A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 198

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 198

197. border (5)


The fireball burned with an eerie force.

I did not dare to think that the person inside would be safe.

When the fire finally went out.

There was nothing left in the void.

There was silence for a long time on the battlefield at the eerie sight.

– Lord, are you dead?

One soldier barely opened his mouth.

As time passed, the enemy did not appear again.

It was only then that the Imperial Army could feel it.

The enemy who bombarded the battlefield with overwhelming magic died.

By beings with more overwhelming power than themselves.

Cain, who had used blink to dodge, lifted himself up from the ground into the air.


Cheers echoed on the battlefield.

It grew bigger and bigger and covered the entire battlefield.

—John! John!

—John! John!

‘That’s funny.’

It’s like you don’t even notice this clumsy play.

It must be because the heat and excitement of the battlefield paralyzed reason.

Cain erased the smirk from his lips and spoke in a low-pitched voice as usual.

“It’s too early to be relieved yet.”

Cain’s raised finger pointed to the gorge passage through which the Resistance had escaped.


The entrance to the canyon.

Dozens of combat vehicles, including armored vehicles and small tanks, were encamped.

“Communication was lost with an explosion. The fight is not as fierce as I thought… .”

“… … .”

Upon receiving the report from his subordinate, Abel fell into thought.

‘Is the existence of T a variable?’

But I wasn’t worried.

Because there are magicians who are as good as T on the allies side.

Johann Kirif.

Apart from the emperor’s recommendation, there was trust in him.

‘I’m not wrong with the way I see people.’

Fighting in the Imperial Palace.

Countless power struggles that have been fought before becoming the commander-in-chief of the outer wall defense.

It was an eye that was naturally nurtured within it.

“I will personally participate in the operation. The role of entering the enemy camp with the prisoners.”

The time we met was obviously short.

However, he gave a firmer and more thorough impression than any other person I’ve ever met.

‘If I had asked to use someone else as bait, I would have turned down the offer.’

The staff had already submitted a proposal, but the operation was rejected because it had little chance of success.

But with this man, I thought it might be possible.

“I think it would be better to split the unit in two. The enemy will surely try to escape.”

“I agree with that. There is no chance of an all-out war, so you will definitely choose to run away. I will block the entrance to the canyon.”

The plan that followed slowly made me nod my head.

The word strategist really fit.

Even the background of being a new drug developer and a professor at Matap.

‘Recently, he is the person who is attracting the most attention in the capital.’

My heart has been racing for a long time.

It was rivalry.

He thought that there was no one at the same level as his age any longer, but the world seemed to be wide.

He seemed to understand why the emperor had sent John to him.

“Shouldn’t we send reinforcements?”

“no. The advance force is sufficient. Everyone stays seated.”

“The weather is bad.”

The sky was full of clouds.

A huge sandstorm was approaching far off the horizon.

“Distributing the troops or biting them a little… .”



“When did you start giving advice to me?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Abel turned and looked into the canyon.

‘It’s a pity I can’t get blood on the sword directly on the battlefield.’

Without realizing it, I licked my lips with my tongue.

It is very unfortunate, but I had to distinguish between public and private life.

Things were going to go as planned, and he had to trust his partner and keep his place.

“Commander. Enemy has appeared all over!”

Then a subordinate shouted from under the communication vehicle.

A cloud of dust was rising from the inside of the canyon.


Dozens of vehicles sprinting without hesitation.

The Imperial Army was fiercely chasing behind the Resistance.

Intermittent sparks flew through the dust to see if an engagement was going on.

Abel said, twisting his lips.

“The rats are starting to crawl out of the hole now.”

“Give me the instructions.”

If the bombardment was started, the enemy could be annihilated at once.

However, there was a risk that the allies too would be caught in the bombardment.

“Set up a barrier.”

At Abel’s instructions, armored vehicles blocked the entrance to the canyon and formed a barrier.

Now the enemy had to stop.

If you don’t want to crash and explode.

However, contrary to Abel’s expectations, a resistance vehicle from the crowd sped up and jumped forward.

“uh? uh?”

“Are you going to speed it up?”

under the communication vehicle.

The bewildered commanders inhaled in vain.

The tinting was so thick that the inside of the car was not visible.

The driver was none other than Cain.

Cain, without taking his eyes off the barrier that was approaching every moment, radioed all the vehicles of the Resistance.

“Go through it. Don’t slow down and catch up behind me.”

The Imperial forces began pursuing the Resistance from within the canyon.

“Let’s go first. I will clean up the scene and follow you.”

Cain departed one beat late.

The imperial army officers who were on board were removed from a secret place in the canyon, and they changed to a resistance vehicle and joined the chase.

“Are you thinking of committing suicide?”

Abel’s lips twisted.

Climbing up on the armored car that formed the barrier, he took out his sword from its scabbard and raised it high.


Mana swirled around the sword.

In an instant, their eyes met with Cain inside the car.

Of course, only Cain was able to identify the opponent.


Cain’s whole body tensed up and he looked at Abel.

the sword is swung

The moment when a wide band-shaped sword flew in.


Cain hit the brakes abruptly.

The steering wheel is completely turned to the right.

Fit geek-!

The vehicle turned one wheel like a top and moved forward.

The sword that barely escaped smashed the imperial army vehicle following behind.


Cain drew up all the mana of the circuit and put a protective shield all over his body.

Then, he pressed the accelerator to the end and sprinted towards the barrier at full speed.

over the windshield.

The side of the Imperial Army armored car completely covered the field of vision.

In the armored car on which Abel was standing, he had his eyes wide open.


There was a huge explosion.

The vehicle was pushed back, creating a wide gap between the barriers.

In the meantime, the following resistance vehicles drove out in a row.

bang! bang! bang!

Imperial vehicles, which could not receive communication or could not see the front due to dust, collided with the wall one after another.

The entrance to the canyon was quickly engulfed in flames and dust.


The door of the overturned car burst open with a kick.

In the meantime, Cain pulled himself out.

“… … .”

His body was full of dust.

A streak of blood ran down his forehead.

It was because the output of Bangho was deliberately adjusted to be weak for the purpose of directing.

Cain took out the radio from the subspace and gave the last instructions to the Resistance.

“A sandstorm is coming. break through The Imperial Army will no longer pursue them. The damage has already been severe.”

I put the walkie-talkie in.

He ripped off his clothes and looked around.

A roar of groans and moans continued non-stop between the haze of dust and smoke.

He couldn’t see even an inch ahead.

But the same goes for the Imperial Army.

You won’t know which car this one came from.

‘Abel. He wouldn’t have died like this.’

Cain figured out the direction Abel had fallen from above the car.

He stretched out his hand and blasted the wind in that direction.


Dust and smoke cleared.

landscape was revealed.

At the end, he saw Abel giving instructions to his subordinates.

Just like this one, it was fine.

Except for the slightly tanned uniforms everywhere.

Cain approached Abel and spoke to him naturally.

“It was totally unexpected. Hopefully, I will sacrifice myself to break through the way.”

Abel’s face lit up in surprise.

He soon returned to his original expression.

“Were you in the vehicle? It looks like he wasn’t seriously hurt.”

“I am okay. But it didn’t even protect the officer who was driving the car.”

Cain looked back at the burning imperial vehicle and put on a sad expression on his face.

“In war, people die. You don’t have to worry. It is important that John is alive.”

Cain nodded and looked towards the broken wall.

The relatively small resistance vehicles all safely broke through the barrier and escaped to the other side.

In front of the wall, only the imperial vehicle was overturned and burned, or stopped after hitting the brake.

“In the end, you missed it.”

Cain’s dry voice.

However, there was a subtle meaning of torture in it.

Abel bit her lower lip.

John did his part and he didn’t.

It was an unintentional error in the person sent by the emperor.

“I will admit that I was a little comfy.”

“it’s okay. Rather, I think we will have to decide whether to keep pursuing the enemy.”

Cain said as he looked at the Resistance moving away towards the sandstorm.

“A sandstorm is blowing. In my opinion, it would be better to go through maintenance once rather than pursue an unreasonable pursuit.”

“… … .”

Abel thought.

Except for a long stay inside, the sandstorm itself wasn’t much of a threat.

thickness of vehicle armor.

driver’s skills.

If both factors were supported, we could break through without difficulty.

The problem, however, was that it may have to engage the Resistance within it, and the damage to the troops was already considerable.

Abel considered several factors.

Cain stared at Abel like that.

‘It doesn’t matter what the answer is.’

If you stop chasing, you can safely evacuate the Resistance.

Conversely, if you keep pursuing, you can use magic to strike the Imperial Army once again in a storm with limited visibility.

A sandstorm blew between the two men.

in a strange tension.

Then Abel’s mouth was opened.

“Stop the chase! Everyone is doing their best to fix the scene and re-establish the ranks!”


Cain returned to the army with Abel.

“Just finding the enemy’s stronghold and clearing it is a great harvest. I think it was an operation that was possible thanks to John.”

“I’m glad it was of some help.”

“As soon as the maintenance of the troops is finished, I plan to go out to find the remnants of the army. I hope John will be with you even then.”

“I will always devote myself to the future of the empire.”

After the discussion, Cain returned to the capital immediately.

“It’s Johan Kirif!”

“catch! Open your mouth and let me spit anything out!”

“I know you went out to support the border area! Please say something!”

Reporters who were homeless in their tents in front of the mansion rushed in like a herd of seungnyang.

When Cain reached out his hand, he flinched and stopped in front of him.

“You will no longer find resistance near the wall.”

Cain threw a short sentence and entered the mansion.

There was no need for a long explanation.

Scoop-hungry reporters will use their imaginations to fill in the content.

a few hours later.

As expected, the articles poured in.

After that, Abel’s official announcement followed, and the article gained greater vitality and spread throughout the continent.

“Eradicate the resistance. Will peace finally come to the outer wall?”

“The key to the success of the operation is Johann Kirif. Where is his myth?”

The emperor summoned Cain and directly congratulated him.

“I sent you with the intention of meeting Abel and experiencing the Imperial Army. It definitely exceeds expectations.”

The fact of the emperor’s reign was also reported in articles.

The heat did not cool down for several weeks, and the name John was always at the center of the rumors.

The winter wind blew.

Snow fell and the landscape was covered in white.

Sitting by the window, Estelle read the headline of the newspaper article.

“Johan Kirif, who lost his lover on the battlefield. A shadow never leaves his face.”

Estelle was dead.

After guiding the Resistance to the wilderness of Area 47, he changed his face again and returned to the mansion.

“funny. People think I’m really dead. Rumors that you and I were lovers are interesting.”

Estelle looked at Cain with a lowly hopeful gaze.

This workaholic man was still sitting at his desk writing his thesis.

“There must have been rumors like that. Except for a few occasions, we’ve always been together.”

“Tragedies are effective. Probably because the rumors spread quickly.”

It wasn’t the answer I wanted.

Estelle, who was staring at Cain’s face, turned her head and finished reading the article.

‘Also, many women want to comfort his broken heart… What is this?’

Estelle’s eyebrows furrowed mercilessly.

Where do you dare to die?

I’m alive with my eyes wide open

It was a car that was already uncomfortable because of rumors of an affair with Xavir, the chief of public security.

She tore the newspaper up and threw it into the fireplace.


And then the knock rang.

A user came in and announced that communication had arrived.

“This is Raitino-sama’s communication. You said you should get it now.”

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