A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 18

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 18

018 episode. number fight (2)

Tok- Tok-

An office with only one small light on.

Zervia’s slender fingers tapped the desk.

“… … .”

“Are you talking about the conversation with Cain? We talked about the Bible. Warden.”

Van Woods said so.

The voice was serene.

But fear and anxiety were oozing out on his face.

“Cain. Van Woods. red skull. infiltration. slush funds. Threat… .”

She made the connections by pronouncing the words aloud.

Red Skull’s slush embezzlement case was also famous among officers.

The whereabouts of the 2 billion shillings are still unknown even five years after the incident.

‘If Cain River’s purpose is the Red Skull’s slush fund.’

A guard who was on duty during the hour said that Cain approached Woods while watching his surroundings, especially the watchtower.

And he looked like he was being handed something.

If he found the location of the slush fund by some kind of intimidation.

The emotion on Van Woods’s face is then explained.

“… … .”

She arranged a timeline on paper and wrote down her deductions.

Thinking about the random inspection that will be in the roll call tonight.


same time.

Cain and Estelle were in the psychiatric ward.

“Leave this for a moment.”

“… It’s a catalyst for magic. That too a lot. I don’t know what type of magic it is used for.”

Estelle took Cain’s plastic bag and took it.

“Of course, are you planning to use magic to get out of this place?”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Our eyes met for a few seconds.

Estelle first averted her gaze with a small sigh.

It was an eye full of excellence.

If I had met him outside in a different relationship, I wondered if I would have felt a deep affinity for him.

However, apart from his handsome face, he felt frustrated and had no choice but to take medicine.

The man in front of him placed so much importance on the adage that silence is gold.

He never opened his mouth to a question he didn’t like.

“… in a few days.”


Estelle, who was chewing on Cain inside, came to her senses.

“Something might happen that makes me think I’m dead.”

“… … .”

“I can check my life or death with that ring, so you don’t have to worry.”

For a moment, the words somehow felt like a passage from the Bible.

“Hide in my world for a while, but it is not death, it is only a temporary disappearance. May the glory of abundance be with me when I return.”

It was a phrase that kept the poor and starving believers from giving up hope in the end.

“I have something to talk to Kiftel, so please don’t come in.”



Estelle called Cain.

In fact, there was something else I was most curious about.

‘If this person belonged to a previous denomination… .’

It was not an unfounded guess.

A few days ago, I peeked into the hospital room through the crack in the door.

Then she saw a pure white light that filled the room.

For a moment, I was speechless and couldn’t breathe properly.

“… … .”

She knew what that feeling was.

One day, when I was a child, when I first saw a huge religious painting deep inside the cathedral, the overwhelming sense and its holiness.

After a while, I came to my senses and was able to continue the accident.

‘… It must have been divine magic.’

If he belonged to a former denomination.

So if you have a seal somewhere on your body.

Ramen, an apostate, who escaped after refusing to retrieve the seal.

Then the mystery is partially explained.

‘It is said that priests who perform special missions receive seals in other locations… .’

Other than the back of the hand, the seal was not seen in any other exposed parts.

I’d like to lay it down right away and take off my clothes to check it, but I can’t.

“… … .”

He wasn’t that bold.

“I was curious about that. Check it out anyway.”

There is no way that answer will come back.

First of all, I was afraid of one possibility.

If there are no seals on his body.

‘… It is impossible to use holy magic without a seal.’

Even if it is possible to say that you can use magic even with a weakened faith.

Not only are there examples around, but so are you.

But if your guess is wrong, then how should you really explain all this?

He licked his lips, but couldn’t say the words he wanted to say.

“… no.”

“… … .”

Cain glanced at her and went into the hospital room.

squeaky. widely.

“Oh, you came today too!”

Kiftel got out of bed and knelt on the floor.

And he slapped his forehead on the floor.

“thank you! thank you! Now, to wash away the sins of a beautiful and lowly thing like me, how many times… .”

During the last few days of visits, Kiftel’s mental state was not very good, and he had no difficulty in brainwashing him with suggestive magic.

“You have work to do.”

“Hey, I mean work. Well, if you give me anything… !”

Cain pulled out a small statue from his bosom.

It was the same thing that was given to the warden.

“When you go out for a walk with the guard the next morning, head east.

“Do you mean east?”

“okay. This piece will guide you. where the goddess stands. A place where your sins can be washed away.”


A halo of mana rose in the palm of your hand.

Cain bestowed two types of magic on the statue through “Imprint” and “Delay”.

It was “Fire Explosion” and “Mana Detection”.

However, only half of the elements necessary for magic manifestation were engraved in “Flame Explosion”.

‘The other half of the elements are engraved on the statue of the small intestine.’

As the two statues pair up, a huge explosion will occur.

“Ah, ah-.”

Kiftel looked at the scene with a hazy face, saw a halo of light coming towards him this time, and hurriedly fell to his knees.


“Agile footwork”

“Tough skin”


Three magics were engraved on Kiftel’s body.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 0 / 300]

‘… All at full output. The duration may be short that much, but it’s not that far from the warden’s office.’

There were two uses of “engraving”.

or triggered according to a set trigger.

Or, it will appear automatically at a set time.

Cain stood up with his knees bent.

And I looked down at Kiftel, who couldn’t even raise his head.

“… … .”

Kiftel will jump over the barbed wire and run towards the east.

holding the statue in his arms.

shun the guards.

Withstanding a few blind bullets.

Thinking of the boiling power as divine protection.

And the closer you get to the warden’s office, the more resonant the statue will find the other half of the elements needed for “Flame Explosion”.

Calculate the possible variables.

Kiftel’s physical condition.

Enhancement magic output.

the position of the guards.

Distance and circulation to the office.

Estimated arrival time is between 3 minutes 15 and 25 seconds.

It was also necessary to create a situation to some extent.

Even if it’s not natural, the evidence revealed should point to ‘thinking’, not ‘magic’.

‘… The showcase in which the director exhibits the statue is on the right wall. Beyond that was the power management room.’

All important facilities were concentrated on the top floor.

In particular, the power management room was a place where the possession of flammable materials was strictly prohibited due to the risk of an explosion.

‘A lock on a door can be ripped off by force. Because of the blood of the sub race, I received “strengthening” as the maximum output.’

“Follow the resonance and you will see a brown door at the top of the building.”

“Hey, can I go in there?”

“okay. In it is the door to paradise. But the devil is guarding it. The moment our eyes meet, it will seduce you and make you commit more sins.”

“My, my, my sin! Well, then what would you like to do?”

Cain took something out of his pocket.

A lighter engraved with a red feather pattern on a black background.

One small glass bottle.

The lighter was a bundle obtained by paying a large sum to the prison guard in charge of the studio. There were several more in the arms.

And the glass bottle was rubbing alcohol provided in the ward.

“There will be a gray door on the right. Go in there and put on the fire. And get close to the wall and listen to the devil’s breath. If he’s gasping for breath, it’s proof that he can’t stand the heat.”

“Wow, indeed! Then the devil will have no choice but to run away! Then, light the room to the left of the brown door!”

Cain nodded.

Of course, he won’t go to the room on the left.

The moment you attach your ear to the wall in the room on the right, the elements engraved on the two statues will merge and a “flame explosion” will be activated.

“Can you do it?”

“Yes, yep! No, of course!”

As if receiving a holy relic, Kiftel reverently accepted the two items.


“Starting the night roll call from now on!”

A loud voice echoed through the hallway.

All the prison doors were wide open.

The warden who had been shouting looked back and said politely.

“Senior Warden. Usually, the roll call starts from the room closest to the entrance.”

This was to give time to prepare for the fuss of the other room by the head of the room in the event that the inspection of belongings was performed unexpectedly with the roll call.

Inside, it was usually the room of the ‘Chief’ who took care of the guards.

“no. Let’s start from the inside.”

Zervia’s black boots strode towards the room at the end of the hallway.

Prisoners standing next to their beds.

A look of embarrassment was evident on his face.

Except for one man, Cain.

“Me, Chief Warden?”

said the guard with the chart.

Originally, he had to look at the hygiene and furnishings of the room, but he did not know that his superior’s gaze would fall from Cain.

“I will omit all secondary procedures. Get down.”


“I told you to lie down.”

There were two reasons why the guards were bewildered.

First of all, I didn’t hear that there was a random inspection today.

And even with the inspection, it was customary to pass over the class president’s room formally to some extent.

‘It’s definitely different from the time of Warden Gerek.’

“Say it again. Flip it down. Otherwise, it will be considered disobedience.”

“Yes, yes!”

The guards moved among the frozen prisoners.

thud! Druck!

Overturned lockers and scattered objects.

Pillow blood separated from the inside.

Randomly flipped mattress.

In the chaos, Cain and Zervia were looking at each other as if they existed in another world.

‘How long will I be able to build that calm expression?’

Right now, it wasn’t clear whether Cain could catch Gunsu at this place.

But I was thinking of narrowing the siege little by little so that he couldn’t take any more time.

“Senior Warden! Here is the safe.”

“Cain. it will be yours Open it.”

Cain shook his head and Morphine took the key.


The open safe contained nothing but money and cigarettes.

‘I said that raising money between prisoners was done under the tacit of the warden. It’s not something I can touch. Still, if you look elsewhere… .’

Zervia’s gaze scanned the floor around Cain’s locker.

Without much thought, I picked up the Bible and opened it, and at that moment I was amazed.

A lighter and a pack of cigarettes were placed in the square hollowed out space.

My heart started beating hard.

It wasn’t a bad find.

“Prisoners are not allowed to possess any firearms or swords. Cain River, do you have anything to say? This is definitely a punishment… .”

“How do you decide that these things are mine, Warden.”


That was the moment.

At the glance of Cain, the prisoners began to rush forward.

“Kyo, Warden! It’s my stuff. It seems to have changed with my Bible!”

“no. It’s mine! Punish me!”

“Give me the penalty points!”


Embarrassed, Zervia retreated.

“This Bible is definitely in your place—!”

“All the prisoners in this room are following me to church. There are six Bibles that look the same, so there may be cases where they are accidentally changed.”


“And I don’t smoke. You said you know me ‘very well’, so you probably know that.”

Zervia’s bad teeth looked like they were about to crumble.

The Bible and the Reiter were obviously Cain River’s.

Of course, the circumstances revealed, as well as his intuition, said so.

But if other prisoners come out like that, he cannot punish Cain himself.

At least on the surface logically.

‘It is unfavorable to prolong the situation. Because the guards are watching too.’

I couldn’t help it, but I had to take a step back.

Zervia said to the guard holding the chart.

“Everyone except Cain thinks he is the culprit. Punish them all. as per the rules.”

“Yes, yes! you! All are penalty points! Be quiet, be quiet!”

The guards moved with their sticks.

Unwilling to calm the prisoners, he bent his arms back and pressed his shoulders down.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Zervia and Cain.

Their eyes still met.

“I want you to return the Bible. It is an item that contains the precious words of the Goddess.”

“I will return it after the investigation is over. I don’t know what else you might have done.”

Subspace magic was hung inside Zervia’s cloak of conquest.

She put all six Bibles there.

And in that moment, he did not miss the subtle change in Cain’s expressionless face.

“It remains to be seen how long that shallow trick will work.”

She turned and left the room.

The guards, who had been arguing with the prisoners, followed her and disappeared.

As if the next checkpoint was coming soon, a loud noise could be heard from the next room.

The prisoners, released from the guards, gasped and said.

“All right, I’m glad. Cain-sama did not receive any penalty points.”

“okay. All well done.”

As the prisoners cleared the room, Cain sat on the bed and thought about the Bible.

Zervia’s personality is meticulous.

He never skips over even a single clue, and he has to dig until his question is resolved before his intuition is resolved.

The six Bibles confiscated will also be examined. And you will find it easily.

Double floor made of thin paper.

A note inside.

102. Southeast.

gravestone. Underground. safe.

‘It’s not difficult to figure out what those words mean.’

The fact that the two were called to Zervia’s office had already been grasped.

Van Woods.

And the prison guard who was on duty at the time of contact.

One doubt, one vortex of thought, will eventually come to one conclusion.

‘Where will my destination be in the end?’

It was expected that a random inspection would be done, and it was a situation that had been waiting for several days.

That is, it was arrangement.

After he escapes, an arrangement to make the pursuer follow this way safely.

Since it has the “Gilchi” characteristic in the setting, this kind of consideration would have been necessary.

She had work to do for herself, even outside.


Two mornings later, outdoor cleaning time.

The road leading to the warehouse on the outer wall.

“Good morning.”

Estelle came up to me and handed me the Bible.

Then he whispered in his ear so that the guards and other prisoners wouldn’t hear it.

“Actually, I am still confused as to whether trusting you is the right choice, but I will definitely succeed. let me live That way I can live.”

“do not worry.”

“… I see.”

She turned and disappeared toward the church.

As I moved on, I remembered the conversation I had with her in the studio yesterday.

“I brought another Bible because I needed it, right? The chief guard stole it? Why replace the bible? .”

“Why did you suddenly use the sword—! Are you crazy? If you cut a knife like that in the Bible… . Ah, with that storage… . Did you make the first thing you gave me out of that ponytail?”

“no. I’m not angry or anything like that, no, I’m a little better, but I feel more embarrassed.”

“Anyway, you’re going to put the stuff you left here, a bundle of lighters and a catalyst bag, and ask for it on the street tomorrow morning? I see. It’s not a difficult request. Compared to the ones I’ve been rolling over so far.”

While I was thinking, I arrived in front of the warehouse.

Above the outer wall, guards with guns were watching the outside.

“… … .”

I cleared my breath.

All necessary preparations are done.

Now all that’s left is to break through this wall and get out.

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