A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 200

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 200

199. Academic presentation (2)

“Did you say the reason was the lack of fame related to magic?”

Cain’s voice interrupted the quarrel.

The headmaster of the two elders was released in an instant, and the professors made a sound of breathing.

“That’s right. It’s a teaching from the princess who is no one else, shouldn’t she have the qualifications appropriate for that?”


Cain reached out and stopped Raitino from raging.

“I think it will be helpful to understand if you give specific examples of qualifications.”

“It’s nothing. To build a reputation in academia by accumulating research results. It’s like being awarded a certificate of merit after serving for a long time at the horse tower.”

Aitar added in a tone of regret.

“I appreciate your skills. However, it is true that he did not have much fame in relation to magic due to his short period of activity.”

Everyone in the seat nodded.

The atmosphere was gradually turning against Laitino and Cain.

“Professor McKerran, on the other hand, has made a name for himself in maternity and academia over the years. Isn’t it clear who is better suited for a teaching position?”

Mackeran felt a force in his shoulders, unknowingly.

However, his heart was fluttering.

Anxiety and anticipation coexisted.

It was because he was shocked to see that John had just been fine in the small intestine.

“In other words, it’s about building achievements related to magic.”

“Yes. However, it must be an achievement that everyone can recognize.”

Cain nodded as if he understood, and at that moment Mackeran’s heart sank.

“I will make it. That achievement.”


“I understand that the semester will end soon and there will be seminars. Then I will publish my thesis.”

Aitar’s eyes widened.

A quick calculation went through my head, and I remembered what John had said in the past.

「I have a thesis in preparation.」

“It’s about the double elemental field I just used.”

at the time of the first interview.

This young genius got caught between Raitino and himself and the fight was stopped.

Using a double element field in which electric elements and ice elements coexist.

‘The thesis talk was serious. He wasn’t a nonsense friend, so I was expecting that.’

Even dealing with the two main elements was understandable.

It is possible to have very good talent, but it was not very rare in a horse tower where the geniuses who were called introverts gathered.

However, developing an element field using both main elements was a different story.

‘I thought it was close to impossible. It is an area that exists only with hypotheses and conjectures.’

I was really curious about it.

How was the dual element field implemented?

I was also desperate.

Why did the blindingly brilliant gemstones fall into Raitino’s hands?

‘There are only a few weeks left until the seminar. The thesis has already been completed or is close to that.’

If you could unravel the double element field in academic language, that would be close to a revolution.

It was clear that there was going to be a huge tectonic shift in academia.

“Isn’t that enough? If you publish a thesis, I think you will be able to satisfy your ‘academic reputation’.”

A professor carefully intervened in the conversation.

“I’m sorry, but Professor John seems to be thinking too easily of fame. First of all, fame isn’t something that can be built up with one thesis, and almost all fields have already been pioneered, so it’s … .”

The professor took a deep breath without speaking.

It was because he recalled that the other person was a person to whom common common sense did not apply.

‘If it is a thesis presented by Professor John.’

swallowed the saliva.

I don’t know, but I don’t know if it will cause quite a stir in academia.

The appearance of the Aitar Elder, who was drowsy and silent, added confidence to the speculation.

“Did you hear it? Our professor John is publishing a thesis!”

“okay… . Then the condition may be satisfied. You’ll get fame… .”

Aitar continued to stutter.

A dissertation on the topic of the double element field.

It would be an undisputed great achievement.

There is a possibility that the quality of the thesis will deteriorate, but considering Professor Johan’s personality, the possibility is extremely low.

‘If you give it a variety of reasons, you may be barred from attending the seminar.’

shook his head.

I didn’t mean to disturb you.

It was important to insert factions into the Imperial Palace, but it was nothing compared to witnessing a new history of magic being written.

“Then we will hold off the selection of candidates until the seminar. There is still time until the date your Majesty has appointed.”

“great. good Now I can speak a little bit.”

Everyone in the seat could feel it.

Laitino and Aitar.

The two elders know something about John’s thesis, and that there will be a huge bang at the seminar.


Time passed quickly.

As the end of the semester approached, Professor McKerran’s mind became more complicated.

“If nothing goes wrong, Professor Johan will enter the palace.”

“To present a thesis in the first semester of your appointment. It must have been written before, right?”

Everyone at the meeting was predicting Professor Johann’s victory.

What was frightening was the fact that he, too, unconsciously sensed defeat.

‘Although I’m also going to publish a thesis. Can I beat Professor John?’

His interest might have been focused on Professor Johann’s thesis, and his own might have been completely buried.

Wouldn’t it be better to admit defeat and postpone the publication of the thesis?

“… … .”

I was startled by my own thoughts.

To step back without even trying to fight, isn’t it a direct violation of your values?

‘Let yourself be. My thesis is also impactful enough.’

Practical Combat Department.

Matop was a newly established department to dispel the stigma of being a research-only group.

The department was established only a year ago.

However, he worked tirelessly and achieved more results than anyone else.

Many experimental subjects were opened, and high satisfaction was drawn from the students.

「Transformation of element operation for actual use of magic.」

Everything I learned during that time was a concentrated thesis.

There was never any need to panic.

He had the right to confront Professor Johan proudly.

Professor McKerran calmed his emotions.

For the lecture, he packed his textbooks and left the lab.


The corridor on the 41st floor spread wide.

It was the highest floor available as a professor.

On my way to the elevator.

Professor McKerran’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

“… … .”

It was in front of Professor Johan’s laboratory.

It was quiet inside as I went down for a lecture.

Instead, the mailbox was full of snacks and notes.

‘It was obviously empty when I left for work in the morning.’

Gifts from students were already piling up.

His admiration for Professor Johann was famous for not discriminating between male and female students.

When he turned his head, he saw an empty mailbox in front of his laboratory.

I glanced around, turned around and took the elevator to the floor where the lecture was located.

“Professor McCarran! It looks like you’re going to class.”

As I was walking down the hallway, I ran into a group of professors.

“Yes. Where are you all going in a hurry?”

“I am going to listen to Professor John’s lecture.”

It was a confident voice without any sign of shame.

A group of professors shared their analysis of the lecture amongst themselves and told McKerran.

“Professor McKerran, if you have a chance, give it a try. There is a lot to learn.”

“I… Let’s think about it.”

McKerran smiled as he moved his stiff facial muscles.

I passed the professor and walked down the hallway again.

─Is this real?

I saw students gathered in front of the bulletin board.

Passing by, I glanced around, and there was an advertisement for teaching assistant recruitment.

“Recruitment of teaching assistants.”

“Any grade.”

“Those who are sincere and confident in their magical abilities.”

“Shall I support you? You can see Professor Johann’s face every day.”

“You have to have magic skills. You’re not too young to meet the professor’s standards. And above all… .”

The eyes of the students gathered together.

A girl in the crowd was staring at the announcement with her mouth shut.

“Look at your eyes. Do you want to apply?”

“Are you thinking of a plan for revenge? You are close friends with Professor Johann.”

“What is Ansuk? It’s just one-sided arguing and getting harsh every time.”

El Lexter.

The tomboy of the Lexter family.

And the most talented genius of all grades.

He was famous for refusing several professors’ love calls for ‘direct disciple’.

‘You turned down my offer. But why in front of that announcement? .’

In an instant, an ominous feeling struck.

He immediately shook his head.

El Lexter, who is famous for being free-spirited, can’t help but apply for Professor Johan’s teaching position.

I quickly ran through the hallway.

A voice came from behind.

—One day, L will kill the professor in the middle of the night.

will it be stabbed with

-That professor won’t die even if he stabs him with a knife


The classroom came closer.

This time he encountered Elder Raitino.

“Looks like you have an urgent business. I see you are busy.”

Raitino, who had passed by without a glance, turned to Professor McKerran.

“ah? was it you Professor Johan’s lecture will be over soon, so I’m on my way to wait. Aitar The boiled potatoes should be able to pick it up. Where do you dare to have a meal with John?”

Lightino snorted once, then quickly turned his head again and disappeared.

McKerran turned around the corner through the hallway and sat down and covered his head with both hands.

Johann Kirif wherever you go.

The constant mention of his name gave him a headache.


After clearing his breath, McKerran stood up, encouraging himself.

should not be shaken

i’m old

Because John is just John.

McCerran arrived at the classroom, opened the door and entered.

The students were waiting for him.


“Thank you for today. Professor McCarran. You will never hear a lecture like this anywhere else.”

A student nodded and left the classroom.

squeaky. shudder.

Professor McKerran looked at the closed door and shifted his gaze to the inside of the classroom.

Spacious space with no desks and chairs.

It was a lecture room decorated in the form of a gymnasium for students to compete.

‘I think if the student just changed his posture, the time to raise the element would be shorter. I’ll have to correct it in the next lecture.’

As Mackeran cleaned the classroom, he thought of each student’s face and parts he could help.

In fact, he could have devoted himself to research without lectures.

In fact, it was a more efficient way to build only the reputation.

Still, he did not stop teaching.

interaction with students.

pleasure in him.

It was because it was the driving force of his life that he could never give up.

After tidying up, McCarran left the classroom.

On my way back to the lab, I ran into a cleaning lady.

“You are in a lot of trouble.”

He nodded his head and said hello.

Even inside the wall, identities were divided.

There were many professors and students who unknowingly dismissed users, but Mackeran did not.

From his point of view, all human beings were equal, regardless of their status.

“Looks like the lecture is over. The professor is also very hard working.”

The janitor, whom McKerran had usually known, smiled warmly and said.

“Then see you next time.”

After a brief chatter and as they were about to take a step back, something caught McKerran’s attention.

“… May I look at the envelope for a moment?”

“ah? Yes. You can. If you’re looking for something, I’ll bring it out. Your hands will get dirty.”

“no. I will do it myself.”

McKerran unwrapped the envelope, found the object he had seen, and took it out.

A box of snacks.

And it was a letter.

“… … .”

He read the letter with a hardened face.

I am happy to hear a good lecture, and I wish you all the best in the future.

The writing was full of sincerity and love.

“I… Do you have any problem.”

“It’s nothing. This letter will help you find the owner.”

With the letter and the box in his arms, McKerran left with an angry foot.

I don’t know which student wrote it.

However, the recipient’s name was mentioned directly.

‘Johan Kirif.’

It felt like my head was getting hot.

How dare you throw away a gift given to you by a student.

Was he that kind of human?


The elevator stopped on the 41st floor.

On the way to Professor Johan’s lab, I stopped.

There was a sound coming from inside the professor’s dance hall.

Through the small window, I could see Professor Johan relaxing.


McCarran roughly opened the gym door. And he said to John.

“Let’s talk for a moment.”

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