A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 203

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 203

202. Dual Elemental Field (2)

“Still, seeing that he came out, it seems that he had prepared something.”

Professor Turing whispered in a very low voice to Professor Heyman sitting next to him.

“That’s it. My thesis was stolen, but I didn’t even make it public. I don’t know what the guts is.”

Heyman looked anxious.

“Professor Johann realized that we were the culprits and plotted a trick… .”

“It can’t be. Because our job was perfect. Assuming the worst, there is nothing to worry about.”

Turing. Heyman. Mackeran.

The three shared their roles as ‘accomplices’.

It is McCarran that paralyzes the CCTV of the entire 41st floor.

Heyman is responsible for getting a copy of John’s lab card key.

It is Turing who finds and steals the ‘thesis’ in the lab.

It left no traces in the process.

It was said that even if Professor Johan had ‘heart disease’, there would be no ‘physical evidence’.

“Let’s just watch. How do you present without ‘works’?”

Turing turned his gaze to Dan.

Everyone held their breath and waited for John’s mouth to open.

‘It’s a different atmosphere than before.’

This is probably because the presenter is the most talked about person in the capital recently.

‘It’s called the double element. I was really surprised when I saw the contents.’

Two main elements flowing in a circuit.

The theory that double element field development is possible when the ratios are completely equal.

At first glance, I thought it was nonsense, but what was described was very convincing.

In the end, it was just an unproven ‘hypothesis’, but I thought it might be possible.

“Why don’t we keep this separately? If we change the content later and publish it as our joint work… .”

It was Professor Mackeran’s suggestion.

Everyone’s eyes gleamed with desire.

“It doesn’t sound like a bad idea.”

“I agree.”

The original plan was to burn it for the perfect crime, but it was changed to keep it in a safe.

“Nice to meet you. I am Professor Johann Kirif of the Department of Elements.”

After confirming that the eyes of the left were completely focused on him, John opened his mouth.

“The title of the thesis I will present today is ‘The difference between the sense of inferiority as a human growth engine and the method of overcoming it according to class’.”

An assistant came up to the platform and handed John the thesis.

Turing and Heyman were stunned for a moment, but were relieved when they heard the title.

‘But what about inferiority? Does it have anything to do with magic?’

The presentation proceeded like a flowing stream.

It was a fairly provocative thesis that class and chosen people’s consciousness tended to be proportional.

“The more people like this, the stronger the tendency to overcome their inferiority complex by bringing others down rather than their own development.”

Especially given that the majority of professors in positions hold high ranks.

Before long there was a murmur, and a professor raised his hand and said loudly.

“I will admit that the content of the thesis is very interesting, and the data is also supported, so it is highly persuasive. But now, is this about magic?”

They nodded their heads in agreement.

There were many people who were uncomfortable with the blatant nature of the thesis.

“Of course, the thesis itself has nothing to do with magic. If it were a field, it would have to belong to the social sciences rather than magic. But there is a reason why I am presenting this paper here.”

John smiled.

Everyone in the hall held their breath once again.

“Because one sample to prove the content of the thesis occurred within the tower.”

All of those present are ‘professors’.

It didn’t take long to figure out the implications of the lines.

“Are you saying that someone tried to bring others down in order to get rid of their inferiority complex?”

“Yes. It’s a common occurrence in places where humans gather. I was afraid to skip it, but the sample is so interesting.”

The assistant reappeared and handed John a tape.

Apparently it was a CCTV recording, and Turing and Heyman were heartbroken for a moment.

“no way… Isn’t it?”

“No. At that time, the CCTV throughout the 41st floor was stopped.”

Professor McKerran, who had become close with Professor Johan, even checked the inside of the laboratory to make sure there were no personal CCTVs.

“It can never be. never.”

Contrary to words, Turing’s voice was trembling with anxiety.


When the tape was inserted, an image was displayed on the screen.

It was an empty lab with no one in it.

“Whose lab is this?”

“Looking at the scenery outside the window, it looks like there are quite a few floors.”

A cold sweat ran down Turing’s back.

The place you went to yourself.

I couldn’t help but not know.


With the sound of the lock being unlocked, the door opened and a person appeared.

It was at the same time that Turing rose from his seat and cast his magic.


A fireball from his fingertips flew towards the screen.

However, it was blocked on the spot by two ice crystals formed in the middle.

“Professor Turing! What are you doing!”

“Oh My God. Now what is this… .”

The hall began to rumble.

But Turing’s ears were not heard by the others now.

‘Professor McKerran betrayed us?’

There were two directions in which the element of freezing magic flew.

On the side of Professor Johann and Professor Mackeran.

It was only then that I understood how the situation had come to be.

completely beaten up

In the end, Professor McKerran chose to stick with Professor Johann.

far away

Turing stared at Mackeran.

The reason I didn’t sign an oath was to show trust in the first place.

It was also because he had confidence in the way he saw people.

The professor he saw was clearly ambitious and ready to use harsh means for him.

‘But they betrayed their faith in this way.’

While Turing couldn’t contain his anger, the next scene continued on the screen.

A man with a hood and mask covering his face entered the laboratory and began to search everywhere.

‘it’s okay. face is not visible There is no evidence of me.’

Turing sat down, trying to calm his excitement.

It was a bad decision to cast a spell, but it could be circumvented in any way afterwards.

In the end, it has to be proven as the culprit who stole the thesis, isn’t it?

“Who is that? I think I saw it somewhere.”

“I do not know. The place is probably Professor Johan’s laboratory.”

The man in the screen put the thick file he had found in the desk drawer in his arms and disappeared out of the lab.

The video was there.

“It happened two days ago in my lab. The original paper I was going to present here today was stolen.”

John’s fingers were raised high.

He descended through the air and pointed at a person.

Everyone’s eyes turned at once.

“Just by Professor Turing in the Department of Hextech.”

There was the sound of gasps being swallowed all over the place.

astonishment and confusion.

Disbelief and suspicion continued.

Turing deliberately waited for the murmur to subside, then stood up and said.

“Professor John, you are rude. It’s not enough to waste your time with content that has nothing to do with magic, are you blaming the lover?”

“It is not rude. I was just stating the facts.”

“I have never been to your lab, nor have I been in a different location on the date and time recorded in the video. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Turing was confident if a police investigation came in.

He even had an alibi just in case.

“If you want, an alibi investigation… .”

“You mean a fabricated alibi?”

With John’s gesture, the back door of the conference room opened.

Several outsiders appeared and climbed up the podium and began to testify one by one.

“This is Sofran, the owner of the magic supply store, No. 12 Street. Tue, I got paid by Professor Turing and issued a time-manipulated receipt.”

“This is Dane, who was in charge of installing the electronic entrance to the tower. I got paid and made a copy of the card key for a specific lab on the 41st floor.”

Turing was speechless.

It wouldn’t have been difficult to find out who this one bought.

Professor McKerran must have given you the information.

However, he did not understand how he confessed his sins so easily.

Besides, isn’t it a state of being fed a lot of back money?

‘Those idiots. Don’t they know that they too can be punished?’

However, there was something Turing overlooked.

The point is that John is an expert in buying people with his wealth.

And the fact that the two contractors made a clever choice contrary to what he thought.

The amount Johan offered was in a different unit, enough to make me want to take the risk.

My heart was beating like crazy.

He glanced at Professor Heyman, but he was only trembling with a bewildered look on his face.

‘It’s like an idiot.’

There was nowhere else to turn for help.

She had to overcome this difficulty on her own strength.

“It’s all rigged! What the hell do you have in mind for doing this?”

Turing looked around the crowd and shouted.

People began to lose interest in his passionate performances.

It was thanks to the fact that his reputation and image were not bad.

“There is more evidence.”

John’s voice echoed through the hall.

The assistant came up to the platform and handed him the thesis.

“This is my paper I found this morning at Professor Turing’s home. It was kept in a safe.”

“You know it’s a housebreak—!”

Turing quickly shut his mouth.

It was because the words themselves were acknowledging that the thesis was in their own house.

“You don’t have to worry about whether it’s illegal or not. The police conducted the search themselves.”

Doubtful eyes narrowed.

There are a lot of outwardly neutral people, but it was obvious what they were thinking.

The situation becomes increasingly unfavorable.

Desperately shaking his head, Turing came up with a fact.

All papers were written by hand.

Also, the author’s name has not yet been written.

“This is my thesis. Is there any problem?”

Johan, who was looking at Turing quietly, said in a cold voice.

“that word. Can you take responsibility?”

Turing flinched for a moment.

‘It’s already gone where it’s going. I can’t get out of here… .’

It was only a matter of time before the manuscript’s owner was revealed when the handwriting was later collated.

However, it was possible to devise a ‘next’ by somehow avoiding the immediate situation.

“You can take responsibility. Can Professor Johan take full responsibility for this situation?”

“That’s right. Of course I am.”

Johan displayed the thesis on the screen using the device on the platform.

Meanwhile, Turing turned to the crowd and explained the contents of the thesis.

“This is the theory of the double element field. Conventionally, the proportions of elements in a circuit must be different.”

I deliberately didn’t look at the screen.

In fact, Turing’s memorization and understanding were excellent.

Because it was an impressively read thesis, I remembered all the contents, and it was possible to explain without interruption.

“But, given the special circumstances, the story is completely different. Considering the example of sample A described on page 17… .”

John silently turned the pages of the thesis so that the audience could check the contents.

As if assisting Turing in his presentation.

to the tempo of his voice.

“Professor John’s handwriting is correct. I’ve seen it before.”

“But isn’t Professor Turing completely memorizing the content now? It’s possible that it’s really Professor Turing’s thesis… .”

The reaction was markedly different.

The mood reversed once again, and Turing, who gained confidence, continued his presentation.

“That is all. The dual element field is not a realm that exists only in the imagination.”

There was silence in the hall.

It was certainly a ‘revolutionary’ content, but I didn’t know if I could get a round of applause right now.

“I enjoyed the presentation. You are very familiar with the content.”

“Isn’t it natural? This is a thesis that I painstakingly ‘handled’.”

“Direct. It’s fun.”

“I was going to refine it further and release it in the next quarter, but it is a pity that it is released as an unfinished product. Thanks to whom.”

The conversation between the two flowed in the silence like a thin ice sheet.

“If Professor Turing’s thesis is true, let’s prove it.”

“proof? How do you prove more here?”

John looked at the screen.

The last page of the paper appeared.

And there were sentences written that Turing had never seen before.

「The author of this paper is the owner of the only idiosyncratic among the collected specimens, and intends to prove the theory by directly demonstrating the ‘dual element field’ at the presentation.」

After reading the sentence, Turing started hiccups.

“… Ha, huh?”

“I asked you to prove it.

John’s voice fell.

Like a drop of water falling on a still lake.

“This sentence at the end of the thesis.”

Everyone in the room could feel that the ripple was by no means small.

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