your organization was also anxious. After all, for two billion shillings, I can’t even turn my eyes around.”

Woods said, stroking his white beard.

“Actually, I wondered when you were coming. When I first came in, I was only being attacked by other prisoners.”

I left Woods to misunderstand.

It’s true that after jailbreaking, you need a lot of money to be active.

“Anyway, you know my purpose, I think the story will be fast.”

“I’m sorry, but I have no intention of opening my mouth. I’ve been threatened by many people over the years, but in the end they couldn’t kill me. Do you know why?”

“Because the moment you die, Woods, the location of the money is forever buried.”

“okay. There’s no way I can do anything that will diminish the value of my existence.”

“… The cemetery in District 102.”

The hand that was stroking the beard stopped.

Horses are nothing more than a cemetery, a place where the corpses pouring out of the slums are thrown away haphazardly or buried without the slightest respect.

… And as it is connected to the wasteland, it boasts the same size as a plain plain.

‘It was set up to just hide money under the grave. It was a development in which the main character finds out using his characteristics without any hints.’

In other words, I don’t even know the exact location of the money.

I don’t know how long it will take to dig through it blindly.

“… I didn’t know the Blue Serpent’s intelligence was that high. But what does that mean? Are you going to rummage through all that crazy space?”

Woods snorts.

I thought for a moment and said.

“First of all, you may believe it, but I didn’t come here as part of the organization’s plan. There is no word going around that you give me the exact location.”

“Is it something you did personally? Well, either way, I have no intention of opening my mouth, so it is in vain.”

“I will offer you a deal. When I find the money, I will pass 10% to my son.”

Woods isn’t really afraid of his own death.

The only reason why he has regrets in the world is because he is a late child who is being raised by an employee.

“… How the hell do you do that!”

Woods’ face, which had been relaxed before, hardened like a stone.

“Next year, he said he was going to come of age and enter the knight’s school.”

“You bastard! I don’t think he ever touched Marsen.”

Woods growled.

I smiled and continued speaking calmly.

“It hasn’t been touched. As long as you cooperate, it will never happen again.”

“Say it. Does Red Skull know about this?”

“It’s a fact that only I know.”

Woods groaned, then softened his momentum.

There are many calculations going on in my head.

You’re a smart person, you’ll figure it out right away.

The thorough ‘B’ in this situation right now is that you are yourself.

“… I see. Let me know the location. I just have to keep my promise to pass the money on to my son.”

“of course. And there is one more condition.”


I glanced at the nearby watchtower with a squint.

A guard was watching me intently.

“The newly appointed chief guard will approach and ask. What kind of conversation did you have with Cain? Then you just have to act a little.”

“What? You mean acting?”

“Yes. You are the one who deceived Red Skull’s boss, so it should be possible.”

Woods’ bewildered face persisted for a rather long time.

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