A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 226

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 226

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A gust of wind blew through my body.

The speed of the fall only increased out of control.

To the extent that if anyone had watched, all I could think of was the scene where the elevator collided and my body was shattered.

However, Cain did not slow down even an inch.

He could not waste even a second of his time until the moment he confirmed the emperor’s death.

The roof of the elevator was rapidly approaching.

That was the time when the wind was gathering in the palm of your hand.

“… … !”

I could feel the movement of the elements in the elevator.

The moment after Cain reflexively turns.


A sharp wind blew through the elevator roof.


He gently stroked Cain’s cheek.

like a bullet.

Drops of blood fluttered in the air.

Cain turns his body once to correct his posture.

The ‘windball’ held in his hand was suddenly converted to attack rather than landing.

Cain stretched out his palm.

It was only a few meters away from the roof.


The clump of wind completely crushed one side of the elevator roof and burrowed inside.

The recoil of the shot drastically reduced the fall speed, and Cain landed gently on the intact roof.

“… … .”

The elevator was empty.

There were no bloodstains or flesh in sight, except that the wind had smashed it horribly.

widely. tatak. widely.

The sound of urgent footsteps continued outside the wide open elevator door.

Cain immediately moved and went out the door.

“Let’s talk for a second.”

A long platform-type passageway.

The emperor had reached the end of the trail and had his palm on the mana tank.

A sphere-shaped mana tank connected to a long tube extending from the ceiling and floor fluttered like a living heart.


Cain ignored the emperor’s words and took a step closer.

“Stop it. Isn’t there something you want?”

jerk. jerk.

The Emperor’s palm was located exactly on the tank’s sensor.

It is absorbing mana.

Even if it is, it will not be of much help to the current situation with a small amount.

“I told you to stop! What a name!”


Cain stopped walking.

The emperor’s face was filled with wonder and anticipation at the same time.

“Is there anything you want? You’re talking as if you’re willing to listen.”

The emperor spoke in the most solemn voice possible.

“You are a smart person. He must have done something like this because he wanted something.”

“okay. You want something.”

“Tell me. Do you want a higher position in the New World? Or do we need more seats on the ark?”

The emperor’s anticipation grew.

But it didn’t last long.


By the words that came out of Cain’s mouth in the next moment.

“Your life. And the destruction of the ark.”


The Emperor and Cain fired gusts of wind at each other at the same time.

At the same time, the protection was deployed, and at the same time, the main field was deployed.

Break up! Crazy!

Cain’s watch could not withstand the magic output and was broken.

Because of that, his mana had returned to dark black.


White mana and black mana.

Two element fields with colors reflecting the user’s main element collided in the middle as if the sea area was intertwined.

Break up! Crazy!

Emperor and Cain.

Both were multi-element users.

All types of existing elements were contained within the element field.

It is also in a ‘high concentration’ state that can never be achieved in a natural state.

Break up! Break up!

Depending on their compatibility, the elements cancel each other out and disappear.

It has been fused and turned into a phenomenon regardless of the user’s will.

Most of these phenomena are electric.

A dark gray ‘current lump’ made by mixing white mana and black mana began to scatter.

to the ceiling. to the wall. to the floor.

As a whole underground cavity.

Like shards of metal being shredded by a saw blade and bouncing in all directions.

bang! Kwagwang!

An electric current that explodes everywhere it touches.

An underground cavity that shakes like it’s collapsing.

Dangerously flickering lights.


In the repeating light and darkness,

Cain saw the emperor’s face revealed intermittently.

He was shouting, but he couldn’t hear it because of the pouring ‘rain of electric current’ and explosions everywhere.

However, the content could be inferred from the shape of the mouth and the situation.

Cain’s lips twisted.

“… they both die That’s not bad.”

It really wasn’t that bad.

The restoration magic switch can only be operated by the emperor himself, so if he could die with the emperor here, the world could be saved anyway.

Cain saw blood flow from the emperor’s lips.

The circuit must have been broken due to excessive mana use.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

His situation was not much different, and he had a handful of blood in his mouth.

He squeezed the remaining energy and swallowed the blood in the back of his throat at once.

There was no need to show the emperor that this, too, had reached its limit.

The emperor, who has seized the possibility, could set the last embers on fire.

Cain clenched his teeth and injected all the remaining mana into the primary field, and as a result, the black chieftain gradually began to swallow the white one.

That was then.

—Protect His Majesty!

-Was it a warlock… ! that dirty… !

A call was heard from the first floor.

The Imperial Palace Knights were rapidly closing the distance in this direction to avoid the current rain.

They must have entered the path of the technicians.

You must be thinking of going up this way through the stairs located on the wall.

Break up!

As the battle for power between Cain and the Emperor was coming to an end, the gray electric current was now falling in the form of ‘thunderbolts’.


Every time your vision blinks.

The number of knights who fell on the floor increased.

However, some steadily narrowed the distance, climbed the stairs and jumped towards Cain.


The sword of the Knights Templar did not pass through Cain’s protection, but gave the Emperor a moment’s break.

The moment Cain’s chieftain shook.


The emperor took his chieftain and jumped off the back of the passageway.

It was toward the side of the hull of the ark.

The rectangular-shaped door opened from top to bottom, serving as a foothold at the same time as the entrance.

“… … !”

Cain fired a gust of wind, but only hit the Emperor’s shoulder exposed through the closing door.


The entire ark lights up as the door closes completely.


The ceiling of the basement cavity was opened.

The ark began to rise with a huge roar.

fault. tat.

The coffins connected to the ark broke and fell to the floor.

Cain ran to approach the ark, but the knights attacked from behind.

“Dirty Warlock! die!”

“The power gained by taking the lives of others! Shame on you!”

The momentum wasn’t great.

In addition, the mana was exhausted close to the floor due to the confrontation with the emperor.

Break up!



He shot down the knights with lightning.

In return, he had to allow an attack on his left shoulder.

Cain couldn’t turn to the ark.

“You can’t put a finger on His Majesty’s prison body!”

Because the Imperial Palace Knights kept coming through the stairs.

It was then that Zervia arrived in the underground cavity.

She couldn’t help but be astonished to see the scenery unfolding in the communal area.

Electric current was flowing through the walls and floors, and the ark was rising toward the circular passageway that appeared on the ceiling.

Between blinking lights.

In the wide passage above the stairs, Cain was fighting the knights and could be found.

“What are you doing! Not passing!”

Estelle pushed Zervia’s shoulder and ran towards the stairs.

“Cain is… criminal. my father… .”

Hearing Zervia’s murmur, Estelle did not stop running and turned her head.

And he shouted in a very angry voice.

“What a boring woman! Commissioner Gerrat is not your real father! It’s fake! And why is Cain doing his best! It is because the person who wants to destroy the world is the emperor!”

Zervia’s head lit up.

The pupils enlarged and the pupils dilated.

“If in doubt, do a blood test later aah!! Cain has a blood sample from Gerrat—!!”

Zervia stood silently for a moment.

Then, as if he had made up his mind on something, he clenched his sword and ran forward.

He passed Estelle in an instant, climbed the stairs, and slammed his sword at the Knights Templar.

blocking the knights.

He turned his head slightly and looked at Cain behind his back.


“… … .”

The two men’s eyes met.

There was no further conversation.

Cain turned and ran to the end of the mobile platform.

Leaping towards the floating ark, he grabbed hold of the protrusion on the side of the hull and hung on it.

“Jabir is also one of the warlocks! Summarize it!”

visor! Fight!

Zervia calmly received the sword of the Knights Templar.

I didn’t know if I had made the right choice.

Only one thing was known.

At least it was the fact that I would never regret the choice I made today.

‘Come back alive.’

visor! Chachaeng!


Because there are things I haven’t asked you yet.



The speed of the ark’s rise was unbelievable for its gigantic size.

He passed through the passage from the underground cavity in an instant and appeared to the outside world.

Cain hung on the protrusion with all his might.

Because of the injury, only his right arm can use his power properly.

The strong wind shook her body to and fro.

‘If this is enough, I can endure it. It is right to conserve mana to use for enhancement magic.’

As I looked down, I saw the landscape of the ground at a glance.

The roof part of the imperial palace with a huge hole.

People frozen in their seats and looking up at the ark.

Buildings in the capital that look the size of small dots.

If it wasn’t for the physical ability comparable to that of a beast, it would have fallen down as soon as the power was released from his hands.

If he used floating magic, he could have saved his life.

However, the movement speed of floating magic was extremely slow, and there was a high possibility of missing the ark, and his own life was not an important issue.


Cain let go of the protrusion he was holding, and then blew himself up to grab the next protrusion.

He used reinforcement magic on his left arm and used only the minimum mana needed at that time.

At the end he was able to get by the doorway where the emperor had entered.

looked down again.

Meanwhile, the ark continued to rise, and now the entire continent was overlooked.

Thousands of dots flashing red.

There were thousands of statues of the goddess that the priests of the denomination put all over the continent.

The emperor must have already pressed the switch of restoration magic within the ark.

‘The shape of the whole goddess statue is the octagonal star of the church. This setting has not been changed.’

Anyway, it wasn’t a big deal.

He gathered the wind in his palm and aimed at the corner of the doorway.

It was the part that hit the emperor when it hit the shoulder, and the corners were wide open.

It is true that the outside of the ark cannot be damaged by any magic.

However, if the interior uses an alloy with relatively weak durability due to functional problems, the story is different.


The wind gathered.

One arm is holding the bulge.

The other arm aimed at the seam of the gap.


A gust of wind hit the seam and the gap widened.

Tung! Tung!

As the ark continued its ascent, Cain repeated the same operation.

Finally, the gap grew to the size of a man, and Cain shoved himself through it.


I stepped on the floor of the aisle.

He looked around without even having time to enjoy the sense of stability.

The entire passageway was made of a white alloy of unknown material.

At the end of the passage, it was again divided into several branches, and surveillance cameras were seen everywhere.

As I walked, the camera turned and followed me.

Without stopping, he pulled out a pistol from his pocket.


He said while pointing the camera lens.

“Wait. I will be there soon.”


Silent gunshots echoed through the aisle.

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