A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 201

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 201

200. Academic presentation (3)

Cain turned his head to Mackeran.

“What’s going on?”

“… … .”

McCarran wanted to miss it.

The fever on his head had cooled, and rational thinking was returning.

Professor Johan, who is famous for being astute, did not seem likely to throw away the student’s letter casually.

If you are misunderstood.

If there is some reason for the letter to be discarded.

‘… I acted too hastily. Foolishly.’

Once again the embarrassment crept in.

“It’s a story. Is it about the princess’s position as a teacher?”

Anyway, I had to answer.

Mackeran glanced around in bewilderment to find a way to turn the horse.

Then he discovered an electric element spread around John and said.

“ah! Actually, I have something to ask you. May I observe Professor Johann’s Elemental Director a little? Next week’s lecture is ‘How to deal with an electromagnetic field.'”

Even thinking about it, it was a quick response.

In fact, that was the content of next week’s lecture.

John tilted his head for a moment.

I was nervous for a moment, but was relieved by the answer that followed.

“If I can be of any help, I will. Can I demonstrate the Sojang in front of the professor?”

“Yes! yes! Just keep doing what you are doing!”

Mackeran went to the chair in the corner and sat down.

He looked at John with his confused mind.

It was only then that I was able to properly examine the sojang field spread out in the exercise room.

‘This is comparable to Elder Raitino’s. It’s just a small range.’

Compared to the elder level, it was a story that was broad enough by general standards.

There was always admiration.

Break up! Break up!

The high-concentration electric elements scattered in the air were instantly transformed into high-grade lightning magic on the spot according to the user’s will.

The magic that normally unfolds within the element field is so fast that the fusion of elements is so close to impossible.

The only way to fight it was to develop the same elemental field, giving it an edge in the concentration of elements in the atmosphere.

McCarran’s heart began to pound.

Boiling blood quickly circulated through the veins, and the dilated pupils did not miss every move of John.

The purpose of entering the gymnasium for the first time was forgotten, and another thought settled in my mind.

‘If Professor John and I fight, who will win?’

He said that he had a history of working outside the wall, so he would have a lot of experience in rough fields.

‘It will be strong in practice. It’s been proven to some extent in the Club Cassargo case.’

But he wasn’t too far behind.

Of course, most of them were skills that I had only accumulated through daring and self-study in ‘Inside the Wall’, but the time and effort I put in was not easy.

‘Recently, I purposely went outside the wall and roamed the back alleys to fight.’

If you look at it from a sober point of view, there is a high chance that you will lose.

But I didn’t want to leave.

The emotion I felt right now in my heart was a strong win-win.

McCarran spit involuntarily.

“Professor John.”


“Can I ask you one more favor?”

“You tell me.”

“Would you mind playing with me just once?”

In an instant, all the electric elements in the gym were recovered into John’s body.

John’s gaze at whether further explanation is needed.

McCarran was perplexed.

‘What am I saying now… .’

I wanted to miss it, but it was already spilled water.

He pushed hard and decided to fulfill his desires.

“For a moment, I felt like I wanted to compete. I couldn’t stand the feeling of favoritism, so I dared to say it.”

“You are honest. It’s good not to talk round and round.”

John smiled.

As he beckoned into the air, the two bracelets placed in the corner flew away.

One for John.

The other arrived at Mackeran.

It was a piece of equipment that limited the amount of mana that could be used and the output of magic.

It was to adjust the abilities of the contestants equally and to prevent injuries.

“I think it would be nice to have three levels of mana and output levels. I don’t want to get seriously injured.”


3 levels of output level.

Although high-power magic could not be used, it was a stage that was sufficiently tense for a battle.

The two men wore bracelets on their wrists.

After taking off his coat and putting it on a chair, he climbed on top of the rosary made of specially made alloy tiles.

“Can I use the sub tool?”

“Yes. of course. Let’s say each of us uses one piece of equipment.”

At John’s acceptance, Mackeran took the wand out of his arms.

‘Professor John… Gloves?’

It was a black silk glove obtained from the ruins during the decisive battle with Laika.

Mackeran, unknown to the source, was momentarily perplexed.

Usually, it was common to use tools such as wands and staffs with him.

‘Professor John is using it, so it’s probably not an ordinary thing. Since I am close with Elder Raitino, it may be something made in Latium.’

He straightened his posture and pointed the end of the wand at John and said.

“The game is won until one person completely overpowers the opponent. How is it?”

“good. Then we will begin.”

Mackeran immediately deployed the chieftain.

His main elements are fire and water.

Among them, the fire element, which had a dominant proportion in the circuit, spread through the smoke field in an instant.

‘done. I was a little faster—.’

The thought did not last long.

At the blue electric current that was generated and flew from a short distance, McKeran hastily deployed his protection.


The protection of the weak output that was created one-time was broken at once.

‘At some point-.’

The opponent’s main field development was faster.

However, once the defense was successful, the future battle could be said to be advantageous to him.

The clash of the chiefs was largely determined by two factors.

compatibility of the main elements.

The user’s mana management.

In terms of compatibility, his fire element was superior to Professor Johan’s electric element.

In terms of mana management, I think Professor Johan will take the lead, but I was able to fill the gap with compatibility.

Break up!

As expected, electrical elements in the atmosphere had a significantly slowed bonding rate because their paths were blocked by fire elements.

‘This is enough to catch up with the naked eye. Enough time to spread the shield and block it.’

A brief moment as if time stopped.

McKerran has finished assessing the situation.

Lightning magic being generated.

Measures the power and creates a shield of the appropriate armor.

At the same time, it moves and combines fire-based elements that are free to operate in terms of superiority.


Although the casting was delayed, the small fireball was completed before the lightning.

But at that moment, Mackeran had no choice but to open his eyes.

“… … !”

Professor Johan left his seat and was running towards this side.

He hurriedly threw a fireball, but he could not hit John, who was wearing body reinforcements.


It was stuck on the floor of the gymnasium and smoked with an explosion.

In that gap, John, who reached right in front of Mackeran, took a big leap.

under the light.

The ice dagger that Johan was holding shone as a reversal.

Fit geek-!

The dagger fell as it was, scratching the shield.

The shield, which had run out of durability, was broken, and the lightning magic completed from the back flew in without a moment’s notice.

Break up!

McCerran rolled over and managed to dodge the attack.

With his face down on the floor, he looked at the floor of the gym next to his face.

Small sparks were flying over the tan marks.

I had goosebumps all over my body.

He quickly got up and swung his wand at the presence of the presence behind his back.


The wand and the ice dagger collided.

Fortunately, the wand was made of alloy, so it didn’t break.

The problem, however, was that the attacks continued helplessly.

visor! visor!

McCarran struggled to block the attack.

As the ice dagger was swung, lightning magic suddenly flew in.

Inevitably, the output of protection increased, and mana was rapidly depleted.

‘What the hell is this… !’

It was a completely unexpected way of fighting.

When it comes to the wizards’ maneuvers, ‘flickering’ was the only degree.

The parallel of magic and hand-to-hand combat was a realm that existed only in the imagination.

Due to the difference in the characteristics of the circuit, the wizard’s physical ability was inferior to that of a mana user of the same class, and it was common sense to focus solely on magic and fight.

But now, Professor Johann was showing a movement as much as any other knight.

No matter how much reinforcement magic was wrapped around his body.


Daggers and lightning magic pounded the shield non-stop.

As Mana was showing the bottom, McKerran sensed defeat.

‘Did you deliberately choose this strategy knowing that the compatibility between the elements is unfavorable?’

it was evil

There was admiration and anger.

‘After all, I can’t beat this man.’

The oysters rose sharply.

For a moment, a thought flashed through my head.

If you intentionally allow an attack and break the bracelet, the mana limit is lifted and you can subdue your opponent at once.

‘If you use high-power magic, you can tap Professor Johann at once and press it.’

As it was an act that was close to a foul, the loss would eventually be his own.

But, even for a moment, I had a strong desire to defeat this man.

Also, since they were in close contact, high-power magic might inflict serious injury on both sides.

far away

nevertheless conflicted.

Morality and a sense of inferiority were constantly at odds with each other, causing noise.

Quad Duck!

The dagger that broke the shield aimed at Mackeran’s neck.

There was no intent to kill.

I knew enough that it would stop right in front of my neck.

‘If it were a real situation, there would be no chance because the movement would be more intense… .’

Mackeran raised his wrists, pretending to be a natural movement.

After discovering it, John slowed down the speed of the dagger so that his opponent would not get hurt.


The bracelet is broken.

In an instant, a large amount of fire elements erupted from McCerran’s body, and a huge flame covered the smoke field.



The red flames were extinguished after a while.

Johann and Mackeran were fine.

Two bright blue shields surrounded the two men, respectively.

‘My, what have I done.’

Mackeran was sullen.

It was because he realized what he had done.

“sorry. I accidentally broke Professor McKerran’s bracelet. It seems that you could not control the instantaneous output because of that.”

Professor Johan was a quick-witted person.

He must have known that this was done on purpose, but he was speaking the words of consideration so that he would not be embarrassed.

That moment.

I couldn’t stand the shame anymore.

“sorry. There is no excuse.”


McCerran knelt before John and sobbed.

Tears streamed down my arms on the floor.

“I’ll be honest. I felt inferior to Professor John and harbored bad thoughts. I pretended to be a mistake and tried to injure him.”

He admitted his mistake with a trembling voice.

“The punishment will be sweet. It doesn’t matter if you spread the truth.”

I couldn’t get the words out properly because of my emotions, but somehow I continued.

“If you want to resign, I will do so, and I will never set foot in the world of magic again.”

He vomited out the low desire deep in his heart for a long time.

In the end, he had a slightly sad face.

Of course, he still couldn’t raise his head in front of John.

“Are you talking about punishment?”

A voice fell from above.

I thought it would show anger or discomfort, but it wasn’t at all.

“it’s okay. It looks like you’ve already paid the price.”


“It is not easy to admit wrongdoing and show naked feelings. That is enough punishment.”

“I am ashamed. I just… .”

“You don’t have to be shy. It’s really embarrassing because you don’t know your own shame.”

McKerran shrugged his shoulders once more at the shuddering emotion.

“Raise your head.”

As he slowly lifted his head, he saw the figure of John holding out his hand as if to stand up.

“I don’t hate people who admit their mistakes and show their honest feelings.”

Is it because of the feeling?

There is a sense of gentleness in his voice.

Mackeran held out his choking and slowly extended his hand.

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