A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 186

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 186

185. whirlwind of fate (1)

“This is a letter from the head of the department. The name is written wrong, but I brought it just in case.”

Reina left the letter on the desk and nodded and left the office.

Some time passed when she left, and the commissioner picked up the letter.

An envelope with an old-fashioned design.

Strange handwriting written in one corner.

—Dear Raymond.

However, the name indicated by the letters was not unfamiliar at all.

The chief could sense it.

That a huge fate had begun to move in earnest to overtake him.

Even so, it was a very uncomfortable and confusing time for planting.

Although the investigation has been ongoing for the past few days, the rumors about the relationship between the ‘Chief’ and ‘Blue Serpent’ that have spread throughout the 30th Division didn’t seem to be caught.

When I opened the letter, a piece of paper with a simple message appeared.

“Your daughter has grown up well.

take good care

I would love to see you in the places below.

come out alone

Don’t be silly.

From old friend A.”

A map of District 114 was attached to the back of the paper.

At a point on the outskirts of the wilderness, the exact time and coordinates were written with an X.

“… … .”

The Commissioner took out an old pendant from the envelope of the letter.

Opening the cover reveals a faded photo of Selina as a young woman.

Selina’s memento.

It was an object that Zervia always carried with her.

The chief’s eyes scanned every nook and cranny of the pendant.

I doubted that it was a fake, but the object that Zervia was carrying was correct.

The chief called Reina by pressing the button on the desk.

“What area did the chief of public security go to for field assistance?”

“This is Area 38. Any problem… .”

“Let’s call the scene. I’ll have to talk to the magistrate.”

“All right.”

After Reina, who had been instructed, left the office, the director fell into thought again.

His head was relentlessly revolving in the analysis and judgment of the situation.

His eyes turned to the phrase on the end of the paper.

“From old friend A.”

called a friend. dare.

In an instant, an enormous amount of living filled the office.

It didn’t last long, as the chief immediately took a breath and calmed his emotions.

A would be alpacino.

At first, he didn’t even show any signs of hiding his identity.

‘Area 38. Although it is an area where Red Skull is expanding its power recently, considering the force of the Chief of Police and the Special Task Force, the possibility that they were actually taken hostage is extremely low.’

Frustration was evident from the chief’s finger tapping the desk.

‘But how did you get the pendant?’

or stolen from the magistrate.

Or picking up what was dropped.

A number of possibilities came to mind, but all of them were difficult to convince easily.

The chief closed his eyes and buried himself deep in the chair. And he waited for Reina to return.

In any case, any contact with the Chief of Police in Area 38 would have revealed the contents of the letter to be false.

‘I’m worried about the magistrate.’

The chief’s lips twitched.

He soon convinced himself.

It is natural to respond to criminal forces by choosing the optimal number.

Had the hostage been someone other than the magistrate, he would have done the same.

And after a few minutes.

Reina came in and said.

“I have been in touch with the police chief and the members of the task force in District 38. The magistrate said he never got to Area 38.”


on the day of contact.

In the wilderness of Area 114, a black vehicle was standing in the cool winter wind.

There were only two people inside.

“I tell you, if Raymond doesn’t show up, you will die. Moving an army of this size is very damaging to the organization.”

Troops meant the members of the Red Skulls hiding behind a stone mountain far away in the wilderness.

In order to catch Raymond, he had brought all the elites in the organization.

“You don’t have to worry. Raymond will definitely show up.”

Cain looked through the glass and said in a relaxed voice.

There was nothing in the wilderness except sand, wind, and cracked ground.

The chief uses anything he can get his hands on as a weapon.

This was the reason Cain chose this place as a meeting place.

“Please, I hope that is not wrong.”

Al Pacino’s gaze turned from Cain’s face through the car glass.

The current time is 1:48 PM.

About 10 minutes left until the appointment.

It looked anxious.

It was because the moment was approaching to release the emotions that had been accumulated for many years.

In order not to show nervousness, Al Pacino got into a conversation again.

“It will definitely show up.”

“Yes. If you love your daughter, it will definitely show up. I don’t know if I’ll show up alone as directed.”


Al Pacino licked his lips.

“Raymond said he didn’t know that the boy wasn’t blood.”

“According to my research, yes.”

Al Pacino thought that Cain had a good chance of being true.

Given Raymond’s personality, if he had known that he was not the parent, he would have abandoned the child sooner.

The situation was funny.

If he appeared here, it was to save someone who was not even his own child.

“What do you plan to do after you get revenge on Raymond?”

“… … .”

That was something I hadn’t thought deeply about.

It was because things were going too fast and he was engrossed in the emotion of hatred.

There was one picture I wanted.

The knots in a tangled relationship are untied and they find their place.

It was to find the lost daughter and live the rest of her life as a father.

But that was impossible.

He is a criminal who cannot escape the shadows, and the child is a police officer who shines a light to remove the shadows of the shadows.

Also, removing Raymond would change the child’s life forever.

“… … .”

However, he had no intention of giving up on revenge.

Because I have lived with a sword in my heart for the past 20 years.

Then a car approached with dust from afar.

After stopping some distance away, a man got off.

It was the first face I saw.

However, Raymond in disguise leather, Cain and Al Pacino could all intuit it.

“Don’t go.”

Al Pacino opened the door and walked out.

Two men stood facing each other in the wilderness.

“Where is my daughter?”

Raymond was the first to speak.

Hearing this, Al Pacino was stunned for a moment, then burst into laughter like a madman.

There was a tremor all over my body.

Hearing his voice, he could be sure that the opponent was the real Raymond.

Al Pacino stopped laughing and said with a smile.

“It is still. That unlucky way to look down on your opponent. Nothing has changed.”

“Ask me again. Where is my daughter?”

Al Pacino growled at Raymond’s purely self-talking attitude.

“If you go out like that, your daughter will not be alive. Show your real face. I met a relationship in the past, but should I show that kind of sincerity?”

“… … .”

Raymond stared intently at Al Pacino.

‘Your daughter’s life will be lost.’

You don’t know about the bastard from this dirty back alley.

The fact that the person he kidnapped could be his own daughter.

Reluctantly, Raymond answered.

“You can take off your mask. But before that, I want to check the safety of the hostage first. That’s the basics of trading. Isn’t it? Al Pacino?”

The last name has an accent.

Al Pacino trembled with excitement and pulled out a disk-shaped imaging device.


The magic was activated, and Zervia, who was handcuffed and fainted, appeared.

It looked like a dungeon somewhere.

The chief’s eyes stared at the video silently.

“What do you want?”

“It’s what you want. Of course it’s your life, right? I have to pay the price for taking Selina and ruining my life.”

“I didn’t steal it, she just chose me. Her class didn’t match the back alley.”

based on old feelings.

Conversations piled up on top of it.

“You did not love Selina. It’s only been a week since we met.”

“It’s funny. It’s like thinking that the depth of love must be proportional to the duration.”

The conversation continued.

It’s like going back to when we first met at a bar 20 years ago.

“Do you think Selina would have been happy simply because she had come out of poverty?”

“She was happy. At least than when I was with a backstreet bastard like you.”

Their voices were dry and rough like dry flint.

It was an instantaneous atmosphere, as if it was about to ignite and explode the moment it collided even a little.

Cain watched the two of them from inside the car.

The tinting was thick, so I couldn’t see the inside from the outside.

‘The Commissioner is doing his job well.’

Cain remembered the words he had told the chief.

“I’ll sit down in a distant position and watch over you. Encourage the conversation for Al Pacino to reveal the position of the magistrate.”

Being a double spy wasn’t that difficult.

Al Pacino and Raymond.

It was because the two of them were unable to show their usual leisure in the urgent situation.

In addition, Cain paid more than double the usual attention to his words and actions, and the instructions he gave to his subordinates.

All the work had been done secretly behind the scenes, starring Raymond and Al Pacino.

“… I see. For now, let’s make sure that the child’s safety is secured.”

The first thing he did was kidnap Zervia with Al Pacino.

The kidnapping was successful because she knew all her paths, and there were many strong men within the Red Skull.

“Dirty criminals! I will destroy you!”

As if catching a wild beast, there were a lot of casualties in the process, but anyway.

Since then, everything has been done up until now.

With few troops to operate outside the wall, the chief has been calling for help, as expected.

“Can I refuse the commissioner’s request?”

troop support.

And it was his role to start the search as soon as he got a clue about Zervia’s location.

He didn’t forget to leave some clues to specify the location in Zervia’s video so that the director could take the situation naturally.

All that’s left is to send a signal to the radio device in the chief’s ear after a reasonable amount of time has passed.

It was a signal that Zervia’s life was safely secured.

A few minutes passed, and Cain felt the time had come as he saw the atmosphere getting worse.

“We have identified the location of the building. We will begin rescue operations immediately.”

Raymond’s new model disappeared from the seat as he took out his radio and spoke.

Even before the dust on the ground disappeared, Raymond’s new model appeared in the air above Al Pacino’s head.


Al Pacino raised his hand and blocked the dagger that slashed through the head with the cast iron knuckle he was wearing.

The battle continued without anyone saying anything, and the new faces of the two men were invisible.

The sound of metal scraping the air violently, and dust scattered all over the floor.

With the hollowed-out earth, I could barely guess the location of the two of them.

Not long after the battle began, a roaring noise of wheels was heard.

The end of the eastern and western horizons of the wilderness.

It was coming from two directions.

it was a vehicle

At first, the roof of the car, which was visible only one on each side, quickly grew to dozens.

On the one hand, part of the task force and the district police.

Another was the Red Skull elite.


Cain opened the car door and went out.

His purpose is to absorb the mana of both Raymond and Al Pacino.

Computationally, the power of the two is equal.

If left as it is, both will be in a state of near death.

Because of that, I did not intend to just watch someone intervene in battle.

‘If I have to intervene in the battle now, I will only be torn apart as if caught in a gust of wind. It would be better to block the variable.’

Cain thought as he watched the vehicles approaching the edge of the horizon.

And it flew the radio somewhere.

“Start hunting.”

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