A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 185

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 185

184. raymond (3)

“Blue Serpent. and Red Skull. We have located the two gang bosses.”

Zervia’s eyes fluttered wildly.

Without realizing it, she pulled the curtains in the office, made sure no one was in the hallway outside the door, and came back and said:

“Is this reliable information?”

“When have I ever delivered uncertain information?”

My thoughts about Cain and terror were instantly blown away.

The Blue Serpent was in a state of complete dissolution as Cain recently removed each executive.

All that was left were Bama and the Boss, but both of them were missing.

In the case of Red Skull, rumors about the boss abounded, but none of them had any nutritious information.

However, finding out the positions of both bosses at the same time was an unbelievable harvest.

“To be precise, I should have figured out the future locations of the two bosses, not their current locations.”

“Future location?”

“A week later. Area 114. The two bosses meet there.”

Zervia’s forehead frowned.

“I understand that the two organizations are hostile.”

“The information obtained through the spies planted on both sides can be trusted.”

“… … .”

“Recently, the momentum of the Blue Serpent has been weakened a lot. It is estimated that there will be talks of mergers between organizations.”

There was no truth in what Cain said.

That they planted a spy.

There is also talk of a merger.

However, the fact that the two bosses would meet in the area on that date could be guaranteed.

Because you will make it happen.

“Let’s go back today.”

It was last night that the Commissioner and Cain returned to the capital from District 31.

“You don’t look good. If you tell me the situation, there will be something I can do to help.”

“No. I think I misunderstood for a moment.”

In Area 31, the two raided and destroyed all Red Skull’s hideouts in sight.

He also mobilized the district police to search the entire city, but could not find Al Pacino.

I had no choice but to do so.

Because it was Cain who used transformation magic who commissioned the men who were dissolving rumors at the cafe.

“Go back.”

“All right.”

Cain did not miss the slight nervousness in the chief’s voice.

Also, the fact that he doesn’t give up his doubts about this.

But it didn’t matter.

The storm he would cause would not give him time to deepen his doubts and turn into conviction.

“A week later? i get it. We will recruit staff immediately.”

“no. Only you and I are moving.”

Zervia’s eyebrows curled.

“Didn’t you say boss? Even mobilizing the entire task force is not enough.”


Cain took a step closer.

Zervia took a step back in surprise.

“I believe there is a Blue Serpent spy within the police force.”

“… … .”

“Have you ever felt strange while operating against a Blue Serpent?”

It would be a lie if I said no.

There were times when the enemy, including Cain, acted as if they knew this side’s information.

“I was definitely in doubt. Many of the boss’s orders were suspicious of knowing the police’s information.”

Zervia nodded her head slightly.

“I also had the possibility in mind. So, once the security bureau has reorganized… .”

“They are replacing the existing staff and filling the positions with new ones.”

Cain came in cutting her horse.

“The reorganization is in progress. Can you be sure that there are no spies in the current security office?”

“… … .”

“Conversations within the police department are not safe anywhere. There is a risk of wiretapping.”


Zervia looked around the office in surprise.

“Of course it is safe here. After the inspection, there was no hidden wiretapping device or magic.”

no, when?

This is my office.

Anyway, Zervia understood what Cain was trying to say.

It was a story about going secretly to Area 114 without telling anyone inside the National Police Agency.

“What is the exact tangent location and time within the zone? How many fighters will they lead?”

Zervia seemed a little dissatisfied.

A reference to the power of the other side.

It was a question of whether it was really okay with you and me.

Cain, who read her thoughts, answered.

“If you have someone you can really trust, you can accompany them. If there is nothing wrong with doing things, really trustworthy person.”

The word ‘really’ has a subtle accent.

Seeing Zervia hesitated, Cain added.

“Zervia. My goal is to completely overthrow the Blue Serpent and raise you to the position of Chief of Police.”

She agreed with that.

To the extent that the word cooperative relationship was embarrassing, Cain had been receiving unilateral help.

“Trust me.”

Cain looked at Zervia.

Zerbia also saw Cain.

It was a soft and strong word.

It was a short length, but the sound was louder than any other long sentences.

Cain looked at Zervia.

Zerbia also saw Cain.

There was an exchange of glances for a while.

how much time has passed

Her lips were opened.

“i get it. I will travel alone to Area 114. The superior should report the destination falsely.”


A cemetery located not far from the main office of the National Police Agency.

The chief was looking down at someone’s gravestone.

“The woman who was wiser than anyone else

Selina Kalta

1029. 7. 24. ~ 1052. 12. 15.」


A name that fills with regret just by putting it in your mouth and pronouncing it.

Every few years immediately after her death.

Since then, at least once a week, the chief has been visiting her grave.

I was with her for a year.

It was a time when it burned more splendidly than at any other time in a short period of time.

It was a time when I was only looking ahead and running without knowing that my whole body was being burned by the flame of love.

The end was, however, catastrophic.

Thanks to this, I was able to learn that love and hate are like two sides of the same coin.

“Looks like he’s looking for me.”

Guy meant alpacino.

And when Selina died, she called Al Pacino’s name, not the chief.

Selina never forgot her lover outside the wall, Al Pacino.

It was the moment when the vague heart that he had been trying to deny was revealed to be true.

I felt my heart sinking, and intense feelings of hatred and anger toward Al Pacino soared.

And that feeling has continued to this day.

I didn’t expect it at all.

A person who thought he was just a match for a moment would become a match for a lifetime and torment him.

“It’s not that funny. The fact that he has been visiting me for the past 20 years. I guess I’m not the only one with old feelings.”

was planning to retire.

He had given some criticism to his subordinates, and was planning to take a sabbatical until the day he boarded the ark.

However, with the presence of Al Pacino appearing in front of him, that could not be the case.

“I don’t know if it was meant to be like this in the end.”

It feels like a huge wheel of fortune is rolling towards this side, carrying past karma on its back.

The chief clenched his palms and bloomed.

I was going to have to prepare.

Get ready to smash the rolling wheels to press and kill yourself.

The chief looked at the tombstone for a while after that.

Then I turned to get out of the cemetery, and at that moment I found a person who appeared at the entrance.

It was Zerbia.

The new magistrate and his daughter.

No, strictly speaking, it may not be his daughter.

After Selina’s death, I found out from her diary.

The fact that Xavir and Zerbia may not be their children.

Al Pacino.

He knows that the real identity of this person is the Chief of Police.

And the fact that the director has a daughter is also well known externally.

But he wouldn’t know that Zervia could be his daughter.

No, I can’t even imagine.

Zervia and the chief’s eyes met.

She bowed her head with a slightly bewildered face and walked towards the head of the department.

‘Cain was right. He said he would be here.’

Zerbia stood in front of the chief.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The scene in front of his mother’s tombstone felt very awkward.

The Commissioner had never told anything about his mother to himself and his brother.

Also, from the stories I heard, I could tell that my mother had been terribly neglected in the past.

But why are you here?

this person is.

Zervia hesitated for a moment.

It had been a very long time since I had met the chief outside the National Police Agency, and it was also in front of my mother’s tombstone.

For a moment, I couldn’t help but be confused.

Is it right to call him father in this place?

Or would it be correct to call him the chief as usual?

“What happened up to here? Xavir, Chief of Police.”

security chief.

My mind was blown.

It was the opponent who made the decision.

After taking a moment to catch her breath, she brought out the story she had prepared.

“It’s true that you had a business, but I didn’t know you were here. Chief.”

Her gaze glanced at Selina’s tombstone behind the chief’s back.

It was a cautious glance, but there was no way the chief could not feel it.

I’m curious.

Why is there a person here who has never shown any interest in his wife?

But he was not obligated to answer it himself.

“Yongmura. What’s going on?”

“We have received a request for assistance from a task force dispatched outside the wall.”

Zervia posted a detailed report along with the file.

A drug dealer outside the wall is being pursued, and an organization larger than expected is intertwined.

“I know there is a lot of work left to be done within the Police Department. Are you saying that it is difficult to handle the work with only on-site personnel?”

“Yes. Looks like I’ll have to go to the site myself. We will distribute the work to the lieutenants for the maintenance of the security bureau so that there will be no setbacks to complete it within a short period of time.”

The Commissioner looked at the file again.

It was decided that on-site support was definitely needed.

“… … .”

The chief looked up and looked at Zervia.

I saw Selina when she was young.

I felt the back of my head stiffen.

‘Did I love Selina?’

Of course, the answer to that question was yes.

‘Do I love this child?’

Since she is nothing other than an alter ego of Selina, of course she should.

It can also be said that they are the only family left in this world.

But one thought made me love and hate my children at the same time.

‘It may not be the parent.’

A blood test would quickly tell the truth, but fear prevented the truth from being revealed.

It was in the same vein as he was reluctant to meet Al Pacino.

Fear became inertia and fixed the situation, and time flew by.

Meanwhile, feelings for Selina and her children went back and forth between love and hate, boiling and cooling down repeatedly.

The mind was devastated.

I couldn’t figure out what emotions I was feeling right now.

“I would like to ask for permission to apply on-site. Area 114.”

Area 114.

Rumors about the Commissioner of Police and the Blue Serpent are spreading in the 30th Division, so this child will not be exposed to rumors.

There is absolutely no reason to refuse.

Because he has excellent armed forces, he will never come back injured.

However, the reason why they are reluctant to give permission.

‘Al Pacino. Am I conscious of him?’

The impression of the chief was wrinkled.

Denying his insecurities and fears, he said quietly.

“It’s good to go out for support.”

“thank you.”

As Zervia did not return and stood still, the director sent a questioning look.

“Ah, I love him… I want to go see you.”

Zervia’s eyes were on Selina’s tombstone.

The chief nodded and walked past Zervia towards the entrance to the cemetery.


At that time, after hesitating for a while, Zervia turned and summoned the chief.

The chief’s steps stopped, and their eyes met in the air.

“… Do you come here often?”

“… … .”

I visit at least once a week, so it should be.

Although they visit early in the morning or late at night to avoid the gaze of others.

Today’s visit at this time was a bit of an exception due to emotional agitation.

“… … .”

“… … .”

After facing Zervia’s gaze for a while, the director turned and left the cemetery without answering.

Zervia looked at him in confusion, then turned and placed the prepared flower on the tombstone.

December 15th.

It was Selina’s anniversary.

After spending quite a long time in front of the tombstone, Zerbia also left the cemetery.

The wind blew in the graveyard where no one was left. It was winter.

And exactly five days after the day Zerbia left the capital.

A letter arrived in front of the director stating that Zervia was being held hostage and imprisoned.

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