A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 216

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 216

215. Contest (3)

Seeing Julia narrowing the distance in an instant, Serena panicked.

“Come on, wait! what now… !”

Even those who watched the game were shocked, and soon a murmur spread.

“I, that’s the princess right?”

“Looking at his movements, he seems to have used strengthening magic.”

“What on earth were you thinking of doing something like that… .”

Strictly speaking, it was not against the rules.

However, as it has been customary to compete from a distance, Julia’s actions could be said to be sudden enough.


Should the game be stopped?

The referee, unable to make a decision, turned to the person who had full control of the situation.

However, the emperor showed no sign of giving any further instructions.

He just had his arms crossed and an interesting look on his face.

The referee decided to continue the game and hurriedly backed out of the dungeon.

‘Are you going to stick together and see the game? Because there is no chance of winning in the face?’

Serena bit her lip.

angry The anger was intense.

I thought I had to press the bridge of my nose, but my body stiffened and I couldn’t move right away.

‘Damage? Or is it magic? If you use protective magic… .’

I never learned how to deal with this situation.

When preparing for the contest, didn’t you just practice the magic ‘quick casting’ and ‘pafe’?

Also, Julia’s approach was so fast that there was no time for leisurely judgment.

Nettle juice-!

In the end, Serena’s choice was to pour the finished ice pick.

‘Come on, wait. If you attack too seriously and get hurt… !’

I had that thought for a moment, but it was just a rainstorm.

The awls, which were blown with all their might, hit the floor and shattered without even rubbing the opponent’s hem.


Julia, who narrowed the distance, kicked off the floor and took a big leap.

At the same time, cheers erupted from the audience.

between the dazzling sunlight.

The blade of the dagger that Julia was holding as a reversal was shining.

Poison was spewing out of her cold face.

‘I’m going to die… ? I… ?’

Serena felt chills all over her body and her hands and feet trembling.

It was because for the first time in my life, I faced the face of a person who sincerely wanted to kill me.

I want to live.

I don’t want to die here.

Instinct moved her body.

A dagger fell over the urgently used protection.

Snuggle up! Break up!


The low-quality protection was not able to withstand the attack and was broken at once, and Serena’s body bounced away from the impact.

A dusty dress.

He looked like he fell to the floor in a bad way.

People made faces that did not know how to react to this sight.

It was the same with Serena who had been attacked.

“Come on, wait! Where are you fighting like this?”

Julia’s attack followed immediately.

Serena’s words didn’t come to the end.

She hurriedly rolled to the floor.


The dagger fell down where she was.

The dagger continued to pursue its prey without stopping there.





Serena continued to roll.

No matter how much protection was used, it was quickly broken, and no matter how much attack magic was thrown, it only missed.

I had no choice but to do so.

Because all she had hit was the immobile ‘target’ in the gymnasium at home.

Moreover, Julia was moving at a speed comparable to that of any other excellent student at the current knights school.

Serena’s dress was torn.

hair was messy

But there was no room to take care of face.

far away

messed it up

When the situation was adjusted, the initial fear subsided and anger took its place.

I couldn’t understand.

It’s Julia who has just learned magic, but why is she being helpless?

‘If the magic is done properly, an attack like this… !’

Serena’s thoughts were true.

The amount of mana he had accumulated was different.

If she used high-power protection, Julia could never break through Serena’s defense.

‘After that, all you have to do is use another magic safely inside the shelter… !’

Of course, it was just a home.

Because I couldn’t even breathe properly due to Julia’s continuous attacks.

He used the same enhancement magic as the next best thing, but it was almost impossible to catch up with Julia, who had been trained harshly by Cain.


Mana overflowed the circuit.

However, there was no time to use it, and on the contrary, his stamina rapidly showed the bottom.

Break up!

Julia’s dagger broke the shield and drew a sharp line in the air.

The floor of the dungeon shattered, and the dust that had arisen rose up.


Everyone held their breath.

The dust is slowly clearing away.

Soon, the two girls appeared.

Serena fell to the floor.

Julia got on top of it and was aiming a dagger at Serena’s neck.

“Move it. If you have the courage to do that.”

Julia whispered in a loudness that people couldn’t hear.

It was her first battle.

The thrill of excitement and the exhilaration of victory engulfed her whole body.

It was an incredibly easy victory.

To the extent that the training with John and assuming various circumstances is insignificant.

“Sure, the winner is Princess Julia Fnaham!”

The referee, watching the emperor, raised the flag toward Julia and shouted.

At that moment, Julia got up and fell from Serena.

“Boo, it’s clear that Serena-sama was suppressed.”

“Can you say that you won that by magic? ?”

People couldn’t easily react like other games.

The mind knows that there is nothing wrong with the rules, but the thought that the ‘dignity’ of the contest was not respected made the situation unacceptable.

Serena, who covered herself with the coat she had been given by her secretary, exclaimed vigorously.

“This is invalid!”

Julia, who was leaving the dungeon, stopped and turned to look at Serena.


“Where do you see a match like this in a contest? As for the equipment, they use cutlery like that, not a staff or a wand.”

People nodded and began to murmur.

Serena’s momentum grew stronger and she shot at Julia.

“The purpose of the contest is to compete with magic, isn’t it? Julia-sama’s method was closer to that of a knight than that of a wizard. It’s not that the other participants didn’t use enhancement magic because they didn’t know it.”

“… … .”

Julia frowned.

Looking at the audience, most seemed to agree with Serena’s opinion.

No matter what the outcome of the contest, the high-ranking nobles are watching the situation with young eyes.

“There may be people who object to the way the princess fights.”

‘It’s just as John said.’

He said he would come out when the time was right.

Julia looked at the table where Cain was sitting.

The emperor and the Marquis Viper were also waiting for Cain’s reaction, and all eyes were focused on Cain at once.

Cain got up from his seat and walked slowly over the dungeon.

Cain, who stood between Julia and Serena, said toward the audience.

“It seems that there are many people who have different opinions about the outcome of the match. If you have any dissatisfaction, please speak directly to me, who was in charge of the princess’s teaching.”

When Cain appeared, people quickly shut their mouths.

While looking at each other, a young nobleman stepped out.

“I don’t think the contest was done in the right way.”

“You are Lloyd of the Vassellus family. Please tell me.”

Not knowing that his opponent knew his name and family, Lloyd flinched.

As long as the family has been revealed, it has become impossible to retreat in moderation.

I had to speak well.

Otherwise, the reputation of the family may be damaged.

‘Nothing to worry about. Because the atmosphere is already tilted.’

The opponent is the famous Johan Kirif.

It cannot but be a burden, but in other words, it was also an opportunity to reveal one’s own existence.

Lloyd took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

“As Serena said, the purpose of the contest is to compete against each other’s magic skills and to find shortcomings in the process and develop them. In a way, it’s a place where we can teach each other.”


“However, Julia-sama’s fighting style seemed to have the sole purpose of thoroughly subjugating the opponent. Serena-sama said it was a battle of knights, but rather… .”

Lloyd’s speech was blurry and he glanced at the audience once.

“… It was like a fight between the back alley junkies. To be honest.”

It was said that dignity and elegance were not kept.

A small giggle of laughter erupted from the side of the audience, and Julia’s face flushed.

But Cain was unmoved.

“I know there is nothing wrong with the rules.”

“It doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong with the rules. There are, of course, customs and traditions.”

Lloyd didn’t stop, as he thought he had the momentum, and people nodded each time the argument was spit out.

Cain, who had been quietly listening to the story, suddenly asked.

“Lloyd seems to be very respectful of customs and traditions.”

“Yes? Yes. That’s right. Because there are customs, standards are established, and the element of stability is-.”

“But I want to ask you why you spend the night with prostitutes outside the walls without people knowing you, ignoring your fiancée, your family tradition as a child.”

Unexpected content at completely unexpected times.

It took Lloyd for a while to understand Cain’s words.


Lloyd started hiccuping.

It was obviously absurd, but the person who spit it out was ‘John’, so people started to stir.

Cain continued the story regardless of the reactions around him.

“As you may know, I run a security company called Supreme Security. The employees dispatched to different places carry out their missions and come back with various information. Among them was a guest book from a District 64 entertainment establishment.”

To be more precise, it was a ledger that was obtained in the process of purging the remnants of the Red Skull and absorbing the facility.

From Lloyd’s point of view, it was a place he visited while hiding his identity, but Red Skull’s intelligence was not formidable.

“Hey, lie. hib. Do not lie!”

“If you wish, I will publish the ledger and photos here.”

The moment Cain takes the gesture of putting his hand into his arms.


Lloyd screamed and pulled out his wand.

The element was quickly pulled up to the tip of the wand, and nothing happened.

“… … ?”

People noticed Cain reaching out his palm towards Lloyd and only then realized that the ‘fae’ had been accomplished.

“Look, did you see it? The elements were scattered before they could stick properly.”

“It is normal to succeed in breaking up just before the union… .”

It was an ironic situation.

The person who broke the ‘dignity’ and ‘nobility’ of the contest actually showed the most ‘dignity’ and ‘noble’ disgrace.

“If you look at what you were trying to stop, it must be true.”

“Oh my gosh. Only Sophie-sama became pitiful.”

Lloyd looked like he was going crazy.

“Oh, no! Not true!”

He protested, but it was not enough to restore the energetic atmosphere once.

Contempt was pouring in from all sides.

Even Serena, whom she tried to help.

in the midst of chaos and commotion.

Cain spoke again.

“I am not a fan of the words tradition and custom.”

Cain’s voice pierced people’s ears clearly in the midst of the noise.

“The real power to change the world comes from change.”

But even if people couldn’t hear it, it didn’t matter.

“Traditions and customs only act as obstacles to that change. In most cases, very high probability.”

Because the lines you spit out now are completely conscious of one person.

“That is why we need to break the existing mold.”

Cain, who had been looking at the people all the time, turned to one place.

“Even if you use rough methods sometimes. Even at the expense of someone.”

Cain’s gaze was directed towards the emperor.

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