A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 195

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 195

194. border (2)

endless wilderness.

A cramped crevice under a huge rock.

Five boy soldiers were gasping for breath in a cave-like space.

“ha. ha.”

About 30 minutes after leaving the Imperial Army base.

He hadn’t been able to travel that much distance.

“You said that you would look for the next method after arriving in the nearest city. Far from arriving, I’m going to die here. Before that, he was captured by the Imperial Army.”

It was like a small cave.

One of the boy soldiers looked out through the gap and said.

A haze was rising on the earth, which had been scorched with the heat of the sun.

The stamina, which was not perfect in the first place, was exhausted to escape from the unit.

There were no special tools for crossing the wilderness.

“Emile. Paul says he doesn’t feel the soles of his feet. It might be dangerous.”

Torn clothes like rags.

and barefoot.

With every step I took, I felt the pain of walking on fire, and when the sun’s rays fell on my tortured skin, I unknowingly clenched my teeth.

“We are here.”

“Don’t be silly. Emily hasn’t said anything yet. Whether you give up or move on, it’s up to you to decide.”

“Do you really think you can live? What waterway in this wasteland?”

A quarrel broke out between the boy soldiers.

A boy named Emil was sitting closest to the entrance to the cave.

He leaned his back against the wall, folded his arms, and silently stared at the wilderness, listening to the conversations of his colleagues.

“… … .”

Emile was not wearing a top.

It was because he gave it to the youngest to cover up his skin even a little more.

‘It’s okay if I’m sick.’

But I couldn’t figure out how to get through the situation.

I didn’t think it would be easy to get to a nearby city.

He predicted that the probability of failure was higher than that of success.

Still, I had no choice but to hope.

If you stay still, you will only be thrown into prison and then shot to death.

‘I’d rather be alone.’

Your chances of success would be much higher.

It would have gone a far greater distance than it is now.

He had the best physical strength and mental strength among his classmates, and in fact, he had some leeway in his physical strength right now.

‘Should I move alone even now?’

It’s not difficult.

“In order to increase the chances of survival, it would be better for each of us to take action from now on.”

If you say that, your colleagues will all be convinced.

Because he has always made rational decisions, and his colleagues have believed in them.

The instinct to want to live in the country.

You can package it as a choice for everyone.

“… … .”

Emile, who had inadvertently parted her lips to spit out lines, was in a hurry and gave strength to her mouth.

what was i thinking now

It is the belief of the Resistance that no matter what happens, do not abandon your comrades.

For a moment, I felt very ashamed of myself for having such a selfish thought.

Emile lifted his gaze and saw a huge wall over the horizon.

Now they were inside the wall they so desperately wanted to destroy.

Emile’s head turned.

This time in the opposite direction of the wall, the buildings of the city were dimly visible in the distance.

If you keep going beyond that city, you’ll find the imperial capital you’ve only heard of.

“In the capital of the empire, there is a land of gold where fertility never dries up. The grain monopolized by the possessors is consumed only within the walls.”

Emile recalled T’s speech.

A few months ago, an unidentified man who joined the Resistance wearing a helmet that covered his entire face.

He possessed excellent resourcefulness and leadership, and was elevated to the rank of commander-in-chief at once.

“We must break down the wall. All capital, including land, must be redistributed.”

The people gathered in front of the podium were enthusiastic.

Even though it was simply a speech that repeated the existing ideology.

“Break down the walls and achieve equality!”

“Break down the walls and free yourself!”

With personnel leaving the organization in an uncertain future, the Resistance was on a path of decline.

At that moment, a savior who would set off the winds of change had appeared.

Since then, the battles with the Imperial Army have been won more often, and the hope that the wall can truly be broken began to grow in people’s hearts.

‘You have to survive somehow. We have to go back to the base.’

And hope bloomed in the boy’s heart.

The enthusiasm and excitement at the time of the speech still remained in my heart.

Emil, who had been silent until this point, opened her mouth.

“Get ready to go. Paul, it hurts your feet, but bear with it. We’ll all come back to base alive. Not a single one is missing.”

The quarrel stopped with a single word.

Everyone was stunned for a moment, then nodded and stood up.

It was a part that could confirm Emil’s position among the child soldiers.

“wait. We’ll see if there are any enemies and move on to the next rock.”

Emil stepped out of the cave.

Only the vast wilderness was visible, but the vehicles of the Imperial Army were nowhere to be seen.

“I first move while being alert.”

It was then that dust began to rise at the edge of the horizon.

Emil hid back inside the cave, and with a finger to her mouth, signaled everyone to be quiet.

It was a top car with the company name Low Tactic engraved on the side.

First of all, I was relieved that it was not an imperial military vehicle.

The top car got closer and closer.

Contrary to expectations, he did not immediately pass through the cave, but circled around as if looking for something.

“what? Why don’t you go?”

“Isn’t it just a moving car? Why aren’t you leaving?”

The boy soldiers whispered in an anxious voice.

The longer the tower car stayed, the more nervous and tense.


The sound of a truck stopping was heard.

The door opened and there was the sound of someone coming down.

jerk. jerk.

Footsteps approached the cave.

Everyone intuited the end by stepping confidently rather than guessing or guessing.

Emile grabbed the stone fragment she had picked up from the wasteland and held it in reverse.

One possibility popped into my mind, but preparing for a situation should always assume the worst.


Then the footsteps stopped.

It was right next to the entrance.

It was a situation where we could see each other if we took one more step.

“… … .”

Everyone in the cave held their breath.

The moment the opponent moved and made a move again, Emil flew away and swung a piece of stone.


Emile’s wrists were snatched and he hung in the air.

“Were you ambidextrous? I think I swung a piece of stone with my right hand last time.”

It was Cain who appeared.

Even after confirming the identity of the opponent, Emil’s attack did not stop.


He swung his opposite hand as he was hanging in the air.

Another piece of stone was lifted, and the target was Cain’s hand, which was binding this wrist.

For a moment, Cain let go of his hand.

Emil turned over and pushed herself to collapse in mid-air.

Then he landed a few steps later and aimed a piece of stone at Cain.

Emile spat out words like a rapid-fire gun.

“What is your purpose? Why did you let us escape?”

“I would have told you. I am one of those who want walls to fall.”

Estelle appeared from behind Cain’s back.

“It’s okay not to be so restrictive. We are here to help you.”

“You are the Imperial Army. Please explain in an understandable way.”

Sadness crossed Estelle’s eyes.

She had seen many children while doing relief work.

‘No matter how harsh the environment, children’s unique innocence and innocence are bound to exist.’

But there was nothing but poison in the dry eyes of these children.

These children would not have abandoned their innocence because they wanted it on their own.

She was heartbroken by the tragedy caused by the war.

Cain opened his mouth.

“I cannot reveal the exact identity, but it is true that I was invited as a guest by the Imperial Army.”

“Reveal your identity and purpose. Until then, I won’t trust you.”

“I will tell you the purpose. That’s how the story will go.”

Cain said after taking a breath.

“I want to meet T.”


“In return, I will help you get out of the wall.”

Emile’s vigilance grew.

It was because of the thought that the opponent could be a harm to T.

“What will happen to T?”

“He seemed like someone I knew well. Rumor has it that he is Cain, a former Blue Serpent executive.”

“… … .”

Rumors were also widely spread among the Resistance.

It was none other than a story that T had spoken with his own mouth.

I don’t know if it’s real, but the blue snake tattoo between the chest and the nape of the neck has also been seen in front of people.

“… Do you know T?”

Cain placed his hand on the nape of his neck.

When I took it off again, a blue snake tattoo appeared in the place where the transformation magic was cancelled.

“If it’s Cain, you know it very well. More than anyone else in the world.”

Emile’s eyes twinkled.

The boy soldiers at the back showed the same reaction.

“Choose. Will you accept or reject my offer?”

Contemplating, Emil turned her head to look at her colleagues.

Tired, hopeful, worn out.

All that was foreordained for them was death in the wilderness.

In fact, there were no options.


Cain and Estelle changed into Low Tactic’s staff uniforms and pressed their hats on.

They even changed their faces with transformation magic, becoming men and women with completely different statuses.


I got into the car, closed the door and started the car.

A truck full of Low Tactic’s gunpowder drove towards the wall at high speed.

“The smell of gunpowder must be toxic. children… Are you okay?”

Estelle, who took the steering wheel, asked in a cautious voice.

“Okay. They must be more familiar with the smell of gunpowder or blood than the smell of bread or soup.”

The boy soldiers were hiding in a gunpowder box in the luggage compartment.

It was after giving him portable food and using his own healing magic.

To some extent, his vigilance was relieved, and he was able to obtain cooperation without difficulty.

Before long, the entrance to the checkpoint appeared.

In front of a huge barricade, vehicles of various agencies were lined up.

Estelle drove to the very back of the line.

Since the checkpoints were made in detail, the line shortened at a fairly slow pace.

“The news that the prisoners had escaped must have spread all the way here. It wouldn’t be like this normally.”

Cain nodded his head.

The current location was near the northeast corner of the unit where the prisoners of war are believed to have escaped.

Search vehicles for the Imperial Army were also seen around the checkpoint.

When Estelle showed a nervous look, Cain reassured her.

“Okay. You just have to act as you normally would.”

“Can I hold your hand for a moment?”

The fact that her children’s lives were at stake seemed to come under pressure to her.

“If that helps calm down.”

Cain held out a hand.

Estelle also grabbed Cain’s hand with one hand.


I breathed quietly.

They could feel each other’s pulse through their warm palms.

Estelle let go of her hand and said.

“thanks. Much better.”

As Cain said, there was nothing to worry about.

Since he had created an appropriate alibi for the unit, there was no doubt that he had been absent for a long time.

‘I just have to do it well. Because Cain’s plan has never gone awry.’

The line got shorter and it was our turn.

Soldiers with guns waved their light sticks and stopped the vehicle.

The soldier approached the passenger seat.

Cain lowered the window.

“Identity and affiliation. Please clarify your business.”

“This is Paella and Hale from the Low Tactics Transport Department. Its business is to transport three types of special gunpowder. Our destination is Area 64.”

Cain handed the soldier his ID and entry form.

All were real, not fake.

Only Cain and Estelle were on board, replacing the existing staff.

“… … .”

The soldier carefully examined the ID and documents and returned it to Cain.

Cain looked at the watch on his wrist and said.

“Can I go through? The checkpoint is delayed today, so time is running out.”

“no. You will have to wait until the search is over.”

The soldier said so and signaled to the other soldiers behind the truck.

The soldiers approaching through the luggage compartment door were reflected in the rearview mirror.

“I know that vehicles that have been reported in advance are not searched separately.”

“The principle is yes. But the orders came from the senior units to search all vehicles.”

“… … .”


The sound of the luggage compartment door opening was heard.

However, Cain’s eyes looking at the rearview mirror were not particularly disturbed.

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