A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 193

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 193

192. resistance (3)

“I think it would be better not to use your hands for the time being.”

These were the words of the medical officer applying medicine to Abel’s burn.

Naturally, the executions of the child soldiers were postponed.

“It is enough for me to be a villain. You can’t get soldiers to do it.”

Abel wasn’t really concerned about the mental health of his soldiers.

It was simply to satisfy his desire to kill.

“It looks like it will take some time for the treatment to finish. First of all, I will guide you to where this friend will be staying.”

Estelle’s eyebrows twitched.

In an instant, a sense of urgency rose.

Abel’s personality had already been passed on to Cain.

‘You dare to pretend to be evil with your ignorant hypocrisy. It was Cain who became evil by sacrificing himself.’

She rolled her eyes at Abel, thinking that she would pay a great price someday.

The two were escorted to the lodgings for the VIPs within the unit.

“how about it? Is it possible that the 1st Prince is a prophet?”

When Cain signaled that there were no other eavesdropping devices in the room, Estelle spoke as if waiting.

“The first prince is not a prophet.”

Several verification questions were asked at the shooting range, but there was no response.

‘After all, the Prophet is most likely to be the 4th Prince Asimov.’

The hypothesis that the 4th prince lost his memory as a ‘prophet’ due to ‘synchronization’.

The more the prophet candidates were eliminated, the more convincing the hypothesis was.

“I can’t take my eyes off the 4th Prince. Did I mention it could be amnesia? If that’s the case, then it means that one day I can get my memories back.”

Cain nodded.

I moved to the wall made of glass, and Estelle followed me.

Several shooting ranges where training was taking place stood out.

A series of gunshots filled the air without a break.

“That one… It’s a train.”

Several tanks with long barrels lined up where Estelle’s gaze was directed.

Her expression deteriorated.

I had a picture in my mind of people dying under the wheels of a chariot.

Cain said as if reading her thoughts.

“It is unlikely that tanks will be used in battles against the Resistance.”

“okay… ?”

“Outside the outer wall, the wilderness in the 30th zone has a much higher proportion of rock formations and gorges compared to other places.”

Cain turned and went back to the sofa and sat down.

He took out a notebook and pen from the subspace and wrote a thesis.

“It’s not a very good environment for tanks to work. The Resistance doesn’t show up well outside the canyon where it’s based unless it’s attacking a wall.”

“I’m a little happy.”

Estelle walked over to the back of the sofa.

Cain’s notes were being filled with super-fast content.

“… … .”

Estelle, who had caused a pupil earthquake once, struggled to recover and asked.

“You said you had applied for the Resistance in the past. What do you plan to do after you meet?”

“Conciliation is a priority. Take a break from activities and wait for orders.”

Cain’s heart was hardened to stop the emperor and prevent the destruction of the continent.

fight against the emperor

It meant conflict with all the means of force the empire possessed.

‘The number of Supreme Security is growing. But that’s not enough.’

The number of imperial armies was in the thousands.

Armed with state-of-the-art equipment, it has more than simple personnel.

It was necessary to absorb several forces to counter it.

‘The number of resistance is hundreds. Although the individual’s power itself decreases, they are full of the will to change the world.’

With proper support, it wouldn’t be too difficult for them to transform into superior soldiers comparable to the Imperial Army.

“What if they are not conciliated?”

“Then you will have to let it go. You can’t use an untamed tile.”


Abel’s office.

Cain and Abel sat face to face with a table between them.

“Are there any inconvenient places to stay?”

“Yes. It was as good as a hotel in the capital. Thank you for your consideration.”

Cain’s gaze fell on Abel’s right hand, wrapped in bandages.

“It seems to be the hand of the person who uses it the most.”

“Using a sword or a gun is not a big deal. It’s a pain, you just have to put up with it.”

Abel held the gun in his bandaged hand and appeared to shoot towards the window.

Then he put the gun back in his arms and said.

“I just can’t do that because the wound will heal. My body belongs to the Empire, and taking care of my body is one of the virtues of a commander.”

A few ceremonial stories came and went.

After that, the topic of conversation shifted to resistance.

“Defending the outer walls is not a problem. The enemy’s crude weapon cannot even scratch a wall.”

The rebels could not be left unattended just because there was no problem with the defense.

Abel led an elite platoon and periodically searched the canyon in search of a stronghold for the Resistance.

“The enemy has guerrillas in the canyon. Enemies who know the terrain have a much better advantage. It’s not to the point where it can’t be matched. The basic combat power itself is far superior to this one.”

A little pride appeared on Abel’s face.

“We were expanding the scope of our search by exchanging damage to some extent. But recently things have changed.”

“I heard that it became more common to come up with strategies or fights. In His Majesty’s words.”

Abel nodded.

“you’re right. And I think the reason is that a new commander has appeared on the enemy side.”

“The commander.”

“Yes. There were eyewitness accounts among the soldiers. I saw a man in an iron helmet commanding the Resistance from above the canyon. We call him T.”

An old iron helmet with a T-hole on the front.

It was Abel’s explanation that it was temporarily named T for that reason.

Looking at the analysis of T written by the staff, Cain asked.

“Is there any other information that has been identified?”

“I have one, but… .”

Abel paused for a moment.

“There are rumors that T is Cain, an executive of the criminal organization Blue Serpent. You’ve been working outside the walls for a long time, so you may have heard of the name.”

“… … .”

Cain stared quietly at Abel.

There was no agitation in his eyes.

‘I don’t think I’m trying to figure out who I am and react.’

Cain finished his judgment.

He never once revealed his true identity inside the wall.

Since he thoroughly managed the traces of the past so as not to step on his tail, he was confident in concealing his identity.

However, he did not completely lose his vigilance.

“I heard it. It’s a famous criminal organization. I know that rumors about their recent activities have stopped.”

“you’re right. Experts estimate that the power was completely weakened by losing the war with other organizations.”

“Where does the information come from?”

“It’s T’s own mouth. A soldier who returned to the prisoner exchange had received a message.”

Abel caught his breath and recited the lines of T.

“My name is Cain River. Tell your commander. The walls will come down and the world will be equal.”

“It’s a fun story. Equality aside from being a criminal.”

Abel agreed with Cain’s words.

“I think assortment is a good word. Humans are not equal in the first place.”

Again, several stories came and went.

Cain and Estelle agreed to accompany them on their next search.

“Two days later. Until then, please rest in peace.”

“All right. I will do my best to help Abel.”

The two men exchanged a firm handshake.

As Cain left the office, one thought filled his head.

It was about who the person impersonating himself was really.


“Hey, you can come this way.”

Cain followed the dwarf guard through the basement hallway.

Unlike the ground, the prison facilities were very poor.

“The prison cell is mostly empty.”

“Yes. Oh, Abel has no mercy on bur, criminals. It’s a pity that I can’t enjoy my hobbies for a long time. Ahh! Bar, I just mean ah, no!”

The jailer stuttered heavily.

It was due to the deformed twisted lips.

His face was full of scars, and his belt was strewn with torture tools.

“Yo, John, you have beautiful nails too!”

The guard was restless and kept looking at Cain’s hand.

When Cain gave his cold gaze, he flinched and turned his head.

‘It’s most likely a bum boat brought from outside the wall. Rather than the person inside the wall.’

There was also a torture engineer inside the wall.

However, in that he deliberately hired a person outside the wall, we could get a glimpse of Abel’s values.

‘The management of the lowly things outside the wall must be entrusted to the equally lowly ones. Without having to get people’s hands dirty inside the wall.’

Abel’s attitude of thoroughly separating the ground and the underworld seemed ridiculous.

It was thought that he, with his low lust for murder, was practically no different from any other backstreet bum.

It was quite different from Cain.

His origins didn’t matter to him. I just looked at the character itself.

Even though he draws the line cold enough to be sober by his own standards.

‘Is this the only one who manages the prison?’

It would have been possible because there were few prisoners.

Most of them will die at Abel’s hand as soon as they enter.

Cain continued to follow the guard, entering the prison’s internal structure in his head.

“Yeah, I think.”

Five prison cells appeared on either side of the hallway.

The children I saw at the shooting range were imprisoned, one in each room.

“Hey, hey.”

“Sah, please save me. I, I was wrong.”

The children groaned when their eyes met the guard and somehow moved to the corner of the prison cell.

There were no bright nails, and the skin was peeling everywhere.

“My, my work!”

When Cain’s gaze touched the wounds of the children, the guard said in a proud voice.

Still, he didn’t forget to wipe Cain’s hand.

“Did you say you couldn’t find information about where your base is?”

“Yes! Wow, they’re so toxic! Me and me, spending more time together, Joe, it was good.”

Children are not as toxic as adults.

If you haven’t opened your mouth, it’s most likely because you don’t really know.

“… … .”

Neither Abel nor the jailer would have known that.

In that case, the least consideration would be to stop the torture for a long time and stop breathing at once.

Cain, who was looking around the prison cell, suddenly felt his gaze.

Turning his head, he saw a boy standing right in front of the grate.

Likewise, the torture did not make her body weak, and there was a slight cramp in her leg as if she was somehow maintaining her posture.

‘Your eyes are alive. Is this guy the captain among the children?’

Cain approached the boy, bent his knees, and met eye level.

“What is your name?”


The saliva returned immediately.

Saliva mixed with the boy’s blood ran down Cain’s forehead.

“Hey, this guy! I, I will give my soul to-!”

“it’s okay.”

Cain reached out and stopped the guard.

He took out a handkerchief and wiped his saliva, and continued.

“It’s fun. Don’t the Resistance greet each other like this?”

“go away. The cubs inside the wall to tear. I have nothing to say to your bastards.”

The boy growled.

It was like seeing a small, untamed beast.

“The guts are pretty good. How can you still behave like this in front of those who hold your lifeline?”

The boy’s face was obscured by hair that had not been cut for a long time.

Cain reached into the grate to clear his hair.


In an instant, the boy’s hand, holding something, cut through the air, aiming for Cain’s hand.


Cain’s hand moved like a snake and grabbed the boy’s wrist.

In the boy’s hand was a sharply grinded piece of stone.

The boy tried to pull his hand out, but Cain’s hand was immobile.

The boy said in a trembling voice, clenching his teeth.

“The Resistance does not give in to threats or threats. Fight to the end. If I had a gun in my hand, I would have shot you right now.”

The guard who was about to approach in surprise, Cain reached out once more to stop him.

The corners of his lips were raised in interest.


When Cain loosened his strength, the boy waved his grip and opened the distance from the grate.

Holding the stone fragment like a sword, he stared at Cain with a calm gaze while facing the grate.

“… … .”

In the boy’s eyes shining through his hair, Cain could see his past self.

traversing the back alleys.

killing someone

Or at risk of dying.

At that time, I was living an unstable life day by day.

“If I had a gun, I would have shot it. Do you know how to shoot properly?”

“Don’t ignore it. Because they fight better than bastards like you who grew up inside walls like plants in a greenhouse.”

Cain chuckled.

‘Still, your choice of words is more noble than mine at the time.’

Then he took a pistol from his pocket and threw it over the grate.

“Then shoot. Just look at your skills.”

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