A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 190

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 190

189. whirlwind of fate (5)

Cain looked at Zervia, who had fallen to the floor.

“I don’t know why you suddenly want to attack me.”

“Cain… you… certainly… everything… You must have known.”

Zervia endured the pain in her heart and spoke as if she was chewing it.

Tears welled up in his eyes, and his face was contorted with emotions of anger and sadness.

It’s not just physical pain that she’s feeling.

You must feel guilty for killing your father with your own hands.

“… … .”

Cain didn’t answer.

He just stared at Zervia without saying a word.

Then he finally opened his mouth.

“You know what?”

“The fact that the Blue Serpent Boss was my father.”

A single tear streamed down Zervia’s cheeks.

“why. Why did you choose this method? Was the purpose of taking mana? Surely you could have taken a different approach, but why… .”

“… … .”

It was as she said.

If he had made up his mind, he could have taken a different method to kill the two bosses.

It would consume more resources, including time and money, but it was not impossible.

But why did you choose this method?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about not leaving Cain’s head all the time.

“What will this world be like if I leave?”

There were many moments of agony.

And each time I came to the same conclusion.

“Even if I leave, this world is highly likely to continue.”

To a certain extent, he was inclined to stop the emperor’s conspiracy and prevent the destruction of the world.

But in the end, he was the one to leave one day.

Probably after eradicating crime and establishing an environment on all continents where everyone can at least lead a humane life.

and after he left.

A person was needed to maintain peace and order on the continent.

It had to be a person whose convictions could not be shaken under any circumstances, and who could ignite hatred for crime.

Many characters were reviewed.

However, all of them had their own reasons for disqualification.

only one person.

Except for Zerbia.

‘She has been running non-stop, fueled by her hatred of crime.’

When someone other than her came to power, the only picture in her head was the breakdown of the order she had worked so hard to build.

After much deliberation, I came to a conclusion.

She is the only suitable person.

‘If there are no major surprises, we will continue to run non-stop in the future. However.’

I got the impression that her will to eradicate crime was weaker than before.

It is a natural phenomenon of aging, but it may also be due to other reasons.

Zerbia’s attitude has changed with the continuation of the recent cooperative relationship.

There was no way Cain could not have noticed the human affection she had for her.

So it didn’t happen.

The driving force of her life is pure hatred for evil itself.

The small cracks in her heart will begin to crack, causing irreparable damage to her values.

‘Zervia. The hatred you have for me must never be dulled.’

It was necessary to repair the gold.

To that end, Cain was prepared to become a necessary evil.

Although he will be hated by Zervia for the rest of his life.

“Why did you do it this way?”

Then Cain’s mouth opened.

It was clearly a ridicule.

“It’s natural, isn’t it? Because this is the easiest and easiest way. Thanks to you, I didn’t get a drop of blood on my hand.”

far away

Zervia clenched her teeth.

“Was it really for one reason?”

“what is the problem? Wasn’t your goal to bring down the criminal gang and restore security outside the walls?”

“You should have at least informed me beforehand.”

Cain chuckled.

“If you had known that the Blue Serpent Boss was the Chief, can you be sure that your sword would have no hesitation?”

“If we had discussed it together, surely we could have found a better way.”


When his name was called, Zervia stopped talking.

Her red eyes were filled with unbearable pain.

Cain, who looked at her like that, was also not in a good mood.

But I couldn’t offer any words of consolation.

Because he has to remain a mean and selfish evil to her.

Cain took a breath and parted his lips.

“I would have told you before. Don’t get caught up in your personal feelings. father? Did you say father?”

Zervia’s body trembled.

“It’s funny. He’s a criminal, not his father. A mere criminal who persecuted the weak to pursue his own gain.”

“… … .”

“Red Skull and Blue Serpent. You know that neither organization has had an area that it was not going to touch.”

“… … .”

“Slavery, usury, illegal land grabs. He did not care about the lives of civilians for the sake of profit. If we had discussed it together, we would have found a better way. Do you not know that victims are coming out even when you are thinking about how to do it?”

Zervia couldn’t open her mouth.

Because he could not deny Cain’s words.

‘From his point of view, he just took the most efficient and reasonable way.’

I understood in my head.

But my heart couldn’t.

The inhumanity and arbitrariness he showed, anger and anguish mixed and boiled like lava.

Cain’s words were over.

Zervia spit out hard as if in a protest.

“… Did you know that you are among those criminals too?”

Zervia knew.

that Cain had not committed any crimes that harmed civilians.

“You’re talking natural. Have I ever denied my existence?”

“… … .”

She didn’t speak for a long time.

The cold winter wind blew, and the dried tears felt very cold.

“I will only ask you one thing.”

As if she had made up her mind, her lips, which had only been bubbly, opened.

“Did you kill Xavir?”

knew this too.

The possibility that Cain was the culprit who killed his brother is extremely low.

But now she needed a reason to completely vent her feelings for Cain.

Cain stared at Zervia.

It was a question she expected to ask one day.

‘You’re talking about the time of the terrorist incident in Area 31.’

A police officer was lying on the stairs, bleeding.

It was only later found that he was the son of the chief of police.

“Jabir. Is that the pseudonym you are using?”

Cain continued, pretending not to know.

The anger in Zervia’s eyes grew stronger.

“Five years ago, a terrorist incident occurred on a bridge outside District 31. Then you go down the stairs at the bottom of the pier… .”

“I remember. The cop who got in my way.”

Cain did not kill Xavir.

I just went past him and fought Jaina on the upper floors.

However, the words that came out of Cain’s mouth were not true.

“okay. I killed him.”

His words ended with that.

Various emotions flashed alternately across Zervia’s face.

very slowly, very slowly.

After shock and confusion, anger and sadness, with resignation ending.


Zervia stared at Cain.

And vomited in a hoarse voice.

“I will surely kill you.”


With the situation settled, Zerbia and the task force left Area 114.

It wasn’t difficult to silence the task force and the local police.

death of the police chief.

They had an intuition that they were involved in an absurdly great event.

Trembling in fear, he had no hesitation in making pacts with the wizards Cain had hired.

The conditions were as follows.

Be promised a considerable amount of monetary compensation, and immediately remain silent about today’s work after you retire.

The moment they spoke about the chief’s death, even the slightest bit, the ban on the oath would have their hearts pounded.

“It would have been much easier to just kill them all and shut up.”

That was Cain’s argument.

However, it was an agreement that was reached with fierce opposition from Zerbia.

After that, the two shared plans for what would happen in the future.

the chief’s death.

The collapse of the Red Skull and the Blue Serpent.

A power struggle in the police organization.

“I have not changed my mind to make you the chief.”

“… … .”

Although the conversation flowed in the same tone as usual, the atmosphere between the two was completely different.

Complete enemies and enemies.

The feeling of coercive cooperation by pact grew stronger.

Since the prohibition of the oath was triggered just by cherishing the intention to kill Cain, Zervia had a face that suppressed the pain.

‘The moment the oath is completed, her sword will point at my heart.’

Cain was thinking of stopping Bama’s smuggling business.

The condition of the pact is the destruction of the Blue Serpent.

Among them was the death of Bama.

It should not have happened that, by any chance, Zervia’s tail was caught and killed.

‘Bama should die at least when the Prophet has been found and there is no more to see inside the wall.’

at least within one year.

In it, Cain intended to finish all activities inside the wall.

Including reuniting Barma and Professor Ellen.

“I’ll see you in the capital.”

Zervia stared at Cain with a coldest gaze, and left the wilderness with the task force.

After that, Supreme Security and the Ashen Wolf finished cleaning up the site according to Cain’s instructions.

“Then I’ll see you later in Area 47.”

Milsian bowed his head deeply to Cain, then led all the personnel to Area 47.

Cain and Estelle in the wilderness.

A car with two people in it.

And there was only the setting twilight over the horizon.

Estelle looked at Cain’s back.

The most powerful and spacious looking back.

But now, for some reason, I felt lonely and lonely.

“… … .”

Estelle stepped behind Cain’s back.

Hesitatingly, he reached out his hand and retrieved it.

‘Can I be of comfort to this person?’

He had heard all the post-war situations from Cain.

The fact that the extreme situation is to win Zervia’s hatred.

The fact that both Al Pacino and Raymond are not Zervia’s biological fathers.

And I didn’t know exactly, but the fact that the emperor was plotting a plot to threaten the survival of the continent, and he planned to stop it.

It’s hard to believe,

I had no choice but to believe.

Because it was Cain’s words and not anyone else’s.

“… … .”

The burden this man was carrying felt too great.

There were so many things I wanted to say, but I didn’t know what to say first.


Estelle, who had hesitated for a long time, opened her bright red lips.

“I think you are something that people can admire. It’s not hate or hate.”

She walked in front of Cain.

Then he turned and met Cain’s eyes.

“At first I thought I was just a criminal. But the way I saw and felt you was different.”

There was water in her voice.

“You don’t have to pretend to be a villain.”

Cain looked at Estelle with a calm face as usual and said.

“Estelle. I am just a criminal Al Pacino and Raymond. They are no different.”

His gaze turned to the shadows elongated by the twilight.

“I can be a shadow, but I can never be a light.”


A letter left by the head of the office was found, and there was a stir in the capital.

“I leave my long work behind and go on a trip. The duties of the Chief of Police will be replaced by Chief Security Officer Xavir.”

Newspapers rushed to report the article, and the news quickly spread throughout the inside walls.

The first discoverer was known as Raina, the secretary of the chief executive.

But she didn’t actually find the letter in the chief’s ‘office’.

He merely testified that Cain had ‘discovered’ the forged letter.

“Reina. If you want to lead the life you have now, it would be better to follow my instructions from now on.”

The relationship between the chief and the blue serpent.

It wasn’t difficult to use it to scare her.

She was also quick to judge the situation, so she knew well where to turn to again.

Public opinion was divided.

“Maybe he actually went on a trip. At the last commendation ceremony, didn’t you say the nuance of leaving everything to your juniors and then resigning?”

“It seems like an overly optimistic opinion. Can’t we just ignore the possibility that he was murdered by the enemy?”

A large-scale investigation into the deeds of the Commissioner was carried out, but there was no significant profit.

Transfer from the capital to District 114.

It was because the Commissioner did not leave any traces in the process.

In addition to investigations within the police, investigators under the direct control of the emperor were secretly dispatched outside the imperial family.

The subjects of the investigation were all persons who had recently met or had close ties with the Commissioner.

Zerbia and Cain were also included.

The two were expecting a follow-up on them.

He paid attention to every word and action, and so the time passed.

When the tailing disappeared after about two weeks.

The emperor’s message arrived to Cain.

It was about whether you could go out to the outer wall of the 30th division and help the first prince who was fighting the Resistance.

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