A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 179

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 179

179. alpacino (1)

Those who saw the newly revealed face of the King swallowed their breath.

“… … !”

“Oh my gosh… !”

was a middle-aged man.

A long scar ran across his face from his forehead to his chin.

An impression that, once seen, will not be easily forgotten in the memory.

There were also small scars on his cheeks, under his ears, and around his eyes, so he could guess the history of his life.

“Bo, no, sir… ! If you are on a business trip, how do you… !”

The first word that came out of Philaeus’ mouth was obviously ‘boss’.

“The business trip ended earlier than expected. I returned to Area 77 a month ago.”

Philaeus was just confused.

I couldn’t fully understand the situation.

Why did the boss come back so early?

Why did it appear among the scammers who tried to cheat the casino?

“Did you try to hit the opponent with that fist? You still haven’t given me my habitual dog.”

“Oh, no. this, this… .”

Philaeus hurriedly lowered the fist he had raised toward Cain.

“That, I mean, this is what I lost… .”

“Shut up and be still. Because I don’t want to hear anything.”

Philaeus’ face darkened.

King, no, Al Pacino turned to Cain and said.

“The skill was very impressive. From card skills to how to deceive the enemy and respond to unexpected situations. There was nothing to blame.”

There was sincerity in Al Pacino’s voice.

Cain nodded in formal gratitude.

“The seat is noisy, so let’s change places and talk. Everyone here.”

Al Pacino said looking back at the team members including Spade.

Their faces were also pale and tired.


Deep inside the casino was connected to Al Pacino’s office.


Al Pacino sat at the desk and turned the chair forward.

The guard, who had a thick cigarette in his mouth, lit a fire.


“How do you think I will deal with you?”

Beyond the rising hazy smoke.

Philaeus and Spade and his party lined up like prisoners.

Cain was also included in it, but Estelle was waiting outside.

“Sin, sorry! If you give me one more chance to lose the game, I will make up for it—!”

As Philaeus tried to get close to the desk, the guards drew a sword and hung it around his neck.

“You better keep your distance and just say what you have to say.”

They were the guards who had been escorting Philaeus a while ago.

Judging by the voices that had not yet completely overcome their embarrassment, they also did not fully understand the situation.

But it was clear what had to be done.

Now that the real owner of the casino has returned, who has to follow orders has changed.

“Oh, we are all dead. It’s over… .”

Spade looked at the scene and muttered in a half-naked voice.

He chose the option of betraying the team and getting a solid reward, but the gamble was a failure.

‘No, it was a gamble that could not be successful no matter what you did in the first place.’

I couldn’t even imagine that King’s true identity was the owner of the casino.

It was completely fooled.

But fear outweighed anger.

Casino owner.

The opponent’s Red Skull boss.

It was a situation where he could not even predict his life, let alone the stake.

The facial expressions of the other two team members were not significantly different.

Perhaps greater fear of fate than wrath against the traitor Spade.

“… … .”

Cain carefully analyzed the situation.

He turned around and looked inside the office.

On the wall hung various kinds of firearms and the heads of stuffed animals.

There were various game tables in the spacious space behind where he was currently standing.

“I came back to Area 77 after an early business trip. I was walking around the casino in disguise and my friend came up with an interesting offer.”

Cain’s gaze turned to Al Pacino again.

Suddenly he was wiping the revolver on the desk with a cloth in his hand.

“Spade, tell me. What did you say to me then?”

Spade, who looked around for a moment, looked around and answered with hesitation.

“He said he had a great plan. Car, he’s trying to rob a casino. Now, he needs someone to finance him. I, please, save my life… .”

“okay. It did. I liked it quite a bit. The audacity of exposing his plans in casinos.”


It happened in an instant.

The spade with a hole in its forehead fell to the floor, dripping blood on the rug.

“But now, in front of me, there is no bold man at that time, only one coward. As a gambler, if you fail to gamble, you are responsible for the outcome. If you beg for your life like that, would you use it?”

Smoke from the tip of the muzzle mixed with cigarette smoke and rose.

bloody smell.

the smell of gunpowder.

Strong tobacco smell.


Except for Cain, the team members were lying on the floor.

Al Pacino furrowed his eyebrows.

The team members tried to stop the vomit somehow, but they couldn’t.

“Take it away.”

As he beckoned, the guards grabbed the team’s arms and dragged them towards the door.

“Still, the traitor was punished, so you will have less regrets on the way.”

“Hey, save me! Live!”

“I still don’t want to die, Lord!”


The door closed and there was silence for a moment.

The guards cleared Spade’s body, blood and vomit on the floor.

Al Pacino, who had burned a single cigarette, put a new cigarette in his mouth.

“Anyway, I thought it was a pretty interesting proposal. I thought of it as an opportunity to try this friend out.”

Al Pacino’s gaze turned to Philaeus.

“Philes. A clever and ambitious friend. But once you get stuck in one thought, you can’t get out of it.”


Cigarette smoke rose again. He even opened his mouth.

“It’s a fatal flaw for a gambler. That’s why I was hesitant to choose him as the successor.”

“Boss, Boss! please give me another chance… !”

Al Pacino clicked his tongue.

“I must have accepted the match because I thought that I was completely aware of the opponent’s plans. Conversely, you can win all the money.”

“It really could have been! Even if he hadn’t used any strange techniques!”

Al Pacino’s gaze turned to Cain.

“I also confirmed that this friend is using strange tricks. Now it’s up to you to figure it out. But Philaeus, you lost the match, and you’ve been very disappointing since then.”

“If you tell me you lost the game, you will make up for it—”

“Why didn’t you report me when you raised your stake?”

Philaeus was speechless.

“That, that… .”

“I’ve been like that a few times before. To steal the casino’s income. Did you know that I didn’t know?”

Al Pacino continued to capture the corruption of Philaeus.

“But I am a merciful person. Even if I made a mistake, I always give a chance to make up for it.”

He pointed to Cain with a chin.

“Let’s fight with that friend again. If I win, I will make this work as if nothing ever happened.”

“Joe, good! Redeem your card right now… !”

“Who said card?”


Al Pacino opened the revolver’s cylinder and pulled out all but one bullet.

Then, after inserting the cylinder, I pushed it as hard as I could with my fingers.

Whirlik- Clap!

Al Pacino stepped out in front of the desk and pointed a gun at Philaeus.

“The sport is this one. CP Colt, 6 shots. card? You have already lost once, how are you going to win?”

“Uh, uh… .”

Philaeus looked almost crying.

Cain, who had been observing the situation until now, intervened in the conversation.

“My doctor doesn’t ask.”

“okay. Your doctor matters too. If I win this game, I will spare my life. It’s just a skill that’s too good to kill. Of course, you have to leave the other money behind. How is it?”

He knew without even having to speak out that if he refused, he would lose his life without even having a chance to struggle.

Cain pretended to think for a moment and said.

“It’s a condition worth trying. good.”

“I like it. Now, who will do it first?”

“I will do it first.”

There was no need to try to speak quickly.

Because Philaeus didn’t say anything with a pale face.

“Here it is. Good luck.”

Cain took the revolver and aimed the gun at his head.

And I put my finger on the trigger.

The cool feel of the metal passed through his fingers and temples.

I wasn’t planning on using the shield.

The moment you use it, Al Pacino will stop you.

Because he has a similar force to the general, if it turns into a fight, there is no guarantee of victory.

Therefore, if the bullet is fired, there is no room for compromise and will die instantly.

But I wasn’t worried at all.

As always in any situation.


The moment everyone holds their breath and watches.

Cain’s fingers slowly pulled the trigger.


it was a fire

said Cain.

“It’s your turn.”

With trembling hands, Philaeus took the revolver that Cain had held out.

He knew best himself that there was no hole to escape.

He slowly pointed the gun at his head.

After hesitating for a while, he closed his eyes tightly and pulled.


ha. ha.

Philaeus’s face was covered in cold sweat, breathing heavily.

The smile on his lips was instinctive as a creature.

The relief of being out of the brink of death was incomparable to any pleasure.

“Yes, your turn.”

Philaeus handed the revolver.

As soon as Cain received it, he pointed the gun to his head and pulled the trigger.


Even after taking a breather, the revolver returned.

Philaeus’ emotions fell from hope to despair.

After pointing the gun at his head, he hesitated longer than before before he could pull the trigger.


ha. ha.

Philaeus clenched his teeth as he handed the revolver to Cain.

CP Colt 6 shots.

Since the previous 4 times were unsuccessful, 1 of the remaining 2 cases must be triggered.

If the revolver triggers during your opponent’s turn, you live.

Conversely, if it does not trigger, you die on your next turn.

The probability is 50%.

It’s literally a life or death battle.

All of Philaeus’ nerves focused on Cain’s finger pulling the trigger.



Overwhelming despair and helplessness overtook Philaeus.

“I’m sorry.”

Cain handed the revolver to Philaeus with a nonchalant gesture.

He said looking at Philaeus, who took the revolver and didn’t take any action.

“What are you hesitating about? Aren’t you going to pull the trigger?”

“I, I… .”

Philaeus looked around with a look that looked like he was begging for salvation.

“What are you doing? Why don’t you pull it?”

But all that came back was Al Pacino’s urging and the cold gaze of the guards.

Philaeus pointed a gun at his head.

Before pulling the trigger one last time, he stared intently at Cain.

It was questionable.

In this situation, how the heck can he keep his composure?

‘It was an opponent that I couldn’t win from the beginning.’

A sudden realization.

Had I known earlier, the situation would have been a little different.


Tears mixed with sweat and ran down his cheeks.


With sharp gunshots, Philaeus’ corpse fell to the floor.

“Even if you give me a chance, I can’t save you until the end.”

Al Pacino frowned as he picked up the revolver from the pool of blood.

The guards moved, and the clean-up of the site was done in an instant.

Al Pacino sat back at his desk and wiped the blood from the revolver with a cloth.

“I tend to keep a word once spoken. I will definitely save your life. But it is also true that it feels like a waste to just let it go.”

It was meant for Cain.

He opened the revolver’s cylinder and loaded all six rounds back to normal.


“Ask for once. How did you know where the bullet was?”

“I was lucky.”

“I don’t think I can tell the difference between luck and skill. No strong heart can afford such leeway in the face of death.”

Cain glanced at Al Pacino and answered.

“We remembered the first position of the bullet, and then predicted its position by the sound of the ball hitting the cylinder as it rotated.”

There is no such thing, but I thought it was okay to lose one life because of the ‘resurrection’ characteristic.

Al Pacino made an absurd face.

“I hear all sorts of crazy things. So what was the last trick you switched hands when playing poker with Philaeus?”

“It’s a trade secret, so I can’t tell you.”

“What if I threaten you with your life?”


Al Pacino stared at Cain for a while before bursting into laughter.

“I make a serious suggestion. Do you want to work for me?”

“I’m sorry, but I think it will be difficult because I already belong to a place.”

“belong? Where are you talking about?”

Cain’s palms ran from his face to the nape of his neck.

The transformation magic was canceled, revealing the blue snake tattoo on the original face.

“Long time no see. Al Pacino.”

it happened almost at the same time

With those words, Al Pacino got up from his seat and shot Cain.

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