A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 209

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 209

208. tricks and tricks (2)

“I will start treatment. Let’s start with the pulse as usual.”

Cain started the treatment.

On the one hand, the analysis of the situation was carried out constantly.

smell of blood.

Things that have slightly changed positions.

Small fragments scattered on the floor.

And Asimov and Schellingford show opposite attitudes.

‘There was a commotion in the room. Asimov bled in the process. And the weapons used.’

Cain glanced at the wall.

The ornamental pedestal that had been there before had disappeared.

The previous question has been resolved.

Now two new questions arise.

Who stabbed Asimov?

And why stabbed Asimov?

‘It wasn’t long before the commotion broke out. About an hour ago, looking at the volatilization of the smell of blood.’

Upon arrival, the mansion was as quiet as usual.

The possibility of intrusion from the outside is low, and it is proof that the users are unaware of what happened in the bedroom.

‘It’s most likely the work of an insider. Given that not many people have access to Asimov’s bedroom.’

The escort knight Schellingford.

Some of the users are in charge of cleaning the room.

Cain knew the tendencies and personal details of all of them.

‘If the escort knights and servants injured Asimov, the reason.’

The first thing that came to mind was the possibility that Schellingford and the users were ordered by another prince and princess.

But the probability is extremely low.

By purchasing some of the workers with money, he knew the movements and routines of all the people living in the mansion.

There were few motives for other princes or princesses to check Asimov, and there were no signs of any contact.

He also knows that Schellingford is loyal to Asimov by giving his life.

There is absolutely no way to injure the prince’s body.

“The pulse is normal. I’ll take your temperature.”

Cain’s gaze turned to Asimov’s lower body covered with a blanket.

“And if you have any other inconveniences, you can tell me. Besides sleep paralysis, he has several medical knowledge.”

“Oh, no. it’s okay.”

An anxious trembling voice.

Schellingford’s face hardened even more.

‘After all, Asimov-nim is stressed because of John.’

It was true that Asimov felt a certain amount of fear and fear.

Although it was nominally in the form of a ‘royal visit’, the opponent was a being holding his own lifeline.

‘It’s another uncomfortable part. I didn’t even know that the wound was caused by you. dare.’

While Schellingford grinds his teeth.

Cain’s reasoning continued and quickly followed.

The reaction of Asimov and Schellingford was interesting.

‘The next possible number of cases is the prince’s self-harm. If Schellingford considers me to be the cause of the prince’s self-harm.’

This could explain Schellingford’s sudden request for presence and the blatant hostility it is displaying now.

One last question remains.

What is the cause of self-harm?

No matter how weakened his mind may be due to insomnia, he is not a person who will commit self-harm due to mental stress.

It means self-harm for a specific purpose.

‘To make Schellingford hostile to me?’

Asimov has no reason to do that.

Although they made an unfair pact, this is the existence that will cure the insomnia and support the rise to the throne.

Asimov is not a fool who can’t weigh his personal revenge and the chance to fulfill his ambitions.

Then, why the hell did he injure his thigh with the sword?

There is only one possible case.

And at that moment, Cain felt the back of his head stiffen.

‘If the guy’s synchronization has been temporarily disabled, and he has committed self-harm to prevent that synchronization.’

Faced with various situations, and through his own experiments, he had finished understanding the synchronization.

First, synchronization is always in progress.

It rises sharply when you reflect on past events that have had a major impact on the person’s life or have a related experience.

‘It felt like my mind was being eroded by the flood of memories of Cain.’

Moments such as when Maxim, his former subordinate, died in District 118.

There were several times when the synchronization rate rose significantly, and each time he tried to calm himself by cutting his arm with a dagger.

It could be said that there is an effect.

It’s temporary, but the synchronization rate has gone down.

Of course, it was an act that I stopped after realizing that there was no hindrance to self-maintenance thanks to the ‘coolness’ characteristic.

Cain covered his mouth with his hand to hide his deep joy.

you were right there

Now you’re breathing

‘wait. I have prepared the greatest pain for you.’

I don’t know how the synchronization was turned off.

But Cain was sure of his reasoning.

He had already gathered various circumstantial evidence and confirmed Asimov as ‘Baek Jin-woo’.

“Prince. You said you didn’t know what was under the imperial palace.”

Cain suddenly asked a question that had nothing to do with medical care.

“Oh, yes? Yes. I’ve said that before. I’ve never been down. But why is that… .”

After the synchronization was turned off, I was looking at two possibilities.

When the synchronization rate rises and becomes a complete ‘asimov’ again.

If you find some way to maintain the self of ‘Baek Jin-woo’.

As expected, the Asimov in front of me was ‘Asimov’.

If you maintain Baek Jin-woo’s self, you will remember the setting of the work, and the answer should have just been revealed to be false.

‘And if the self had returned, he would have doubted the existence of John.’

Cain was sure.

He must have come to the conclusion that he was ‘another possessor’.

If they recognized each other’s existence, it was clear what actions each other would take.

removal of each other.

One for revenge.

The other is for silence.

And Cain came to his final reasoning.

‘The purpose of self-harm is also to make Schellingford hostile to me. As a last resort before losing self. Because of the oath, you can’t directly give orders to attack.’

Tension was about to explode between the three men.

In the silence, only the sound of the second hand of the clock could be heard, and the treatment was finished ten minutes later.

“There are no major abnormalities in the treatment today. However, if there is something special, you should tell me right away.”

“… I know.”

“And next week, I’ll bring a sample of a sleep disorder treatment.”

Asimov’s face brightened in an instant.

“I, really? Is it complete?”

“I can’t say for sure how effective it is with a prototype. Once all the basic stability checks have been completed.”

After sharing a few more remedies, Cain left the bedroom with a visit bag.

“for awhile.”

When I got out of the hallway and tried to close the door.

Schellingford squirmed through the crack in the door and followed.


After closing the door, he quietly looked at Cain and said.

“I am deeply grateful that John visits the doctor every week for the treatment of the prince’s sleep disorder.”

“… … .”

“However, I don’t think there should be anything that causes discomfort or emotional anxiety to the prince in the process.”

Cain replied with a smile.

“It sounds as if I did some harm to the prince.”

“Yes. I saw the prince today, and he looked more anxious than usual.”

Cain only smiled softly without saying a word and then opened his mouth.

“Sellingford-sama is very imaginative, isn’t it?”

The intent of the question was clear.

I wonder if he has a delusion that his doctor is harassing the prince.

For a moment, Schellingford’s ears lit up.

But he was confident in his intuition.

Everything I saw, heard, and felt today was telling me that there was something between the prince and John.

“From now on, I will be present at all treatment seats.”

Schellingford left those words and disappeared into the room.

Cain looked at the closed door and thought.

‘The exoskeleton.’

The type of person who has strong convictions about what he believes is right and does not easily break his opinions.

It was easier for that type to control behavior than other types.

Cain thought of several finalities for Asimov.

‘A loyal servant stabs his master to death. It wouldn’t be bad either.’

Of course, I had no intention of killing Asimov right away.

The special status of ‘Prince’.

A special space called ‘Imperial Palace’.

The restrictions were stronger than in other cases, so an appropriate design was needed.

Above all else, revenge had to be done after bringing out the ego of ‘Baek Jin-woo’.

‘I have a lot of things to prepare for when I return to the mansion. For now, it’s a great harvest just to get information that synchronization can be turned off.’

In addition to experimenting with synchronization, several possibilities had to be considered.

The person named ‘Baek Jin-woo’ did not have a very fast brain.

However, ‘Asimov’ had the characteristic of ‘brightness’, so he could not be vigilant.

This may have laid an unexpected trap, so it meant that it needed to be checked.

Cain turned and disappeared, leaving only silence in the hallway.


A study located in the annex of the 4th Prince.

Schellingford stood by Asimov’s reading.

“It’s okay to look at other chores. I recently collapsed in the restaurant, so I won’t sleep here again.”

“There is nothing I can do other than watch Asimov-sama.”

Asimov sighed and turned his gaze back to the book he was reading.

The midnight moonlight seeped through the open window into the study.

A cool breeze blew, and shadows of various shapes fluttered around the fireplace flame.

“… … .”

Schellingford looked at Asimov and thought.

“Never show such a rude attitude again. Okay?”

When John left, Asimov became very angry.

Having never seen anything like that before, Schellingford was shocked.

‘It’s true that you were anxious when you were with Johan Kirif. The name written on the blanket is also… .’

The idea that there was some kind of relationship between the prince and John did not change.

However, judging from the prince’s reaction, he didn’t even know if he was acting presumptuously.

tap. tap.

The firewood eaten by the flames made a sound of twisting my body.

The books stacked on Asimov’s desk were all about cesarean and other military and political matters.

‘It would be nice to give you a clear signal.’

His master who does not doubt that he will become an emperor.

It would be better to give direct speech.

Because he is ready to burn himself like that firewood at any time to make a splendid flame for his master.


Then Asimov stood up.

For a moment, Schellingford staggered and ran, but before that, he corrected himself without assistance.

“it’s okay. It was just a little dizzy.”

“… Fortunately, the.”

Asimov went through the shelves, putting the books he had read into place.

Schellingford helped put the book back on the side.

Choosing a new book to read.

Asimov’s steps suddenly stopped at the ‘literature’ section.

“… … .”

“I heard you read a lot of literature when you were young.”

“It did. Growing up, I only read practical books, thinking that literature was not very helpful in life.”

Asimov pulled out a novel, looked at the cover, and made a face filled with memories.

He turned one page at a time and looked through the contents.

“I mean. I thought I was going to be a great person when I grew up. like characters in a novel. A wonderful emperor who rules the country. A hero who goes on an adventure with a sword. A magician who manipulates flames.”

“… The Prince is still great enough.”

“I actually knew it would. But insomnia ruined everything.”

“I am the prince… .”

“Stop the vulgar consolation. I know best how I am right now.”

At Asimov’s sad voice, Schellingford didn’t know what to do.

With a broken heart, it was only sad that he could not be of any help to the prince.

Then Asimov dropped the book he was holding.


“Wow, Prince?”

He screamed and grabbed his head with both hands.


The wind blew and the fireplace blazed wildly.

The shadows danced around the study as well.

Asimov’s hard voice escaped from his mouth.

“novel… a novel? Baek Jin-woo… But I’m Asimov… Cain? John?”

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