A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 180

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 180

180. alpacino (2)

Break up!

The bullet was blocked by Cain’s protection, leaving only a slight scratch.

Al Pacino continued to fire without hesitation.

Tang-! Tang-! Tang-!

The bullets hit the same spot as the first impact point in succession.

The shield began to crack.

rattle. rattle.

But the last bullet of the revolver ran out, and that was the end of it.

Al Pacino reloaded the revolver and spoke loudly to the guards.

“It’s magic. what are you doing yes?”

The guards came to their senses at Al Pacino’s decree and rushed towards Cain.

When the cover of the suppression rod he was holding was removed, a sharp blade appeared.

The moment when the guards who leaped into the air are about to strike down their blades all at once towards the protection.


With Cain’s body as the center, electric elements were emitted in all directions.

An eerie electric current exploded inside the room like firecrackers, and everyone within range was electrocuted and crashed to the floor.

The guards convulsed non-stop, but could not get up.

“Illness. That’s why magicians are.”

Al Pacino turned on the lighter and lit a cigarette.

The revolver held in the other hand suddenly turned towards Cain again.

Tang-! Tang-!

The point of impact was the same as the first time.

The bullets tenaciously aimed only at one place.

Break up!

More and more gold was created in the protection.

And the moment the shield was about to be broken, Cain breathed mana into the shield.

“It’s different.”

Al Pacino clicked his tongue as he saw the neatly restored protection.

Then he threw the revolver that had run out of bullets and staggered towards Cain.

Closing the distance, he took out the knuckle and put it on his hand.


An electric current from the air touched his body, but he looked like he didn’t mind.

elemental resistance.

A characteristic that does not take damage from magic of less than a certain power.

This was the reason why most of the wizards photographed by Al Pacino died without even being able to resist.

Al Pacino, who narrowed the distance in an instant, put his palm on the shield.


And it just shriveled up.

As if tearing down a wall, he expanded the space.

“Stay there. I’ll have to test my grip strength with your head.”

“I think you should calm down for now. I’m here to make an offer.”

Al Pacino snorted.

“Calm? proposal? Go find something like that in another world. When I see a snake tattoo, I can’t stand it because I think of that bastard who wouldn’t mind tearing it apart right away.”

“I think you are talking about our boss.”

The shield broke and his fist moved.

“I want to kill the boss. Please lend me your strength.”

Al Pacino’s fists, which were shooting like bullets, stopped right in front of Cain’s face.

Cain’s hair fluttered strongly in the sudden wind.

“Did I hear bullshit now?”

“You just heard it. Strictly speaking, our boss is inappropriate. I am a body abandoned by the organization.”

Cain took a moment to catch his breath and strengthened his voice.

“I want to kill the Blue Serpent Boss. We need Al Pacino-sama’s strength.”

“dog sound.”

“Can’t you remember my face?”

“I don’t remember. I’ve seen it a few times during a territorial fight, Blue Serpent’s kid.”

“I am no longer part of the Blue Serpent.”

“… … .”

It was a known fact.

Because I was always on the lookout for news from the Blue Serpent.

The fact that Cain, one of the officers, was escorted to Kentrock prison a few months ago.

The fact that a war broke out in Area 47 not long ago, and that Cain was the one who defeated Parterer.

The fact that all Blue Serpents, including Laika and Bama, have since disappeared.

‘Help me kill the boss. Rumors about the war in Area 47 must have been true.’

Al Pacino finished his momentary reasoning and opened his mouth.

“Is revenge the purpose?”

“Yes. We want the complete annihilation of the organization.”

Death of the Blue Serpent Boss.

It was clear what Cain wanted.

“It seems that you came to the casino with this intention from the beginning. Did you know who I am?”

“I wasn’t sure. But I thought there was a possibility.”

“He’s funny.”

Al Pacino smirked.

He removed the fist in front of Cain’s face and waved his hand.

“go away. The policy is not to leave the snake cubs alive, but I have no intention of breaking my promise.”

“It cannot be.”

“Don’t warn me. It would be better not to make you say it twice.”

As Al Pacino turned and headed for his desk, Cain’s voice stopped him at his feet.

“It’s disappointing. I thought your hatred for Raymond would be huge. You were so scared that you lost Selina, didn’t you?”

The next moment, the sound of a cracking wind was heard and the scene changed.

Al Pacino grabbed Cain’s neck with one hand, lifted him up, and pushed him against the wall.


It was a huge shock.

Wall crumbs were dripping down.

If he hadn’t momentarily opened up a protective shield to protect himself, his spine would have been crushed and he would have died instantly.

“How much do you know?”

The expression on Al Pacino’s face was gone.

Red mana fluttered all over his body, and he felt nothing but murderous intent towards his opponent.

His grip on Cain’s neck began to exert more and more force.

“I dug deep, and it all came out. It’s already been 20 years, but it’s closer.”

Although he was choking, Cain did not lose his composure.

Rather, to bring out the emotions of the other person to the extreme, he did not forget to quibble.

There was a slight convulsion in Al Pacino’s face. It was refined anger.

“You crossed the line. Don’t be embarrassed because it’s your own death.”

“You want to know, don’t you? “Where did Raymond take Selina, and what kind of life she lived after that.”

Raymond and Selina.

It wasn’t that complicated.

Raymond was the pseudonym used by the Commissioner when he had just formed the Blue Serpent, and Selina was the name of the woman who was Al Pacino’s lover.

“So, the woman you love has been stolen.”

“Shut up. I didn’t lose Selina. I just let her go for a better life.”

The corners of Cain’s lips twisted upwards.

“So, have you been tracking Raymond? To fight him, make a Red Skull?”

Al Pacino’s eyes fluttered.

The strength of the hand holding Cain’s neck suddenly weakened.


Cain coughed and inhaled the breath he had been holding back.

He spoke quickly with a slightly more relaxed breathing.

“But you wouldn’t have even figured out Raymond’s location. Far from killing him and getting his lover back. For a long period of 20 years.”

“… what are you doing?”

Those were old memories.

Back alleys and gambling boards.

Selina, who saw only love and stayed by her side.

Raymond, a mysterious man who searches for the strong to form an organization.

Memories that remain in the depths of the heart and cannot be erased, like bullets that are lodged in the body and cannot be removed.

All those memories came to mind in an instant, and a pain as if swallowed by fire arose in my chest.

How does this blue young guy know all that?

To hide his shameful past, he must have killed all those who knew the truth.

“I can tell you everything.”

“… … .”

What this guy said was definitely true.

Over the years, his vengeance against Raymond did not fade in the slightest.

“I. Raymond’s location.”

Rather, it burned more intensely as time passed, and that became the reason and purpose of life.

“And what happened to Selina after that.”

Therefore, when the activity of the Blue Serpent began to be unobserved, there was no choice but to panic.

“Aren’t you curious?”

“… … .”

It was a threat.

He threatens that if he kills himself, he will not be able to hear the stories he is curious about.

Al Pacino realized that he was the one who was strangled.


The office was cleared, and only Al Pacino and Cain were left in their seats.

Cain rubbed his neck once as if checking a mechanical device, and sat down on the sofa opposite Al Pacino.

“I thought it would be an interesting story for sure.”

“… … .”

His gestures and tone of voice were unheard of for a person who had been threatened with death a while ago.

‘Even though he was a clever guy when I met him before.’

Has natural leeway overflowed into your body to this extent?

In the meantime, it has grown significantly, and it feels like it has become a really nonsensical ‘thing’.

Obviously, his eyes were not wrong.

Because it was definitely him who took notice of ‘Jack’ and cast it.

‘I’m sorry. If Philaeus was only half this guy.’

It may be a little inappropriate feeling to hold in the current situation, but that was my honest opinion.

“I’ll start by hearing about Selina.”

Al Pacino gulped the strong liquor he took out of the showcase without pouring it into a glass.

“You don’t think I’m going to make up a story with lies.”

“I will listen and decide. If it is judged to be a lie, I will break my head as it is.”

Cain nodded his head.

“good. I think it would be easier to start with Raymond, but I think you are more curious about the story of a former lover.”

Silence passed for a moment.

In that brief silence, Al Pacino could tell what was going to come out of Cain’s mouth.

Now the opponent was giving time to prepare his mind.

Then Cain opened his mouth.

“Selina is dead.”

“I did.”

Al Pacino drank again.

The impact was not as great as I thought.

It’s been 20 years since Selina left her and went to Raymond.

No matter what happened in between, there was nothing strange about it.

However, the burning in the corner of his chest must have been due to the strong alcohol.

“Is she happy, you know?”

“happy. It was unfortunate. It is impossible to say definitively. Because human life is like that. However, I think the quality of life would have improved significantly.”

“I will. Raymond was also very wealthy at the time. You can’t even compare it to the bastard in the back alley.”

Al Pacino’s bitter voice continued.

“Yes. And by following Raymond into the wall, you could say you entered the enviable high society.”

Al Pacino’s hand that was holding the bottle twitched.

“You mean Raymond was a resident inside the wall?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

That was an understandable fact.

Funds from unknown sources.

A polite way of speaking that doesn’t look like an outsider.

It was a fact that he had thought several times in the past as well.

“Well, it could be. It’s not just people in the shadows who make criminal gangs.”

Whether for financing.

To look after the company.

There must have been some purpose.

“… high society Good luck. She has found a place worthy of her soul. No matter who looked at her, she wasn’t the kind of woman who suited her back alley. Did she die of an illness?”

“no. She hanged herself to death.”

For a moment, the conversation stopped.

Al Pacino’s hands trembled.

“I would have said that if I spit nonsense, I would break my head.”

“I am only telling the truth.”

“How do you know if she killed herself or not?”

“I don’t know if the answer would be to say that I found part of Selina’s diary while digging behind Raymond in the capital.”

Cain took an old notebook out of his pocket and pushed it onto the table.

Al Pacino picked up the notebook with trembling hands and turned the page.

Every time he turned the page, his eyes repeatedly filled with emotions and then disappeared.

It took him a very long time to read all the notes and close the last chapter.

“… It’s really hers. There are things written on it that only me and her know.”

“Yes. And as you can see, she couldn’t fit into high society and suffered from severe depression.”

The diary was a forgery that was entrusted to a great writer.

However, since I used the settings I knew about her, I could say that the contents were all real.

“The fact that I came from outside the walls was a big factor. There was a lot of discrimination and contempt.”

“… … .”

“Raymond really loved her, too. I tried a lot to change those views.”

“… … .”

“It must have been very difficult for two young men and women. The walls of identity and birth were stronger than they thought.”

“… … .”

“The situation did not improve, and the two of them quarreled a lot. Love wears out and wears out and takes the form of love-hate. Raymond started neglecting Selina.”

“… … .”

“A young man who was receiving the expectations of society. I realized that there are things in the world that cannot be solved by love alone.”

Al Pacino burst out laughing.

At first glance, it sounded like weeping, but it was a laugh that I couldn’t tell whether I was crying or laughing.

All the Al Pacinos of the last 20 years sleeping in his heart wept, laughed and sobbed.

After a while, the laughter subsided.

“I had no doubt that Selina had a happy life. At least I thought you’d have a better life than when you were by my side. But I guess it wasn’t.”

“Yes. And the story is not over yet.”

Cain pulled something out of his arms and held it out.

It was a photo with the most recent date stamped on it.

A young woman with blue hair.

Al Pacino had no choice but to recite without knowing it.

“… Selina?”

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