A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 212

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 212

211. stand alone (2)


It was a moment that no other words can describe.

The door is breaking.

A new one is rushing in.

A sword fell over Cain’s head.


It stopped in front of the black Cain’s nose.

Blocked by a blue curtain, I couldn’t go any further.

Schellingford clenched his teeth and gave strength to the sword.

However, only sparks flew with a loud fricative sound, and the enemy’s defense was not even scratched.

“… … .”

John’s eyes met.

Eyes like a deep abyss that seems to be sucked in if you look at it.

With goosebumps all over his body, his instincts sounded a red signal.


John waved his hand in the air.

I didn’t know why.

For a moment, I thought that the movement was very fluid.


The next thing Schellingford saw was a stream of mana from a ferocious force attacking him.



Shackled by mana, Schellingford was stuck on the wall and slid.

Mana was instantly wrapped around his body to absorb the shock.

However, the damage itself was so great that the defense itself was meaningless.

I felt blood rushing out of my chest.

Completely incapable of combat.

I couldn’t lift a single finger.

‘How can one attack… Besides, he uses multiple spells at the same time… ?’

My mind was full of doubts.

Assuming the same skills, it was orthodoxy that a one-on-one battle between a mana user and a wizard in the melee series would not be established.

Even before the magic was completed, the mana user’s sword would cut off the wizard’s head.

Even if he succeeds in blocking an attack with a shield, he can’t afford to use other magic at the same time, so it’s normal to end up exhausted.

It was also a rule Schellingford learned by practicing outside the wall after graduating.

But now that rule has been broken.

There are rumors that he is a magician with excellent skills, but in the end, by an opponent who thought he was nothing but a wizard.

‘At least the elders of the tower… No, it’s more than that. There is a sense that the rumors are rather inflated and spread.’

The overwhelming difference in power.

It was an opponent he couldn’t win.

Schellingford then turned his head.

And I found an unbelievable sight.

his lord on his knees.

The daggers shoved into the thighs.

Blood and saliva on the carpet.

For a moment, Schellingford’s mind went blank.


Schellingford in a pose kicked off the floor and leapt towards Johann.

Has your body already reached its limit?

Can serious sequelae occur?

It didn’t matter.

With only the will to annihilate the enemy, he squeezed his last energy.


However, Schellingford’s strike was once again blocked with futile ease.

Before the blade could reach the shield, Johann’s mana grabbed Schellingford and threw it to the floor.


“Wow! John! What the hell did you do to the prince!”

Cain did not answer Schellingford’s call.

He raised the output of the soundproofing magic, which had been lowered for a while, and said to Baek Jin-woo.

“I’m sorry. How can you not deviate from your expectations?”

“Nonsense. hey, this is absurd What kind of person have you possessed… .”

“When I first discovered that my laptop was gone, I had an ominous feeling. I hoped it wasn’t, but then again, my hunch didn’t go astray.”

Schellingford shouted once more in a voice overshadowed by evil.

“John-! I asked the prince what he was doing! If you don’t fall right away, I’ll kill you!”

Cain turned his head.

Looking at Schellingford, he asked with a genuine curiosity.

“Sellingford. Does this guy still look like Asimov to your eyes?”

“What… ?”

For a moment, Schellingford was stunned.

“What the hell is that… .”

“Shellingford! It’s an order! Kill this guy right now! kill me! f*ck, your job is to protect me at times like this!”


He moved his body reflexively.

But there was no force in his body.

“I remember having a very special relationship with Asimov. Doesn’t even his master recognize him?”

“What do you mean? Please explain so I can understand.”

“Didn’t you feel strange about Asimov recently?”

“Everything he does is bullshit! Don’t listen! Come on attack, damn it! You bastard!”

The confusion has increased.

It is true that he has been feeling strange about Asimov recently.

An act of self-harm that was never before.

mentally unstable.

The attitude toward John that changes from time to time.

Crucially, even the appearance of screaming whales now.

‘Asimov-sama never uses abusive language. Anyone who would show me that in any situation… .’

Cain said, looking at the necklace of the Order on Schellingford’s neck.

“Speak in a language you can understand. Yes, I think it can be summed up as saying that it was written by the devil.”

“Devil… ?”

“Guard me! Can’t you hear me? Even if you die, protect me!”

Schellingford Earl made a face out.

Baek Jin-woo’s cry was no longer heard in his ears.

“Baek Jin-woo. Unfortunately, your efforts have been in vain.”

“Hey, save me. please. I will do whatever you want.”

A white chill rose from Cain’s grasp.

Soon, a sharp, long ice pick was caught in his hand with the reverse.

“I ask you one last time. Do you really feel sorry for me?”

“Of course. sorry. I’m really sorry. I was all wrong.”

Cain nodded as he saw Baek Jin-woo crying and begging.

“Thank you. Thanks to you, I don’t think I have any regrets.”

Cain’s hand holding the awl flashed.

“I would like to spend more pain, but it would be impossible to do that in front of a person who used to be a servant. Feel sorry for Asimov. It is a flower that would have bloomed splendidly someday if it were not for you.”

“Wait, please, again, think again… !”

Baek Jin-woo struggled desperately, but he was unable to move due to the flames.

Nettle! Whoops!

The awl precisely pierced Baek Jin-woo’s heart.

Blood from the heart was dripping down the awl that came out on the other side.

“… … .”

Cain let go of the awl and took a step back.

Baek Jin-woo bowed his head and did not even move.


The body, which had lost its strength, could no longer resist gravity, and the awl that could not withstand the weight began to crack.

fight. Tuk!

The awl is broken.

The body slowly leaned forward.



Baek Jin-woo’s forehead hit the floor.

He lowered himself in front of Cain, as if he was apologizing.

“… Is it over?”

Cain did not take his eyes off Baek Jin-woo’s body for a long time.

His face looked like he was smiling or crying.

joy and sorrow.


[ Sync rate will decrease. ]

[ Current synchronization rate – 99.0% ]

regret and regret.


[ Sync rate will decrease. ]

[ Current synchronization rate – 98.0% ]

satisfaction and disappointment.


[ Sync rate will decrease. ]

[ Current synchronization rate – 97.0% ]

His expression changed every moment.

All kinds of emotions whose exact source is unknown.

Together they drew a vortex of fierce emotions.

The vortex spins, spins, spins, spins, spins, and at some point slowly slows down and disappears completely.

Cain could intuit that all of the old emotions that had sank deep within him had been resolved.


I opened the windows on both sides of the room using the flame copper.

The sun was shining, and the scent of blood was blown away by the cool breeze that permeated the room.

It could be said that the journey for revenge was practically over.

With Bama’s life in his grasp, it was possible to complete the task at any time and return to reality.

‘… Maybe it will be the story after killing the emperor.’

Laxen is dead.

When he leaves, there is no one else to stop the emperor.

The continent will perish, and all of its inhabitants will become sacrifices and nourishment for the new world.

The faces of countless people who have been together on the journey for revenge flashed through my mind.

‘They all die.’

It was not going to happen.

Cain felt responsible.

The destruction of this world was at his fingertips, so it was his responsibility to establish peace.

The next goal is to assassinate the emperor.

And the destruction of the ark and the establishment of a new emperor.

[ Current Synchronization Rate – 99.9% ]

Cain confirmed the synchronization rate.

Returning to the original figure, it did not rise above that.

It’s probably because of the cool character.

The driving force to move forward without being shaken by any situation.

‘There is no time to rest. The Emperor must be assassinated before the New World Project can be implemented.’

Cain turned and walked towards Schellingford.

He had a face like a man whose soul had been lost.

“You don’t seem to have the strength to open your mouth. Apologize for using too much force.”

Cain operated the watch on his right wrist.

It was received from Latino in Latium, and it was an item that could manipulate the color of mana at will.


A white glow emanated from Cain’s hand and covered Schellingford’s body.

Broken bones stuck together, and the wound healed rapidly.

“… … !”

Schellingford’s face flushed with astonishment.

High power healing magic.

It was a magic that only the Archbishops who were given 3 or more of the denomination’s marks could use it.

After healing, the light stopped.

Schellingford, who was examining his body with confused eyes, looked up at Cain and said.

“… Who are you?”

A voice full of doubts on the border.

But it was clear that he was more polite than before.

“Who do you think I am?”

“At first, I thought it was a spy sent by another prince or princess. However… .”

Schellingford mumbled.

It was because the divine power that John had shown a while ago was not disappearing from his mind.

A high-ranking member of the denomination was evident.

Perhaps a layman like himself could not even see him in such a high position.

‘But none of the faces and names I know of Johann Kirif. The Archbishop of the church headquarters and the bishops of each parish inside and outside the wall. no way… .’

A thought flashed in my head for a moment.

“Are you heresy interrogator?”

“Still, I have an eye. It seems that my religious life was not in vain.”

Schellingford couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

I started my religious life from a very young age.

After graduating from knights school, it was the heretical inquisitor who applied immediately.

Although I fell because of lack of qualifications.

But now, in front of his eyes, the power of the envy of the group was standing in front of him.

But the shock was short-lived.

Schellingford was confused again.

“I don’t know how to deal with this situation. Why is Johann replacing Asimov-sama? wherefore… .”

“Didn’t you tell me? Asimov is said to be possessed by the devil.”

“Devil… mean?”

“I am Johan Kiriff of the Inquisition. I can’t give you my real name and exact title, but I’ve been infiltrated here on a secret mission.”

Schellingford nodded involuntarily.

The divine magic shown earlier was enough to prove his identity.

‘Asimov-sama was possessed by a demon… .’

Although he had never actually seen a demon, he was clearly aware of its existence.

It is frequently mentioned in the Bible, and it is the cause of the construction of the wall at the time of the temple hundreds of years ago.

‘Nonsense. It can’t be.’

The devil itself was rather understandable.

However, he could not accept the fact that his master had been possessed by a demon.

“Nonsense. Words… .”

He bowed his head.

A murmur escaped from his lips.

Cain noticed the tremors and agitation in Schellingford’s eyes.

‘I don’t need to convince you in any other way.’

A single man with strong convictions.

Such people are rather less resistant, so when their beliefs are shaken, the repercussions are great.

The head can be denied.

However, the unconscious will eventually understand and accept the situation in order to protect the ego.

Humans are animals that try to understand the world from their common sense.

To rationalize the fact that he failed to protect Asimov.

To prevent the world he had built up from collapsing.

“Are all the unknown words between John and Asimov related to the devil… ?”

“About that. I can’t give you the details, but I can’t.”

Schellingford was definitely shaking.

Cain checked his plans for the future once in his head.

‘If you bring out the prepared words, there is no better time than now when Schellingford is mentally unstable.’

unexpected timing.

unexpected content.

However, it is a proposal that must be accepted.

“Sellingford. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to be discouraged. Hurry up and finish the situation and clean up the scene. Make a suggestion.”

“proposal… mean?”

Cain nodded.

And said in a low voice.

“You become Asimov. To follow his dream to become an emperor, and to achieve peace in the empire.”

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