A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 177

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 177

177. Royal Slots (3)

The presence of subtle signs upstairs is probably that of a person named King.

“Direct. Didn’t you think before that I could turn down the offer and report your gang to the casino?”

Spade shrugged.

“Well, it’s not a good idea, but if you want to try it, try it. That won’t disrupt our plans.”

“Looks like you are.”

“I’m confident in my skills, and above all, I don’t think you’ll turn down the offer.”

“Why do you think so?”

“The one who named you is King. We haven’t been together for a few weeks, but your eyes are pretty accurate.”

Cain snorted.

“I just watched for a day and judged who I was.”

“It’s not the length of time you observe that matters, but the fitness of the person. That’s what King said.”

“Direct. That person must have been the general manager of the plan.”

“I am the one who joined the group late. Naturally, I took on the role of a leader.”

It could be expected that he was a character with a certain level of action and leadership.

If it had been a simple source of funding, it would not have appeared here directly.

‘It could be a person who was a member of the Red Skull in the past.’

The fact that the Royal Slot is owned by Red Skull is not a top secret, but it is also not so easily known.

Former member of Red Skull.

The possibilities were sufficient.

“How much money do you have?”

“It will be more than anything you can imagine. I can assure you that at least hundreds of millions of shillings.”

Huge amount of money and leadership.

And even his skills that went unnoticed while following him.

‘no way.’

There was one person who pointed out.

But no matter how you look at it, it was extremely unlikely.

I tried to erase the thought that just came to my mind, but it wasn’t easy.

“I wonder who you are. Let’s meet the King in person.”

I thought maybe I could connect with Red Skull’s boss more quickly.


“Nice to meet you.”

King was an old man with an ordinary impression that he would immediately forget if he met him while passing by.

If the absence of a feature is a feature, is it a feature?

Cain said as he took his outstretched hand.

“Nice to meet you. The proposal sounds very interesting. I will ask you right away if you have completed the verification on me. I’m curious about the profit that will fall on one person and the date that we can enter the operation.”

King smiled contentedly.

“You are a greedy friend. I recognized it in your eyes If the operation is successful, 300 million shillings will fall in front of each person. Of course, my share is the biggest.”

“It doesn’t matter. I think it’s a natural thing to do with the money.”

“The date of the operation also depends on how quickly you understand and carry out the plan.”

King briefly explained the plan.

“There are five team members including you and me. All four are playing poker, except for one person who will steal the dealer’s hand.”

Reduce variables by filling poker players only with team members.

By defining ‘words’ or ‘gestures’ for each pattern and number of cards, information about each other’s hands is shared during the game.

“Of course we won’t pretend we know each other. It’s just the first game I met at the poker table.”

The game keeps running.

The windbreakers aim for the right timing to maximize the stake and create a board for the ‘player’.

The ‘player’ switches hands at the decisive moment to create the strongest card combination in the hand.

“You say that player is me. The card to be revealed after swapping must not be a card already in the game.”

“That’s right. It doesn’t make sense to use only one deck and have the same card appearing over and over again.”


It wasn’t a bad plan.

If only one question could be answered.

“But you need to know everyone’s hand to create the strongest combination for the situation.”

This meant that he had to read not only the teammates’ hands, but also the dealer’s hands.

“That’s why you left out one person.”

“If you look at the dealer’s hand from behind and give information, you will be caught right away. The defense of the casino would not be so lax.”

Above all, there was a temporary barrier behind the dealers, making it difficult to see the hand from the angle.

King replied with a smile.

“I didn’t say I saw you from behind. We’ll peek at the tile from the front. Spade, can you give me some of that?”


Spade took a deck of cards from his pocket and placed it on the table.

“It is a dedicated deck used in royal slots. It’s a well-managed item, so it took a while to steal it.”

The card was sealed.

King ripped the plastic off and handed a card back to Cain.

“Can you tell them apart from regular Trump?”

Cain looked at the card carefully.

It looked nothing like a regular Trump.

“I think he must have shown that there is something different, but I don’t know the difference.”

“That’s right. It’s almost impossible for the average person to see the difference for the first time.”

The king shuffles the cards face down.

Pointing at one of them, he asked Spade.

“Do you know what this card is?”

“It’s Clover 3.”

Spade, who was staring at the card, answered without hesitation.

Turning around was the right answer.

The same thing repeated several times, said Cain.

“It’s a sign.”

“I know, too.”

“I trained with King for a month.”

If you look closely, the pattern on the back is very slightly different.

‘If I learn this skill.’

It won’t be a month, but it will take quite some time.

It would be impossible to learn enough skills to identify cards during an urgent game.

“I think it would be to reduce variables by keeping the person who identifies the hand without participating in the game.”

At Cain’s words, King nodded.

“Are the casinos aware of the existence of signs?”

“There are very few who know. Even he died or left the game.”

It was a subtle answer.

Anyway, I would check all the variables and execute the plan.

“I understood the plan. Do you have any dealers you have been looking for?”

An answer came out of King’s mouth.

“Philes. As the general manager of the Royal Slot.”


Last day in District 77.

Cain left Estelle waiting in the crowd and approached Philaeus’ table.

Team members who had already learned their faces were filling their seats.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Their eyes met in the air, but it was only for a moment.

From now on, I had to be careful about everything I did because I could be suspicious.

“Can I fill the last seat?”

Five people can participate in the game at one time, including the dealer Philaeus.

If you miss the timing now, the wrong customers will fill the remaining seats.

Philaeus, who was organizing the chips and cards used in the previous game, looked at Cain and smiled.

“Yes. of course.”


Cain sat down.

Philaeus opened a new deck and shuffled it in a natural motion.


“My table has a default bet of 100 times the other tables. If there are people you don’t know, you can get up now.”

There was no response from any of the participants.

Cain took out several chip holders and placed them on the table.


A dull sound resounded across the table.

Tung-! Tung-!

One after another, the other participants raised their holders and the sound spread in a chain.

The thick air, as if stepping into a swamp, was probably not just because of the guards and onlookers who surrounded it like a wire mesh.


The weight of the chip taken.

The air flowing over the table will also become heavier.

Cain remembered what King had said.

“A lot of champions gather at Philaeus’ table. It’s not an atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself lightly.”

100x the default bet.

I wasn’t wrong about the number.

The tempo of the game was that fast, and it meant that it could not be sustained with any amount of money.

“The first four cards.”

The cards slid across the table and took turns arriving in front of each participant.

The participants who lifted the edge slightly and checked all four cards placed one card in the discard pile.

“The Sun player confirmed. You will receive one additional sheet each.”

The card slipped back in.

After checking everything, it was revealed to the front.

2 front pages. 2 back pages.

A total of 4 sheets are placed in front of each.

“The default bet is one million. You can start placing additional bets first.”

Philaeus looked at Cain and said.

Heart A and Clover K.

It was the highest number revealed on the table, and it was a powerful hand with multiple possible combinations.

“Two million. Rays.”


Cain stacks his chips in front of his hand.

At the same time, he looked at his teammates.

“Can I buy you a cocktail for a tip? Please use Death Dice.”

In ‘Tip’, the index finger taps the desk.

In ‘Death Dice’, the left corner of the mouth is slightly twitching.

Clover 6. Heart 2.

Even when combined with the published ones, a very strong combination does not come out.

Other team members delivered the message in a similar way.

“Two million. call.”


“Four million. I will raise.”

“Four million. call.”

Cain and Philaeus faced off.

They took a few more cards and each revealed their hand.

Cain’s two pair.

Philae’s Full House.

“A pair of A and K is a strong enough hand, but it’s a pity.”

“… … .”

Cain silently pushed the chip towards Philaeus.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter if you win or lose in the current game.

In the beginning, the purpose was to raise the atmosphere and increase the board, and the stake was also the money to be recovered in the end no matter which way it went.

There was something more important than that.

Spades mingled among the spectators.

A signal he sent secretly after reading Philaeus’ hand.

「9 diamonds and 10 clover.」

Delivery was a bit delayed, but the prediction was successful.

After that, the game ran over and over again.

It feels like walking on thin ice.

“2.5 million.”

“Raise. Five million.”




Everyone on the team was focused on deceiving one man named Philaeus.

“You have a good sense of humor, so you have to be careful. Even if it looks a little strange, you will notice it.”

King seemed to know something about the character Philaeus.

“The game has to be a long game. That way, the initial boundary will be loosened to some extent.”


“Three million.”



“Nine million.”

“You must instill in him the conviction that he can get it. The conviction that it is a game to win one hundred percent and an opportunity to increase the fortune of the casino.”

「How can I confirm that the other person bit the bait?」

“Phillars will ask you to raise the basic bet first.”


“Five million.”


“Five million. I will follow you.”


The amount of chips passing at one time increased, and the atmosphere was heightened.

“this. I didn’t expect a flush from there.”

“Can you exchange some chips for me?”

The performance of the team members was excellent.

They exchanged lines as if they had opened up a conversation with each other, passing information about the hand to Cain.

There was no sense of incongruity in their actions and lines to the extent that they were comparable to professional actors.

Nothing particularly odd would have been caught.

Also on CCTV.

Even in the eyes of the guards.

And in the eyes of Philaeus.

“Ha ha. sorry. This time, I ate it.”

Seeing him play the game with a shiver like that.

“this. I am straight. It was a good match, but it was a pity.”

Every time Philaeus won a game, he had a nerve-racking remark.

It was seen as a calculated action to keep his opponents ahead of the game by slowing the pace.

Maybe he didn’t know it was his own way to relieve tension that was not revealed on the surface.

Because the game was going very tense.

“I sent some people to exchange the chips. It’s already 50 million years.”

“I’m not feeling well today either.”

It was the ambassador of the team members who played the role of wind catcher.

They were deliberately losing money to immerse the Philaes deeper into the game.

In fact, he was winning money.

But it was the same with Cain.

The aspect of the game was flowing in the composition of who splits and eats the money of ‘Hogu-deul’ faster.

“You are doing pretty well. good.”

Philaeus showed his impatience whenever Cain took money from the windbreakers.

As if his own money was running low.

It was as intended.

But I couldn’t be vigilant.

The full-fledged game hasn’t even started yet, and your opponent may notice a hint at any time.

The game was spinning, and the stakes went up.

When the windman picks up a card accidentally dropped under the table.

“for a moment.”

Philaeus gave a cold expression.

His lips opened slowly.

“How about increasing your base bet? I don’t think the game will end all day if we do this.”

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