A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 176

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 176

176. Royal Slots (2)

“Guest. There will be a checkpoint.”

Three guards surrounded the male guest.

The man said in a voice with a hint of bewilderment.

“A checkpoint?

“Yes. Let’s go to the office and talk for a minute.”

Not as much as Estelle, but there were quite a few chips piled up in front of him.

All participants paused blackjack for a moment and watched the situation with bewildered expressions.

Except for the dealer, who seems to be used to this kind of thing, and Cain, who usually doesn’t get very emotional.

‘It’s a checkup. You must have done something to the casino side.’

While playing blackjack, I didn’t feel anything special about the man.

However, the impatient expression the man is making now is that of a swindler.

The conclusion came naturally.

At another table, he deceived the dealer and the security guard.

A pile of chips in the man’s bag next to the chair added some credibility to Cain’s thinking.

‘I was greedy. Even after picking that much, they didn’t leave immediately, so they caught the dulmi.’

You may have thought that leaving right away would make you more suspicious.

Or I was confident that I wouldn’t be noticed.

“under! Aren’t we supposed to tell you the reason for the inspection first?”

“It was caught on CCTV. We’ll have to go check it out together.”

Despite the loud voice of the man, the guards showed no sign of backing down.

“All right. After this is over, I will follow you.”

The man sighed and turned back to the table.

Then he suddenly grabbed the chip on the table and threw it at the guards.



“Wow, snow!”

The guards who had been hit in the eye by the chip loaded with mana grabbed their eyes and groaned.

They were also defending themselves, but a surprise attack at this speed was unexpected.

A man with a bag pushed the guards and ran.

The guards, who had not yet opened their eyes, hurriedly blew up the radio.

“Block C on the 1st floor! The target is escaping!”

“Please block the exit!”

The man pushed through the crowd and quickly narrowed the distance towards the exit.

“Goodbye, you idiots… !”

The man’s words could not be continued.

The wind blew at his feet, and he fell and slammed his face into the floor.

Tuk! Fight! Thumbs up!

The bag flew through the air, and the scattered chips fell like rain.

People who watched the scene reacted differently.

Excited at the rare and rare sight, or secretly pick up chips from afar while watching them.

Estelle’s reaction was to ask Cain a question.

“Did you do it?”

“… … .”

She was eating popcorn with her sunglasses on, from where she got it.

“It’s not my magic.”

“Really? It’s very difficult to hit a magic target against such a fast target, isn’t it?”

“Of course it is difficult.”

The guards attacked the man who had fallen, and began to strike down the batons without mercy.

“100 million! 100 million! Now, you’re wrong! Aww!”

A performance of breaking bones and screams filled with pain rang through the casino.

Not stopping the rod was supposed to set an example to the guests to some extent.

The stick massage stopped after several tens of seconds.

“I’m glad I didn’t miss it.”

A young man dressed as a dealer appeared from afar, walking leisurely.

One of the guards, who seemed to be a senior among the guards who was preparing to raise up the scammer and take him away, said in a polite voice.

“thank you. If it wasn’t for Philaes-sama, I wouldn’t have been able to catch it so easily.”

A man named Philaeus answered with a soft smile.

“I got a report. It’s like playing with ‘phase shift’ magic while playing poker. I wasn’t the one who received it myself, but after watching it, it was correct to use magic.”

Phase change was a magic that changed the position between objects located in close range.

Philaeus beckoned into the air.

Then a bunch of trump decks came out of the scammer’s arms and sucked into his hands.

“Hmm. It’s well made, but it’s a different product from what we use at our casino. The material on the back is different.”

Philaeus walked up to the scammer and drew a card in front of his face.

“Don’t you have to show some sincerity to cheat against Royal Slots? Their magic skills and the props they prepared are poor, so it’s very unpleasant.”

The red mana that flowed from Philaeus’ hand wrapped around the card.


The card was swung, and an X-shaped wound appeared on the cheater’s face.


Blood was dripping all around.

Among those who were watching, those with weak stomachs turned their heads or closed their eyes.

“Take it and dispose of it.”

The guards, who had been instructed, took the scammer and disappeared to the exit.

The janitors appeared and wiped the blood from the floor, and the casino quickly returned to its original mood.

‘I think I found it.’


Cain stayed at the casino until dawn that day.

I enjoyed various kinds of games, and went around each floor to grasp the overall atmosphere.

In particular, he circled around Philaeus and gathered as much information about him as possible.

“Everyone in the know knew. The real manager of the casino. He is also very good at magic.”

It was a hotel room located near the Royal Slot.

Estelle was sitting in front of the table, pretending to be a dealer, shuffling cards, as if she had a lingering aftertaste in the casino.


A card was flipped toward Cain, who was sitting on the sofa.

Cain picked it up and looked at the front.

it was the joker

“A wizard who tries to cheat against a casino is supposed to be caught by a wizard.”

“I think that person would be the best candidate, right?”

Cain nodded.

The wizard catches the wizard.

That would apply here as well.

Because he’s thinking about making Philaeus a scapegoat right now.

In order to win a big game against the casino, some prerequisites are necessary.

‘In general, there is a limit on the number of bets a dealer can take.’

Of course, the limit is very high.

The level of whether or not it comes out once every half a year during the operation of the casino.

But what Cain wanted was a bet that would really uproot the casino pillar.

That’s because Al Pacino, the boss, will come by himself when that’s enough.

“As a working person, he will also have the authority to increase the betting limit. He is conscious of the gaze around him, so if he provokes, there is a high possibility that he will respond without backing down.”

“I look forward to tomorrow.”

Cain flicked the card with his finger.

The blown card fell face up in front of Estelle.

The card that used to be a joker was changed to an ace.


the next morning.

Philae’s table was also centrally located on the north side of the casino on the first floor.

The sport was poker, and people tried to challenge him when he saw the chips piled up like a mountain in front of him.

The number of people watching the game around was overwhelmingly larger than other tables.

Cain sneaked out of the crowd and headed to the bathroom.

shoot ah

He washed his hands and magically created wind to dry them.

He took out a card and reflected it in the mirror.

The card, which used to be an 8 spade, was changed to a card with a different pattern and number as it entered and exited Cain’s hand.

will never be able to catch it

It’s not a hand technique, it’s a subspace.

Mana momentarily fluctuates when entering or exiting an object, but the level is extremely low.

As Latium’s scholars put their heart and soul into this work, it would not be possible to catch it with a commercially available mana detector.

Verification had already been completed yesterday.

Just as Cain was about to turn and leave the empty bathroom, a man coming in from the entrance bumped his shoulder.


“Ouch, sorry… .”

A man who naturally passes by with an apple.

Cain blinked, grabbed the man’s wrist and slammed it against the wall.


The man’s hand held the chip holder in Cain’s arms.

Age is about mid 40’s.

He was a skinny man with a cunning impression.

“What are you doing?”

Cain growled.

The man had a rather happy face that he was caught pickpocketing.

“Yeah, too! I knew he was such a sharp-witted person! Whoops! Let it go and talk! Let go!”

“I asked what you were doing.”

The man’s face contorted as Cain gave his grip strength.

He confirmed that there was no one at the entrance and said.

“Everyone, I was watching you. I have something to suggest.”

“When I said I felt the gaze following me, that was it.”

“Hey, please put this aside… .”

Cain also confirmed that no one had entered the entrance side yet.

He loosened his grip a little and asked.

“It’s a proposal. tell me If it’s not an offer worth listening to, something very unfortunate will happen. I hate it when someone touches my stuff.”

Cain’s momentum, which he truly was like, hurriedly spoke.

“Don’t you want to make money? That’s a lot of money that you can’t earn even if you die after playing hundreds of games with a low stake.”

it’s money

Money itself wasn’t a big deal.

Profits come from various facilities in District 47 just by breathing, and Hexa Medical’s stock is hitting the upper limit every day.

But apart from that, the man’s story was interesting.

“Keep talking.”

“I plan to play against the casino. I’ve been looking for someone who can place bets without shaking like you… Whoa!”

The man who had whispered in a low voice drooled on Cain’s grip, which was tightening again.


First of all, the man’s skills were impressive.

I saw quite a few pickpockets when I was living in the back alleys, but none were as sophisticated in hand movements as the man.

Although I got caught.

Yesterday’s tail was also not noticed for the first few hours.

‘It is said that there are basic skills. I’m planning on making a game against the casino.’

There were footsteps coming from outside.

Cain thought for a moment before answering.

“Listen to the story. Change seats in a quiet place.”


The man led Cain to an abandoned building.

It was on the outskirts of an area where no one could find it.

squeak- squeak-

The rusty iron stairs screamed with every step.

“shit. Why is your grip so strong? It doesn’t look like it uses mana, but is it the innate power of business?”

Cain followed the grumbling man up the stairs.

There would be no problem in the powerless part.

The man in front of him was also a mana user, but he didn’t look very strong, and he had instructed Estelle to wait around him just in case.

After climbing a few floors, an open concrete space appeared.

The wall had collapsed, giving a clear view of the outside, and furniture such as a stove, a table, and a sofa were placed in the center.

“Sit in a comfortable place. This is the hideout used by the members. Each of us has a separate dormitory, but we meet here when we have a meeting.”

The man turned on the stove and walked towards the refrigerator.

“Do you need a drink?”


The man took out a half-empty vodka and filled the glass with ice.


He placed two glasses, even his own, on the table in front of the sofa where Cain was sitting.

And then he emptied his glass.

“I’ve been drinking since morning.”

“Don’t worry. ‘Cause I never take it Think of it as a stimulant you take at work.”

The man’s expression and voice did not waver as if what he said was true.

Cain didn’t touch alcohol, thinking he might be on drugs.

“I am a spade.”

The image that immediately came to my mind was a spade on a trump card.

“I think it’s a nickname.”

“Right. You don’t even have to give your real name. Any name that can be called appropriately is fine.”

“Do it with Jack.”

“Is it J? good.”

Spade emptied another glass of vodka and spoke calmly.

To summarize, it was simple.

Currently, there are 4 people including himself, and they are planning a fraud against a dealer.

“Are all four people you knew before?”

“It’s a snippet. Isn’t that better? When the work is done, each of us will take our share and disperse.”

And he had been looking for the last member for several weeks, and Cain’s card skills stood out.

“I was impressed with the smooth card skills. He didn’t even flinch when the scammer was caught. Big plans need a bunch of people like you who can play cards without faltering in any situation.”

Spade added.

“The hand technique was also impressive. A good hand came out at a time when it was impossible to come out. Didn’t you swap the cards on the sleeves and the hand? He was also very good at setting the mood for the casino to move on to the next game without any doubt.”

“… … .”

It was pretty eye-catching.

They didn’t seem to notice that the place where the cards were exchanged was not a sleeve but a subspace.

“If you need more people like me, it means that the existing personnel will also have their skills backed up.”

“Right. They’re not as good as you, but they’ve been tested.”

Cain thought for a moment.

If we were to find a reason to act with them, the probability of success of the scam would increase as a large number of people participate.

It’s probably because the attention of the dealer and the guards will be distracted while playing the game.

But even if he acted alone, he was confident that he would not be noticed.

He also increased the board and surely attracted the attention of the casino.

‘There is no reason to accept it.’

To divert the conversation towards rejection, Cain asked the following question:

“You must have enough money to play against the casino.”

It would have to be at least hundreds of millions of shillings.

Millions or tens of millions of shillings were often bets by the hand of rejectors.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Because we have a ‘king’ that lends us money.”

Cain, who was about to get up from his seat, paused for a moment.

“Actually, he is the real planner of this edition. Would you like to meet and talk?”

It was a sign of trust for the recruitment, and Spade told us a few more facts.

The Royal Slot is a facility operated by Red Skull, and if the stakes increase, there is a possibility that you will compete with the Red Skull boss.

“The stakes will go up exponentially. It’s worth risking your life for.”

They all said that it was the truth told by a person named King.

“It will go up to at least billions of units. How are you? Are you feeling a little hungry now?”

“… … .”

“Or how about we meet and talk in person?”

Cain gently shook his head.


Indeed it was.

The identity of Gicheok, which I felt all the time upstairs.

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