A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 174

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 174

174. Understanding and Practice of Sojang Field (4)

Director Bing (氷).

Electric field chief.

The moment when two major fields collide.

Viola instinctively deployed her protection and closed her eyes tightly.

“… … ?”

However, no matter how much time passed, the sound of collisions caused by the elements was not heard.

“Stop it.”

Instead, Cain’s voice was heard.

she opened her eyes

And I couldn’t help but be amazed at the scene unfolding before my eyes.

“… … !”

Another one was sandwiched between the two.

As if another ocean current was caught between the point where two sea areas intersect.

in the form of a huge wall.

Cain’s primary field itself had a brilliant blue light.

“My lab is a few floors down. If the two of you use magic, it looks like they’ll fall within the damage range.”

Surprisingly, Aitar and Laitino also opened their mouths and did not say anything.

The anger was gone, and it was replaced by embarrassment and surprise.

“her… ?”

“What is this… .”

The two elders with great sensing could sense clearly.

In Cain’s element field, the same electric elements and ice elements as theirs are mixed and swirling.

A saliva flowed from Aitar’s mouth.

“Am I dreaming right now… ?”

In the original element field, it is an absolute law that only one main element is used.

Of course, it is not theoretically impossible to use multiple main elements.

There is no one in the world who specializes in handling many main elements, so it is only treated as impossible.

But now that common sense has been shattered.

By a young professor in his late twenties.

“… … !”

Lightino looked at Cain.

Eyes full of excitement and anxiety.

Take the chieftain. hurry.

The message was clear.

He knew that Cain dealt with at least two principal elements.

However, I did not expect that it would be at the level of implementing it in chapter units.

It was natural to feel happy because the raw stone he had was evaluated as a gem that was second to none in the world.

But at the same time, there was a lot of anxiety.

It was the fear that the raw stone might be stolen by the rival.

As if to back up his anxiety, the damn old Aitar man is shining his eyes on John.


The will of the two elders to fight was clearly evaporated.

The elements in the atmosphere returned to the bodies of their masters, and the element fields all disappeared.

Viola sighed in relief.

The furniture was slightly broken and collapsed, but it was in very good condition for two elders to collide.

“You now… .”

Aitar looked at Cain with young eyes and said.

Raitino, who was expecting the backstory, hurriedly intervened between the two of them.

“John! There are no injuries! Come on, get out of this disgusting space just by breathing!”

“No, wait. This friend just had two kinds of elements… .”

“What is an element? two kinds? Was it one kind?”

“No, I just obviously have two elements… .”

“her! This old man has grown old and now he feels in vain.”

Aitar looked at Cain.

He kept his mouth shut and expressed neither affirmation nor denial.

Viola had a puzzled face.

She didn’t have much talent, so she couldn’t distinguish between the minute elements scattered in the element field.

‘I… Did I really feel wrong?’

Aitar was momentarily confused.

“Are you talking about this?”

At that time, Cain unfolded the Elemental War once again.

Ice element and electric element.

It was an elemental field made up of two elements.

A look of disappointment appeared on Laitino’s face, and Aitar exclaimed with sympathy.

“okay! That’s it!”

He, who had been admiring again and again, looked at Latino and asked as if asking questions.

“I brought you here, you must have known, didn’t you? right?”

“Oh, I knew. I didn’t know.”

Aitar’s gaze turned to Cain.

He grabbed Cain’s hand.

“Hey, did you say you came from outside the wall? Are you a pharmaceutical company representative? When did you learn magic? Who is the master?”

Raitino took the staff out of his arms and swung it like lightning.

Aitar pulled back his hand, and his staff slashed through the air.

“Don’t even think about going overboard. The gemstone that I unearthed, no, it’s a friend.”

Aitar rolled her eyes.

“If this friend had this level of skill, shouldn’t I have said it sooner? It’s clear that you will be hired even if you go through the formal process, not by parachute.”

“I’m locked up in the training room and can’t come out, so what do you say?”

Latino growled without losing.

I didn’t want to say that even if I died, I was worried that I would lose my student candidate for nothing.

Aitar smiled benevolently at Cain and said,

“I didn’t know he was hiding such a skill. Let’s pretend there was no dismissal. The evaluation of the lecture is worth dying for.”

“no. it’s okay. We will accept the course evaluation conditions as they are.”


“No, why are you refusing that?”

Cain silently harvested the elements.

Aitar, who was constantly looking at the chieftain with a squint, groaned with regret.

“If I pass the test agreed by both sides, even those who are dissatisfied with me will no longer have a voice.”

It wasn’t wrong.

If Aitar acknowledged Cain’s professorship without taking any action, that would only increase dissatisfaction.

Raitino asked in a worried voice.

“Are you okay? It is very difficult to get over 4.5 in the lecture evaluation.”

“You never got a score of 3.5 out of 5. The students don’t like it because of his personality.”

“Shut up a bit. Before twisting the snout.”

Ignoring Cain’s conversation between the two, he continued.

“It is not too difficult to get a score of 4.5 or more. And I want to publish a thesis at this screening meeting.”

A screening meeting is held at the end of each semester.

It was a kind of seminar where professors presented new work.

Aitar’s eyes changed as if it was interesting.

“A thesis?”

“Yes. I have a thesis I was working on.”

“Can I ask what it is?”

“It’s about the dual element field I just used.”

The two elders spoke at the same time.

“You said you were always active in academia. That will be the beginning.”

“Does this mean that if you have any questions about the director of Wonso, you should check it with the thesis?”

Cain nodded slightly.

“Both of you are right. In particular, you may have a lot of questions about the director. But I think it would be better to show it in refined writing than to explain it in words.”

With Cain in between, the two elders were fiercely staring at each other.

Since the line had been drawn, the two elders could no longer ask about the chieftain.

“I will only ask you one thing.”

“Yes. Elder Aitar.”

“There are rumors circulating that you are a disciple of Lightino. Is it true?”

Cain looked at Latino.

There was a hint of anticipation on his face.

“The person who helped me a lot in working inside the wall was Elder Raitino. It will be of great help in the future, and I think there is a lot to learn magically. The world describes this kind of relationship as a relationship between priests.”

As Cain continued to speak, the corners of Laitino’s lips rose.

At the same time, Aitar let out a deep sigh.

“However. It has not yet been identified as a disciple.”


On the way out of Aitar’s lab after the situation is settled.

Raitino spoke to Cain in a voice filled with disappointment in front of the elevator.

“Didn’t I tell you to think positively about becoming a disciple?”

“Yes. I am thinking positively. But I haven’t made up my mind yet.”

Lightino shrugged his shoulders.

However, Cain’s expression brightened at the words of Cain who returned immediately.

“But I will definitely participate in the ‘meeting’ as a disciple. For a little while.”

“Hey, is that really true?”

“Yes. And I would like you to keep it a secret for the time being. As I said before.”

“Ah, isn’t it normal? If the rumor spreads, the magic world will be turned upside down. But the time will be up to you.”

“thank you.”


The elevator has arrived.

The elevator with the two of them stopped on the sole floor of Lightino just one floor below.

“I have a lecture, so I have to get ready and go right in.”

“All right.”

Cain thought as he watched Lightino disappear in the distance.

‘I will definitely report to the emperor.’

It was also within Cain’s expectations.

It could be said that it was an arrangement to attract appropriate attention and make future activities easier.

The closed elevator moved again.


Elements emitted from Cain’s body filled the space.

bright blue light.

Those with an excellent sense of flair would be able to feel that the 13 main elements were emitting a dazzling light in them.

‘It would be enough to attract attention with a double elemental field.’

It was dangerous to reveal all the cards you had.

Because the emperor, who felt threatened, might change his mind and try to get rid of it.

Lines that will attract attention but not be perceived as risk factors.

It was just a double elemental.


The elevator reached Cain’s study floor.

At Cain’s will, the element that had been completely saturated in the room was sucked back into the circuit.

The door opened and Cain got out.

bruise. bruise.

The elevator moved again in search of passengers.

As if nothing had happened in this space.


Weekends without matop lectures.

Cain and Estelle drove through the wasteland in a car.

Estelle was driving, and Cain was reviewing a bunch of papers in the passenger seat.

“Isn’t it better to take a little break in the car? close your eyes bruising without thinking. You hardly sleep these days.”

Cain’s sleep time had been reduced to four hours a day.

As the number of parallel tasks increased, the time was written in seconds and minutes.

“Thank you for your concern. But it’s the quality of your sleep, not the duration of your sleep that matters. And bruising for no reason is a sin against life.”

“Wow. up to sin Then I am a huge sinner.”

Cain did not receive an answer.

Estelle didn’t speak any further so he could concentrate.


The paper pages were turned non-stop.

Materials related to the ‘dual element ledger’ that have already been published in the public domain.

Of course, since no one could actually use it, it was just a ‘guess’ or ‘theory’.

‘None of the existing data is so convincing. The repercussions of the thesis may be greater than I thought.’

In addition to securing a position in the academic world, the thesis was also intended to attract the emperor’s attention.

At Asimov’s annex, all those who could be Baek Jin-woo had been checked out.

The next activity range would be Julia’s annex after becoming a private tutor, but that was not enough.

They had to have access to the mana tanks underground in order to search the entire palace and ultimately steal mana.

‘The mana tank is managed by wizards trusted by the emperor. It must be a priority for the emperor to become a coveted existence.’

In that respect, the ‘dual element field’ thesis was a means of generating a large wave within a short time.


Cain raised his head at Estelle’s voice.

A car in motion entered the area and several buildings were reflected outside the windows.

For a fairly high district number 77, the exteriors of the buildings were quite splendid.

The rate of accommodation was high, and there were also many outsiders who were not residents of the district.

Estelle stopped her car in the parking lot in front of the huge building.

The two got out of the car and climbed the stairs leading to the entrance of the building.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been here.”

“Have you been?”

“yes. Once when I was on a mission as a combat priest. Do you?”

“No way.”

“why? I think I’ve been there at least once.”

“I don’t believe in God. It’s the same thing.”

Estelle understood Cain’s words.

This would mean that it does not depend on external factors such as god or luck.

The two went up to the end of the stairs and raised their heads.

A building in the shape of a huge slot machine stood majestic.

The signage glowed golden.

「Royal Slot」

It was the continent’s largest gambling facility operated by the boss of Red Skull.

“Go in.”

“What if I hit the jackpot again like last time?”

The two walked towards the entrance.

The smell of money was wafting from the inside.

Not in a figurative sense, but in a literal sense.

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