A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 228

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 228

227. Paradise (Complete)

Supreme Security’s headquarters.

A woman in a shirt took the elevator and headed to the first floor.


As I got off the elevator and headed to the lobby entrance, I ran into a man.

“Estelle. going out… .”

It was Milsian, the operating agent of Supreme Security.

He opened his mouth as he looked at Estelle and blurted out the end of his words.

because I remembered it.

where your opponent is heading.

After that day, there was a place she visited without missing a single day.


Milsian bowed his head.

Estelle was greeted by the same gesture with a powerless gesture.

The weather outside the office was sunny.

The sky was blue and the sun was shining warmly on the street.

A soft sound of music blew through the open doors of the store.

The smiles on the faces of people passing by were endless.

But Estelle didn’t laugh.

“Newspaper! newspaper!”

A beautiful boy with a newspaper stopped in front of Estelle.

She waved her hand to indicate that she had no intention of buying it, but the boy didn’t care and held out a newspaper with a bright smile.

“It’s free! The boss said everyone should know this news as soon as possible!”

The boy disappears.

Estelle stood blankly in her seat and opened the newspaper.

“Hexa Medical. In addition to the treatment for petrification, we also provide a treatment for insomnia for free. Securing raw materials for mass production with the increased agricultural land.”

On the first page, there was an article and a photo as large as a door.

The entrance to Hexa Medical’s headquarters.

People gathered side by side and looked at this side.

I saw familiar faces.

Freud and Niles.

The executives of Hexa Medical, including them.

Besides that, there were several articles.

“Jabir Kalta. 2nd quarter after the inauguration of the Chief of Police. The crime rate dropped dramatically. Proving the voices of concern with performance.”

“Emperor Asimov. After a dramatic conclusion with the Resistance, it shows a pro-popular move. Announcing that the state budget will be allocated to Hexamedical.”

“… … .”

After reading all the articles, Estelle threw the newspaper in a nearby trash can and started walking again.

she didn’t laugh

Like a stain that fell on a landscape painting by mistake.

I walked and walked, separated from the hustle and bustle of the city.

how far did you walk

A hill on the outskirts of the city appeared.

shoot ah

Green grass swaying in the wind.

Estelle started climbing the hill.

The slope was gentle, but the height to the top was not formidable.

There was no shade around her, and sweat began to trickle down her body in the scorching sun.


Finally reached the top.

I sighed and looked back.

The scenery of the whole city spread out widely.

Buildings, vehicles, and people could be seen at a glance.

“… … .”

The first colors that caught my eye were ‘green’ and ‘brown’.

Paddy fields and fields were running all over the city, and people were working on them with a smile.

He looked out of the city.

beyond the city walls.

There was no more wilderness there.

There was only a green meadow where vegetation was growing.

Also, there were no traces of the goddess statues that should have been in their original locations.

Estelle remembered a man who had often climbed this hill.

He would climb the hill and look down at the scenery whenever his thoughts were interrupted.

But the scenery he saw would have been different from what it is now.

There were no rice fields or fields in the city, and beyond the boundary wall, it must have been just a wilderness.

shoot ah

The wind blew.

Estelle turned and took a few steps.

There was a small peak where she stopped, and above it was a branch tied in the shape of a cross.

The moment to straighten the slanted branches.


Suddenly, tears welled up in her eyes and ran down her cheeks.

It was the last week of April.

It had been half a year since the ark had risen.

Since that day, the world has become even richer.

Hunger has become a vulgar joke, living conditions have improved and crime rates have decreased.

I once saw such a saying in the bible.

There is a world where everyone in the world can live happily with the minimum rights guaranteed.

called paradise.

such a world.

She thought.

If there was a time in my life when the world was closest to paradise, it would be right now.

It was as if the world had regained its place and became a world where people could enjoy what they should have enjoyed.


Everything came back to its place.

Only one thing.

“Black, huh.”

Except for the fact that Cain didn’t come back.

“Ugh… Black.”

Tears were dripping down.

Without even thinking to stop the tears with her palms, she sobbed.

The moment when the ark exploded in the distant sky has not been forgotten.

At first, my heart sank, but I didn’t worry too much.

Cain was a man who was always close to death, and whenever he was in danger, he came back alive as if he was playing with the god of death.

It would be the case this time as well.

He was about to reappear in the banquet hall with a slightly injured appearance.

“Let’s do what we have to do. To save time when Cain-sama returns.”

Prince Asimov.

To be precise, it was Schellingford’s words as Asimov.

Estelle nodded her head.

The imperial knights were all suppressed by the special task force that entered through the collapsed imperial wall.

“… It was Cain’s order. Let the task force stand by the wall. Now I think I know why.”

Zerbia commanded the task force and captured every banquet attendee.

With complex and confused eyes, it was clear that she was also thinking of Cain.

“The list of the dead is currently being compiled. We made it so that all simple users, not just ark passengers, can gather together.”

It was the horse of Milsian who entered the Imperial Palace with the special task force.

Everyone cleaned up the scene and gathered in one place and waited for Cain.

Zervia asked, hesitating.

“I heard from Estelle Priest. The emperor was trying to activate a magic that would destroy the continent. Now the magic is… .”

Milsian replied.

“There has been a report. It was said that the light that hung on the statue had disappeared. The magic has stopped. According to what Cain-sama left behind.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

10 minutes pass.

1 hour passed.

Two hours have passed.

But Cain did not appear.

Milsian, who had been sitting still, opened his briefcase.

Dozens of envelopes sealed with Cain’s seal were stacked one after another.

“Cain-sama told me to open this envelope if he doesn’t come back. There will be instructions written there.”

Each envelope was marked with the time and number of days it should be opened.

said Schellingford, who was watching.

“Actually, the sign of the oath has disappeared. Maybe Cain… .”

“I, me too. Mine is also gone.”

Professor Ellen added hastily.

The moment she confirmed that her token had also disappeared, Zervia felt her breath suffocate.

There were only two cases in which the token disappeared.

or the oath is completed.

Or one of the contractors dies.

The world started to turn around.

The situation felt like reality and like a dream.

There are many things that have not been asked yet.

There were many unresolved emotions.

There were still words left to spit out.

Cain. i am you

i maybe you

When Zervia managed to grab consciousness.

Estelle was suffering a similar kind of pain.

“… … .”

She looked at the ring on her finger with a pale face.

A ring where you can feel each other’s position.

I never took it out of my hands for a moment, neither when sleeping nor washing.

Except when Cain gave orders for a specific mission.

My heart started beating loudly.

The ring did not reveal Cain’s location.

Even though the location was clearly indicated before the explosion of the ark.

He was just sitting shabby, full of bloodstains and scratches.


“Calm down. Do you know that Cain-sama is not someone who will lose his life so easily?”

Estelle jumped up from her seat and shouted.

Milsian stood up together and calmed her down.

“The ring is most likely damaged or lost. The battle with the emperor would not have gone smoothly.”

“It must be so. Must be… .”

Estelle sat down, and Milsian opened the envelope with the phrase ‘in two hours’ written on it.

The front part was predicting the present situation as if it was looking into the future.

If I had followed the instructions carefully, I would have occupied the banquet hall with the task force.

“After that… You want everyone on the ark to be imprisoned in a dungeon. Except for a few designated people.”

while everyone held their breath.

Milsian continued.

「And there is a list of people who should take their lives. If the remaining three princes are still alive except for the 4th prince, put them all first.”

Schellingford took the word.

“I killed all three princes taking advantage of the chaos. This is what Cain-sama has already given me.”

“Yes. It’s written here. If Schellingford-sama failed to carry out his orders.”

Schellingford seemed to know what was to come on the next envelope.

He told himself to become emperor.

So, fulfill the dream of the deceased Asimov.

It was ordered to eliminate competitors.

If he becomes the only prince, he will be able to inherit the position naturally after the death of the emperor.

time goes by again.

The next envelope was opened.

“It is written to report through each newspaper. At the presentation of Latium’s flight technology, treat it as an explosion.”

Zervia received the word.

“It means that all should be treated as death. The ark’s occupants were lined with leaders from all walks of life, including the church and the police. If all of them suddenly disappeared, I would be suspicious. Of course, the social impact will not be formidable, but… .”

The envelope continued to be opened.

A clear solution to the situation was presented, but on the contrary, everyone’s faces darkened.

So Cain didn’t come back.

Until the sun goes down that day.

“… … .”

Estelle returned from her thoughts.

An explosion occurred in the Imperial Palace.

Conspiracy theories circulated about him, but the social atmosphere quickly stabilized.

Prince Asimov, who ascended to the throne, placed his personal figures in the leadership positions of all walks of life, including denominations and latium.

And he moved according to Cain’s instructions in the envelope.

First, the statue of the goddess was demolished.

‘The main material used in the statue of the goddess is effective in restoring the fertility of the soil.’

While announcing the research results through Latium.

Of course, it was only a superficial reason to give justification to the demolition of the statue and to explain the rapidly recovering soil.

Zerbia, who took office as the head of the department, greatly increased the task force and focused on strengthening the security outside the wall.


In fact, the term “outside the wall” was no longer used.

The wall that served as a border was being demolished under the Emperor’s orders.

Everyone was waiting for Cain.

The envelopes shrank one by one.

One of the instructions was to let Professor Elin and Bama meet.

After their emotional reunion, they started a relief project for orphans with the support of Milsian.

Estelle thought of other characters.

“Stay away for a while. I have to show him the green forest when he comes back.”

Silverfang and the Ashen Wolf returned to their hometown, Rustwood, to plant the seeds of life.

“… Please tell me when John comes back. I haven’t made a wish yet.”

Yulia, who is famous as a mercenary, recently visited Hexa Medical’s headquarters and left behind such words.

“We need to expand our business elsewhere. The world will become more and more peaceful, and weapons such as guns and knives will not sell as well as before.”

Pieta, the representative of Low Tactics, had a cup of tea and talked with Milsian.

and himself.

He who never left Cain’s side.

shoot ah

He was guarding the hill here.

I turned around and looked at the peak.

“Now admit it. I am also very sorry that he died. If you haven’t come back by now, the answer has been decided.”

It was a grave.

A tomb built by Bama because he needed a place of remembrance.

Everyone was angry and tried to destroy the tomb, but for a moment there was no choice but to stop.

His face was expressionless, showing no emotion, but there were tears in his eyes.

“shit. I’m not sad at all. I’m sorry. Anyway, I did the work for you that would make you uncomfortable. Say thank you.”

A tomb not like a grave was completed.

“… … .”

The weeping decreased, but the tears continued to fall.

The branches swaying in the wind were upright again.

No real tombstones were erected.

Then it’s like acknowledging Cain’s death.

Just thinking of Cain.

It was just a place he visited to see the scenery he had seen.

“Bad people.”

In the end, very few people knew that Cain had saved the world.

Although rumors were made to arouse the emperor, the exact story of the incident was not revealed to the world.

“It is written that if the emperor’s conspiracy is known to the world, trust in the imperial family will be lost, and Asimov’s progress may be hindered. In addition, there may be riots across the continent.”

Even if the emperor’s conspiracy was actually known to the world, there was a high probability that a riot would not occur.

Because the destruction of the world and the ark are hard to believe.

Nevertheless, Cain was concerned about the possibility and blocked the source.

“Bad bastard.”

midnight today.

Cain’s last envelope was opened.

Careful measures were written that would not destroy the paradise that had been painstakingly built.

That was the end of it.

I looked through the letter back and forth and looked into the light, but there was nothing more written.

“I don’t worry about myself.”

Estelle picked her breath.

He knelt in front of the peak with a face full of dried tears.

“I know it will show up.”

I put my hands together and prayed.

To a man who can be said to be his only god.

at that time.

“Pray. Who are you posting to?”

I heard a voice behind my back.

turned his head

The moment I saw a man with a faint smile.

The tears that had stopped burst out once again.

Estelle ran as hard as she could.

“I’m sorry. It took more time than I expected to recover my memory-.”


He flew away and hugged him like he was hanging in the man’s arms.

The wind at the end of spring blew along the body as it spun round and round.

she was smiling

With a smile brighter than anyone else in the world.

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