A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 196

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 196

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A strange tension flowed through a window.

The soldier gave orders without looking away from Cain.

“Start the search.”

Soldiers waiting in the back of the vehicle pulled the luggage compartment door open left and right.


The interior space of the luggage compartment was revealed with the sound of a thick iron.

Dozens of boxes stacked in a row.

There was a strong smell of gunpowder.

Cain said in a slightly worried voice.

“I want you to be careful. It is a flammable material that can cause an explosion.”

“You don’t have to worry. The Imperial Army knows how to search for all kinds of cargo.”

The soldiers in the back cautiously climbed onto the luggage compartment.

He lifted the cloth covering the box and went inside.

“There is nothing wrong with that! All of them are the same type of gunpowder as stated on the immigration form!”

The search was carried out at a rapid pace.

The soldiers arrived at the innermost space of the luggage compartment.

5 boxes covered with cloth.

It was larger than the other boxes.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Could it be because of the feeling that I heard a small breath?

The soldiers in the seat immediately felt the same sense of incongruity.

“There is something.”

They exchanged glances with each other.

The sword attached to the tip of the gun headed towards the box.

One of the soldiers cautiously approached the box.

Swallowing his saliva, he used the bayonet to lift the fabric at once.

with a bang!

“It’s gunpowder.”

“It’s gunpowder.”

Like any other box, it contained gunpowder.

The soldiers wiped the sweat from their foreheads and got out of the luggage compartment.

Kick- bang!

The door closes and the barrier rises.

The top car passed through the checkpoint and entered the passage under the wall.

After passing through a long cave-like space, a wilderness appeared in front of me.

In the rearview mirror, the image of the wall gradually receding was reflected.


Estelle let out a breath she had been holding back.

“What a relief. I didn’t hear it.”

“The person in charge of the checkpoint seems to have a good sense of humor. In the end, I didn’t even notice.”

Inside the luggage compartment, there was a secret space.

Inside the temporary wall where Cain had been enchanted with hallucinations to appear as the end of the luggage compartment.

The vehicle ran and ran in the direction given by the child soldiers.

rumble. rumble.

Over the hills and through the rocky terrain.

The car shook non-stop.

It took a long time to get to the front of the canyon.

“Look there.”

“I think I understand why the Imperial Army is wandering.”

It was the largest canyon I had ever seen.

It was not difficult to predict that a maze of heavenly grace was spread out beyond the narrow entrance.

Cain remembered what Emil had said.

“There are many hideouts. But when you enter and exit the hideout, your eyes are covered. So we don’t know the exact location.”

It was said that the activity team and the operation team were separated.

“It is the role of the operation team to transport the activity team that has arrived at the junction to the hideout.”

In order to minimize the risk of leaking the hideout location, this is also a method devised by T.

It was a moment when the curiosity about the character T was further amplified.

There was no sign of popularity in the canyon while passing the winding passage.


the sound of a gentle wind.

The sound of rolling stones.

Estelle swallowed her saliva at the feeling that her hair was fading.


The train stopped at the specified coordinates.

It was a dead end space surrounded by cliffs on all sides.

“great job. When you arrive, you can get off.”

Cain and Estelle opened the luggage compartment and the boy soldiers lined up.

It was still unbelievable that he had escaped the enemy base and arrived here.

A flag appeared over the canyon when Emil gave the hand signal.

a picture was drawn

Bombs and collapsing walls.

‘It’s not a picture in my memory.’

I also looked like a symbol of resistance created by a person named T.

Emile saw the flag and shouted with a bright face.

“Emile and four others. I’m back from my mission!”

A man appeared above the canyon.

They increased by one or two on each side and surrounded the entire canyon in an instant.

They were all soldiers with guns, with their guns pointed downwards with Cain and a group of boy soldiers.

A man who appeared to be the commander exclaimed.

—Who are the two people next to you?

“He is the one who helped escape the Imperial Army units! I know T, and I want to meet you!”

A commotion arose over the canyon at the name of T.

There seemed to be a conversation going on between them for a moment, and then the guns turned towards Cain and Estelle in unison.

—Declare your true identity. Otherwise, I will fire.

It was a menacing tone, but it wasn’t a real threat to Cain and Estelle.

‘If Cain’s magic was blown once, his body would disappear from where he was standing.’

Estelle glanced at Cain.

He couldn’t fathom the exact extent of the power of this man he was following.

But at least he knew that he couldn’t do any harm with a vase like that.

I had to bring a train or something.

To deal with this man.

Cain turned off the transformation magic and showed the tattoo on the back of his neck.

“I think this will be enough proof of identity.”

Above the canyon there was a commotion once more.

A person related to T.

I couldn’t tell if the tattoo was real.

However, at least it proved that he was a person who could not be killed arbitrarily.

This time, unlike before, the answer did not come back as soon as possible.

After quite a while, the commander exclaimed.

-Good. Let me meet T. But before that, I have to arrest that person. Do you agree?

“Do that.”

At the same time as the commander’s signal, a group of armed personnel appeared from the entrance to the canyon.

“You came back alive. thank god.”

They put an eyepatch on the boy soldiers and brought tears to their eyes.

Cain and Estelle were handcuffed with an eye patch.

Mana user binding handcuffs made in Latium, it was an item that could be easily obtained from all over the continent.

However, it had no effect on mana users above a certain level, and in the case of Cain and Estelle, it was far beyond the standard.


The arms of the two who reached out without hesitation were handcuffed.

A black eyepatch was put on and the view was blocked.

woo woo-

The sound of vehicles coming in from the entrance to the canyon was heard.

“This is it. Don’t do anything that will create unnecessary suspicion. A bullet will go straight through your head if you do a stupid trick.”

The Resistance growled and pushed Cain and Estelle toward the vehicle.

“Wait. No need to be so harsh… !”

A boy soldier’s voice was heard.

The pia hasn’t been identified yet, but it’s true that they helped them.

For a moment, I felt sorry.

Cain and Estelle were seated in a car seat.

Hearing was also blocked by wearing earplugs.

‘… … .’

The chair shook violently, and I could tell that the car had started.

‘The current speed is 15 km/h. One right turn. Go straight for 7 seconds and then turn left again.’

A map of the canyon began to form in Cain’s mind.

He covered his eyes and ears, but he could not completely block the developed sense of Mana users.

Moreover, it was because Cain had the same five senses as a beast due to the ‘body strengthening’ characteristic.

“Get down.”

The vehicle traveled exactly 32 minutes and 5 seconds to a stop.

The eye patch and earplugs were removed, and vision and hearing were restored.

With the handcuffs still on, Cain and Estelle got out of the car.

“It’s like a small town. It’s pretty amazing.”

“There must be facilities for various purposes. It will not be just a space for accommodating combatants.”

It was a large open space surrounded by cliffs.

Although it cannot be said that the standard is high, there were still concrete buildings for various purposes, which were quite well-formed.

Resistance soldiers led Cain and Estelle to a building in the center of the vacant lot.

I went up the stairs, stopped in front of the room and knocked.

“I brought the person I reported to.”

—Come in.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw a simple office space.

At the desk sat a man with his body turned toward the window.


The soldiers closed the door and lined up on either side.

Cain and Estelle were seated in chairs in front of the desk.


The man turned the chair.

An iron helmet that covers the entire face.

All he could see was his eyes through the T-shaped hole.

“The story was told briefly. Thank you for helping the soldiers return safely.”

It was a voice estimated to be in his late 20s or early 30s.

“But he said he wanted to meet me.”

Estelle felt goosebumps for a moment.

A tone very similar to the real Cain.

As long as the tone of the voice was the same, it could be said that he was completely Cain.

“I have heard rumors that you are Cain, a former Blue Serpent executive.”

“The Blue Serpent is just a story of the past. Because the organization abandoned me.”

“… So did you take revenge? War in District 47?”

“You seem to know quite a bit about me.”

Cain, who was judging the identity of the other person by asking a question, smirked.

You know me pretty well.

On the contrary, that was what this one was going to say.

The elaborate imitation of the tone and gestures would have been impossible without considerable research on the opponent.

“It has to be. I am Cain-sama’s longtime servant.”

Cain lowered his collar and showed the tattoo on the back of his neck.

“You are fake. Not Cain. There’s no way I can’t recognize the real Cain.”

Resistance soldiers began to roar.

Anxiety crossed his face.

They feared that their trust would be broken.

T stared serenely at Cain’s tattoo through his eye socket.

Then he smiled and said.

“I’ve seen a lot of people pretending to be Blue Serpents like you.”

For a moment, relief crossed the soldiers’ faces.

Only Cain in the room sensed the slight tremor mixed with T’s voice.

“I don’t know for what purpose they are impersonating my subordinate, but can you take responsibility for that?”

Several fireballs were created behind T’s back.

‘Still, it doesn’t seem like a guy without a root at all.’

With the size of a human face, it was clear that T was a fairly high-level wizard.

“You can take responsibility. You are not Cain.”

“Before that, I must prove that you are my subordinate.”

“It will be quicker to prove that you are not Cain-sama. Take off your helmet.”

Transformation magic was not a magic that any wizard could easily use with a high degree of difficulty.

No matter how he used to camouflage his face with Cain, it would definitely stand out.

“It’s funny. How dare you command me.”

“I don’t know why you’re wearing a helmet in the first place.”

Cain and T growl at each other.

There was a lot of tension.

And then.


The wall on the right collapsed with the explosion.

A few soldiers on the side of the wall fell down bleeding.

The outside scenery was revealed.

People were screaming and rushing through the buildings.


The door opened and a soldier appeared.

“I am the Imperial Army! The Imperial Army has invaded!”

“… … !”

T looked surprised.

Then he looked at Cain and said in a voice full of anger.

“Is it yours? There was obviously no tracking. How did you know the location of the hideout?”

Cain didn’t say anything.

It was true that he led the Imperial Army, but there was no need for an answer.

“How did it go?”

Estelle also gave a bewildered look.

For the perfect plan, calling the Imperial Army was a secret from her.

When it comes to children, she was on the weak side.

“Everyone go out and get ready for battle!”

At T’s shout, the soldiers in the room quickly ran out.


At that moment, the shells flew and hit the building.

Amid the shaking of the building, T grabbed the center of his body and pulled out his gun.

“I am Cain. I am Cain Impersonator, your crimes will pay off.”


The bullet was fired.

Another shell flew through the broken wall.

“No, you are not Cain.”

Cain covered his face with his palm.

In an instant, the mana emanating from his body swept around him like a storm.

The shells and bullets that arrived right in front were stopped in mid-air by Cain’s telekinesis.

Cain said, lowering his palms to reveal his true face.

“Because I am Cain.”

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