A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 204

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 204

203. Dual Elemental Field (3)

“If Professor Turing was the author of the thesis, wouldn’t this sentence also be provable?”

“Nonsense! I never wrote a sentence like that!”

John shrugged.

“Are you saying that the last sentence was added by someone?”

“Yeah, yes! Yes! This is not the sentence I wrote!”

At Turing’s half-talk, those around him frowned.

In fact, I am so confused that I don’t even realize it.

“It’s strange. The handwriting seems to be exactly the same as the rest of the paper.”

People nodded in sympathy with John’s words.

Turing bit his lip and shouted again.

Let’s get out of this situation for now.

Then something will happen.

“If you call the police and check the handwriting… !”

“Professor Turing.”

Turing was startled by John’s cold voice and shut his mouth.

His expression was also very cold.

Everyone in the hall couldn’t shut their mouths in surprise at the appearance of a momentary change into a different person.

“Do you think I am joking? If you give me the right words, you climb up without knowing the subject.”

“Uh, uh, that’s it… .”

It felt like an ice pick pierced all over my body.

My mind was lifted, and the suspended sense of reality was revived.

who you are

why are you here

What other situation are you in?

And above all.

Who is the person in front of you?

‘Nonsense. It’s really absurd. This is a dream. It’s a dream.’

It feels like standing in front of a giant predator.

The pressure and fear of the situation clashed with my teeth.

My mind went blank, and in the end something in my head was cut off.


Turing screamed and ran towards the exit of the seminar hall.

The moment you reach right in front of the door.

Break up!

An electric current from the air swept through Turing.

A shadow fell over Turing, who had fallen to the floor and trembled.

“You bastard to tear and kill. dare. I don’t even know the topic. Our John thesis.”

It was Latino.

He clenched his teeth in deep anger and cut off his words.

His face was flushed red and contorted like a demon.

“The sin of coveting another’s intellectual property. According to the school rules of the tower—.”

Lightino raised his hand.

A window of flashing current was lifted in reciprocal.

The professors turned pale and did not dare to venture out.



The moment the window falls.

The other elders left their seats and ran out.

“Hey, Raitino! Calm down!”

“There is no such rule in the tower! No death penalty!”

He tried to protect Turing by spreading his shield, but Laitino’s movements were too fast.

Many of them, anticipating the terrible sight, turned their heads or closed their eyes.


But the sound was different than expected.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a spear of electric current that was being blocked by the ice barrier and fading away.

“Chief Element… ?”

“… Are you elders?”

People noticed a change in the concentration of elements in the atmosphere.

The ratio of ice-based elements to electric-type elements was rapidly increasing.

Color harmony created by two elements.

I couldn’t help but be captivated by its beauty for a moment.

“I think one is Elder Aitar… .”

The people turned to look at Aitar sitting in their seats.

But he was just observing the situation.

‘I’m sorry. I could see the Raitino crashing and hitting. But this chief… .’

Aitar lost his appetite.

Expecting that Ansuk’s position would weaken, he did nothing.

The ice element did not belong to Aitar.

The people turned their heads again and looked at Latino.

“Because there is no death penalty in the tower!”

“If you don’t have it, you can make it from now on! let go! Aren’t you going to let this go?”

The elders are dangling while grabbing Raitino’s crotch.

Judging from the appearance, the electric element was also not of the liteno.

If so, what are the remaining possibilities?

The same thought popped into everyone’s mind, and they all turned their heads at once.

“I think you should calm down for now. Raitino.”

Johan, who received their gazes together, passed between the seats and climbed the stairs.

Arriving in front of Raitino, he spoke in a polite voice.

“It is true that Professor Turing was guilty. But it’s not worthy of a death sentence. If you hand it over to the police, you will be punished accordingly.”

Lightino looked at Johann and Turing in turn.

The excitement seemed to subside slowly, and then he swallowed a cough and said.

“I see. If you say so.”

Cain nodded and turned to look down at the crowd.

He said while stirring the electric and ice elements in the atmosphere with his hands.

“I don’t think I need to prove any more that I am the owner of the thesis. We will take questions and answers from now on.”


“Are you saying that there might be a way to artificially adjust the proportions of elements in a circuit?”

The heat in the seminar hall did not cool down easily.

“Professor John, what do you think is the biggest advantage of operating a dual element field?”

“Since when have you been able to operate a dual source of energy?”

Questions were constantly pouring in, and John answered without hesitation.

Questions and answers that have been going on for hours.

However, no one showed any signs of exhaustion.

‘If it’s like this, the seminar won’t end even after today.’

Aitar thought as he looked at the professors who desperately raised their hands.

It really was supposed to be.

Because you don’t know if there will be another opportunity to ask questions directly to the owner of the ‘Double Director’ thesis.

‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’

In any case, the teaching position will definitely be transferred to Professor John.

Isn’t Professor McKerran looking at Professor Johann with envy, as if he had already erased the competition from his mind?

‘There seems to be a deal between the two of them, though.’

Aitar recalled the words Turing and Heyman had shouted as they were taken away by the police.

“Professor Mackeran is on the same team! The author is one!”

That statement was most likely true.

Although there was no evidence, it was dismissed as nonsense.

Johann and Professor Mackeran had one heart from the start.

Or Professor Mackeran later joined Professor Johann.

it will be one of the two

‘I hope the two professors have a good influence on each other. This is what happened.’

It was not known exactly what the two young geniuses were thinking.

The times have changed, and he is now just an old man.

But one thing was certain.

It was the fact that he was witnessing the birth of a supernova that would cause a major upheaval in the magic world.


A week has passed since the seminar ended.

Johann’s thesis was listed in the Matthew’s Academic Database.

The reaction of the magical world was explosive, and in just a few days, it boasted the highest number of reads among all papers.

It goes without saying that the tent was stretched out in front of John’s mansion.

“That’s Johan Kirif! stick!”

“There was a rumor that the princess was going to enter the palace as a private tutor, is that true?”

“Professor John! That’s what’s on page 3, paragraph 2 of the paper!”

Professors were also among the reporters.

It is common to set up camp in front of the laboratory.

However, those in a hurry to stand in front of the mansion at the risk of losing face.

Of course, getting the answers they wanted was another matter.

“The Q&A ended at the seminar. The remaining questions will be answered in the next thesis.”

Because I dismissed all the questions in one word.

The reason was that I couldn’t answer all the endless questions one by one.

logically understood.

I also had high expectations for the next thesis to be published by John.

But the curiosity was not solved at all, and it drove people crazy.

“I can’t sleep because of my interpretation of this sentence!”

“Can’t you answer this one, this one?”

The professors rolled their feet.

But he did not dare to stick to John’s side.

There is an atmosphere unique to Johann that is difficult to reach, but the main reason was because of the escort who was right next to him.

“You’d better not stick to it too much.”

It was Estelle who changed her appearance once again.

Whenever a reporter or professor came near, she put her hand on the scabbard and made them flinch.


A vehicle bearing the imperial emblem stopped in front of the two men and women.

The vehicle driver got off and bowed politely.

“Mr Johan Kirif. This is the call of His Majesty the Emperor. I have come to meet you.”

The vehicle carrying two men and women disappeared in the direction of the Imperial Palace, and those remaining in their seats followed the rear of the vehicle with blank eyes.

The vehicle arrived at the Imperial Palace before long.

Cain waited outside Estelle and entered the main building of the Imperial Palace alone.

“hello. Baron Johan Kirif.”

“good morning. Baron Johan Kirif.”

Follow the directions to the emperor’s office.

They were greeted politely by users everywhere.

Thanks to his achievements in the past, the name ‘John’ was widely spread among the royal palace users.


got on the elevator.

We passed through a corridor with portraits of successive members of the imperial family and arrived in front of a huge door.


The door opened and a pure white space appeared.

Cain walked to the desk in the center and knelt down to pay his respects.

The sound of the door closing again came from behind.

“I see you, the Emperor, the glory of the Empire.”

“Get up. I haven’t been able to call because I’ve been busy with work.”

“I just want to thank you for not forgetting to call me.”

Cain straightened his bent knees and stood up.

He lowered his gaze slightly to avoid eye contact with the emperor.

“First of all, there was a lot of hardship at the border. Abel praised you a lot.”

“I just did what was supposed to be done for the future of the Empire.”

The sound of a creaking pen was heard in front of me.

Cain knew that the reason the emperor sent him to the border was a kind of ‘test’.

‘But I wouldn’t have expected it to drive out the Resistance at once.’

I could be sure that the test would have passed.

The emperor’s voice followed.

“How was the Abel you saw?”

“ambition. And he was a person with the skills to make him come true. His practical skills on the battlefield, including leadership and determination, stood out… .”

Cain shared his candid evaluation of Abel.

very detailed.

As if I had been watching that person for a long time.

“Are there any downsides?”

“It was disappointing that we could not make a flexible decision depending on the situation. I think it was because of my blind faith in my own judgment.”

“Exactly. It seems that you also have human eyes.”

The creaking sound of the pen again.

“I read the thesis. It really turned the world of magic upside down.”

“I think the lack of writing is getting too much attention.”

“You don’t have to tremble in humility in front of me. Please tell me your honest opinion.”

Cain pretended to ponder for a moment and deliberately hesitated to answer.

“Obviously, I thought it would get a lot of attention. I think this is an innovative thesis that has never been in the history of the magic world.”

The emperor suddenly burst out into laughter.

He shrugged his shoulders like a madman and calmed his laughter.

“That’s one of the reasons I like you. self-confidence in a person. It is proof that he is truly a talented person.”

The Emperor added with a lingering laugh.

“There is no need to be humble in front of me from now on. Do you understand?”

“Yes. All right.”

“And the content of the thesis. I called it a double elemental. It was very interesting. by the way.”

Instantly, the sound of the pen stopped.

“Isn’t it all fake?”

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