A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 218

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 218

217. Ark (1)

‘First, I’ll feed you the finest wine. Makes you walk through a garden full of rare plants. I’ll make you soak in the bath lit with aromatic candles.’

If you get tired, you are more likely to stay at the mansion, and then you can have a conversation tomorrow morning.

The Marquis smiled meanly.

John would never know his perfect plan.

Even if you are a raw meat and creeper, you cannot ignore the age difference that comes from the years you have lived.


A chill felt for a moment, and Cain turned and looked towards the door.

However, all he could see was the Marquis of Viper, and no other abnormalities were detected.

‘… … ?’

It was strange.

Although the senses that have been trained by crossing countless dead lines cannot sound a false warning.

“You locked the door.”

“I was afraid that the users would cut off the flow of conversation.”


Cain nodded in agreement and sat down.

The Marquis also sat down and the conversation began.

“Do not open this. It’s something I’ve been waiting for for several years because there are so many people on the waiting list.”

“It’s a 67-year-old Clomone.”

“I do know! Have you ever drank?”

“Yes. I met him in the mansion of a rich man outside the wall.”

The cup was filled and emptied repeatedly.

Conversation topics ranged from topics inside the wall to various fields such as politics, society, religion, and culture.

Both of them had a calm tone, and the conversation seemed very calm at first glance.

“So I think the realm of materialists should be wider.”

“Your Majesty thinks so. But from a religious point of view, idealism cannot be ignored either… .”

However, the level of dialogue is very deep, and the energy contained within it is second to that of any heated discussion or debate.

The Marquis admired once again.

I thought that I was second to none in terms of knowledge in the capital, but I felt like I was being pushed back after a really long time.

It was satisfactory.

Good drinks and good conversation partners.

Couldn’t have had a more fruitful and meaningful time than this.

“What do you think about the current technology level of Latium?”

The Marquis brightened his eyes and changed the subject of the conversation.

“I think there are some things that are a little disappointing. I’ve been to Latium before with Latino-sama’s consideration. I felt that the prototypes were lagging behind the technology itself, which was developed internally.”

“That’s right. It’s a story that comes to mind when it comes to prototypes and technology. In 1052, when I was working as a terminal engineer in District 28… .”

The marquise’s eyes lit up.

“… After winning the contest, I entered Latium, the dream workplace of magic engineers. Everywhere you go, reporters come and report, and juniors ask for autographs… .”

The story continued endlessly, and it was not easy to find the right time to stop and enter.

For this reason, Cain chose to wait for the marquise’s story to finish completely rather than have a conversation.

“… But after 17 days, I got the lowest score in the initial evaluation. I just wanted to go back to my hometown. On the way home, I bought 6 bottles of cheap wine… .”

Heard in one ear and out the other.

Of course, he remembered everything he said, but he didn’t listen very carefully and waited only for the timing to turn the flow of the conversation in the desired direction.

‘The immediate goal is to learn the structure by entering the basement of the Imperial Palace.’

There were several types of facilities in the basement of the Imperial Palace.

A laboratory for the progress of the project.

A tank that supplies mana to the entire palace.

A hangar where a huge ark is sleeping.

Cain’s ultimate goal was to eliminate the emperor and thwart the project.

To face him, a huge amount of mana was required, so it was necessary to absorb the mana of the imperial palace underground tank.

Since it was a very high-risk job, thorough and careful planning was required.

“So, actually, Latium’s technology is not everything you saw on your field trip.”

Two hours have passed since the Marquis told the story.

Cain, who seized the opportunity, opened his mouth quickly, but naturally, as if he had been waiting.

“It’s not all. You mean you have more skills than I’ve ever seen?”

When Cain responded, the Marquis smiled inwardly.

“You don’t have to disclose all of the technology you have to the world. for example. Magical items we use every day consume mana.”

“I know it is rechargeable. Mana in the air flows in and recharges naturally at a slow rate. Or it can be quickly recharged with mana injected by the wizard.”

“That’s correct. And no matter what route, the only source of mana is ‘atmosphere’.”


The Marquis filled Cain’s cup.

Then he handed the bottle and took a cup.

I got up and went to the window and looked out.

A momentary flow of silence.

As the curtains were drawn, the room darkened a little.

The Marquis turned and looked at Cain and said.

“But what if there were other sources of mana besides ‘atmosphere’?”

“… It will depend on how much other sources play a role, but fundamentally the paradigm itself will change.”

“That’s right. It is an event that can be called a revolution beyond innovation. We, Latium, have secured a second source of mana through advanced technology.”

Cain looked very surprised.

“Does that technology exist?”

“Everything exists. It has already been put into practical use. All facilities in the Imperial Palace are operating with mana obtained from ‘second source’, not ‘atmosphere’.”

“I am very curious what the second source is. But before that.”

After Cain emptied his glass, he continued.

“Why are you telling me this? It is considered a secret within Latium.”

“You know that His Majesty cares a lot about you.”

“Yes. I think it is an undeserved honor. We are always working hard to live up to expectations.”

“Your Majesty has a grand plan for the salvation of the world. And he named you as one of those who would carry out the plan.”


Returning to his seat, the marquis sat down and poured a new cup.

It was the rarest and most expensive of the wines on the table.

He said, swiping his glass toward Cain.

“The choice is yours to hear or not. But once you hear the story, you can’t step out.”

The eyes of the Marquis were more intimidating and serious than before.

It’s as if you’ve changed into a different person in an instant.

What kind of choices John makes will determine what he will do in the future.

But it wasn’t much of a concern.

His Majesty’s choice has never been wrong, so the outcome has already been decided.

“… … .”

Cain glanced at the glass.

It was white wine.

The liquid in the glass was almost transparent white, with a sweet scent all around.

‘Two people on the ceiling. 2 people on the balcony outside the window. Two people outside the door.’

Minor signs were felt everywhere.

The reason the Marquis approached the window and drew the curtains must have been to check the number of people who had already been placed.

‘If you don’t listen to the plan, you won’t get rid of me right away. But it must have been prepared just in case.’

Cain pretended to be troubled and did not take his eyes off the glass.



Cain grabbed the glass and threw the drink behind his neck at once.

Cain’s neck twitched, and the corners of the marquise’s lips rose when he saw it.


The glass returned to the table.

The alcohol, which was quite large, was completely empty.

“It is the most flavorful and acidic alcohol I have ever drank. Thank you for allowing me to experience such a rare object.”

The Marquis burst into laughter with a satisfied smile.

“I have a few more bottles in the cellar, so you can drink as much as you want. Even if you don’t know anyone else, I can treat you that much.”

Wine wasn’t a problem.

Even if you drink only one bottle of wine in the world, the young talent in front of you will give you more value than that in the new world.

Cain and the Marquis filled each other’s glasses.

“The second source is ‘soil’, not ‘atmosphere’.”

“soil… Are you talking about common land?”

“That’s correct. The land on which we live.”

“I understand that soil doesn’t have much mana. Research results of many scholars.”

“Strictly speaking, it is. But there is energy in the soil. Although it is not mana, it is energy that can be converted into mana.”

“… … .”

“We call that energy ‘Energy’. It can be said to be the power that makes all things come to life and the power that is the source of all life.”


It was a commonly used word.

It is said that the land without vegetation lacks energy.

“It’s good to see it as the life force itself. Humans are also born with a certain amount of spirit in their body. The amount varies from person to person.”

“You said a little while ago that all facilities within the Imperial Palace are powered by mana from a second source. then… .”

“That’s right. Periodic substances absorbed from the soil. Mana made by converting it. It is the power source of the imperial palace facilities.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

Cain pulled the chair closer to the table.

As a sign that he was immersed in the conversation, the Marquis did not lose sight of it.

“Tell me.”

“With modern scientific knowledge, a perfect creation from nothing to nothing is impossible. The energy source used will be replaced by another energy source and will not come back. Then what will happen to the land where the spirit is absorbed?”

“Isn’t that natural?”

The Marquis’ fingers tapped the empty bottles lined up on the table.

All of those drinks were empty and showing the bottom.

“It doesn’t dry out.”

Cain pretended to be lost in thought and shivered with the next question.

“Is the place outside the wall where the essence is being absorbed?”

“It’s also quick to guess. But that doesn’t mean we’re making a big mistake. The spirit of the soil is restored naturally, but at a very slow rate. The idea is to use the land that our generation will not be able to use normally anyway, and convert it to mana, which gradually recovers.”

The conversation proceeded quickly.

“The giant statue collapsed and the transmission of mana is currently stopped, but there is already a sufficient amount of mana in the Imperial Palace.”

The statue of the goddess erected across the continent is actually a magic engineering device that absorbs the spirit of the soil.

“The mana tank in the Imperial Palace has already accumulated over a dozen years of mana. Your Majesty intends to use all the mana to restore the essence of the entire continent’s soil at once.”

During the restoration process, the spirits of all living things on the continent will also be used for restoration.

“You don’t have to worry too much. The chosen ones, including you and me, will be able to board the ark and avoid extinction while the restoration is in progress. Isn’t that the original law of the world? The absolute majority are sacrificed for the few.”

after restoration is complete.

The plan is to rebuild a new civilization on the continent that has become a paradise on earth.

As the story progressed, Cain did not show much commotion, and the Marquis could rather be satisfied with the appearance.

“understand. It’s amazing, but… It is not an impossible story to accept.”

“Your Majesty will also call you separately. They said that they would tour the ark and give them a role in the new world.”

The Marquis shared a few more stories about the project, and Cain nodded each time.

Questions and Answers.

Repetition of curiosity and curiosity resolution.

Suddenly, the alcohol I brought once again showed the bottom.

“I think I need to get up soon.”

“Bur, are you leaving already? Talk more with me… .”

“It’s because I can’t stand the excitement of my heart. The project is nearing completion, so it looks like there are a lot of things that need to be sorted out in a hurry, including businesses.”

“Still, today… .”

The Marquis had a very sad expression on his face, but Cain was determined.

in front of the house entrance.

Cain bowed his head deeply and said hello.

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the great initiative.”

“It is His Majesty, not me, to give thanks. You are the one who made all the plans and carried out them.”


A vehicle arrived in front of Cain.

“Then see you next time.”

Cain got into the back seat of the car with a soft smile.


The smile faded as the car moved away from the mansion.

It disappeared completely, leaving only a chill on Cain’s face.

“… … .”

Estelle glanced at Cain in the rearview mirror.

He usually has a cold face, but this time, something was different.

The element concentration in the vehicle fluctuated according to his breathing.

‘… I can’t breathe properly.’

It was anger.

Something that happened in the mansion made him angry.

It was the first time Cain had been with her for a long time to show her emotions so directly.

“Stop the car for a second.”


It was a deserted park.

Cain got out of the car and headed for the grass.

Estelle took a quick breath and followed Cain’s back with a worried face.


Cain put his finger in his mouth to empty his stomach.

Repeat until you vomit all the wine you drank in the mansion.

Cain took out a handkerchief and wiped his lips and hands, as if he had emptied his stomach to a certain level of satisfaction.


And then he floated it in the air and set it on fire.

Estelle asked Cain in a cautious voice when he returned to the car.

“What happened during the meeting with the Marquis… ?”

“Wine was bad.”

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