A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 199

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 199

198. Academic presentation (1)

“Communication came from the tower. You said you had to get it.”

Cain seemed to know what Raitino was going to tell.

If I have to tell you today what I can talk about tomorrow when there is a Matop lecture.

‘It’s finally time.’

Cain put down the thesis he was writing and headed to the communication room.

Lightino’s face floated as a hologram above the telecommunication equipment.

-Don’t be surprised! A messenger has just gone from the Imperial Palace. Do you know what happened?

“It’s the Imperial Palace. There must have been talk of selecting a tutor for the 2nd Princess.”

– Huh? uh? How did you know?

“I met the second princess at a ball and had a conversation. He had a great passion for magic. At that time, I heard about the recruitment of teachers.”

-That’s right.

Lightino swallowed a cough with a shy face.

-Anyway, this is a great day. It means that His Majesty the Emperor will give the tower one more chance.

Lightino explained that there had been a job posting on the horse tower the other day.

—Several of prominent professors have entered the Imperial Palace. But I failed to teach the 2nd Princess magic. He said he can feel mana but can’t move.

“It’s a story of no talent.”

– That’s right. To be honest, it is. It’s not a story to go anywhere.

Latino swallowed his cough once more.

-Anyway, the result is what matters. At that time, Ma Tap was dishonored for failing to teach the Princess. This time, the opportunity to wash away that disgrace has come.

“Is the number of people fixed?”

-It’s still under discussion. Unlike the previous time, you said that you would only bring one person to the Imperial Palace this time.

“Are you talking about one person?”

—It must mean that your Majesty’s trust in the tower has not been restored. I immediately thought of you, but if you feel uncomfortable, you can say no. Because the probability of failure is higher than that of success… .

Lightino mumbled.

Contrary to words, there was a subtle expectation in his eyes.

What you get is a connection with the imperial family.

What you will lose is your reputation as a professor.

The pros and cons of teaching success and failure were clear.

‘The elders will somehow try to push the greetings of their factions into the imperial court.’

Young professors will seize the opportunity to make a big leap forward.

Even at the risk of loss of honor and falling behind in the tower.

The fierce competition for the position of the teacher was clearly drawn in front of them.

─I heard a lot about your lectures these days. It was rumored to be a famous lecture. It is said that he has a definite talent for teaching.

Latino added.

Certainly, as he said, the popularity of Cain’s lectures was skyrocketing within the tower.

Recorded copies were traded at high prices, or there were many professors who bowed in their ego to learn how to teach.

-It’s been quite some time, so the princess’s understanding may have changed… .

At the time of the last announcement, only professors from the Aitar faction were admitted.

Again, it is impossible to open your eyes and lose your position as a teacher.

When Cain did not respond, Laitino looked nervous.

“If I express my intention to accept, will it be confirmed immediately?”

─I will push hard during the meeting! If someone opposes you, break your head with your major!

“I think Elder Aitar’s opposition will be strong.”

When Cain called Aitar in front of Raitino, he implicitly and strongly pronounced the word ‘nim’.

Never, never, and every time.

There were other reasons besides the fact that the official position was higher in Aitar.

─What kind of shame is it for a human who has a history of sending his own people and failing! A human who looks like a boiled cabbage!

It was to stimulate a sense of inferiority and make the ‘disciple candidate’ long for more.

Cain calmed down Latino, who was foaming crabs in his mouth as the seizure switch was pressed.

“I also don’t think Elder Aitar has any justification to raise his greetings again.”

─Yes! That’s what I mean!

“But Elder Aitar, whom I have experienced, is a person who cares more about the cause than the cause. I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

It was said that the owner of the tower was going to press it with ‘power’.

Especially if the candidate is Raitino’s ‘disciple candidate’.

─… … .

Lightino knew that too, so he kept his mouth shut.

─What should I do?

Cain, who was deep in thought, opened his mouth.

“You can have me present at the meeting. I think it would be good if all the people that other elders were putting up as candidates would also sit together.”


tak- tak-

A single footstep echoing through the hallway led to the elevator.

The occupant was a young male.

His slender finger pressed the button on the 44th floor.


Soon the door closed and the elevator began to ascend.

The man was Professor McKerran of the Department of Practical Combat.

He was hired as a professor right after graduating from Matop and was on the road to success.

‘The princess’s private tutor.’

In the last announcement, I rejected the proposal of Elder Aitar because I thought I was lacking in skills.

But now, several years later, it is different.

It was because he had the qualifications to be called a ‘magic’ by taking numerous lectures and accumulating research results.

‘I won’t miss this chance.’

He didn’t show it outwardly, but his desire for honor was fuller than anyone else.

In the eyes of the emperor, his ultimate goal was to become an exclusive wizard for the royal family.


will go up

Like this elevator, it goes on without end, to the highest place.


The arrival bell rang.

As Professor McKerran was about to get off the elevator, he stopped when he saw that the number was on the 41st floor.

The door opened and it was Johann Kirif who appeared.

“Professor McKerran seems to be attending the meeting as well.”

“Oh, yes. It seems that Professor Johann was also nominated.”

“It’s embarrassing, but it’s on my recommendation.”

The door closed and the ascent started again.

The two men looked straight ahead without talking.

“… … .”

Professor McKerran glanced at his opponent with a squint.

Johann Kirif.

He was the hottest person in the capital recently.

gorgeous appearance.

A unique quirky atmosphere.

Even the sound of breathing was not disturbed, and the orderly posture made even the same man admire him.


Involuntarily, strength entered my entire body, including my fists.

‘I said I’m the same age.’

There were many similarities.

Outstanding teaching ability with outstanding appearance.

Popularity gained by students.

High rating among professors.

In fact, all the interest that Professor Johann was getting now was what he enjoyed.

After the appearance of Professor Johann, all interest had only shifted.

‘I do not care. Because I am me, and Professor John is just Professor John.’

Generation change within the tower was quick and frequent.

Were there not professors who were pushed out of the spotlight even when they suddenly emerged?

Only this time it was his turn.

I tried not to compare.

But it wasn’t easy.

Professor Johan was notorious for other activities besides the tower.

Development of petrification treatment.

Sweep the drug club.

Bomb decommissioning at the Police Department.

Searching for poison killers at the imperial ball.

And to the recent eradication of resistance at the border.

As I listened to the story, I wondered if this was a deed that one person could write down.

I had never seen Professor Johan use magic in person.

I never went to audition because of my last pride.

But I could feel it.

Even with regards to magic, the fact that there is no field in which he can defeat Professor Johann.


not clenched fists.

My nails dig into my palms, and blood oozes out.

I thought back to myself.

let’s not be jealous

Such filthy feelings are cherished by lowly people who are not confident in themselves.

“Im here. Get off.”

“Oh, yes.”

When I woke up, the elevator door was open.

I followed John down and entered the conference room.

“Today’s protagonists have appeared.”

Aitar rose from his seat and greeted the two of them.

Seeing Aitar patting Cain on the shoulder, Laitino woke up with a light in his eyes.

“Who’s shoulder is this young man putting his hand on?”

He growled as he pushed Aitar’s hand with his body.

“Are you already nervous? want to fight? yes?”

“Take care of that candidate. Do you think I don’t know that I’m looking for opportunities whenever I have a chance to make Professor Johan into your faction?”

Mackeran flinched as he caught Raitino’s gaze.

Aitar looked at Cain and ate his mouth.

‘Professor Mackeran is in charge of teaching the princess, but it is close to a final decision.’

It was a pity that this young genius, who was heating up the capital, belonged to the Raitino faction.

‘Where did you find these gems?’

Whenever there is a chance, I will rescue you from that filthy old man’s beast.

“Anyway, everyone sit down. Let’s start the meeting. Today’s agenda is who will be in charge of teaching the second princess.”

Cain sits in the empty seat next to Lightino.

Mackeran sat in the empty seat next to Aitar.

Five elders and one professor each recommended by them.

A total of 10 people were seated in the conference room.

“First of all, I recommend Professor Nella.”

“I am Professor Ludwig… .”

The meeting began and the elders gave their opinions.

“no. Compared to that, the ‘Structural Mechanics of Elements’ published last year performed better, wouldn’t it?”

“Though, considering the length of service—”

“Elder Aitar. It cannot be said that performance and tenure are necessarily proportional.”

“I think differently.”

It was clear that the other elders were behind Aitar and Laitino.

However, he did not hesitate to raise his voice at this time when he was able to make a connection with the imperial family.

The professors who were noticing also expressed their opinions, and the atmosphere was overheated.

“Professor Ellen has something to say. Entering the Imperial Palace is a unique opportunity as a wizard.”

Elder Rosra whispered to the seat next to him.

“Oh, no. that’s me… .”

Ellen remembered Elder Rosra’s request a few days ago.

「Can you attend as a teacher candidate? The most qualified person I know is like Professor Ellen.”

Knowing that Cain was a competitor, he was hesitant at first.

However, he could not refuse the request of his advisor when he was an undergraduate.

He was also greedy for a position as a teacher.

‘I attended the meeting with high expectations.’

Ellen made eye contact with Cain and quickly averted her eyes.

The result was still the same.

He didn’t dare to fight against a human who wasn’t like that human.

“stop! The story is going to be long, so let’s objectively examine the conditions one by one.”

Aitar tried to clear up the situation.

Spouting mana, he wrote letters in the air.

“One. lecture ability

“2. Fame”

「3. Research results”

“4. tenure”

A few other conditions are listed in order of priority.

“The most important thing is teaching ability. Because I have to teach the princess who has already failed to learn magic.”

The elders nodded their heads.

“you’re right. The 2nd Princess said it was possible to feel mana. Then, the question is how well can we provide lessons tailored to the understanding of the princess.”

On other terms, the elders agreed.

Since it was impossible to let an unnamed person into the Imperial Palace, some level of fame had to be backed up.

The research results and tenure were to see the contribution to academia and matops.

Again fierce debate ensued, and the nominees were narrowed down to Cain and Mackeran.

“I appreciate Professor McKerran’s teaching ability. Because he has a history of graduating with the top of many failed students. But no matter how you look at his reputation, he can’t be compared to Professor John, isn’t he?”

“I think fame should be about ‘magic’. As long as you enter the palace with the qualification to teach magic. What does dismantling bombs or fighting crime have to do with teaching magic?”

The voices rose, and the two elders stood up.

The mana they spewed out sparked in the air and ice crystals began to bloom.

“It’s a start again.”

“How long has it been since you broke the wall? Call a mechanic.”

The other elders sighed.

However, the faces of the professors who could not stand the increased mana concentration in the atmosphere turned pale.

‘this… Is it the chief of the elders?’

A cold sweat ran down Professor McKerran’s body.

It was as if someone had squeezed his neck.

‘Professor Johann… .’

He turned his head hard.

And I couldn’t help but feel a ray of goose growing on my back.

Professor Johan had a calm face with his arms crossed.

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