A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 213

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 213

212. stand alone (3)

“Did you say you want to become emperor? ? to me… ?”

Schellingford doubted his ears.

Cain rushed in before he could even dig through the message.

“The denomination believes that the emperor was also possessed by the devil. A conclusion reached after close observation. He is trying to open the gates of the demon realm and turn the continent back into a world where demons run.”

Schellingford was dizzy.

It was hard to stay sane with a series of unbelievable situations.

“Are you telling me to believe that?”

“You are free to believe or not. However, depending on your choice, your disposition will be different.”

It was clear that if he did not cooperate with John, he would be put to death by silence.

I wasn’t afraid of death.

The only terrifying thing was the possibility that John’s words were true.

When Schellingford hesitated to answer.

“Sellingford. 23 years old. Born in the year 1046 of the Imperial Year. The family collapsed because of their parents who fell into the cult of demons. At the age of 10, he began his religious life as a tent in the 7th district church.”

“… … !”

“Imperial Year 1069. After graduating from the Knights School as a senior, he applied as an Inquisitor. However, he was rejected because of lack of qualifications. After that, he worked as an instructor at the Knights School and encountered the 4th Prince. After that, he entered the imperial family.”

After completing the long list of information, Cain said after choosing a breath.

“Prince Asimov was originally a powerful heir to the throne. If the insomnia is cured, the emperor’s attention will be restored. This means that you can observe and monitor the emperor from a position closer than anyone else.”

Schellingford agreed that he was the likely heir to the throne.

Deep thoughts and multi-faceted learning that even a boy could not believe.

There’s even the charisma you see sometimes.

If it had not been for the onset of insomnia, he would have been gaining ground by entering the main palace by now.

“The Church has determined that you are the right person for the mission.”

“… I have a question for you.”

“As long as you can answer it, you can.”

“Is sleep paralysis related to the devil?”

Cain nodded his head.

Schellingford bit his lower lip.

“Did Asimov have to die?”

“Once the devil begins to encroach on you, there is no turning back. Death is the only rest that can be given to a person.”

Tears welled up in Schellingford’s eyes.

It ran down the tip of his chin, following a trail of dried blood.

drop by drop.

tuk. tuk.

“Asimov wanted to become emperor and create a utopia. If you are truly a servant, wouldn’t it be right to carry on the will of the one who was your master?”

tuk. fight.

The tears didn’t stop.

He seemed to understand the meaning of Asimov’s words that night.

“If I suddenly disappear, then I must follow John’s advice.”

That was a will.

He knew that the fight against the devil would fail, and that death would come to him in the end.

“I will follow. Because that is Asimov-sama’s will.”

“I hope it was a prudent decision. You will regret it if it was made simply to avoid death.”

“I know what this choice means. its heaviness. All responsibility. But if you play Asimov-sama, you will need to prepare accordingly. For example, voice or appearance… .”

“That is nothing to worry about.”

Cain’s hand waved through the air.

Mana gushed out like a thread and wrapped around Schellingford’s face.

An ice sheet formed and floated in front of Schellingford’s face.

“What is this… ?”

Seeing his own face reflected in the ice, Schellingford said in a bewildered voice.

What he touched was his own face, but the face reflected in the mirror belonged to Asimov.

“It’s transformational magic. Unless it’s a very close distance, no one will notice. The effect isn’t permanent, but it shouldn’t be a problem if I visit regularly to renew my magic.”

I knew it was transformation magic.

But since he didn’t feel any mana, Schellingford could only be confused.

“Is this also the power of the Goddess? Heh, now the voice… .”

It wasn’t wrong at all.

In a strict sense, Cain was like the god who created the world.

“I lived closely with Asimov for a long time. It won’t be too difficult to imitate the way you speak or behave.”

“I will try.”

“I’ll give you all the daily routines. Including delaying insomnia.”

Even if it looked a little awkward at first, there would be no doubts.

Asimov lived in the mansion after the onset of insomnia, and had not had much interaction with the users.

‘A person who is in danger of noticing magic is like an emperor. But, at least for the time being, I won’t run into Asimov. I’ll pay attention only after my sleep disorder is cured.’

The treatment for insomnia had already been completed and clinical trials had been completed.

However, it is no longer necessary to use it directly.

There was no change in the plan to expand the scope of activities within the Imperial Palace with Asimov at the fore.

In time, I was planning to announce that ‘I was cured using a cure’.

“Don’t finish. From now on you make an oath with me.”

With Asimov’s death, the pact with him naturally ended.

There were vacancies at the limit of five pacts, making it possible to sign pacts with Schellingford.

Schellingford looked at the pact that appeared in the air and nodded with a bewitched face.


A few weeks passed.

Cain constantly visited the annex of the 4th Prince to check the ‘adaptability’ of Schellingford.

“The way he spoke and acted was enough. Have you ever learned the royal etiquette before?”

“Yes. Before he suffered from insomnia, Asimov attended various events within the Imperial Palace. As the escort, I learned the etiquette so as not to show shame.”

Schellingford was treated as leaving the Imperial Palace on a long vacation.

It was not directly through the entrance to the Imperial Palace, but the users in the mansion were not informed about it.

“I assume that the condition will gradually improve by taking the treatment. In the end, there is no need for the public at all.”

“All right.”

Schellingford glanced at Johann.

It was not that he was not at all suspicious of John.

He also had a quick head turn, so as time passed, the number of possible cases at that time came to mind.

However, since he had already signed an oath on condition of ‘absolute obedience’, it was impossible to use another number.

‘Let go of vain thoughts. The bullets have already been fired. Because that’s the way for the dead Asimov-sama.’

It was a kind of defense mechanism.

The probability that John’s words were objectively true was also the most probable among many cases.

Cain’s next destination was the second princess Julia’s annex.


I opened the door to the mansion, but there was no sound from inside.

There was not a single ant to be seen on the first floor of the vast expanse.

jerk. jerk.

Cain walked towards the central staircase.

And then.


A ball of fire in the air flew towards Cain.

As Cain reached out, ice crystals formed in the air, freezing the fireball.


The moment I thought I had blocked the attack, I could feel the heat behind my head.

‘Is this real?’

At the same time as he thought, a huge wall of ice was created behind Cain’s back.


The fireball was blocked by the wall and extinguished with an explosion.

There was a big crack in the wall as if it had taken a pretty big hit.

Time to catch your breath.

I could feel the heat rising on the floor.

‘Is this also a trap? That’s pretty good.’


A pillar of fire rose from where Cain stood.

It was small enough to not reach the ceiling, but the momentum was strong enough to turn one person into ashes.

─It’s done!

A cry came from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

One of the new ones jumped off and, by the time it hit the floor, it slowed down and landed softly.

It was Julia in comfortable active clothes.

As she looked at the pillar of fire she had lit with hazy eyes, she muttered with a face full of spirit.

“Wait, you’re not dead, are you?”


Inside the pillar of fire, of course, there was no movement of mana.

It won’t be.

He must have been using a shield to protect himself.

Just looking at the image, he was a person who would not die even if he was stabbed in the heart.

If that’s the case, you’d probably say, ‘I’m sorry. But I’m not going to die from this.’ And maybe I’ll pull out the knife.

“Bu, I told you to attack with the intent to kill. In order to enter the contest, you have to be capable of rubbing your own collar with magic.”

But apart from that, I couldn’t help but feel anxious.

I had to stop the magic, but I couldn’t stop because I was afraid that only black ashes would remain in it.

at that time.

“I’m sorry. But I am not going to die from this.”

“aah! It’s a ghost!”

A hoarse voice came from just behind my back.

Julia screamed and slammed her buttocks on the floor.

no, it would have been

Had it not been for the wind that Cain had engulfed her body.

“Oh, aren’t you dead?”

Julia asked with a slumped posture as if lying on a transparent sofa.

At the same time, he looked at Cain’s attire.

He had a slightly disappointed face when he saw that there were no tan marks.

“Yes. as you see. I’m sorry. The distraction strategy with multiple spells was great. If the magic placed on the floor had been activated a little faster, it could have done a significant damage to me.”

At Cain’s praise, Julia’s face brightened at once.

“Yes? Wasn’t that a bad idea?”

“Yes. It was great. There is a result of the training focused on practical work.”

Julia, feeling very happy, activated the magic that had been installed elsewhere on the floor.


Columns of fire rose one after another, threatening the lives of chandeliers and decorative shrubs in the mansion.

Yulia said while humming with a bright smile.

“Serena, you wretched bitch. If you burn out all those cheeky noses, you won’t be able to flirt any more. Where are you handsome?”

“… … .”

Cain looked up.

The blue-faced workers gathered on the high-rise railing.

Like herbivores running away from wild beasts.

‘I’m going to have a little trouble.’

It will be their job to clean up the mess.

The ruler of the mansion was a little girl in front of him, so there was nothing he could do about it.

“Let’s go to the gym quickly. Jin has to go.”

“I think it would be better to stop magic first.”

“ah. That’s right.”

With Julia’s hand gestures, the pillars of fire disappeared all at once.

At the same time, sighs of relief were heard all at once from the high-rise railing.

Cain and Julia headed to the gym with the first floor behind, with the entire tanned floor behind.

“Ugh. huh.”

I thought as I watched her lead the way while taking strange steps with a hum.

‘The growth rate is beyond imagination. I expected it to be somewhat faster.’

It was true that Julia had some magical talent.

It was also clear that he could rise to a high level of skill if he continued to work hard.

But the growth was too fast.

The metaphor of a blocked faucet being opened was not enough.

There was a crack in the wall and the entire dam collapsed.

‘Yulia’s tenacity must have played a big role as well. I’ve been searching for magic for a long time.’

Anyway, the first crack was made by herself, but it was she who eventually built the crack and broke the dam.

The given task has been completed in excess of the quota, and according to the users, he reduced the time to eat and sleep to concentrate on practicing magic.

Maybe he didn’t even know he was making a bomb that he didn’t know where it would go.

Because of Julia’s personality, if she roamed outside the wall, she would never be quiet.

Cain, who arrived at the gym, took off his robe and put it on the chair.

“Today’s lesson is also practical. If you can tan even a little of my clothes, I will pass.”

“I know. I am ready.”

Julia’s main element was a fire element.

The real opponent among the contestants is Serena.

Her main element was the ice element.

It could be said that Yulia was at a disadvantage not only in terms of the training time she had accumulated over the years, but also in her compatibility.

For this reason, the training was focused on practical work.

In a way outside the wall that thoroughly aims at the life of the opponent and does whatever it takes.

“The type of element I use and the total amount of mana I use will match Serena-sama’s level. Get ready to kill.”

Julia nodded her head with a relaxed expression.

“I promise you one more reward to motivate you. If I succeed in burning my collar, I will grant any wish of the princess.”

“really? Are those words true?”

“Yes. Anything is possible.”

Julia thought for a moment and then started to laugh.

“And let me do one more device for immersion.”

After clearing Cain’s neck, he changed his voice with magic.

“Have you never been outside the Imperial Palace? Yes?”

What came out of Cain’s mouth was Serena’s voice.

At that moment, Julia’s eyes were raised fiercely.

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