A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 191

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 191

190. resistance (1)

“Baron Johan Kirif. You have been identified. You may pass.”

Cain nodded slightly toward the guard, passing him and headed inward.

As they passed through the pure white corridor, portraits of successive royal families hung on the wall, watching Cain.

‘They are all no different from the emperor. Because the Shinsegae project has been carried out from generation to generation.’

Cain remembered what the Emperor’s messenger had said.

“This is your Majesty’s call. You said that you would talk with the 1st Prince on the matter of resistance.”

1st Prince Abel Penaham.

The leader of the Imperial Knights,

A watchman who guards the outer wall of the 30th Division.

He, too, was the subject of Cain’s suspicion of a prophet.

The emperor’s message was close to good news, as he thought he needed to meet one day.

But the story the emperor would bring out would not end there.

The missing police chief.

I will definitely mention him.


As Cain approached the front, a huge door opened with a heavy sound left and right.

Deed- Cheok-kun-

When I went inside, the door was closed.

In the center of the room, the emperor was sitting at his desk, watching his work.

widely. widely.

Cain’s steps stopped at a certain distance from the desk.

I got down on one knee and bowed my head.

“I see you, the Emperor, the glory of the Empire.”

“Get up. It was hard to come.”

Cain straightened his posture and looked down a little so as not to make direct eye contact with the emperor.

“I heard you have something to talk about with the First Prince and the Resistance.”

“That’s right. You know I’m watching you.”

“I am only grateful to those who are lacking.”

The Emperor waved one arm in the air without taking his eyes off the work file.

Then a chair flew and landed next to Cain.

“Sit down. I don’t think the story will be short.”

Considering that there was no such consideration at the time of the chief’s visit, it could be seen that the emperor had quite a lot of interest in Cain.

Cain bowed his head to thank him and sat down on the chair.

“I have a total of six children.”

“Yes. They are known as 4 princes and 2 princesses. Except for the 1st Prince and 1st Princess, I’ve seen them all at the prom.”

“That’s right. The 1st Princess The child is not interested in socializing, and the 1st Prince is dispatched to the outer wall of the 30th Division.”

Cain straightened his posture.

It was to show that he was concentrating on the story.

“I have heard the rumors. The fact that the wall does not collapse means that the 1st Prince’s contribution to blocking the offensive of the Resistance is huge.”


It was an armed group whose banner was to eliminate the boundary between ‘in’ and ‘out’ by breaking down walls, and to abolish poverty through the redistribution of wealth.

The emperor’s voice was filled with discomfort.

“They are rebels who threaten the future of the Empire. Originally it wasn’t a big problem. Because he’s just an idiot without a decent siege weapon. The 1st Prince’s mission performance is excellent, too. However.”


The pen used by the emperor was broken by his grip.

“There has been a problem recently. They say the movement of the Resistance has changed.”

“When you say movement, what part do you mean?”

“On the strategic side. Not a siege war, but a local war in the wilderness.”

The 1st Prince’s mission did not end with simply protecting the wall.

Finding the enemy’s leadership and completely annihilating the Resistance.

Because of this, they often went out to search into the wilderness outside the wall.

“They said that the enemies they encountered during the search began to show coordinated movements. Just like well-trained soldiers. There were a lot of times when I was pushed into a number of fights or fell into elaborate traps.”

A broken pen floated in the air.

It caught fire and melted away.

The emperor took out a new pen and continued his work.

“I think the enemy has a new commander.”

“I think that’s the most likely too.”

“At first, I was thinking of sending a special task force or sending troops resident in the Imperial Palace. But thinking about it, I don’t think it’s a very good number.”

Club Cassargo Incident.

The chief’s whereabouts are unknown.

The chaos within the National Police Agency had not yet been resolved due to the two successive incidents.

“The job of the police is also to eradicate crime. Not this type of war.”

As more soldiers are dispatched, rumors will spread that the Empire is struggling against the Resistance.

“I want to do things as quietly as possible. Citizens should not feel unnecessary anxiety.”

“understand. That’s why you’re trying to let me go.”

Help Prince Abel deal with the Resistance.

It can also be considered as a kind of test.

Loyalty. combat ability. Values.

A test to measure everything at once.

‘You must be very curious about what kind of person I am.’

A follow-up would, of course, be done.

I would have been able to find only forged information about ‘Johan Kirif’.

Because he used transformation magic to move in and out of the wall, information about his identity other than Johan Kirif has never been leaked.

“Can you do it?”

“I am just grateful for what you entrusted to me. We will try not to disappoint.”

The emperor beckoned.

A letter on the desk flew in front of Cain.

“Go and meet the first prince. The story about you is written in it.”

The letter was sealed with the emperor’s seal.

There was no way to see through the inside in black.

Communication would have been enough to convey the story.

However, to use this book as a delivery book, it would have been right to view it as a kind of test.

“All right. We will leave as soon as we are ready.”

“Good work.”

Cain got up from his seat, bowed his head, bowed his head, turned and headed for the door.

“by the way.”

The emperor’s voice stopped Cain’s feet.

“Are you the one who killed the Chief of Police?”

Cain turned back into the room.

I can’t meet their gazes, but now the emperor’s eyes will be full of interest.

“I understand that the Commissioner of Police has gone on a trip.”

It was a judo newspaper that came in with the intention of being vigilant.

If he had replied, ‘I didn’t kill him’, he would have immediately raised suspicions.

It was a shallow number.

However, this number came in without a breath, so the tension with the emperor could not be relaxed.

“It’s a joke, a joke.”

After the emperor burst out laughing, he continued.

“But it’s probably because I’m a little shy. It’s not like you’re going to disappear like that all of a sudden. It is more convincing that someone killed him.”

“… … .”

“Experts say it is most likely the work of political opponents within the National Police Agency.”

Cain was silent.

There was no need to say something unnecessary and hand over information without knowing it.

“Anyway, let’s go. I’m sorry you didn’t kill me.”

It was a difficult word for me to measure.

Cain bowed his head again and left the emperor’s office.


mansion drawing room.

Cain said to Zervia opposite the table.

“It seems that His Majesty has not yet cast aside his doubts about us.”

“… … .”

“I think it has to be done to some extent.”

“… … .”

“Because I am a person whom I have met frequently recently, and you are the person whom I directly designated as my successor in the letter.”

Zervia was speechless.

Like a human whose emotions had been bleached, there was no expression on his face.

Zervia, who was listening to Cain, held out a note on the table.

There was written the names of various personnel in the police department, along with the date and time when they went out to work outside the wall.

“The inside of the National Police Agency was divided into those in favor and against the fact that I assumed the position of head of the National Police Agency.”

Cain floated the paper in the air and set it on fire.

“i get it. I’ll deal with it without a word. Set aside a certain amount of time to avoid suspicion.”

The conversation moved on to the next topic.

It was a problem with the handling of the Red Skull remnants.

“The 50th division has been cleared by Supreme Security. Now it’s time to move on to the 60th division.”

Supreme Security’s reputation had risen high for its steady and reliable security services.

At least in the 40th Division and its vicinity, no one knows the name.

As the number of applicants increased, the scale grew, and now there were more than five hundred regular combat troops.

Therefore, it was not difficult to clear the Red Skull, which was almost in a state of disintegration after losing the boss and executives.

“The 70th division will be in charge of me and the special task force.”

A few more conversations followed.

In addition to the Red Skull, the story of a criminal organization that needs to be eradicated was the main focus.

Before getting up, Zervia said.

“And there’s something I want you to do, Cain.”

“Listen and judge.”

“I plan to create a special task force training center.”

“You’re talking about cultivating the right talent because there aren’t any.”

“We have already sent an official letter to the Knights School. It is said that many cadets have already applied for it. I want you to accompany me as an interviewer.”

A task force is a task force that performs a variety of missions in the field and in the field.

If Cain, who has extensive field experience and combat experience, accompanied him, more reliable and accurate talent selection was possible.

Cain stared at Zervia for a moment.

It wasn’t difficult to do the request itself.

It was only surprising that she asked to accompany herself, who is the ‘enemy’.

‘Looks like you figured it out. At least right now, anger and hate mean nothing. It is impossible to kill an opponent unless the oath is completed.’

He looked like he was trying to get the most out of his relationship with his partner by excluding emotions.

Cain nodded.

“Don’t do that. I think it would be better to schedule the interview after I return to the capital.”

“i get it. We’ll talk again later.”

After completing her duties, Zervia stood up without hesitation.

squeaky. widely.

“… … .”

Cain looked at the door she had closed.

She must have intensified the search for Bama.

But to no avail.

We’ve already stopped the smuggling business and moved Bama to Area 47.

For a while, Cain thought the relationship would last.


Outside Area 25.

Cain and Estelle’s car arrived in front of a huge wall.


The window opened.

Estelle poked her face out the window and made an awning with the blade of her hand and attached it to her forehead.

He bowed his head and looked up at the distant top.

“I feel it every time, but I want to call it a wall.”

The voice was a little tired.

25 and 35.

It was the wall that separated the two areas.

It reached several tens of meters in height, and it gave the impression of infinity as it stretched endlessly from side to side.

“I think the word wall is more appropriate than the wall.”

Cain agreed.

He was referring to the soldiers with guns walking around the top of the wall.

“Is that over there? where we will go.”

Estelle’s fingers point to the group of buildings that line the wall.

There was a high fence surrounded by barbed wire around the buildings, and soldiers with guns stood guard at what appeared to be the entrance.

Looking around further, I couldn’t see any civilians or general buildings.

Because it was designated as a military zone.

“okay. come in.”

Estelle broke the handle with Cain’s words.

The entrance was getting closer and closer through the windshield.

“Please stop for a moment. There will be identification.”

Following the guard’s instructions, I stopped the car, lowered the window, and handed my ID.

“You are Baron Johan Kirif.”

The eyes of the guards were young.

The name Johann Kyrif was known up to this point.

“You are registered on today’s visitor list. You may pass. You can head to the headquarters.”

The barricade went up, and the vehicle slid inside.

The tallest building in the center.

As we headed to the headquarters, various landscapes passed through the window.

“They are all military buildings. It seems that training is going on at the training ground over there.”

The shouts of the soldiers could be heard all the way here.

Estelle, who was visiting a military facility for the first time, seemed quite curious.


The car stopped in front of headquarters.

At the entrance, someone of a fairly high rank came out to meet him.

“Nice to meet you. Johann Kirif. Captain Abel is waiting inside.”

I was guided and entered the building.

Cain’s gaze passed on the interior diagram of the building on the wall.

“I don’t think this is the direction of Abel-sama’s office.”

“Ah, he’s working right now, and he told me to bring him there… .”

“I understand. You’re in charge of all the defense of the outer wall, so you’re probably overworked. There will be situations where you have to do several things at the same time.”

I continued walking along the narrow passage.


Repeated gunshots were heard, and the more they moved, the louder the sound became.

“I think you are practicing shooting. Or you are instructing training.”

Estelle whispered.

But Cain’s face hardened as the gunshot drew nearer.

Finally, a large iron gate appeared.

“Abel. Johann Kirif has arrived.”

─ You are welcome to come in.

A voice came from inside.

Opening the door led to an outdoor space.

“… … !”

And Estelle covered her mouth when she saw the scene unfolding in front of her.

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