A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 20

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 20

020 episode. wilderness (1)

Passing through the rocky area, an open wilderness appeared.

wind with grains of sand.

Cracked ground and sparsely grown plants.

Heaps of scrap metal piled up everywhere.

I approached one of the piles nearby. I looked inside and found a bike in good shape.

It was an item Estelle had prepared.

The box at the back contained water, dry food, some money, and neatly styled clothes, pants and a coat.

“I chose clothes according to my taste.”

It was her note.

A smirk came out.

I burned the note to get rid of it and changed my clothes.

An anti-burn pad was placed on the nape of the neck to cover the tattoo.

I was afraid to burn the changed prison uniform, and threw it in a visible place on a pile of scrap metal.

‘I’ll give you a hint so that I can follow you to some extent.’


strong obsession with me.

The brain that collects clues and completes the reasoning.

‘There is a tendency to decide on an answer and continue thinking, but… .’

Rather, that’s why I’m more likely to believe that I’m alive.

It’s close enough to be close to 100%.

‘We’ll start searching around the prison. I’ve already given you a hint about area 102, so even if you miss the trail in the middle, you’ll be there in advance.’

It is highly likely that they will pursue it alone without reporting to the upper management.

You have to inform the superiors, because even if you catch them, you can only go back to prison.

Her cause is the complete eradication of evil, and she will want my life.

I checked the envelope with the money.

2 million shillings.

‘… It was too much.’


You must have thought that the day you were going to die was imminent, so you wouldn’t have saved a lot of money either.

This is probably close to my entire fortune.


I got on the bike, started it, and pulled the steering wheel.

A gigantic wheel, adapted to the rough soil of the wilderness, began to roll with a roar.


The wind brushed my cheeks, and the scenery quickly passed backwards.

Wilderness, also known as barren land, is not enough to say that it is vast.

The empire’s territory starts with the capital at the very center.

The area of the next numbered band is wrapped around it in the form of a ‘circular band’, and the number increases as you go outward.

A form similar to the target of archery or darts.

This wilderness is wider than all the lands put together.

You’ll have to ride your bike at full speed all day to get to the 110th section, the outermost part of the road.

‘I’ll have to do some maintenance in the middle.’

There are coal mining villages all over the wilderness.

Fuel or a bed will be readily available.


How long has it been running like that?

Three bikes followed.

—Hey bro. Whose permission are you passing through here? Would you like to stop for a moment?

2 people on each bike.

One of the guys in the back shouted with a loudspeaker.

they are hunting dogs

These guys form a force and loot villages and travelers.

The distance of the bike has been shortened.

“Did you go out to the ruins? If you go on a tour, you have to pay for the tour.”

It targets only those who look completely weak.

He ran with a loud noise, so he thought it was time to show up.

“… … .”

I speeded up the bike without answering.

Soon, bullets began to fly along with violent profanity.

Doo-doo-! Doo doo doo-!

Bravely bend the handle.

The bike draws an S-shape as if it would collapse at any moment.

Bullets narrowly deflected the car body.

There was no such thing as using magic while driving.

However, mana had to be conserved as much as possible.

Good profit!

hit the brakes quickly

Hounds pass by both sides and move away.

Towards those who return after a while, I also run again.


Stay close to the bike and get out of sight as much as possible.

Bullets collided with the car and bounced off the car.

It is surrounded by “protection”, and it also blocks blind bullets that flew into its body.

And the moment when the guys brush both sides.

I put both hands off the handle.


“Uh, huh?”

“Wait a minute, Village.”

Their guns stuck like magnets to my hand.

Two were tied to my body with magical strings, and one was held with both hands.

By directing the coordinates of “Spirit Dong” to the steering wheel, I re-established the center of the swaying bike.

[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[Current synchronization rate – 72.5%]

familiar grip.

Now the role has changed.

Toward the prey, I speeded up.

Guys in the backseat who turned their heads were pulling new guns out of the box.

“This—f*ck it—go! Our gun-!”

From a distance, his voice was sparse.

I slowly took the aiming position.

The sense of mana users is several times better than that of ordinary people. The more you practice, the closer you become to supersensibility.

‘But that body armor is annoying.’

The guys were wearing body armor in the form of armor from head to toe.

Doo doo doo-!

The gun shoots fire.

The target is the rear wheel.

Unlike mine, their bikes are mass-produced.

Although it has a certain degree of durability, it has nothing to do with being shot for one magazine in this way.


The wheel exploded with a dull explosion sound.

The rear of the car was lifted, and the guys on board flew like catapult shells and crashed to the floor.

“… … !”

Without even having time to come to their senses, their eyes filled with astonishment.

A lost bike was attacking its owner.



When they hit the bike, they were pushed away for a long time.

There was no movement after that.

bang! bang! bang!

The guy on the other bike pulled out a pistol and fired it at random.

Bullets cut through the wind and hit the side of the bike.

Some hit the tempered glass windshield, creating cracks.

click. click.

Taking advantage of his bullet drop, he raised his bent body.

Throw away the gun you were holding, and grab one of the things you had tied up again.


The gun shoots fire.

The guys on the second bike follow the same steps that their colleagues followed earlier.

“Oh, don’t come!”

The third bike that changes its strategy and runs away. I pursued it and finished it without hesitation.


He got off the bike and aimed his gun at the face of a guy, or more precisely, the eye socket of the helmet.

limbs bent at bizarre angles.

The guys who were scattered not far away didn’t look much different.

“you you! If you know who our boss is, and just blow out the cannon, your colleagues around you! If you don’t want to regret it, put down your gun and get out!”


Blood splattered on the ground, and the boy’s head was bent. never heard again

“… … .”

laughter came out.

Why do these guys, who have lived their lives as robbers, put on such an unfair expression when they die?

bang! bang! bang!

The other guys finished their rounds as well.

Hana also had a scorpion tattoo on her forearm, but she didn’t care.

It’s not in the setting I made, so it’s proof that they’re insignificant bastards.

I captured their stuff.

The first thing I brought was a bulletproof vest.

There were new items in the box.

However, unlike the armor they wore, it was in the form of a thin vest.

‘It’s probably better this way if you’re slow moving for no reason.’

Other than that, I took a lot of things.

Pistol and SMG 2 tablets each.

A silencer and a large number of magazines.

water and dry food. Signal fireworks.

And some precious metals.

I squeezed it tight enough to fit it in my box.

“… … .”

Before leaving, I grabbed a bullet in my hand.

I struggled endlessly in prison.

how to get revenge

There are a total of five Blue Serpent executives.

Since I’m gone, there are now 4 people.

Everyone knows their profiles.

Each individual’s stronghold, weaknesses, habits, and even battle habits.

The problem, however, is that each of them has a considerable amount of power.

‘The strongest guy was at the level of the Imperial Knights Commander.’

In battles between mana users, the total amount of mana you have is an absolute factor.

The mana of the executives exceeds 2500.

Although my growth is fast, it is impossible to close the gap that has accumulated over the years.

Even the members of the lower echelons deal with mana, so that would be a stumbling block as well.

There are guys who insist on going alone, while there are guys who always have an escort.

A few assumptions were made.

It should be possible to narrow the force gap in a short period of time.

Be mindful of situations where you are dealing with multiple people at once.

Basically, it should be guerrilla-oriented.

He blew mana into the bullet he was holding. A red energy circulated around the fist and disappeared.

It was the mark of “flame explosion”.

The bullet was pushed into the magazine and engaged with the pistol.

Then he pointed his gun at a nearby rock.

“… … .”


He took a breath and put his finger on the trigger.

The visual acuity of the fuselage was increased to the maximum by “strengthening the eyesight”.

A cluster of bluish lights began to flow in his eyes.

‘Among mana users, guns are definitely a non-mainstream weapon.’

There are a lot of guys who are easily blocked by simple protection magic, and dodge all bullets or read the direction of the muzzle.

‘But if the power of each shot is comparable to that of a cannonball.’


The bullet was fired.

The moment the warhead and the rock surface came into contact, the engraved magic was activated.


Dust rose with a roar.

The flaming fragments fell, leaving nothing in the place where the dust had been removed.

My heart was pounding.

Although I expected success, the excitement I felt when I actually saw it with my own eyes was not small.

‘Exceeded expectations.’

It wasn’t a normal use of magic.

Firearms are not mainstream, and are considered to be completely separate from magic.

Of course, there may be others who have tried the same method.

However, it was probably not adopted as a combat method.

‘Because the engraved magic tends to have lower power than the original one.’

Unless you’re like me, who has reached an extreme in understanding magic.

In addition, high shooting skill is also required.

It is not a combat method that can be operated simply because it can be engraved with magic.

‘… In this way.’

Replace the magic with the bullets you have stockpiled.

During battle, all mana is spent on strengthening the body.

Then I was able to deal with guys who were above my level to some extent.

Of course, this was not to say that there were no drawbacks.

The mana used to engraving “Fire Explosion” is 75.

Considering the rate at which mana is restored, the production of ammunition is only about 1 per hour.

In addition, the attached conditions are strict.

After a few days, the engraved magic will evaporate.

The circuit level is still low, so it can be used directly, but there are also magic that cannot be engraved.

‘Reaching level 2 must be the top priority.’

As the level goes up, all stats related to mana greatly increase.

Then you will be able to breathe a little.

I looked at the land with residual fire for a moment and then grabbed the pistol in my arms.

Then I got back on the bike and started it.

ran and ran again

When hunting dogs were seen in the distance, they turned to avoid a collision.

Having secured the minimum number of weapons, there was no need to waste time in vain.

Often, unmanned vehicles clad in iron armor skipped the landscape.

It was a kind of vending machine-like vehicle that toured the coal mining villages and exchanged the resources mined by the residents for food or weapons.

The emblem of the Empire engraved on the side and the muzzle with the cover closed stood out.

‘… First of all, the superficial reason is to defend the weapon from the surrounding monsters.’

It has been known for a long time that the monsters in the wilderness area became extinct due to the barren environment.

The provision of weapons actually had a strong meaning to defend yourself from ‘hounds’.

‘Dogs keep appearing like cockroaches even after they’ve been cleared.’

In order to maintain security, manpower must be put in, and that cost is incurred.

It was said that there was no such thing as worth in this remote area.

Even if all the residents left and could no longer supply resources.

How long has it been running like that?

Slowly, the fuel gauge came to an end.


I parked the bike next to a pile of scrap metal nearby and removed the fuel tank attached to the side.

When I tilted the barrel into the slot, the fuel gurgled over.

Judging from the position of the sun, it was well past noon.

‘Slowly, I have to stop by somewhere for maintenance… .’

That was then.

Beyond the huge pile of scrap metal, the sound of a bike approached and stopped.

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