A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 23

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 23

023 episode. Hound (2)


Behind the fallen gatekeeper, several corridors were seen extending out of the hall.

‘First, ensure the safety of children.’

The structure of the building I pictured in my mind.

And the real landscape in front of you.

He moved forward without hesitation, matching the two elements.

‘In front of the weapons warehouse. One here.’

“what. I just heard gunshots. what now… .”


The guy who came out of the corner of the hallway just fell to the floor.

Without hesitation, he moved on.

‘In front of the food warehouse. Another one here.’

“What, what are you!”


The guy who was sitting on the chair fell down in the same position he was getting up from.

No soundproofing magic was used.

The fact of the intrusion will be known anyway, and there is no mana to waste on such things now.

─I heard gunshots! This is it!

─Intrusion? police? It’s been a while since morning What were the rooftop bastards doing?

Ding! Ding!

An ear-piercing bell rang.

Then, various sounds were heard from all over the wall of the complicated twisted hallway.

urgent step.

The shudder of the gun.

Avoiding them as much as possible, they circled the passage and arrived in front of the huge iron gate.

“Chi, break in—!”


I searched the arms of the fallen guy and found a key.

I immediately opened the lock and headed down.

“Oh, who are you?”

dark dungeon.

He turned on the light and looked around.

20 people in total.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the number of children, I turned around and ran up the stairs.


locked the lock again.

It was a product that was strong enough to not be damaged in terms of the degree of shooting.

Even if the hounds knew my purpose, I didn’t have to worry about the children being taken hostage.

“It’s here! The intruder is here!”

A cry was heard.

I turned around and saw a group of hounds armed with guns and armor.

The hallucination magic that had been applied to the face at the right time was released.

Behind the iron desk where the guard was sitting, he reflexively flew away.

Come on-!

Bullets rained where I was just before.

The shooting did not stop. A few guys were closing in on the wall and closing the distance.

[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[ Current synchronization rate – 77.5% ]

My heart is pounding.

It’s not tension.

No, rather than that, now this feeling is more of an uplifting feeling.

A situation where a momentary mistake can lead to life.

Cain has crossed that line countless times. There were never a few situations like this among dogs.

‘If there is a difference, it must be that he uses magic now.’

In addition to that, the movement of the body is also limited.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 255 / 305]

“Agile footwork” of maximum output.

Mana consumption per minute is about 20.

It was a huge difference from when I maintained my daily life with a simple walk.

‘… There’s no guarantee that you can pour all your mana into acceleration magic.’

Still, I was going to refrain from using attack magic as much as possible.

Because attack magic consumes several times more mana compared to secondary magic of the same class.

“… … .”

I looked at the situation slowly.

The number of enemies was so large that it would break through in a matter of seconds even with a protective magic.

Because of the armor and helmet, it was difficult to effectively fire them one by one.

I glanced towards the ceiling.

dimly lit lamp.

He calmly exchanged the pistol in his hand with the one in his bag. And shoot it towards the ceiling.

damn it!

The bullet shattered the glass of the lamp.

The moment darkness came.

A collision caused by the impact point is a trigger, and the magic engraved on the warhead is activated.

“Chain Lightning”

At the same time, I pressed myself to the floor.


An eerie blue electric current poured down like a thunderstorm, and his vision flickered.

Break up! Crazy!

The ripping of ears subsided, and I got up and looked around the room with the light.

They were lying on the floor and twitching like fish.

bang! bang! bang!

The muzzle was inserted between the eye sockets of the helmet to finish without omission.

‘Eight people.’

count the numbers

One-on-one fights.

They don’t think they’ll be bored, so they’ll keep running.

‘The bugs must be eradicated. Not one guy left behind.’

I accelerated my steps and climbed the stairs to the upper floor.

They said the boss was on the top floor.

He said that he did not show his appearance very well and piled up his belongings in the room.

‘… It doesn’t matter.’

If it doesn’t come out, this is what you need to find.

“There it is!”

“Kill it now! one guy! Police bastards or whatever!”

As soon as I got to the next floor, a baptism of bullets was poured out.

Most of them barely escaped, and a few who hit could not break through the protection magic.

I walked around the hallway and found the stairs to the third floor. The stairs were not connected in a straight line due to remodeling everywhere.

“… … .”

The place we arrived at was at the corner of a two-way road.

It was different from what the scar guy said.

The stairs did not exist where they should have been.

The embarrassment was brief, and the judgment was quick.

Take two SMG tablets from the bag and hold them in both hands. Then, it fires into the hallways on both sides.

Doo doo doo-!

“Where is this stupid bastard? Oops!”

The guy who had entered earlier collapsed, and the guys behind him hurriedly hid behind the entrance wall.

Click. Click.

Hide behind the cabinet next to it and quickly change magazines.

Get up and fire again.

A few people who thought that the shooting was over, were unable to respond and collapsed.

“You crazy bastard! No bullets left!”

A cry came from the other side of the hidden guys again.

Ignoring it, I continued to shoot and looked around.

‘A pile of ammunition in the hallway on the left. And on the right… .’

Some guy showed up.

A guy with a huge body that made the hallway feel cramped.

Holding a gigantic shield the size of himself.

Ting! Tiding!

The bullets that hit the shield bounced off without mercy. The shield was getting closer and closer.

“Shoot it! Shoot me, you idiot!”

The guys who were close behind the shield shouted with great momentum.

‘… It’s absolutely ignorant.’

We can only respond to ignorance with ignorance.

Click. Click.

I took cover behind the cabinet again.

The barrel puts the overheated SMG into the bag. He takes out a pistol loaded with magic bullets.

Ting, Tiding. ting.

Taking advantage of that momentary gap, the guys on the left opened fire and narrowed the distance.

“You stupid bastard. Ask where this is.”

“Did the Salmos send it?”

“Once you catch it, let’s start with how we found our hideout.”

As soon as I stepped out onto the cabinet, bullets started pouring in.

As much as the bullets were pierced by the protection magic, the mana was reduced in an instant.

‘Hold on a minute.’


The magic bullet flies towards the target.

The point of impact is the ammo pile in the hallway on the left.

Immediately after firing, he hid behind a cabinet. And then there was a huge explosion.


“Fire Explosion”

I could feel the heat all the way here.

Concrete shards were blown up with a raucous breeze.

There wasn’t even a scream.

When he glanced over to check, no one was standing still.

It’s just a huge hole in the wall and ceiling with its mouth open.

“What, what just!”

A bewildered cry was heard from the right. He also fired magic bullets towards it.

Break up!

The moment the bullet hit the shield, a blue lightning bolt occurred. And it was absorbed by the shield and disappeared as it was.

‘… It’s a relic.’

Magical engineering in this era makes it impossible to nullify such neat magic. It was a relic without being seen.

I had to change the way.

He got up straight away and ran towards the giant shield.

Doo doo doo-!

The muzzles protruding from the side of the shield spewed fire.

Cracks formed in the deployed shield, and some of the points were completely pierced and bullets flew inside.


A bullet barely glides past his shoulder. Blood splattered, and instinctively frowned.

So far it’s been fine

Because it was not within the expected range.

“I’m keeping my feet tied! Come on out and catch it!”

“When you have time, go out and have a magazine! keep it as it is The other guys will be coming back on the other side.”

I was pressed right in front of me with a shield that he said would crush me.

immense power.

I clenched my teeth and activated 「Strengthening」.

“uh? uh?”

Straighten your back and give strength to your feet on the floor. As the shield is raised gradually, the situation is reversed.

“what are you doing?”

“No, this guy’s strength is… .”

“Hey, hey, get out, get out of the way!”

In an instant, the shield was pushed out, and the guys following behind them hurriedly backed away.

“What are you doing in front of me!”

“Do not push! Do not push!”

The corridor was narrow and the number of troops was quite large, so it looked like they were going back and forth.

The magic output reached its maximum, and it pushed out at the same speed as it was running.

And the end.

thud! Clink!

“Aww! Fall!”

A huge glass window at the end of the hallway.

The guys, including the shield, who were swept away by the current, fell to the ground in rainwater.


“My waist!”

It’s a high-ceilinged building, so even though it’s on the second floor, it’s not too low.

He drove a magic bullet into the middle of the worm-like wriggling guys.

bang! bang! bang!

A huge roar rang out several times.

The dust was removed, and the living one was nowhere to be seen.

while holding your breath for a while.

The barrel of the pistol cracked and then crumbled.

“… … .”

In a way, it was a natural result.

Magic is a kind of overload by artificially gathering several elements into one point.

Whether it was a bullet or the magazine and barrel that wrapped it, if the load accumulated, it could not be sustained.

‘I’ll need to make a proper weapon later.’

I threw the pistol to the ground.

After gathering roughly the weapons and magazines of the hounds scattered on the floor, I headed to the hallway on the left.

A huge hole in the ceiling.

I built a pedestal by stacking objects around it.

He jumped, put his fingertips on the edge of the hole, and raised his body with force.

It was a small room that looked like a weapons warehouse.

I leaned my back against the wall.

-I’ll be hiding around here.

-You go upstairs. ‘Cause we’ll go down

Loud footsteps could be heard from all over the wall.

A sharp pain rose from where the bullet had struck.

It was worth it, so I stopped trying to use recovery magic.

‘Now 25.’

In just two engagements, mana had fallen to less than half. After recovery, it was necessary to keep a certain line and move forward.

Taking a breath, he packed his throwing weapons, such as magazines and grenades, into his bag.


The door opened when some mana was restored.

“here… !”

Before he could raise his gun, he approached and broke his neck. A corpse fell to the ground.

I thought for a while whether to take off the armor and put it on, but I stopped. The movement became dull, and mana consumption only increased.

“What did you just say… Over there!”

The guys flocked in and I started running again.

The basic features were the same.

He guided the hunting dogs here and there and destroyed each one.

There was a limit to the use of mana, so it took a long time to start after recovery, but it wasn’t that difficult.

‘Initially, they are vagrants from the slums, so they must have never properly received military training.’

The abundance of terrain to use also played a part.

Of course, mental fatigue and other scars were accumulating all over my body, but the characteristics of “coolness” and “indomitable will” kept me moving.

‘… Now 62.’

I looked around the 4th floor that had been completed to some extent. The corpses of hunting dogs were all over the place.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 155 / 305]

The more they went upstairs, the more their momentum receded, and thanks to them, they were able to save mana than downstairs.

‘If only you go up here.’

I stood in front of the stairs leading to the 5th floor.

There must be a boss right above it.

I could feel the creeping magic that I had no intention of hiding it.

The footsteps of the remnants could be heard from downstairs.

That’s when I was about to take a step upstairs.

‘… … !’

I instinctively rolled around.


When I turned around, I saw a blazing fireball sticking to the wall where I had been a while ago.

“I slept and woke up to find some rats tore up the whole house.”

He turned his head towards the voice.

A man wearing a white ghost mask and a robe was watching me with a fireball in his hand.

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