A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 208

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 208

207. tricks and tricks (1)


Asimov’s body staggered in unbearable pain.

Objects from all over the room collided with the boy’s body and fell.

[ Sync rate increases. ]

[ Current synchronization rate – 99.8% ]

couldn’t figure it out

Is it ‘Baek Jin-woo’?

Or ‘Asimov’.

But one thing was clear.

that he should become emperor.

No matter what hardships and trials you face.

[ Sync rate increases. ]

[ Current Synchronization Rate – 99.9% ]

‘Do you want to eat me like that? yet. not yet.’

Asimov picked up a decorative bead hanging from the wall and stamped his thigh.


Hot drops of blood splashed on his face, and his distant mind returned in an instant.

[ A system error occurred. ]

[ Sync rate will decrease. ]

[ Current synchronization rate – 99.7% ]

It worked too.

[ Correct system errors. ]

[ Sync rate increases. ]

[ Current synchronization rate – 99.8% ]

But it was only a temporary measure.

Because the synchronization rate was rising again.

Asimov clenched his teeth and continued to slap his thighs.

At the same time, the accident continued quickly.


Laxen is dead.

The future of the empire is nothing to worry about.

When the time is right, the emperor will launch the ark, destroy the continent and build a new world.

‘It is not too late to aim for the throne after entering the new world.’


However, there are a few variables.

Insomnia is not a problem.

Because Asimov was originally set as a person who suffered from insomnia and fell asleep forever.

I was planning to somehow find a cure that was mentioned lightly in the work.

‘But Johann Kirif is different.’

Works and settings.

He was a character that didn’t appear anywhere.

I wondered if it was because of Laxen’s death and the flow of the story was distorted, but I soon realized that it was impossible.

Developer of petrification treatment.

Appointment of Professor Mattap.

The protagonist of the Club Cassargo case.

Sweep the resistance at the border.

Presentation of the double principal thesis.

Events that are difficult for someone to experience once in a lifetime were concentrated on him.

Like the eye of a storm that sucks in everything around it with its powerful attraction.

It was a heterogeneous entity.

I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

As soon as a single assumption came to mind, goosebumps all over my body.

“If only I wasn’t in the story.”

The possibilities were sufficient.

‘Possession’ itself is already an unrealistic situation.

There was nothing strange about the overlapping of unreality.


If a person who knows the work well is using ‘knowledge’ about the setting, he is making an unstoppable move.

There was only one.

Someone who knows the work better than anyone else.

“Heh heh heh.”

it’s you

it’s you

Whoops! Whoops! Whoops!

head too. thighs too.

It didn’t hurt at all.

A deep euphoria anesthetized the pain.

‘I’m going to kill you this time. If I kill you and return to reality, then I will really be the owner of the article.’

I was fortunate to have lost my memory due to synchronization.

“A long time. Baek Jin-woo.”

Otherwise, he would have lost his life when we first met.

Since then, suspicions have not ceased, and every time I see a medical treatment, a judo newspaper flew in unexpectedly.

kind of question.

And given some circumstances, it was highly likely that he had the ‘eye of truth’ trait.

‘There is no such person in the setting I know.’

There were two possibilities.

A character that he had only conceived in his head without describing it in the material.

Or just extras that don’t need any settings.

Actually, it didn’t matter either way.

The fact that I had to kill him didn’t change.

[ Correct system errors. ]

[ Sync rate increases. ]

[ Current Synchronization Rate – 99.9% ]

I lose my memory soon.

You cannot harm him directly by oath.

Also, ‘Asimov’ has already been completely eaten by ‘John’, so there is a very high possibility that it will be used and thrown away.

device was needed.

However, due to time constraints, there were not many options available.

Asimov used his own blood to write the name ‘John’ on the duvet.

‘The probability is slim, but I can only hope that the memory will come back next time.’

Schellingford would certainly act according to his prediction.

Thinking so, Asimov lost his mind.

Hearing the message that the synchronization rate has reached 100%.


Asimov opened his eyes.

He looked at the familiar ceiling and let out a small sigh.

‘You fell asleep again. He must have been taking care of plants in the garden.’

The moment I was about to get up.

He frowned at the intense pain he felt below.

As I walked on the blanket, I saw a thigh wrapped in bandages.

“… … ?”

“When I arrived, the prince was lying down with a bloody Bido.”

A voice came from the side as if answering the question.

Asimov turned his head to Schellingford, who was sitting on a chair by the wall.

“I was lying in the room? Not a garden?”

The room was neat and tidy as usual.

But Schellingford’s serious face made Asimov nervous.

“Yes. It’s been a while since you collapsed in the garden. The room was a mess.”

“The room was in a mess… ?”

Schellingford looked at Asimov.

Under the circumstances, it was clear that the prince had disturbed the room by self-harm.

But it seemed like he couldn’t remember what he had done, so he couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

‘You really don’t remember? Or maybe he’s ashamed of his actions and pretending he doesn’t remember… .’

The original Asimov would never do such a thing.

But insomnia left him mentally and physically debilitated.

Have you ever had deep depression or abnormal symptoms even in the early stages of sleeplessness?

‘Recently, you have been relatively stable. If you are experiencing the same abnormal symptoms as back then… .’

He bit his lower lip firmly.

It was very sad.

I couldn’t figure out why fate was such a mean corporation.

First of all, it was clear that the prince wanted to ignore his actions.

In that case, it was the duty of a servant to make the master no longer disgraceful.

“It’s not Asimov-sama’s fault. It may be a side effect of insomnia. There are many diseases that are still unknown.”

“I don’t remember… I really… .”

“After a while there is a visit from Johann Kirif. I think it would be good to tell the story then.”

At that moment, Asimov’s face flushed with blood.

There was a tremor in his body, as if he had caught a cold.

‘… Also.’

Schellingford, who sensed the small change of the prince, clenched his teeth.

I had a feeling it before.

The prince seems to be afraid of John somehow.

And today, seeing the name written in blood on the blanket, I was able to harden my heart.

‘The prince’s self-harm is highly likely due to psychological stress. The stress is probably due to Johann Kirif.’

Johann Kirif was seen as ambitious and capable at the same time.

Or if he deliberately approached the prince in order to gain something.

“Mr Asimov.”

“what’s the matter. With such a scary face.”

“Have you ever been threatened by John?”

Asimov was speechless.

An oath was made, but the relationship was not by intimidation.

In return for ‘absolute obedience’, I was promised ‘cure for insomnia’ and ‘support until I ascended the throne’.

In particular, the saying that the development of a treatment for insomnia would be over could not be false because they had made an ‘oath’.

“It’s a threat. What nonsense are you talking about?”

Asimov’s calm voice.

However, Schellingford’s suspicions deepened by a sense of awkwardness.

It could not have been a threat.

However, it was true that the prince was feeling extreme stress from John’s visit.

The name written in blood could have been a message from the prince’s unconscious expression of a rescue request.

“I will be with you on your visit today.”

“suddenly? John would not be able to see the doctor comfortably.”

Asimov was perplexed.

It was because at each visit, they discussed future plans, including the assassination of other princes.

“no. I will definitely keep my seat.”

Schellingford’s attitude was stubborn.

Knock. Knock.

─ Johann Kirif has arrived.

During the fight, a knock was heard from the user.

Asimov pulled up a blanket to cover his thighs, and the door opened to reveal Cain with a travel bag.

“You seem to be having a conversation. I’ll come back after the conversation is over.”

“Yes. Take a moment—”

“no. See you right away.”

After Asimov stopped speaking, Schellingford got up from his chair.

He leaned against the wall and did not take his eyes off Cain.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Eyes moved in silence.

Cain glanced at him to leave the room, but Schellingford didn’t care.

“I need to see a doctor, so would you mind leaving for a while?”

“sorry. It is the duty of an escort knight to always guard the prince.”

Cain turned his head.

Asimov, who received the attention, said in a bewildered voice.

“Sellingford. wait outside It’s an order.”

“This is the Emperor’s order. Never for a moment to leave Prince Asimov’s side.”

At the time of entering the palace, he received such an order from the emperor.

However, that was only metaphorical, and Asimov had the actual command.

“Don’t force yourself. Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“You don’t know what dangers may arise around you, so it’s better to keep your seat.”

Schellingford looked at Johann and showed his blatant hostility.

“Shellingford—! Now rudely—!”

“it’s okay. Prince.”

John was caught between them.

There was a gleam in his eyes.

‘The relationship has changed.’

Including Asimov and Julia’s annex, the scope of his activities in the Imperial Palace was gradually expanding.

The search for Baek Jin-woo continued.

However, the suspicious person no longer appeared, and his feelings for Asimov were consolidating.

I was just waiting for this moment.

Only the monster in the lake reveals its presence by breathing.

With cobwebs hanging all over the lake.

“Mr Schellingford. You seem to have had a change of heart.”

Of course, this could be due to other factors, but it was well worth paying attention to.

“There is no change of heart. I just realized that I had been too easy on myself.”

Schellingford ignores the owner’s words and shows blatant hostility, while Asimov is restless.

It doesn’t look like any play.

If you did, involuntary factors such as eye twitching and breathing would be noticeable.

What is it?

The factors that caused the cracks in this relationship.

“I will respect Schellingford’s wishes. You can watch the treatment if you wish.”

Cain turned to Asimov, and at the same time captured all the scenery in the room in his mind.

And I contrasted it with the scenery of the past that I had stored like a photograph in my head.

‘There are some things that have changed locations.’

as large as a few centimeters.

as small as a few millimeters.

It was a minor difference, but Cain did not miss the change.

‘There are more scratches on the floor. Small, shiny grains of glass. And is this the smell of blood? The intensity of the smell was from Asimov’s thighs to the floor and then to the table.’

Cain’s five senses were no less than other beasts with the ‘body strengthening’ characteristic.

No, it was rather excellent.

As the mana circuit was raised to level 4, the basic physical abilities were also amplified.

All senses received by the five senses were replaced with information and became the basis for logical reasoning.

Dozens of hypotheses that could explain the current situation were quickly completed, and the most probable ones were selected.

The moment when only one hypothesis remains.

“Then let the treatment begin. A moment before that—”

Cain covered his mouth with his palm.

It was to cover the corners of his lips that were unbearably raised.

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