A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 227

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 227

226. length (3)

At first glance, the impeccable white passage reminded me of a patient’s room with tuberculosis.

Destroying any surveillance cameras he encountered while moving, Cain continued his advance at high speed.


Through the thick wall, a sound like a whale’s cry could be heard.

It must be the sound of an engine running somewhere in the hull.

Chunkyung! thud!

Cain flew forward.

When he turned around, there was a heavy white door where he had been standing a while ago.

Opens and closes from top to bottom.

If you were even one second late, your body would have been stamped in the lower part of the door and you would have lost your life.

Let’s look forward

There was also a door down and blocking the way.

It was certainly evidence that the emperor was aware of his intrusion and that he was grasping the movement through the camera.

inquiry manipulation.

Surveillance via camera.

Conversely, it was also inferred where the emperor might be now.


He took a handful of magic crystals from his arms and chewed them and swallowed them.

Soon, the entire circuit felt like it was on fire, and mana was rapidly recharging.

Quad Duck.

yet. it is yet

With this amount of mana, the emperor’s breath cannot be stopped.

The cost of magic crystal is the life of the circuit, and life itself could be dangerous if you overdose.

However, to Cain, his physical condition or life was not important.

After recovering some mana, Cain extended his palm forward.


When a gust of wind blew, a hole the size of an adult male appeared in the door that looked like an iron wall.

He continued to advance through the hole.


The door continued to fall, aiming at Cain’s head.

Like a living creature with its own will.

Evasion was all done by car, and all the doors blocking the passage were destroyed by Cain’s magic.

The durability of the alloy used inside the ark was also not formidable.

Even though it is weak compared to the outside of the hull.

Because of this, the mana consumption was not small, and each time he consumed magic stones, he filled the lack of mana.

ha. ha.

body was hot

It feels like your body is melting in a furnace.

Turning his head, he looked outside through the all-transparent metal wall.

The red light emitted by the thousands of statues of the goddess became more ferocious.

By measuring various indicators revealed in the situation, the time remaining until the activation of the restoration magic was calculated.

About 50 minutes later.

All living things on the continent will be converted into spirit, and that spirit will be absorbed into the ‘ground’.

For the fertile land on which the inhabitants of the new world will live.

I remembered the list of occupants of the ark.

Among them, 43 crew members were responsible for the operation of the ark.

If the restoration magic could not be stopped, 44 people, including the emperor, would become residents of the New World.

hastened the steps.

The map of the ark was already entered in my head.

One of the settings I worked hard on when writing the story was the ark.

avoid break up. moving forward

After passing through various facilities and passages that were originally used by the occupants of the original ark, we finally arrived in front of the cockpit.


He took a breath and stretched out his palms.


The door shattered and debris flew.

Contrary to expectations, no attack flew from the inside, and the smell of thick blood wafted instead.

“… … .”

The dust cleared and the landscape inside was revealed.

The men in flight attendant costumes were lying bleeding with ice awls stuck in their chests.

There was no sound of breathing.

all are dead

I counted the numbers quickly with my eyes.

There were a total of 43, of which the emperor was nowhere to be seen.

“Patience. In the end, you came all the way here.”

I turned my head to the voice I heard from in front of me.

Beyond the transparent glass wall.

A cockpit full of all kinds of control devices.

There the emperor stood.


Cain fired a gust of wind, but the glass wall didn’t budge.

“It’s no use. A wall made of the same alloy as the outside of the ark’s hull. don’t guess Even if you pour out all your mana, you won’t be able to bleed a single blemish.”

“You’ve been playing with the leftovers.”

The emperor shrugged.

“Wouldn’t it be a big deal if the cockpit was hijacked by terrorists?”

“Did you kill all the crew yourself? Are you afraid of leaking any information about the ark?”

“It’s also quick. I honestly don’t know why someone like you chose to betray. To give up the promised wealth and fame and go on a difficult road.”

Perhaps because Cain had confirmed that he could never harm himself, the emperor’s voice was more relaxed.

The emperor stepped up in front of the control panel.

The front part of the cockpit was made of transparent glass, so you could see the scenery outside.

“Give up and watch with me. How the new world is built.”

“I killed all the female flight attendants. It seems that you are not aware of your own actions.”

The emperor grinned and turned towards Cain.

“no. I know it well. It’s a story that can’t be passed down. It is said that it is impossible to continue civilization.”

“Arrive to the new world alone. What does that mean?”

“A much better option than losing your life to you.”

There is no one to support

In the end, you will live alone in the new world and die.

The fact that he took it and killed all the crew meant that the emperor’s obsession with life was that strong.

“I’m sorry, but it’s in vain. Let’s kill all the crew members. The restoration magic will eventually stop.”

The emperor leaned back and raised his head high.

He burst out laughing as if he had heard a very funny joke.

Then he stopped laughing and said.

“Are you going to stop? how?”

The Emperor turned towards the center of the cockpit.

A single red jewel was spinning leisurely in the air.

Break up!

Dozens of electric currents that bloomed around the emperor were shot at the jewel.

Break up! Crazy!

Even in the indiscriminate magic rampage, the jewel did not stand up.

If you look closely, you can see that the transparent glass box was protecting the jewel.

“Restoration magic does not stop once it is activated. As long as you don’t break the magic core. But that’s impossible. Even me who cast magic.”

The corner of the emperor’s lips twisted and rose.

“So let me show you. If there is a way to stop the restoration magic. Because I miss you so much.”

The glass box seemed to be made of a superalloy made of the same material as the glass wall that stood between the emperor and this side.

Cain fired his magic at the glass wall several more times.

However, the glass wall was not even scratched, and after thinking for a moment, Cain turned his gaze towards the cockpit doorway.

As if reading Cain’s thoughts, the emperor chuckled and said.

“Are you thinking of going out of the cockpit and walking around the ark and destroying it? To bring the ark down? Unfortunately, that’s also impossible. The ark continues sailing despite any damage.”

“… … .”

Cain thought for a moment.

the fall of the ark.

If it collided with the ground and the ark itself exploded, the magic core would also be destroyed.

But it wasn’t the current option.

It takes about 5 minutes to activate the restoration magic.

To destroy the engine and other power units, the mana as well as the time he currently had was insufficient.

Because the mana circuit has already reached its limit, and if you consume more than this, the circuit will burst and you will die.

Cain looked at the emperor and said.

“If I stayed here, you wouldn’t be able to get out. Even after the restoration magic is over and the new world is built.”

“No worries. There are several devices in the ark. For example, places like the emergency escape room connected to the cockpit floor here.”

The emperor tapped the floor with his foot.

“I will escape in a lifeboat. You’ll die slowly in an ark that doesn’t land. The ark will continue sailing unless you change course in the cockpit.”

The emperor continued talking.

“I guess I can live a long time. There is enough food on the ark, and the ark will not fall until it runs out of power in a few decades.”

Then I noticed something strange.

“What are you doing now?”

The other party wasn’t listening to this.

Instead, he lowered his head and looked down at the floor where he was standing.

Anxiety crept over the emperor’s back.

“The emergency escape room is on this floor, not that one. I’m sorry-“

Weeing. widely.

As Cain manipulated a certain part of the floor, a small pillar came up.

“Uh, how do you—”

“I saw the blueprints for the ark in the vault of the marquis’ mansion. As you said, there were a lot of interesting gadgets. chamberlain.”

beep. beep.

Cain began manipulating the panel above the pillar.

“Something like a self-destruct sequence in case someone seizes the ark itself.”

beep. beep. Weeing.

“No, that’s absurd! How did you not know how to operate! Poetry, unless you are a god!”

I had no choice but to know

The ending of the original story was conceived in a similar flow.

“Yeah, well, it wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for me. Unless I get out of here—”

Those words didn’t last either.

By Cain’s next move.


Cain created a telekinetic shock, and all the blood that had flowed on the floor floated into the air.

“Emperor. You are a suspicious and cautious person. I designed the various devices of the ark as well as the inside of the imperial palace so that it would be impossible for anyone other than me to operate it.”

Cain took a deep breath.

The smell of blood from various people clinged to the mucous membranes in the nostrils.

“And the arrogance of one’s own abilities.”

Drops of blood floating in the air began to gather at various points according to Cain’s gestures.

“I thought no one could make him bleed. Unless it is your own will.”

The emperor later realized what Cain was doing, and his face turned pale.

“That’s why I chose blood as the authentication method. If I had chosen something like a fingerprint as an authentication method, I would not have found any way here. The arrogant emperor.”

Cain’s gaze turned to the emperor’s shoulder.

It was a part that was rubbed by a gust of wind just before boarding the ark, and blood was still flowing as it failed to provide first aid.


The blood was still on the floor outside the cockpit.

“Come on, stop for a moment. make no compromises I will stop the restoration magic.”

When Cain did not stop sorting, the Emperor began manipulating the cockpit panel with an urgent gesture.

It was to open and close the floor and head to the emergency escape room.

But Cain was faster than that.

When I found the emperor’s blood and dropped it on the sensor on the pillar, a number appeared along with a green light indicating normal operation.


Hearing the sound, the emperor quickly turned his head.

His eyes widened as he checked the number.

[ 00:15 ]

“Come on, you are so crazy.”

The units could be known even though they were not written.


[ 00:14 ]

Because the numbers were decreasing in real time.


[ 00:13 ]

“The time was deliberately set short. If the entire ark explodes, the magic core will also break.”


[ 00:12 ]

The emperor slumped into his seat.

There was not enough time to go down and board the lifeboat.


[ 00:11 ]

“haha. ha ha ha. ha ha ha!”

The emperor began to laugh.


[ 00:10 ]

Cain looked at the emperor with expressionless eyes.


[ 00:09 ]

If you run with all your might, you might be able to find an exit and run out of the ark.


[ 00:08 ]

There is a parachute in subspace, so if you put your mind to it, you will be able to survive.


[ 00:07 ]

But when you leave.

There is a possibility that the Emperor will open the glass wall and exit the self-destruct sequence.


[ 00:06 ]

If you fight the Emperor again due to overuse of the circuit, your chances of winning are not guaranteed.


[ 00:05 ]

Therefore, this method is the best.

The frightened emperor won’t be able to come out as long as he stays here.


[ 00:04 ]

I took out the wine from the subspace, opened the stopper, and approached the window.

It was my favorite wine, and there was only one glass left.


[ 00:03 ]

The whole continent looked down clearly.

The red color that is getting darker as well.


[ 00:02 ]

Nothing to worry about.

That red light will soon be erased from the world.


[ 00:01 ]

Pour the bottle of wine over the back of the neck.

A reddish liquid burns the esophagus, producing a burning smell of alcohol with a sticky odor.

A hand holding an empty wine bottle slowly curves down.

[ 00:00 ]


Cain muttered in a slightly tired voice as he finally looked at the scenery on the ground.

“… Not bad.”

That moment.

A huge explosion engulfed Cain.

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