A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 171

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 171

171. Understanding and Practice of Sojang Field (1)

Haley suddenly took Milsian’s hand.

When I went outside with help, I could see the surrounding landscape more clearly.

“Your acting skills were pretty good.”

“When I was a mercenary, I didn’t deal with hounds once or twice.”

It looked like a parking lot behind a building.

Guards in suits and guns were bustling around.

The hounds who had kidnapped them were talking to them in a friendly tone.

Haley muttered without realizing it.

“here is… .”

“Behind Supreme Security.”

“Supreme Security?”

“This is a security company run by John.”

Haley was confused as the situation was still not fully understood.


Then footsteps echoed in the parking lot.

Haley turned her head.

The guards were bowing their heads and bowing their heads to show their respect.

At the point where the eyes gathered, a man with his back was walking in.

The man stopped in front of Haley.

“It must have been difficult on the way.”

It was Cain.

With the face of Supreme Security chief Jason, Haley didn’t know who the opponent was for a moment.

“Let’s move on and talk.”

Both arms were caught again, and they were only dragged away without knowing the English language.


The vehicle carrying Haley moved away in the direction of Area 62.

Arriving at Lowtactic’s smithy, he was about to start building a new converter.

Milsian, standing next to Cain, said.

“You are a quicker talker than I thought. He had just come out of prison, and it was impressive how he immediately understood what he was going to do.”

“It must mean that the hatred for the emperor is intense.”

Haley’s entire family is missing.

The fact that it was disposed of in the hands of the emperor can be known without thinking deeply.

“I know for sure that you are the enemy of the Emperor. The purpose is to absorb all the mana of the tank.”

Haley’s mouth allowed him to hear more details about his imprisonment three years ago.

“Even at that time, the ark was close to being completed. It would be correct to assume that it has already been completed. I think the mana required for operation is also charged in the engine inside the ark.”

Haley took a breath and said.

“But the fact that the ark hasn’t been launched yet… .”

“There would have been no disruption to the plan. Rather, it seems that the plan is being delayed due to the expansion of the number of people on the ark.”

Haley nodded her head.

“There is a possibility. Even in the new world, you need a slave that you can serve.”

And I questioned Cain’s next words.

“Are you saying you want me to make the converter?”

「Isn’t it a masterpiece of pride as an engineer? You must have a desire to complete it yourself.”

Haley shuddered.

It was for that reason that he could not destroy the blueprint and only hid it.

“No worries. At least, like the emperor, he has no intention of destroying the world for the sake of his wealth and glory.”

Haley thought for a moment and then said.

「Once you use transformation magic so freely, I understand that you are a talented wizard. If you absorb the mana of the tank, will you be able to kill the emperor?”

“That is something that cannot be confirmed yet.”

“… I see. I still doubt you. But at least I believe you’ll be better than the Emperor.”

The car carrying Haley was completely out of sight.

Milsian said.

“I heard you were given the title of nobility.”

“Looks like the rumors have already spread here.”

“no. still up to here. Estelle Priest told me. He was so proud that his ears bled.”

“… … .”

The emperor conferred the title on ‘John’.

Rumors had certainly spread in the capital.

Although it was the lowest rank of baron, the impact was enormous.

“You’re giving titles to people who are outside the wall? No matter how baronish it is?”

“What do you think, Your Majesty?”

“Be careful. Rumors abound that His Majesty is keeping an eye on the man.”

The title of nobility is only an honorary title.

But it has never been given to someone from outside the wall.

Because of this, voices of dissatisfaction were coming out from among the aristocrats of the capital.

“It’s like a rumor. Rumors and public opinion change like flipping the palm of your hand dozens of times a day.”

“That is correct.”

Cain didn’t care about other people’s gazes or voices.

He was only thinking about the goals he had to accomplish.

The first thing to do is to secure influence in the tower.

That way, when the announcement comes down on the tower, you will be able to be chosen as Julia’s teacher.

Then, as Julia’s teacher and Asimov’s doctor, she gradually expands her influence in the Imperial Palace.

During the activity, you will have the opportunity to access the mana tank in the basement of the Imperial Palace.

‘The pact with Haley is canceled the moment you absorb all of the tank’s mana.

The limit of agreements that can be made at once has already been reached.

Professor Bama and Ellen.

Zervia and Asimov.

And Haley, a total of five.

By the time you get to the basement of the Imperial Palace, all five agreements may have been completed.

By that time, it will be decided whether Baek Jin-woo exists in the Imperial Palace, and many things will be going on.

“I’m just leaving.”

“Yes. The area will be well managed.”

Cain got into the car and slammed the accelerator back into the wall.

He had no intention of resting.


Early December when the wind is chilly.

The winter semester of Matthews has begun.

Elder Aitar was observing the students on the ground in his laboratory located on the top floor of the tower.

he said with a happy smile.

“Even the winter wind cannot cool our students’ enthusiasm for learning. It’s not that cold, and they’re walking around bravely.”

“… … .”

The assistant, who was waiting with a document in front of the desk, was a little perplexed.

‘Isn’t there a greater functional reason than that? The robes for each grade distributed from the tower have strong thermal insulation magic.’

I didn’t have to take it out of my mouth and scrape it to make a crumb.

It was because Aitar came out of the training room after two months from the grief of losing his successor.

‘Now, things will go back to normal. Because the master of the tower has returned.’

The teaching assistant nodded with emotion as he recalled the events of the past two months.

“After all, even while I was away, the tower was at peace… huh? Who is the author?”

A question appeared on Aitar’s face as he looked out the window.

As I approached and looked at him, I saw a man walking towards the entrance of the tower in the form of dots.

He was able to recognize his face roughly by raising his eyes with magic.

It was Johan Kirif.

He was wearing a different type of robe than that of the students, given separately to the professors.

“ah! This is Johan Kirif. Elder Raitino brought me here, and I have been appointed as a professor from this semester.”

The secretary quickly added some important points about John.

Representative of Hexa Medical.

Commendation from the Chief of Police.

Excellent magic skills.

During his residency in the training room, Aitar had never heard of what had happened in the capital.

“Latino brought you?”

“yes. Rumors are circulating that he is a disciple of Elder Lightino. I’m not sure because I haven’t revealed it myself yet… .”

At Aitar’s narrowed eyes, the teaching assistant felt an uneasy feeling for a moment.

Although Aitar and Laitino were longtime friends, it was an open fact that they were rivals with each other.

‘The fact that Raitino-sama was overjoyed when Laxen died, no one in the tower doesn’t know.’

Both of them are conscious of each other and are anxious to find a successor.

For a moment, I had an ominous idea.

Imagine that Aitar secretly summons Johan and tries to kill him.

The instructor shook his head vigorously.

‘Anyway, Elder Aitar is a person with common sense. Absolutely not.’

Unlike Elder Raitino, who doesn’t know where he eats his age.

Aitar’s voice continued to be heard as if to calm the assistant’s anxiety.

“I want to meet you and talk a little. Isn’t it one of my duties to interview new professors?”

It wasn’t a very favorable voice.


Cain entered the tower and pressed the elevator button.

I have two lectures this semester.

1st year “Introduction to Elements”

3rd grade 「Understanding and Practice of Director Won」

Cain remembered Raitino’s words.

“Both of them are lectures with a capacity of about 30 people. Please understand that I can’t give a large lecture in the first place. There are so many people who are dissatisfied with your appointment as professor.”

Even the appointment of an unverified outsider as a professor was already an unprecedented HR treatment.

‘Perhaps the elder Aitar noticed something.’

Although they are close friends and the same elders, Aitar was the most powerful person in the tower.

Actually, it was my first lecture, so it didn’t matter what I was in charge of.

The term of the matop is three months.

Because lectures and research performance evaluations were conducted at narrow intervals, promotion was possible only if skills were supported.

The first year “Introduction to Elements” was a new lecture that Laitino opened for Cain.

‘I said that it was a lecture that gathered students who were weak in theory and magic skills in the first year.’

Conversely, the 3rd year “Understanding and Practical Practice of Director Won” was a lecture for the talented or geniuses.

3rd year.

A grade with the highest level of self-esteem due to mastery of theory and practice.

Because of this, he said that the gaze of the professor was also very strict.

In addition, most of the students of Matop are children of noble families and have high self-esteem.

“In particular, in this ‘Understanding and Practice of Director Won,’ you can see the names of bad boys who like to terrify new professors.”

In fact, in the previous semester, one of the new professors said that he could not overcome the territoriality and resigned.

“Director Won itself is a difficult field to deal with, but since you said it was okay, there shouldn’t be much to worry about.”


The elevator arrived in front of Cain and the door opened.

First graders in white robes were standing with thick major books in their arms.

As Cain boarded, he was pushed into a corner like a frightened flock of sparrows.

“… … ”

“… … ”

He kept glancing at Cain, but no one spoke to him.


The suffocating silence was broken only after Cain dismounted and disappeared into the hallway.

“Is that the new Professor John?”

“You were handsome.”

“You were handsome.”

“Not average, but very.”

“I didn’t even say hello. ‘Hello Professor. My name is Eila.’”

“You’re ashamed. It’s scary too.”

Everyone exhaled ‘paha’ and chattered.

“I heard you came from outside the wall.”

“Some say I was born in a slum.”

Rumors circulating in the tower were causing students to look at each other while talking to Cain.

Cain’s cold impression also contributed to the students’ hesitation.

─You were handsome.

-That’s the only thing I can remember.

─Have you signed up for Professor Johan’s lectures?

The students’ conversation drifted away behind Cain’s back.


Cain stopped at the classroom door to check the time.

9:57 a.m.

3rd grade 「Understanding and Practice of Director Won」

It was three minutes before class started.


opened the door

A structure in which a desk is arranged on a radially increasing slope.

rudder- rudder-

With Cain’s appearance, silence entered the classroom.

All the students stopped talking and straightened their posture.

And with a vigilant and curious gaze, he watched Cain’s every step.


Cain’s steps stopped in front of the pulpit.

The attendance book, major books for lectures, and syllabus were placed on the unit.

「Elemental storage structure dismantling book-electric」

Cain checked the name of the textbook he was carrying.

「Elemental Director Structure Dismantling Book – Fire」

Although the word Sojang is in the titles of both, the contents were completely different books.

Even within the Sojojang, the fields are finely divided.

“… … .”

When I lifted my head, I saw the book ‘Deconstructing the structure of element storage-jeon’ placed on the students’ desks.

The syllabus was also completely different from what was delivered to the teaching assistant in advance.

‘You made an obvious joke. Are you planning to gossip about the name of the textbook in the future?’

It seemed that it was not only the students and professors who showed hostility.

Cain sighed a little.

And I quickly read the ‘Dismantling the Structure of the Elemental Director – Jeon’ that was placed on the pulpit.

The content was already in my mind.

However, it was necessary to slightly modify the curriculum according to the table of contents of the textbook.

“What are you doing now?”

“Did you bring another book?”

The students started to gossip.

“I think you didn’t prepare for the lecture.”

“No, you came with a completely different book than that.”

“Why are you reading that? If it wasn’t for his main element, he wouldn’t be able to teach it properly if he had read it.”

Sojang was a discipline with different theories and practices depending on the core element.

For this reason, there is a professor in charge of each attribute, and it is common to see them as separate disciplines.

Whirlik. widely-

A short time of less than two minutes.

Cain turned the last page of the major and closed the back cover.

“I just didn’t prepare properly for the lecture… .”

The student, who did not recognize the silence that had returned, quickly shut his mouth.

Cain quietly lifted his head and stared into the classroom.

and said quietly.

“From today on, I am Johann Kirif, who is in charge of the lecture on ‘Understanding and Practical Field of Elements’. Start teaching right away.”

With Cain’s words, the classroom clock rang.

10 am.

It was on time, without a single second of deviation.

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