A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 192

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 192

191. resistance (2)

It was a shooting range.

just not far away.

People were tied to wooden posts at the target site.

All were children.

Roughly early to mid teens.

The battle uniform full of dust was torn everywhere, revealing red scars.

Some of the dogs had their heads bowed, bleeding from holes in their chests.

Estelle’s face turned pale.

He quickly bit his lip and turned his head.

“… … .”

Cain stared at the target without saying a word.

It seemed that the situation of the Resistance was greatly inferior.

Seeing these young children being used as child soldiers.

bitterness came

But it was not revealed.

“Nice to meet you.”

A voice came from the side.

When I turned around, there was a man.

He was reaching out his hand towards this.

“I am sorry that I was brought here right away because of my busy work. This is Abel Penaham.”

“It is an honor to meet the 1st Prince. This is Johann Kirif.”

Cain held his hand tightly.

He looked down and glanced at the objects in Abel’s opposite hand.

Soundproofing headset and pistol.

“… … .”

A chill crept across Cain’s face.

In such a moment, no one in the room noticed it.

Except for Estelle, who has been watching Cain for a long time.

“You are the famous Johann Kirif. I’ve heard the rumors. You have worked hard to come a long way.”

“Is there any effort in working for the peace of the empire? I have only received the orders of Your Majesty with joy.”

Cain took out a letter from the emperor and handed it to Abel.

As Abel ripped open it and read it, he carefully observed his reaction.

1st prince of the empire. Abel Fnaham.

The leader of the Imperial Knights.

The general manager of the exterior wall security.

It looked like a finite impression, but he couldn’t be vigilant.

The title of ‘Prince 1’ was proof that he survived all kinds of strife of the imperial family.

‘He is also recognized by the emperor and knows about the New World Project.’

I was going to be a kind of supervisor during this mission.

A supervisor who will look at the reaction from this side and decide whether he is the right person for the Shinsegae project.

“… … .”

Abel’s gaze lingered on the emperor’s letter for quite some time.

Cain had never touched the correspondence.

“It has very important information written on it, so you should never open it.”

If you put a lot of effort, it wasn’t difficult to re-seal the letter after viewing the contents.

But the opponent was the emperor.

We decided that it was right to reduce the risk to a minimum.

‘Even if you look at it, there may not be any special contents written on it.’

The emperor would have already communicated the postwar situation to the first prince through communication.

The letter was just to speculate on the reaction of this side, and the content was highly likely to have no substance.

At the most, it’s about testing the values of the person who delivered the letter and making a lasting impression on the Shinsegae project.

If you see anything suspicious, it may be about killing them mercilessly.

either or not.

“Nothing is written.”

It was possible that it was blank.

Thinking of the pranks that the Emperor constantly throws away.

“You mean there is no content?”

“Yes. Let’s see.”

Abel overturned the letter.

A blank sheet of paper appeared.

“Your Majesty often plays this kind of prank. It’s a consideration to relieve tension.”

Abel burst out laughing.

Cain also raised the corners of his lips.

“As I was passing through the hallway, I heard gunshots and I was very nervous. But it seems to have really relieved my tension.”

Cain looked at the target and spoke as if he needed an explanation.

“Ah, what about those guys? Resistance prisoner. It was so venomous that even after days and nights of torture, he did not open his stronghold.”

Abel’s hand moved quickly.

It was an unstoppable speed.


A boy soldier spit blood in his chest and bowed his head. Since then, there has been no movement.

At that moment, Cain did not miss the joy on Abel’s face.

“I was being executed according to imperial law.”

“You can have the soldiers do it, but you are doing the work yourself.”

“It’s kind of a job. The work of periodically changing the hatred so that it does not become dull. To keep a war going, you need hatred of your opponent.”

It might sound cold-blooded.

But the words themselves were not wrong.

It was very difficult to continue the war without blind hatred.

‘Unless you’re just a murderer, you’ll be fine.’

“What do you think of the Resistance?”

Abel asked abruptly.

He was looking at Cain with stern eyes.

‘My thoughts on the resistance.’

In the past, he viewed resistance as one of the means to achieve his dreams.

Resistance’s ‘redistribution of wealth.’

‘The eradication of poverty.’

Because the two banners had some similarities.

That is why Cain secretly supported the Resistance with military supplies and money.

Although he was imprisoned and support was cut off, the resistance of the Resistance declined sharply.

In any case, Cain’s thoughts on the Resistance remained the same.

But right now, it was something I couldn’t put out of my mouth as the truth.

“There are times when you need strength to achieve a goal, and sometimes you have to take someone else’s things for strength.”

Dining at the Imperial Spire.

These were the words of the emperor looking at the wall in the distance.

And the Shinsegae project was based on the sacrifice of the absolute majority living on the continent.

The answer was fixed.

“I think they are insects that need to be eradicated.”

“Are you talking about worms?”

Abel’s eyes widened.

“Yes. They have no intention of caring for a life by their own efforts, but are full of thoughts of plundering the inside of the wall, so I think they are no different than worms.”

It was not because of their efforts that the lives of the people outside the wall were messy.

The barren land where crops did not grow no matter what was planted was the root cause of poverty.

“Bug. I don’t think there is a better word than that. You could call them caterpillars.”

Abel turned the gun and pointed the handle at Cain.

“Why don’t you try shooting yourself?”

“… … .”

Cain glanced at the gun.

As it was expected, I wasn’t really disappointed.

“I don’t see any reason to refuse.”

He grabbed the gun and pulled out the magazine.

He said, counting the number of bullets.

“There are not enough bullets. Five prisoners remain, but only three bullets remain. Could you give me a new magazine?”

It meant shooting all the remaining prisoners.

Abel was a little surprised, because he expected Cain to shoot at most and return the gun.

‘I said that he came from outside the wall. I mean, it’s about killing a few people.’

Abel said with a smile.

“Are you talking about bullets? I will bring it.”

Cain looked down at the gun in his hand as Abel moved to the ammunition box he kept on the side of the booth.

“Are you really going to shoot?”

Estelle, who approached me, whispered in a very low voice.

She knew that Cain had never harmed the weak.

Even more so if your partner is a child.

“… … .”

Cain secretly imprinted a magic on the muzzle.

‘There are many ways to get out of the situation right now.’

The question, however, was whether the child soldiers could eventually survive.

Even if he leaves this place without getting his hands dirty, the execution will end up being executed.

Cain lucked out the guide who came with him to the shooting range.

“Seeing that he directly executes the sentence, it seems that he is a person who takes an example. Prince Abel.”

The tone of the guide’s voice rose at the praise of the superior.

“Yes. He executes most of his sentences himself. Especially when it comes to boy soldiers. Someone is carrying the burden on their own.”

War is death and death.

But killing a defenseless enemy outside the battlefield was another thing.

The guide explained that he was in charge of the execution and was alone with the stress the soldiers would experience.

Cain smirked inwardly.

“Are there any other prisoners besides them?”

“Yes. The current prisoner is all that I am. They are so poisonous that they commit suicide the moment they are caught. They were young, so they were able to be captured.”

It must have meant that he hesitated in the face of death because he was not as poisonous as adults.

‘There are no prisoners other than them. Abel must execute executions with his own hands.’

And he intends to make contact with the leader of the Resistance, and he needs information for him.

Cain finished his judgment.

All necessary conditions were met.

Abel returned to his seat and handed Cain a new magazine.


Cain changed the magazine.

He stretched out his arms and aimed at the target.

When Cain showed a little hesitation, Abel responded.

“Do you have any problems?”

“It’s the first type of gun I’m dealing with, so I’m not familiar with how to hold it.”

In fact, Abel was in a state of regret a little about handing over the gun.

Although it is said that the emperor’s instructions were to test John’s values, it was originally his responsibility to shoot and kill the prisoners.

obsession with murder.

It was the only mental weakness possessed by the 1st Prince.

Abel handed the gun to Cain as if waiting.

“Then I’ll show you an example.”

He reached out and aimed at the target.

I was planning to shoot four people in a row.

“Can John shoot a child?”

For the purpose of simply testing the values, the remaining one would have been enough.

“You can shoot like this.”

Abel’s finger began to pull the trigger.

With him, a deep bliss spread across his lips.

At that moment, Cain felt a strong displeasure and disgust.

And after a long hesitation, I was finally able to make a decision.

Also, the emperor had to die.

For everyone on the continent who lives without sin.


A small explosion occurred from the muzzle.

Abel frowned and dropped the gun.

The guide shouted in surprise.

“Abel! Are you okay?”

“I think it would be better to call a medic. I will do first aid.”

The guide, who received Cain’s instructions, nodded bewilderedly and went outside.

“Abel. Can I see the condition?”

“it’s okay. to this extent. I think the gun manager should be reprimanded.”

Abel said indifferently, looking at the back of his hand, which had been scorched and burned.

Cain silently created several ice crystals and wrapped them around Abel’s hand.

“It’s magic. I feel it every time I see it, but I think it is a strange power.”

Cain looked at Abel’s burns and felt regret.

‘You’re better off than you look. I was going to blow off one of my hands.’

However, looking at the extent of burns, it seemed that he protected his hand by raising mana in an instant.

However, there were no major obstacles to the plan.

Even with this degree of injury, he would not be able to hold a sword or a gun for a while.

Cain continued to release mana to keep the ice crystals.

Seeing Cain like that, Abel said softly.

“I think that’s why Your Majesty sent John to me. Magic is a power I don’t have.”

Cain lifted his head and met Abel’s gaze.

And I thought.

“Yes. I will definitely help Abel.”

How to pull out and kill these imperial monsters from the depths of the abyss.

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