A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 2

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 2

002 episode. admission (2)

“The warden has been away for a while, and the position of the chief guard is currently vacant due to a late appointment. Until you two come, think of me as the supreme authority on this facility. Stand there on the footstool.”

The guard on the other side of the glass wall of the examination room.

He accentuated the word ‘authoritarian’.

I stood on the stool and checked his nameplate.

Geek Grid.

A fat face with a heavy body.

It was the prison guard who paid for and ignored Lynch.


A circular ring of light rose from the scaffold and scanned my body. Soon the results were displayed on the monitor.

[Body mana concentration – 0%]

“I’ve only heard about it, but it’s really ordinary people.”

Gerek handed the paperwork behind his back, and the guard standing in the back accepted it.

“Don’t classify it as dong.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“And I have something to tell you, so go out.”

The guard disappeared from the door after the salute.

Gerek spoke in a soft voice.

“It’s not a position where you can easily rise to a Blue Serpent executive position.”

“… … .”

“I can’t handle mana, but I’m sure his fighting skills were great.”

To some extent, that was correct.

Wars between organizations are frequent.

With his innate sense of battle and the effort to train his brain and body to the limit, Cain survived every time.

In the end, I could become an executive.

In terms of pure combat power, he was inferior to the executive candidates who could handle mana, but Cain took them all with one charisma.

It means that there are a lot of guys who believe and follow.

“But right now, fighting is unreasonable. Life inside won’t be easy. There are a lot of tough guys. Have you been through it too? They beat people because there was a grudge out there.”

I stared at him with cold eyes.

Because I knew what the main point I wanted to bring out.

“One of the pride of our prison is that the welfare of the prisoners is good. pay for the labor. You can save money and live in a special room. I’m sharing a large room alone. It’s expensive and the duration is short, but… … .”

When I didn’t respond, he groaned and cleared his throat.

“Well, anyway. If you accidentally brought in something from outside, it’s okay to take it out now. Or it’s better to leave it outside.”

The words are long, but the story is simple.

He wanted a bribe.

‘… … It was these kinds of guys that Cain hated the most.’

It is not easy to find uncorrupted civil servants in the Empire. Right now, the imperial imperial family is ignoring the poverty beyond the wall.

Cain’s mother was as if killed by these corrupt officials.

The direct reason is because of the organizations that used the village as a battlefield, but it was the district officials who took bribes and condone their activities.

“There is nothing I can offer the former prison guard.”

Unknowingly, coldness was evident in his voice.

“No, think carefully.”

Unfortunately for him, I did not come in with money or valuables, nor did I leave any fortune outside.

“You were a former executive, weren’t you? That no one has prepared for such a case… … .”

The memories of Cain that had settled in his mind whispered.

Slap that greedy pig in the cheek right now.

Knock him down on the floor and shove him in the head.

I managed to suppress my emotions with “coolness”.

And he answered quietly.

“There is not.”

Gerek’s lips twitched.

* * *

Prisoner number 776.

After changing into a green jumpsuit, he received a pack of household items. With both arms held by the guards, he went out of the examination room building.

He looked around with a squint and pressed the landscape into his memory.

‘The west side is mines and factories, the east side has prison facilities, and the number of watchtowers is not small.’

In addition to the very high outer wall, guards armed with guns and protective suits roamed around the grounds of the prison.

“It would be better not to think about nonsense. If you do it, there will be wind holes in your body.”

One of the guards said sternly.

As we got closer to the prison building, the screams and voices of the prisoners grew louder.

As if work and time were over, the prisoners were roaming relatively freely in the large open space surrounded by wire mesh.

“Are you new? You have a pretty face. See you at workout time!”

“You’re an executive, so you’re a complete asshole, aren’t you? Look at the limp.”

“I think I can fight and win!”

Some prisoners clinged to the wire mesh, rattling and booing. When the guard pointed the pistol, it fell off in an instant.

“This is where you will live.”

The detention facility in Building 1 consisted of a total of 5 buildings. The guards led me to the building with the sign ‘Class A’ among them.

I walked down the hallway and arrived at the room at the end.

‘There are about twenty rooms in one building. Is that the kind of thing that comes together and becomes half?’

“Go in.”

A thick iron door opened.

6 beds and a stone floor.

After that, a narrow window closed with a grate.

There were 5 prisoners in the room.

Everyone’s eyes turned to this side.



The man who was sitting on the innermost bed reading the Bible suddenly stood up.

Big and muscular. skin head.

I knew right away who the owner of this room was.

“It’s new. Please tell me the rules to follow in prison.”

“All right.”

Another man, stuck in the corner, stalked like a mouse and handed him crumpled bills.

And he said squawkingly.

“Hehe, I’m going to do a little declaration ceremony. The room might be a little noisy… … .”

“Don’t kill me. I don’t want to make any noise while the warden is away.”

“Yeah. whether there is I haven’t done it once or twice.”


The door closed and the guards left.

It was obvious what was going to happen.


The prisoners ran.

It wasn’t unexpected, so I wasn’t upset. quickly flew away The sense of battle engraved on Cain’s body naturally led me.

“This bastard!”

dodge the attack.

“Take your arm!”

Push your opponent with your shoulder.


I put my fist through my left arm with a healthy tendon.

I resisted as much as I could.

But there were limits.

No matter how much Cain had mastered the martial arts, he could not subdue all of these people with his ungodly body.

In the end, I knelt on the floor with my arms caught. Immediately, a kick flew into the boat.

“… … !”

As he held back his groan and opened his eyes, the guy who had kicked him suddenly backed away.

turned his head forward.

I could see two guys rolling around, grabbing their noses, and a skinhead slowly approaching this way.

He said as he sat down on his knees in front of me.

“Nice to meet you, rookie. I’m Igor, who heads this room and is in charge of class A.”

The scar on the corner of Igor’s mouth rose at a bizarre angle with a smile.

One of the guys who was lying behind came up to me and said, rubbing his nose.

“Hey, Igor. You’re the vice president, not the class chief… … .”

Whoop- bang-!

Igor’s gigantic grip grabbed his subordinate’s face and plunged him straight to the floor. The other men’s faces were flushed with blood.

“Jeff. Oh, that bastard is making a speech mistake!”

“Good job, Igor!”

Igor raised his hand and stopped talking to his men. looked at me again and said

“The class leader went to solitary confinement. I was sentenced to 100 days in prison, so it’s hard to come back to my sanity.”

Class monitor. and solitary.

There was a corner for straw.

In this prison, there were 7 people I sculpted myself. These are the characters that were designed to play a specific role when the main character later raided this place.

Among them were, of course, prisoners.

It’s not the guy in front of me right now.

“… … Is it Kiftel?”

Igor’s eyebrows furrowed.

“How do you… … . no, what You must have heard from the guard. Anyway, here are the rules to follow. It is not difficult. only two First, listen to the class president.”

“… … .”

“Second, follow the first rule.”

laughter came out.

I said looking at him.

“At the end of the day, you have to obey your words. I think it would have been more convincing than this if I had asked the guards to listen.”

Igor grinned.

And without a word, he punched my stomach.


messed it up

A century that cannot be compared with those who fought before. I felt like my stomach was twisted. If it wasn’t for Cain’s hardened body, he wouldn’t have been able to withstand it.

“Power is everything here. If you don’t have the strength, you just have to be beaten unfairly like this. There are a lot of rotten guards, too, so the rules won’t protect you.”

The corners of my lips twitched and went up.

“Then, if I have the power, can I turn you into a half-corpse?”

Igor made a blank face for a moment.

Then he burst out laughing like a madman, as if he had heard a very funny joke.

“Heh heh, that’s fun. Like it. Let me show you a way that that sense of humor can last.”


Igor snapped his finger and one of his men brought a small safe from somewhere.

There was a long, thin groove like a piggy bank at the top, and a lock was attached to the front.

“In this prison, wages are paid for the labor. Five thousand shillings. It is comparable to the amount of money you spend outside, but you can still buy the things you need at the kiosk. They also sell fun tickets like special rooms and sentence reduction tickets.”

five thousand shillings.

In Korean terms, it was around 50,000 won.

“But if you don’t survive here, all those things are meaningless.”

“… … tongue is long Let me start with the conclusion.”

“Give me your salary. Then I will protect you.”

The boy’s eyes were glistening with greed.

Cain’s voice whispers.

money. damn bastards.

He suppressed his rising anger once more.

“You sound like a dog when you say something.”

“It’s not just you. Most of the class A members pay me. Hey, Zephyr, what’s the tax rate now?”

“Yes. 30 percent.”

The guy with his face down on the floor earlier.

His face was smeared with blood from his nostrils in an instant.

The moment he heard that the other subordinates were also 30 percent, his expression didn’t look very good.

‘It is highly likely that the money is forcibly taken away. Is it better to pay for yourself and be protected from the other class if you get hit with a fist and take it away?’

“okay. There are a lot of people who want you, so do it around 80%.”


Igor and his men froze at the laughter that came out of my mouth for a moment.

“You seem out of your mind.”

“Isn’t it because your situation is so pitiful? I used to be an executive, but I became a crippled limb.”

“Jeff, you think 80 percent is a lot.”

“no! That’s right!”

“okay. I think so too. From next month, you will also apply 80 percent.”

“Yes, yes?”

The content of the conversation was no longer stuck in my ears. Assimilated into Cain’s memories and emotions, I couldn’t help but laugh.

It wasn’t for any other reason that Cain joined the organization without hesitation when he accidentally got a scout offer.

‘It was to rise to the boss position and destroy the organization from within.’

Although it was the final goal to implement after annihilating all other organizations.

In any case, I have seen many such bastards while conducting various operations. And he’s been killed countless times. I couldn’t help but laugh as these guys were holding their heads stiff in front of me and teasing me.


The hand flew away, and my face turned.

There was a bitter taste of blood in my mouth.

“Stop laughing and answer. I like to laugh, but I don’t like others to laugh.”

There is no need to think about it.

The characteristics of “unbreakable will” and Cain’s original temperament.

Both factors keep my head upright.

Besides, it doesn’t take long to regain power. at most one month

After that, you will be kneeling at my feet, so until then, I could let you have this much entertainment.

“refuse. bald.”

I spit the blood from my mouth towards Igor’s face. and laughed bitterly.

“Hey, profit!”

With his bewildered voice,

A message rang.

[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[Current synchronization rate – 67.5%]

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