A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 214

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 214

213. Contest (1)

“Have you never been outside the Imperial Palace? Yes?”

outside the palace.

As soon as she heard those two words, Julia’s face hardened coldly.

“I think I just want to be locked up here!”

With an encal-jin cry, Julia kicked off the floor of the gym and ran towards Cain.

It’s like a switch deep in your chest is pressed.

However, the speed of closing the distance was so fast that it was hard to believe that it was a teenage girl who didn’t usually exercise.

‘Movement has become much more natural.’

All lessons for Julia were made on the assumption that she would fight Serena.

“The general theory of magic confrontation, the princess-sama can never defeat Serena-sama.”

It is true that Julia showed a growth rate that exceeded expectations and excellent element management ability.

However, it is also true that the amount of mana possessed by Serena is different from Serena due to the difference in time spent learning magic.

「The battle between wizards who can’t handle the Elemental Warden is often decided by their ‘fae’ skills and their mana ‘sheep’.」

Although Julia’s ‘pafe’ skill wasn’t bad, it wasn’t enough to overwhelm Serena.

In the long run, it was clear that he would overtake Serena, but he had to consider the short time that Julia had to learn magic.

“There is a high possibility that Serena-sama’s ability to break is superior.”

In a normal confrontation, there was a high possibility that Yulia would lose without even using her magic properly.

Therefore, the solution that Cain suggested was a hand-to-hand combat using ‘enhancement magic’.

As for the strengthening-type magic, its manifestation point was ‘inside the body’, so it was impossible to break it.

In addition, there was the advantage of being able to maintain magic with relatively little mana.

So now.

Julia faithfully followed Cain’s instructions and attempted a hand-to-hand combat.


Julia, who narrowed the distance in an instant, took out a dagger from her arms and swung it, and the flames wrapped around the blade flew along the trail.

Before the dagger touched Cain’s body.

tight timing.


The dagger was blocked by the shield.

Gee geek! Gee geek!

A power battle ensued between the dagger and the shield with an eerie fricative sound, and the armor soon began to crack.

‘Attack with all of Julia’s power. Serena’s mana amount would last this much time and break.’

Damn it!

The shield was broken, and as Julia’s next attack continued, the sound of footsteps from the two men echoed through the dance hall.

Tap! visor!

“Come in really prepared to kill. Otherwise, the princess will never be able to defeat Serena-sama.”

“Selena! Serena! Stop saying that bitch name!”

Julia clenched her teeth.

But the dagger couldn’t even brush through Cain’s hem.

In the end, the match ended with Yulia, who ran out of mana, gasping for a rough breath and stretching out on the floor of the gymnasium.

“ha… ha… Doesn’t it get much better though?”

“Yes. It really deserves to be called a sundae.”

Cain’s shadow fell over Julia, who was lying on the bed.

Looking up. looking down

The two had a conversation.

“But if you really don’t succeed in attacking you, then you won’t be sent to the contest, will you? Have you already yelled at Serena like that?”

“Yes. Because there is no reason to go ahead with a game that is sure to lose.”

“… … .”

“In that case, I plan to speak directly to Serena-sama. I think I overestimated the princess’s talent.”

At first I thought it was a joke.

Even if the mission fails, I’ll send you out to the contest.

However, this man like the incarnation of a big man didn’t seem to have any intention of doing that at all.

‘… If I can’t make it to the contest, Serena’s nose bridge will go up without realizing it’s high in the sky.’

My whole body trembled at the thought that I would be teased over and over again until I escaped from the Imperial Palace.

Something I can’t even imagine.

I had to stop it no matter what.

“Isn’t that too much?”

“It would be better than losing a contest and being dishonored.”

At the same time continuing the conversation with Cain.

He secretly moved his hand little by little and grasped the location of the dagger that had fallen on the floor.

‘I must have told you not to choose any means and methods.’

The opponent was being vigilant as he looked like he was carrying his back.

Optimal timing for a surprise attack.

Since there is no chance of a head-to-head match, this was the idea from the beginning.

If there was one thing that Julia didn’t notice, it was that Cain’s gaze was on her wiggling fingers.

‘The use of the situation is commendable. You’ll have to pass it slowly. The contest is near.’

In fact, it can be said that it has been a long time since Julia had the ‘minimum skill’ to win a match.

Serena would have never experienced an ‘anomalous’ battle, and if she used her carelessness, she could win enough.

The reason why the condition of ‘attack success’ was put was to prevent her self-conceit and to keep her motivated.

Cain pretended not to see Julia’s finger and continued talking.

“Even if you think you are cold, you can’t help it. A policy is meaningful when it is followed.”

“Still, this is enough to try—”

The moment when the squiggly finger touched the dagger.

“Die, you demon!”

Julia’s body moved like lightning.

Yes, it was a slow movement in Cain’s eyes, but he did not intend to completely avoid it.

“… … !”

Deliberately showing a little embarrassment on his face, he stepped backwards.


The dagger slashed Cain’s side with a narrow gap, and the two stopped moving at that moment.

Smoke billowed from the scorched, perforated hem of his garment.

“Hi-Hi. Are you distracted? Was the attack successful?”

“… … .”

“Why, why? It’s because I told you not to choose any means and methods… .”

“no. Well done. It was an unexpected attack, so I was just a little surprised.”

Julia, who looked at Cain, smiled brightly at that moment.

“Hmm. huh. won won Now I can go to break Serena’s nose bridge. What else can I make a wish for? What would you like me to do?”

tap. tap.

At that time, I often walked around the dance floor while stepping on the characteristic steps with a hum.

“By the way, I think you said the devil. That’s the image I usually have of myself.”

A voice came from behind.


Julia’s steps stopped.

She shook her head, sweating.

“Uh, that’s… yo. this?”


on the day of the contest.

An outdoor dinning hall located in the courtyard of the main palace.

“Long time no see. Count Lutheran. This is the first time since the last banquet.”

“Oh my, Marquis Vulcan. how are you? Is petrification cured? I heard that you have returned to the presidency.”

Aristocrats who arrived one after another in their vehicles saw each other and greeted each other warmly.

The orchestra’s symphony resounded softly from the inside of the courtyard, and the sound of sizzling meat was heard from the other counter.

Although the season is winter, the climate of the imperial palace is magically maintained and the scenery is no different from spring.

Round tables were set up according to the number of people around the dungeon.

“Five! Is the Heimon family also participating in this contest?”

“I heard that a third son is coming from the Crocus family. It looks like your expectations are high.”

There was a subtle tension in the conversation of the nobles.

On the surface, the magic contest was a kind of social church where high-ranking aristocrats gathered to watch the battles of young talents, and to enjoy food and music to strengthen exchanges.

Strong families actually participated in the contest in that sense.

However, families in an intermediate position saw the contest as a ‘place of opportunity for success’.

There is no other way to stand out from the Emperor’s eyes than to have a child participating in a contest get good grades.

They were conscious of each other as rivals.

And everyone was thinking of one person in their minds.

2nd Princess Julia Fnaham.

There were rumors that she would take part in the contest.

‘Participate’ not ‘attend’

It was not only about appearing on the stage, but also about going up on the podium and having a battle.

“But the second princess can’t use magic, right?”

“It turned out that I had no talent for magic. I’ve never been to a contest before.”

Reason for not attending the contest.

People thought it was because of their inferiority complex.

You will have to look at your peers who freely use magic unlike yourself.

“Isn’t Johan Kirif a tutor this time?”


“That’s right. Johann Kirif. That person would not know.”

At first, I didn’t believe the rumors.

However, when I recalled that Johann Kirif had been chosen as a teacher, I became skeptical.

Because of this, everyone in attendance was very curious about whether the second princess and John would appear in the contest.

“Selena. I heard you’re fighting with the 2nd princess this time… .”

Around Serana, a large number of children of noble families had gathered.

A strong displeasure flashed across her face as they were having a pleasant conversation.

But he soon smiled broadly.

“yes. Right. I made a promise. You must have felt pressured when you didn’t show up until the time was up.”

With a gesture intended for elegance, he sips his teacup and looks at the entrance.

“The princess has a personality with a small wall as usual.”

“Ah, there!”

Everyone’s eyes turned to the entrance at once.

The 2nd Princess’ private vehicle had arrived and was coming in.


When they opened the door and saw Julia and John appearing, people could not keep their mouths shut for a while.

The first reason is that their appearance has proven the rumors to be true.

The second reason is.

“Wow, did the princess come in very comfortable clothes?”

All other aristocratic children were dressed in suits or dresses.

The match is usually done in a polite way, so it was the same with the contestants.

“You look elegant in active clothes.”

“It’s an outfit that can’t be easily digested unless it’s a princess.”

Although he wears comfortable active clothes, thanks to the combination of colors and fabrics, I thought that he was dressed with the dignity and formality necessary for the seat.

The 2nd Princess was the one who usually led the fashion trend among the girls of noble families.

The center of the conversation soon became the ‘princess’ and ‘her attire’.

“It doesn’t look bad.”

“I’ll have to talk to my family’s exclusive designer as well.”

Serena felt her anger grow as her interest in herself quickly shifted.

‘You’ve always been like this. It takes all the attention I deserve.’

The rivalry between himself and Julia was not even a secret among the children of the noble family.

But he was always criticized for falling behind.

Appearance, education, culture, etc.

in all fields.

The only thing he had better than Julia was ‘freedom’ and ‘magic’.

‘no way. Even magic can’t be defeated by you.’

The time spent on magic itself is different.

This victory itself is certain.

But it was inevitable that anxieties arose in the corner of her heart, and Serena knew why.

Her gaze turned to the man who was following Yulia this way.

‘No matter how well you teach, you don’t have enough time to prepare. No worries.’

I struggled to read myself.

In fact, everyone in the hall was more focused on the man than on Julia.

“Oh my gosh. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen John-sama in real life.”

“Are you sure you don’t have a lover?”

“I want to believe that even if there is, there isn’t.”

“Wake. You are a man.”

“By the way?”


from the sons of the nobility.

“Certainly, the inside and outside walls are different things to consider when expanding your business. If Behilt-sama gets to know him too, he will be of great help later.”

“These days, there are fewer parties in the mansion. I’m a very busy person, so I can’t make an appointment. I came here on purpose to have a conversation with John.”

to the family heads.

It was really an explosive interest, and because of that, Yulia, who was not buried beside her in her aura, looked great.

“Selena. It’s been a while. How are you?”

“sure. Is the princess doing well too?”

The two girls looked into each other’s eyes and started talking.

“Hey, what? I have been in the mansion ever since that day.”

“I heard you were passionate about practicing magic. I’m upset. It should be worthwhile to practice, but I don’t think I can.”

“I heard that Serena-sama was also practicing magic at home, which she doesn’t normally do. It’s good. I think I was stimulated by Serena-sama.”

“no. I usually practice magic regularly.”

A smirk appeared on Julia’s lips.

“no way.”

Serena laughed without losing.

“A stimulus is also a stimulus.”

When the two girls have a nerve war.

“The Emperor enters!”

The guide announced the arrival of the emperor in a loud voice.

The emperor’s private vehicle was arriving in the distance.


Simultaneously with the Emperor getting out of the car.

Everyone bowed their heads so as not to make eye contact.

jerk. jerk.

The sound of the emperor’s footsteps rang out.

Without any hesitation, he was heading towards Cain.

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