A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 181

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 181

181. alpacino (3)

Al Pacino picked up the photo.

Without realizing it, my mouth opened and tears formed around my eyes.

Then I realized that the person in the picture was not Selina and said.

“… is it your daughter? Between Raymond and Selina?”

“I think there are other possibilities, I think.”

The sentence was simple, but it contained many meanings.

“… no way.”

Suspicion flashed on Al Pacino’s face, who understood Cain’s meaning.

“No, it cannot be. That is nonsense.”

“My name is Zervia Kalta. age is 24. Born in the 1048th year of the Imperial Year. Exactly the year Selena left Al Pacino.”

Fragments of memories flashed through Al Pacino’s brain.

Memories of the past that have never been forgotten.

‘Maybe that’s why Selina behaved like that at the time.’

He bit his lips tightly.

There were nooks and crannies.

I looked closely at the photo.

When they were young, Selina and her face remained intact on the woman’s face in the photo.

“If we had children, you said you would like a daughter first.”

“Alias? That’s a pretty name. I love it.”

“… … .”

I had no choice but to admit.

It is very likely that the woman in the photo is her daughter.

“Let’s leave this topic here. I will listen to Raymond.”

Al Pacino concealed his confused heart by revealing an uncomfortable feeling in his voice.

“Aren’t you missing a piece to stick to?”


Now you are my daughter

“Your eyes look like those of Al Pacino.”

“I told you to stop.”

called a child followed by blood.

“If we calculate the date Selina left and Zervia’s birthday, a more accurate reasoning is… .”



Al Pacino hit the bottle.

Debris scattered everywhere.

A small wound appeared on Cain’s cheek.

Wiping the blood gently, Cain said.

“I don’t think it’s just something to go over. It could be blood and blood that I’ve lived without knowing for the rest of my life.”

“What do you mean? What if this child is my daughter? Are you saying we should go and meet him? More than 20 years later, have you come now?”

“Yes. I think it’s normal.”


Cain got up and headed to the showcase.

He took out a new glass of wine and set it down in front of Al Pacino.

“I think you need to learn proper etiquette. For a while, in order to be active inside the wall. The moment you drink the bottle, you will attract attention.”

what kind of bullshit is this

“Inside the wall? Are you going to play with me now?”

“Raymond has stopped all activities of the Blue Serpent and is living inside the wall. Haven’t you been holding out for a long time to get revenge?”

Cain poured a drink into the glass and pushed it towards Al Pacino.

“Even after revenge, you cannot get your lover back. Because he has already passed away. But there remains an existence like her alter ego.”

“… … .”

“Zervia. your daughter. I should be by your side, not inside the wall right now.”

Al Pacino couldn’t figure out why.

It’s obviously nonsensical nonsense.

I’m sure it will be.

Why can’t he cover his ears?

After a long time passed, Al Pacino looked at the picture and said with a soft lips.

“Just one more question. Did this kid become a police officer?”

In the photo, Zerbia was wearing a police uniform.

“That’s right. He is the captain of the 0th Division of the Special Task Force, and recently he has been specially promoted as the Chief of Public Security.”

“… You grew up wonderfully. It’s not yet clear who the father is, but they’re both the head of a criminal gang.”

Al Pacino’s fingers touched Zervia’s face.

My mind was leaning to one side.

Beyond that, she was implicitly hoping that she would be her own daughter.


Since the breakup, he has been alone all his life without seeing anyone else.

However, there is a daughter that he did not know.

It feels like a single ray of electric current runs through your spine.

The link Selina left to the world.

An entity with his own blood was present in the world.

I want to meet you.

That was my honest heart.

“The fact that Zerbia became a police officer has a lot to do with Raymond.”

Al Pacino woke up from his thoughts.

The name Raymond made my voice ferocious without realizing it.

“I said upper class. You must have had the title of nobility.”

“Yes. There is the title of count. And he is also a police officer.”

laughter came out.

Even so, there was a huge gap between the police and the head of a criminal organization.

“I’m starting to get a little dizzy. If this kid is the magistrate, would Raymond be the chief?”

“Yes. you’re right.”

Al Pacino almost spit out his drink.

“What did you say?”

“Raymond is the Chief of Police. It’s hard to find information.”

“… … .”

Al Pacino looked into Cain’s eyes, but there was no sign of lying.

Cain pulled out two file folders and spread them out on the table.

“This is the work log I got from the National Police Agency through Zervia. This is the date of the meeting I had with the boss when I was working as a Blue Serpent executive.”

Cain said, pointing to specific dates.

“You can see that the day the director was away and the day the boss showed up at the meeting coincide.”

“… … .”

“Also, this is the glottal analysis of the voice. It is the same person.”

“I feel like I’m going through a lifetime of surprises all at once today.”

Al Pacino listened to the data and carefully examined it.

In addition to the date-check tables and the grammatical analysis tables, there were several other sources that Cain had analyzed in detail.

Reading them, Al Pacino felt that the questions he had while chasing the Blue Serpent Boss were gradually resolved.

“I understand the situation. You’re asking us to join forces for revenge. The fact that Raymond is the police chief and that a child named Zerbia could be my daughter.”

Al Pacino put down the material and continued.

“I will accept the offer. But I spoke with the nuance that I had to go inside the wall. That’s impossible. The risk is too great. It doesn’t matter if I am alone, but now I have an organization to manage.”

Cain nodded.

If Al Pacino had replied that he would go inside the wall at once, he would have been rather disappointed.

You can’t have big plans with someone who makes choices based purely on emotions.

“good. There are many ways. There might be a way to lure Raymond out of the wall, for example.”

“I see you have something in mind.”

“Yes. Instead, I’ll have to borrow some Red Skull gang members.”

Cain slowly opened up about his plans.


the next morning.

Cain and Estelle’s vehicle left Area 77 and drove through the wilderness.

Amidst the hazy dust, the distant image of the city was reflected in the rearview mirror.

“He told me to go straight to Area 33.”

“okay. The members of Red Skull left yesterday, so they should arrive first and wait.”

District 33.

A district under the jurisdiction of Leica, where he was supposed to meet the chief.

“I’m thinking of closing all of Leica and Bama’s outside businesses.”

Outside business refers to entertainment facilities or shops located within the district.

The reason for wanting to organize was clear, even though there was not a small amount of income.

‘It must be trying to completely erase the traces. As the execution time of the Shinsegae Project is getting closer.’

Double identity as the boss of a criminal organization.

Although it was a small number, it was a fact that the number of people in the present world was transferred to the next world as it is, so it is not a good thing to know.

“indeed. According to your plan, you can bring Raymond to a designated place outside the wall.”

Al Pacino accepted the offer.

I don’t trust this place completely, so if I feel something strange, I’ll leave immediately.

Anyway, things are still going as planned.

All that was left was to meet the chief and deceive him.

‘It won’t be easy.’

Raymond, who was relatively naive when he was young, does not exist.

inside and outside the wall.

positive and negative.

There is only an old fox-like man who has accumulated more than twice as much life experience as others by going back and forth.

I had to go in with tension.

The moment there is a slight gap in the plan, he will start to doubt.


District 33.

A top-notch restaurant located in the city center.

In the private room on the top floor, the rustling of dishes echoed.

“Then the businesses will take a look around and hand it over to the auction according to the amount you set.”

“Don’t do that. And from now on, I will receive the proceeds related to the Bama Gun into this account.”

The director showed Cain the paper with the account number on it.

“All right.”

As soon as I heard Cain’s answer, I set it on fire with a lighter and burned it.

“Would it be okay if I deposit the amount of the business liquidation into the same place?”

“It tells you where to deposit money later.”

“All right.”

Since it was outside the wall, there was a sense of prudence and caution in every action of the chief.

He wore artificial leather on his face.

His voice was also slightly altered.

‘And I made a reservation for this restaurant myself.’

Metal and electronic device detectors were installed at the entrance.

It was a restaurant whose main strategy was to provide business people with a place to chat.

“Isn’t Area 47 visited after a while? Are you running well?”

“Yes. I met good managers, so even if I was away for a while, there was no problem.”

good manager.

From the perspective of the chief, Cain was like that.

By taking care of the work outside the wall, I was able to minimize the risk of myself appearing outside.

“What is the trend of Zerbia within the police department?”

“I am busy. The task force is being reorganized and the task is being taken over. You won’t have time to devote to tracking Bama for a while.”

The mention of Zerbia ended with that.

As Cain ate, he observed the change in the chief’s expression.

complete innocence.

Indifference to one’s daughter.

However, Cain knew that the chief was not interested in Zervia, but was trying to avoid paying attention to him.

“Wake up when you have finished eating.”

“Yes. You do that.”

After eating, the two went down to the first floor and went out of the building.


The door opened and a downtown area appeared.

“If you’re not in a hurry, have a cup of coffee.”


So far this was as expected.

Cheongjang’s routine is to drink coffee after meals.

However, I did not drink any coffee because I was picky in taste.

“Go to Francois. It was the best place around here.”

So far as expected.

After a few blocks, we entered the cafe.

After placing our order and waiting for our drinks to be served, we heard voices coming from the table behind us.

“Did you hear the rumors?”

“What rumors?”

“Not long ago, a statue of a goddess fell on the outskirts. The police and the church went there, and there was no riot.”

“It did. The chief of police and the pope came directly to the investigation.”

The story that started with the police and the statue spanned several themes.

The criminal organization Blue Serpent was also mentioned.

“But there were rumors like that. The person currently serving as the Chief of Police is actually the boss of the Blue Serpent.”

The chief’s lips twitched.

Cain whispered.

“You don’t have to worry. Rumors are usually full of gossip.”

The conversation at the next table continued.

“Nonsense. It’s probably just an urban legend or a conspiracy theory.”

“At first I thought so too. But the more I listened to it, the more convincing it got, right?”

Cain came back with the takeaway coffee he ordered.

But the Commissioner had no intention of getting up from his seat.

“Originally, Blue Serpent members were seen occasionally in this area. But now… .”

I could feel my concentration on the table behind my back.


Cain held his breath and watched the scene.

They were the ones who predicted the director’s movement route and planted it in advance.

Will you really react?

Although the 30th division is ‘outside the wall’, there is not a lot of traffic from residents ‘inside the wall’.

Rumors that spread from the 30th division are likely to flow into the wall as it is.

‘It will definitely be sensitive. And they will include me on the suspicious list.’

In fact, the chief was looking at this with a funny look.

But it will be just a heart attack.

Because there’s still nothing outwardly evident.

And the arrows of doubt will soon return elsewhere.

Cain spoke again in a low voice.

“Let’s go. It’s bullshit. It will not spread all the way through the walls and will disappear quickly.”

Again, no answer came back.

The second hand of the clock hanging on the wall of the cafe ticked dozens of times.


The chief rose from his seat.

He approached the table behind him and looked down at the two men who were having a conversation.

“That’s what I’m interested in. Can I hear more?”

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