A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 182

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 182

182. raymond (1)

“That’s what I’m interested in. Can I hear more?”

The two men at the table were bewildered by the appearance of the chief.

Although he received instructions in exchange for money from a man wearing a hood, this situation was not included in the contents.

As they looked at each other, the chief spoke again.

“Of course, I’m not just asking you to tell a story. I think this would be enough for the price of coffee.”

A few bills came up on the table.

ten thousand shillings.

Too much money to receive in return for simply telling a story.

“I was only instructed to talk on a set topic in a cafe, but there were no restrictions.”

The two men, who exchanged glances quickly, took the bills and removed the chair next to them.

“Hmm. You are quite the case. Sit down. What more would you like to hear?”

The chief and Cain were seated together.

said the chief.

“The current police chief is actually the boss of the Blue Serpent. I’m also pretty good at rumors, but it’s the first time I’ve heard of such a rumor.”

“Oh, is that what you mean? It’s just what we’ve heard… .”

The two men leaned on the table and started talking in low voices.

Whenever useful information came up, the director placed high-definition bills on the table.

“So the Commissioner of the National Police Agency is using his dual identity to make a lot of money.”

The eyes of the two men did not know how to fall from the stacking banknotes.

“Having inside information in my hands, I could have predicted all the police movements and avoided them.”

It looked restless.

Whether the other person changed his mind and put the money back, he vomited out the information with all his heart and soul.

When the accumulated bills exceeded a certain amount, the existence of the hood man was completely forgotten in his mind.

Stories that rumble.

However, there was no change in the chief’s expression.

“Are there any recent rumors about the Blue Serpent? I wonder if there’s something I haven’t seen before.”

“Oh, yes! I have heard a few things.”

The men’s voices became even lower.

“Isn’t Area 33 originally occupied by the Blue Serpent? But these days, I don’t see any Blue Serpent members on the streets.”

“It seems that not only District 33, but other districts are in a similar situation. Instead, the Red Skull gang members started to stand out.”

red skull.

The director recalled the strange air he had felt on the street before entering the cafe.

A group of people wandering around vigilantly as if on patrol.

I was guessing

Because it was a very natural flow for another one to flow where the old one had disappeared.

“So the rumors… .”

Said the men took a breath.

“There are rumors circulating that the Blue Serpent lost the war against the Red Skull.”

“There is a story that the chief of the National Police Agency was caught and took power at once.”

Rumors of losing the war were irrelevant.

After all, Blue Serpent was not an organization to be operated again.

However, rumors that the Commissioner General of the National Police Agency had been caught could only bother him.

“… … .”

I felt a strange sense of discomfort.

Police Commissioner and Blue Serpent.

It is too specific to be completed as a rumor and spread.

It feels as if someone who knows the whole story is intentionally promoting the situation.

The chief opened his mouth.

“Have you ever been commissioned by someone? Do you want me to talk about a specific topic here?”

The two men’s bodies trembled for a moment.

However, the chief’s eyes were not on them.

It was Cain who was looking straight ahead.

was asking

What do you think about this situation?

Maybe it’s a trick you made up.

“… … .”

Cain made eye contact with the chief.

No signal was to be given here.

trembling of the lips.

constriction and dilation of the pupil.

A change in tone that is different from usual.

Minor hand movements caused by tension.

As soon as you see any signs, the beginning of the suspicion the Commissioner has set will deepen.

Cain pumped strength into his body and spoke in a voice that was not disturbed.

“I think there is a possibility. If there is a client, it means that someone in the cafe at this time wanted to overhear the story.”

Cain added.

“For your own specific interests.”

“… … .”

Cain’s words had the following meanings:

“I have nothing to gain by making up a situation like this.”

The Commissioner agreed.

Although it is a time-limited alliance that can never be broken, there has been no reason for the opponent to betray him so far.

‘He’s a human being like me who acts solely for his own gain.’

Convenience in the capital.

Acting business outside the wall.

They give and receive appropriate benefits from each other, and the symbiotic relationship is highly likely to continue to develop in the future.

His Majesty said he gave him hints about the New World Project.

Even if you didn’t get the full picture of the project, you would have noticed one thing.

The fact that he will be on the same boat with those in power, and that he will take on a major role in the future.

There’s no way I couldn’t have sensed it.

Because he is a clever guy with a fast brain and a bright eye for his own interests.

‘It is highly unlikely that Cain’s work was done. I can’t completely put my doubts on the line.’

The chief’s gaze turned to the two men again.

“How is it? Haven’t you been commissioned?”

“That, that.”

It was as if he had already answered his embarrassment.

“I want you to tell me anything you remember. There must be things like impressionability, voice, and body type.”

The two men hesitated.

The chief resolved their conflict by pulling something out of his arms and putting it on the table.


It was a bundle of banknotes.

It was too much money to refuse.


The two men took bundles of bills in their arms and hurriedly walked away to the other side of the street.

“Do you have a point to point out?”

The Commissioner made no reply with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Then, like lightning, I took out the radio and made a call somewhere.

“Seal the entire area entrance. Don’t let a single rat leave the city. Report any vehicles attempting to escape from the crowd immediately.”


The instructions ended there.

It was a radio that was sent directly to the district police chief.


The chief took a step.

Cain followed the chieftain.

A group of men, presumed to be members of the Red Skull, were walking in front.

Cain whispered.

“If you ever need help, I will be there for you.”

“I have something to check. I may have something to give you, so please follow me.”

“All right.”

There was a rare expression of emotion on the chief’s face.

It was more of anger and discomfort than embarrassment.

“The most striking feature was the scar. It is long from the forehead to the bottom of the lips.”

“Your voice was husky. Besides the long scars, there were many small wounds on the face.”

“Oh, and I saw a red skull tattoo on the inside of the sleeve.”

I couldn’t help but be surprised.

As soon as I heard the story, a person in my memory came to mind.

A person who is deeply entrenched in his memory and comes to mind whenever he sees Zervia and stabs his emotions.

The director’s suspicions about the Red Skull boss have existed for a long time.

Red Skull’s boss.

Past mate Al Pacino.

Suspicion that the two characters may be the same person.

However, for fear of facing the reality, he has turned away without further investigation.

But now.

I could no longer run away.

The ghost of the past, which had been persistently following along on the other side of reality, appeared right in front of him and was holding his sword.

‘Al Pacino. Is it your guy?’

How did you find out the identity of this one?

Outside the walls, it has never left any traces.

did you find out yourself

Or did you get information from someone?

What is the other reason why people have been dispatched to tell the story without appearing in person?

Threat? declaration of war?

What kind of tactic are you planning?

It was the first time in decades that his head rotated so quickly.

“Isn’t it better to approach after conducting an investigation than to act in such a hurry?”

“No, the opponent is most likely nearby. They would have placed a storyteller after watching my movements.”

Because of this, the Commissioner did not realize that a small crack had formed in his normally perfect coolness.

The head of the chasing group of Red Skulls accelerated.

He didn’t forget to scan the streets with a sharp gaze while following him.

Al Pacino. Where are you?

Do you dare to revise without knowing that you were allowing your existence?

Selina’s face flashed through her mind.

Zervia’s face that resembled her flashed through her mind.

Finally, during the duel for life, the face of Al Pacino, who was running towards this side, flashed through my mind.

The two of them stopped walking.

It was in front of a building where the Red Skull group had disappeared.

The moment he saw the stairs leading up high, the head of the head of the department, which was hot, cooled down.

It was then that I was able to look back at the situation somewhat calmly.

‘I was excited.’

Is it because of old age?

It was a moment, but I was upset that I was swept away by emotions.

But in any case, the judgment was not wrong.

When you cannot read the other person’s intentions.

To take a sudden action to cause agitation and see the reaction of the other person.

It was a strategy that he had learned while traveling the battlefield for decades.

‘Watch it. Will I be able to leave without showing up right away?’

The chief broke a suitable branch from a nearby flower bed and held it in his hand.


Cain said as he watched the chief swung the branch in the air a few times.

“If you need a weapon, I will lend it to you.”

“It’s okay. This is enough to catch a fly.”

The reason he didn’t use the right weapon was also to avoid leaving clues that would be unnecessarily specific when the local police arrived later on investigating the murder scene.

“Branch. I’ll get some help.”

“… … .”

It was about joining the raid on Red Skull’s hideout.

The intention was to see if he could kill a member of the Red Skull gang.

‘It seems that you haven’t cast your doubts about me yet.’

Perhaps he was thinking about the possibility that this and Al Pacino worked hand in hand and plotted a scheming.

Cain confirmed that there were no CCTVs around and said.

“All right. Let’s go.”

It didn’t matter.

whatever the chief suspects.


Office of the Chief of Police.

A pile of papers piled up like a mountain on the desk stood out.


Above the papers, the top of his blue hair was clearly visible.

It was Zerbia.

With a haggard face, she was reading and signing documents with mechanical movements.

“… … .”

read. finished signing. flip sideways

She lifted her head for a moment, then was terribly surprised.

It feels like a chill in the back just like hearing a ghost story.

The height and number of the piles of papers were almost the same as they had been hours before.

what. why not decrease

I closed my eyes and opened them and opened them thinly.

However, the pile of documents did not decrease and showed a majestic figure on the spot.


She pulled the chair back and leaned back on the back with exhausted movements.

No matter how long the takeover period was, there was no end to it.

It was a moment when I realized once again that walking around the field, even if it was hard on my body, was right for my personality.

“… … .”

She stared at the pile of papers once more.

Criminals at the scene were busy running away just by making eye contact, but of course the piles of papers were not.

when you’re bruising like that.

I suddenly remembered the time when I visited Cain’s office.

“What are you looking at like that? take a seat I have a lot of stories to tell.”

The guy was shredding the papers at a terrifying speed.

At the same time, while having a conversation about complicated content with this person.

what’s the trick

Is there any speed reading method or memory method?

The next time we meet, she thought that she should try to figure out a way.

“No need to wait. Because I just finished reading all of them and signing them. Take it.”

It was an imitation of Cain’s voice.

With a pile of iron in the air, his expression was stern.


Then the door opened.

It was Harold, the lieutenant of Zerbia, who had brought a new document.

“… What are you doing?”

“Knock… Aren’t you supposed to come in?”

“I did. There was no response, so I just came in.”

“Did you hear me?”

“Yes. Who are you imitating? A conversation I’ve heard somewhere… .”

Zervia jumped up from her seat and approached Harold.

Then, as if nothing had happened a while ago, he took the paperwork and scanned it.

“It’s about road closures in District 13. Contact the Department of Transportation and ask for assistance first.”

“Yes. Okay. But why are you talking about it?”

Being really curious, Harold stared at Zervia.

“… … ?”

“… … .”

Zervia didn’t say anything with her face blushing.

Then, as if remembering Harold, he pulled something out of his arms.

“Oh, the former Chief of Public Security told me to deliver this.”

It was the key to access the inner area of the criminal archives.

Even criminal records classified as confidential and top secret were accessible.

The moment he saw the key, a scene flashed through Zervia’s mind.

Five years ago, District 31.

Bombing on the bridge.

His brother, who was bleeding, and Cain, standing in front of him with a sword.


My heart started beating.

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