A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 224

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 224

223. Last Banquet (4)

“You are a traitor. Both.”

Marquis Viper and Elder Raitino disappear into the banquet hall.

The emperor’s expression looking at the back of the two of them was subtle.

He seems calm as if he has confirmed the predicted truth.

He seemed to be enduring his uncontrollable anger.

“We don’t go in either.”

“Yes. All right.”

Cain followed the emperor to the banquet hall.

Participants were seated while the Emperor prepared the opening remarks.

We greeted each other and chatted, but there was no lively atmosphere like a typical banquet.

“Did you hear the rumors?”

“The rumors about the ark. Who the hell spread it?”

Rather, there was tension.

It was because no one had not come across the rumors floating around inside and outside the walls.

Also, it is unusual for all the participants of the ark to gather in one place, never before.

Everyone had a gut feeling that the Emperor would tell the story of the ‘project’ and ‘rumor’.

In a solemn atmosphere, the emperor climbed the podium, and everyone’s attention was focused.

“Nice to meet you. Glorious inhabitants of the New World. I am only grateful to you for answering my call like this while I was busy with my work.”

There was no need for a microphone.

The voice amplified by the emperor’s vast mana reverberated through the banquet hall.

“We brought everyone together in order to guide the boarding process of the ark according to the upcoming due date, and to provide a place to get to know each other’s faces. I hope you all enjoy your seat.”

The opening remarks ended with that.

The band’s upbeat music signaled the start of the banquet.

Contrary to expectations, ‘rumours’ were not mentioned, and people were bewildered, but they started wandering between tables to enjoy the banquet anyway.

The emperor called Cain and said,

“Give me time. Find Cain. In the middle, we will have a place to introduce the protagonists of the new world.”

“All right.”

Cain walked through the crowd.

He could feel the emperor’s gaze following his back.

“Long time no see. Count Dunt.”

“After all, John was also a member of the ark. I don’t think it’s surprising. Considering His Majesty’s favor.”

I walked around the banquet hall, chatting with people in moderation.

At the same time, he glanced at the outer wall of the Imperial Palace.

‘A total of seven places where bombs were installed.’

distant past.

Cain built a bomb to tear down the border.

wall breaker. Commonly known as WB-004.

A siege bomb specialized in destroying structures.

Items that were distributed to the Resistance, but were also leaked to the black market.

‘The object used this time is an improved version of WB-004. The destructive power is much higher than that of the previous model, so it will be able to break down walls enough.’

There were no major difficulties in setting up the bomb.

Due to the expansion of the location in the Imperial Palace, the accessible area increased significantly, and all bombs could be transported through subspace.

Cain glanced at his wrist and checked the time.

By now, the number printed on the bomb timer must have been changing every minute.

Cain, who was walking around the banquet hall, made eye contact with Zervia and exchanged glances.

She looked tense.

“You will naturally know what to do when the situation arises.”

Aside from that, he hadn’t explained the situation to her.

It was the same with Professor Ellen, who showed nervousness and anxiety.

I could see Julia talking to people in the distance.

He rubbed her side and whispered.

“You will be able to get out of the Imperial Palace soon. Go to the designated place. My men will help the princess cross the border.”

Cain moved away from Julia.

A note was held in her hand.

“… … .”

With a slightly confused face, she recalled the story the emperor had called her a few days ago.

“Yulia. You too will board the ark.”

It was said that the world would soon be destroyed, and those who boarded the ark would arrive in the new world and enjoy wealth and glory.

No further was said.

All I can say is that when the time comes, you’ll be able to understand everything naturally.

And after a while John said:

“I intend to stop the Emperor’s plans. The princess said she wanted to escape the Imperial Palace and freely wander the continent. But if the continent disappears, what good is that even if you get freedom?”

added in a dry voice.

“In the end, the choice rests with the princess. You may decide to board the ark. But anyway, I intend to stop His Majesty, and I intend to give the Princess a chance to escape from the Imperial Palace.”

“… … .”

Julia looked at Cain’s back with her confused eyes.

Then he turned his head and disappeared into the crowd in the banquet hall.

The banquet proceeded in a somewhat rigid atmosphere.

Like a clock hand that creaks but keeps moving forward.

“Pay attention for a moment. I have people to introduce to everyone.”

It was then that the voice was heard.

Everyone stopped and turned their heads to see the emperor standing on the altar and holding his cup high.

“Without these people, the great leap into the New World would not have been possible. Viper Rote. Lightino Tyron. Come up on the platform.”

Clap clap clap-!!

Thunderous applause erupted to the extent that the entire palace might collapse.

The two headed to the podium with a deep sense of joy and exaltation in their arms.

However, the emperor showed a moment of tension and anxiety on his face, and the emperor, who caught the shaking of his emotions, put a cold smirk on his lips.

stupid things.

I’m afraid of being found out as a traitor.

I didn’t even know that everything was already revealed.

As the banquet began, Viper and Latino came straight up with serious faces and said:

“I think the probable culprit is Commissioner Gerrat.”

“I think the same. It’s suspicious that it suddenly disappeared, and if you look at the fact that it hasn’t revealed any traces until now.”

Shameless and clever acting.

For what reason did you think of betrayal?

authority? wealth? honor?

It was not known what prompted their betrayal.

But one thing was clear.

he knew it well

The fact that human desires are endless, and that no one can believe until the moment they reach their destination.

‘Still, there is one exception, so we can say that we are lucky.’

Not completely, but in the current situation, there was an object that could give the greatest credibility.


The Emperor took a deep breath.

Moving his gaze away from Viper and Lightino, he looked at the other subject and said.

“Johan Kirif. You, too, come up on the platform.”

Clap clap clap-!!

The applause grew louder.

People’s reactions were varied.

There were those who could not hide their envy and jealousy.

There were others who looked at him with a happy face, as if he had already expected it.

Viper and Latino, who were on the podium earlier, were also included in the person who gave a happy gaze.

jerk. jerk.

getting everyone’s attention.

I took a step and climbed the podium.

The emperor shook Cain’s hand and whispered in his ear.

“Did you find Cain?”

“Yes. I found it.”

“According to my instructions, make it public in front of people.”

“All right.”

Cain and the emperor were separated.

The emperor turned to the left and said.

“I will introduce them in turn. Marquis Viper Lotte. I was in charge of the general design and construction of the ark.”

Applause erupted once again.

The emperor then introduced Laitino and moved his gaze to Cain.

“Baron Johan Kirif. No one will know He’s the hottest person in the capital right now. I was the last to join the Shinsegae project, and it helped me a lot in the process.”

The emperor looked at the left.

and announced.

“In the New World, I will entrust to Baron Johann Kirif a heavy duty. You can think of his words as mine. And he will be the only one who can meet my gaze.”

For a moment, silence fell.

A murmur spread everywhere, and people began to understand the emperor’s words.


Applause erupted along with shouts.

In fact, it was as if he had appointed John as the second man.

Prince Abel’s face was contorted in dismay, and Raitino and Viper could not help but be amazed.

The emperor they knew had never been so easily conferred of power.

in confusion and excitement.

The eyes of the emperor and Cain met.

This should suffice.

The oath is not allowed.

If you declare your power in front of all people.

Then Johann Kirif will be satisfied enough to swear allegiance to me.

Cain bowed his head.

It was a sign of infinite glory and gratitude.

When the applause subsided.

The emperor opened his mouth again.

“I have one more thing to tell you. In fact, today’s meeting isn’t just to get to know each other’s faces and celebrate the leap into the new world.”

The hall became quiet in an instant.

Tension and anxiety, which had been suspended for a while, began to seep into the banquet hall.

“Everyone must have heard. The disquieting rumors that have been floating around inside and outside the walls lately. The world will soon perish, and only those aboard the ark will survive.”


The cup in the emperor’s hand was shattered by the force of his grip.

Blood was dripping, but the emperor didn’t care and continued.

“Someone leaked information. I mean, there’s a traitor. Dare without fear. will definitely be here A story that you would never know unless you were on the ark.”


People held their breath.

They looked at each other with suspicious eyes.

“You must also have heard rumors that a man named Cain was leading the Resistance. I think the traitors are working with Cain to bring down the Empire. Evidence has also been obtained.”

The emperor picked his breath.

“And Cain must have been there too. He must have disguised his identity and put his name on the ark’s occupant list.”

The emperor’s gaze swept the left crowd.

As if they were looking through who was Cain.

“But don’t worry. After investigation, we found out who the traitor was. I will reveal everything here. who the traitor is. Who is Cain?”

A commotion spread in the hall.

The Emperor confirmed the reaction of Lightino and Viper.

There was no commotion.

Rather, he is just waiting for the next word from this side with a hopeful gaze.

stupid things.

You would think that Director Gerrat would be identified as a traitor.

They may even attack you with a suspicious look.

“I will name the traitors first.”

But it doesn’t matter.

“Viper Rote. Lightino Tyron.”

Before that, this one will hit the player first.

The eyes of the two people who were designated as traitors shook in shock and embarrassment.

It was the same with the crowd, followed by an angry cry from the emperor’s mouth.

“What are you doing! Without capturing the rebels!”

The Imperial Knights, who were waiting around, rushed in unison with lightning-like movements.

“What… !”

“Lung, Your Majesty! What are you talking about now?”

Lightino and Viper.

The two fell on their knees before the emperor with their hands handcuffed to limit the use of mana.

The knight’s sword hung just below their necks.

There was no resistance in the process.

‘Your Majesty must have misunderstood something.’

There is something misunderstood.

If the facts are revealed, they will be released without incident.

Anxiety that things could go out of the way passed for a moment, but there was also no action that could be taken.

The Imperial Knights Templar are talented individuals equal to one platoon.

If you are willing to fight with them, you have to take serious damage.

“Your Majesty seems to have misunderstood something.”

The words of the Marquis Viper could not be continued.


Because the emperor took the knight’s sword and stabbed him in one shoulder.

“—Keep it.”

The Marquis desperately held back his groan.

Cold sweat started running down his body.

The scent of blood spread throughout the banquet hall.

The band’s performance suddenly stopped.

“A disgusting thing. You should not open your mouth until I give you permission.”

The emperor’s ice-cold voice echoed through the banquet hall.

A suffocating amount of mana was gushing out of his body.

The element concentration in the entire banquet hall soared and reached saturation.

Even those who did not feel mana could see with the naked eye the elements that filled the atmosphere densely.

It’s like a mixture of colored paints mixed together on oil.


The weak began to fall from their seats.

However, the majority of the participants were owners of high-level mana circuits, who desperately endured the pressure of the elements.


A streak of blood ran down the corner of Latino’s lips.

restraints stuffed into hands.

There were restrictions in mana management, so he could not withstand the emperor’s mana field.

It was only thanks to his superhuman spirit that he did not lose consciousness.

‘To speak now will only upset His Majesty and have the opposite effect. I have to endure somehow and clear up the misunderstanding… .’

The eyes of the Marquis Viper were already out of focus.

If he even lost consciousness, it was all over without a chance to resolve the misunderstanding.

in a confused mind.

The king’s voice rang out.

“We found evidence in the homes and offices of the two rebels. I plan to publish it so that everyone can check it out later. And the true identity of Cain, the leader of the rebel army—”

The emperor turned his head.

At the end of his gaze was Cain.

“Here, Baron Johan Kirif, will speak for you.”

Cain took a step forward.

After looking around the audience slowly, he opened his mouth.

“On the orders of His Majesty, I went around the banquet hall to find Cain. There was a person who had previously been suspicious, and today I was able to solidify my guess with certainty.”


The upper body of the Marquis who has fallen forward.

puddles of stagnant blood.

The smell of blood thickening.

sucks. sucks.

And the crowd gradually begins to lose consciousness.

“I will tell you right now. Who is Cain hiding in the banquet hall?”

Cain raised his hand high.

The straight index finger seemed to point out someone at any moment.

hand came down

slowly. like swimming in the air.

However, contrary to everyone’s expectations.

The finger did not point to anyone.

All the bent fingers were spread out, and the palms naturally ran down the master’s face.

In the place where the palm had disappeared, there was no longer Johann Kirif’s face.

“I am Cain.”

That moment.

A huge explosion sounded from the outside wall.

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