A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 24

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 24

024 episode. Hound (3)

‘Is it flashing?’

A space leap type magic that crosses a short distance.

Due to the extreme mana consumption and limited jump width, circuit level 3 was required to properly operate magic.

However, the magic that he felt in his body was not that strong. At most, it was just about level 2 passed.

‘That’s right.’

“What are you doing? You don’t look like a cop.”

He stared at his hands without saying a word.

Loose rings and bracelets.

Several of them were shining.

‘Amplification tools are not one or two.’

And the one on the left wrist matched the appearance of the ‘barrier bracelet’ I had set.

“There was no answer. I don’t think he’s a normal guy, but if I catch him and set it on fire, he’ll open his mouth.”

“… … .”

I also had the same opinion.

Rather than asking the source of the bracelet now, it would have been better to dig up information after suppressing it.

Then, hounds came up from the stairs behind me.

“Boss. Now the intruder… that guy! That’s him!”


When I turned my head for a moment, fireballs rushed in.

I flew again, and the fireball hit the hounds behind me and exploded.


“Boo, fire! Body on fire!”

The hounds struggled in pain and fell to the floor.

“You seem to be okay with killing your men.”

“Things are useless. Anyway, I was going to leave this place soon.”

The guy who had been smirking in a bad mood suddenly turned in love and started shooting magic.

pop! pop! pop!

‘… The color of mana just changed.’

There were explosions one after another along the path I ran.

The casting speed was quite fast, so he seemed familiar with battle.


He flew himself and fired at him at the same time, but all the bullets bounced off the dark blue membrane.

“You idiot! He knew he could control me with a gun or something!”

With him as the center, he continued to dodge in a circle.


He pulled out a safety pin with his mouth and threw a grenade.

There was a crack in the protective film with a roar, but it was restored to its original state.

“Aren’t you incapable of using magic without those tools?”

“Hey. Do you know the concept of magic? I don’t think he’s a complete fool.”


As more ornaments lit up, the guy’s magic rampage began to intensify.

The interior turned into ruins in an instant.

‘If you look at the ignorant and abuse of the power of the relic, it’s obvious that you are a dwarf.’

The basic principle of the amplification series artifact is the same as the catalyst.

It increases the amount of mana that can be used and the power of magic, but it is the user’s body that becomes the vessel.

It is self-explanatory what the result will be if you use too much power in such a way and in a short time.

“You bastard. Let me tie your feet first.”

The wind started blowing at my feet.

‘This is dangerous.’

It reads magic in an instant.

The types of elements that gather.

composition and order of association.

‘It’s clunky Only the casting speed is faster.’

As if dismantling a bomb, the elements that make up magic are decomposed in the reverse order and returned to the atmosphere.

It was a high-level technique that interferes with the flow of mana and nullifies magic, ‘Magic Interference’.

“Gee, what now!”

The boy’s bewildered scream was heard.

It was not a technology that could be abused due to several constraints.

There must be a significant difference in skill with the opponent in the ability to handle elements, and a certain amount of mana will be consumed here as well.

“It was the one sent from the tower! Relentless bastards for following me all the way here!”

The boy’s attitude changed.


The question that arose in an instant was resolved by looking at the situation that followed.

woo woo-

A black energy emanated from his hand.

The corpses of the hounds touched by the energy stood up with a bizarre cry.

“It was a warlock, yes.”

“What nonsense you already know!”

There are two factors that determine the color of mana expressed externally.

An element used in magic and technology.

Elemental composition of individual circuits.

The mana that is expressed when “Flame Explosion” is cast is the most affected by the fire element and takes on a red color.

There, depending on the circuit composition ratio, different colors are mixed for each individual.

But the Warlock is different.

black. No matter what magic is used, there is no other color other than that.

‘… Absorbing the mana of others and accumulating it as one’s own, there is no choice but to do so.’

Take in the mana of others.

The elements of various species are constantly mixed, and the mana gradually becomes turbid, eventually becoming completely black.

‘And most of them are not afraid to use forbidden magic or commit murder.’

It was the reason they were called the Warlocks, and the reason they were the target of extermination of the Church and the Demon Tower.

Doo doo doo-!

I jumped upstairs, shooting at the rushing corpses.

Then he hid in one of the rooms, paying attention to the outside noise.

“It’s no use hiding! Because we put a barrier around this building! No one can get out!”

A voice filled with anger was heard from outside.

The magical power I felt was a little bit bigger than before.

‘Drunk on the power of the artifact.’

Those who fall into black magic basically revere power and do not choose any means or method in accumulating magical power.

However, there is no guarantee that the individual’s magical knowledge is wide.

If you just wait like this, the guy will overload his body and fall on his own.

‘If there is a guarantee that you can hide until then.’

At the same time as I thought, the door swung open.

It was obviously a shield soldier who fell to the ground and died. It appeared to have climbed up the walls of the building or something.


“See you again.”

he slowly got up from his seat.

At the same time as the guy rushes, the gun shoots fire.

Ting- Ting-

The guy’s bare skin deflected the bullet as if it had been enchanted with reinforcement magic.


All ammunition was exhausted.

He threw away the gun itself, took a new gun out of his bag and fired.

And the timing when the ammunition is exhausted again.


He flew, and I flew too.

Leaving the guy behind the wall, I ran into the hallway.

“Are you there!”

I turned on the map in my head and kept running, avoiding the fireballs.

There was only one place I was looking for.

The boss’s room.

At one point, whether or not there were only one or two artifacts collected, the waves of countless magical powers were felt.


I arrived in front of a room with a bunch of hunting dogs on my back.

I went inside, closed the door, and applied the strengthening magic to the door itself.

thud! thud! thud!

I hurriedly looked at the plan.

As if to show the master’s bathing in water, the relics were displayed in frames.

He walked up to him quickly and fired his gun.


I picked up the relics that had fallen to the floor.

‘It’s just undeciphered stuff. I’m not good enough to decipher it, so I guess I just kept it.’

thud! thud! thud!

It analyzes the magic accumulated in the relic and completes the detoxification in an instant.

‘This bracelet… no. It’s useless in the current situation. This ring… .’

A vast amount of magical power was gathering outside the door. The mask seemed to have arrived.

‘This is it.’

He held a necklace with jewels in his hand.

It was a one-time item.

Temporarily exceeds the maximum to restore mana.

My current circuit level was low, so it was clear that I would be hurt, but it was worth the risk.


The necklace shone.

At the same time, the door shattered, and a huge stream of flames rushed towards me.


The moment right in front of you.

The flame was gone.

As if it didn’t exist in the first place.

“The magic that has already been implemented has been destroyed by interference! What nonsense—!”

I cast “Gravity Field”.

Kugu Palace.

The whole building vibrated with a roar.

To the beat of my fingers, his shield begins to crack.


Soon, the boy knelt down and cried out.

All the hounds were so close to the floor that they couldn’t get up, and their armor and helmets were crumbling.

‘If Cain had properly learned magic from a young age, he would have risen to this level now.’

As he approached slowly, fear and fear were young in his eyes. It was because he clearly felt the difference in power.

‘It’s going to be dizzy.’

My stomach hurt and I was short of breath.

The taste of blood rose from his throat.

It was unreasonable to use magic on a larger scale any longer.


Instead, I pulled out a pistol.

Then, he fired the remaining magic bullets one by one, completely breaking his shield.

* * *

He picked up a cigarette in the corner of his room and pondered for a moment.

“… … .”

Cain doesn’t smoke.

But I am not in the real world.

‘In prison, I didn’t smoke it on purpose to prevent tension.’

Maybe one for now would be fine.

I lit a cigarette and smoked it.


I felt the tension and fatigue all over my body disappear in an instant.

I smoked and looked around the room. No one was alive except me, including the mask.

I tried to remove the mask just in case, but it was just a miscellaneous boat.

A miscellaneous boat that was washed all the way here while conducting a human experiment in the inner area.

“I, I, just came up with rumors about the relic and visited it.”

When he arrived, there were traces of someone who had already left.

“Hey, it didn’t seem like there was only one. And it looked like they couldn’t get the rest of the relics because they were rushing to get more important things.”

It wouldn’t be a lie.

There is a guard in the form of a stone statue, so it is impossible to enter the ruins alone.

Also, in the actual ruins, there were artifacts with superior performance than those in this room.

‘It didn’t seem like one person.’

The flow of the story was definitely messed up. However, this may not have been my fault.

If anyone other than me knows how to attack the ruins.

‘Baek Jin-woo.’

He is the only one who has fully read all of my writings that have not yet been published to the world.

The guy whom I thought was a true friend, I never thought that he would be jealous and jealous of the success of my first project.

And the guy who drove me to the cliff to take the next project I was writing.

‘If he also entered this world.’

My body trembled with excitement.

If that’s the case, getting revenge on him would be my top priority along with the task.

‘There is a high possibility that he was possessed like me.’

leading or supporting role.

There were not a lot of people who stuck.

The characters I will encounter one by one as I head into the inner area.

I continued to think and got up.

The signal was fired from the roof.

Before the villagers came, I was going to pack things to bring.

‘Once the artifact.’

All the masks used by them had exhausted their magic and became antiques.

The ones hanging on the frame were also the only ones that were too hard on my body to use now.

‘If you do the same thing again, the circuit will be broken.’

The one I decided I could use was a silver ring.

It was an item that attracted the elements of the atmosphere and increased the recovery rate of mana by 1.5 times.

After sweeping the rest of the artifacts into the bag, I approached the desk in one side of the room.

A black jewel was placed in a drawer.

Youngseok Black.

It was a gem that twisted the nature of the circuit so that it could accept the mana of others.

“… … .”

I was in trouble for a while.

Dealing with hounds alone also meant a test to measure my own fighting power.

‘It’s not long enough to deal with the executives. And at this rate of growth.’

You’re going to struggle like this against hounds.

No matter how much magic was involved.

Knowledge of magic was overflowing, but mana was lacking.

The software was unparalleled, but the hardware couldn’t support it.

‘If you accumulate mana in the way of a warlock.’

The growth rate will be accelerated.

At least twice as many as it is now.

The worries didn’t last long.

for revenge. After all, the world is full of people who deserve to die.


A crack appeared in the black spirit stone he held in his hand.

A black light enveloped my body for a moment and then disappeared.

‘It feels a little foreign.’

When he reached out towards the bald head, black mana was sucked in.


[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 25 / 315]

10 mana increased.

Walking around the floor, he was about to stop breathing, or absorbed mana from those who had just died.

Even if it was a normal person, a small amount of mana flowed through his body.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 40 / 327]

12 people in total.

1 per person.

Combined with the boss, a total of 22 mana increased.

Considering that he invested a whole day in training and increased his mana by 5, it was not a bad increase.

‘It’s not bad because the mana that can be used right now has also increased.’

In addition to the basic recovery, 25 mana was full.

As I was so absorbed in my work, I heard the sound of a car engine outside the building.

* * *


“We, our daughter. I’m sorry daddy, I’m sorry. Never make the same mistake again.”

Outside, locals arrived with several trucks.

Children ran towards their parents, and screams could be heard everywhere.

“Thank you thank you. Wizard. How the hell do you get this grace? .”

Some of the villagers came up to me and bowed their backs.

“… Do not carry any luggage.”

Following my instructions, the residents entered the building.

At first, he was frightened by the corpses of the hounds, but when he got used to it, he kicked in anger.

Starting from the upper floor of the building, they lowered all weapons, food, and goods to the ground.

“Hey, what are you going to do with all of these… .”

The number of items piled up was not small.

Food was at least a few months’ worth, and the amount of money and scraps was also inconsequential.

“How much money have you paid so far?”

“Oh, yes. If you calculate it, about 20 million shillings… .”

Considering the price, it was by no means a small amount.

Expectations rose in the eyes of the residents.

They wondered if their money would come back.

‘I understand the psychology.’

Aside from that, I couldn’t help but dislike it.

20 million shillings.

It was an amount that didn’t mean much to me right now.

It was too bulky to carry around, and there were many opportunities to earn a lot of money later.

‘Anyway, I have enough money for what I need right now.’

My hand flashed up.

In the midst of everyone’s attention, I started a fire and put it on the pile of banknotes.

“Gee, what are you doing now!”

Residents stomped their feet.

It looked like I couldn’t evolve because I was watching.

“You are.”

I opened firearms and scattered them in front of the villagers.

“I bought these weapons. But it’s late, so I’ll have to pay a bit more.”

The residents looked dumbfounded.

The fire was devouring money even at that moment.

“Old man. Can you take over the training of these people?”

“Come on, it’s possible. Not professional, though.”

The old repairman replied, bewildered.

“It would be a good idea to arm other villages nearby as well. Hounds from other areas will come over.”

“Yeah, it is.”

The villagers looked at their feet and the flames alternately and raised their guns one by one.

It was an awkward gesture, but it sure looked better than when I first met them.

* * *

A few days after Cain left, a woman arrived at Village 11-A.

Dark blue hair and a long sword at the waist.

Black bike suit.

It was Zerbia.

She resigned as soon as the new warden arrived and was on a hunt for Cain.

‘It left a mark as if it were purple.’

The search began from the shore near the prison.

It was not difficult to find the footprints, and I was able to find a prison uniform hanging on a pile of scrap metal at the end.


she grinded her teeth

The opponent was clearly underestimating himself. I was very upset about that and didn’t like it.

Then I ran after the wheel tracks.

There were cases where the traces were erased or tangled in the middle, but it was not difficult for her to fill in the gaps after she had mastered all kinds of tracking techniques.

There was, however, a catch.

‘Since when… I didn’t see any hunting dogs.’

The bike has police badges engraved on it.

Even if the guys tried to avoid it first, it didn’t seem strange enough.

‘Even if we met, I wouldn’t have taken any action… .’

For now, Cain’s pursuit was a priority.

Besides, he was feeling skeptical about the hunting dogs.

No matter how much you catch it, it was a hunting dog that grew like a worm in its place.

she concluded

In order to change the reality, he must rise to the apex and reform the judicial system itself.

‘There are a lot of giants like Cain, and I need to catch them so I can climb faster… .’

she repeated it like that.

I’m not pretending not to see the little crimes. It’s just about prioritizing.

She entered the village.

‘It’s called a watch tower. I’ve never seen a village built like that in the wilderness.’

Unfortunately, coal mining villages were often looted and monitored by hunting dogs.

However, there was a sentry here, and he was holding a gun in a modest posture.

“There is something I want to ask you for a moment.”

Residents gathered in front of the supply vehicle.

Their eyes were fixed on the police badge on the bike.

It was a strange look, with distrust and vigilance.


One villager grunted and answered.

“I want to know if the man in this picture has been to this place.”

The eyes of the villager who looked at the picture gradually widened.

“No, sorcerer!”

At that shout, the nearby residents flocked to it.

“That’s right! You are a wizard!”

“How can I forget this face? You are the one who saved us.”

A busy conversation ensued between them.

“Wait. Wizard… And did you say I saved you?”

“then. He was a great man.”

Detailed stories abounded.

The moment she fully grasped the situation, she felt her mind wander.

‘Cain helped the villagers. why?’

My heart was pounding like crazy.

I could somehow understand even the use of magic.

Because I expected it to some extent when I saw the writing in the air.

But Cain saved the children.

And that too with pure good intentions.

He knew that Cain had no mercy on his hands against other gang members or criminals.

But that was only when there was a clear purpose.

‘For what purpose this time?’

No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t find a motive for the action.

“He said that he burned all the money and handed over weapons and food to the residents.”

“Oh, why do you keep asking the same thing?”

She was momentarily confused.

If Cain really helped the people in good faith.

My face suddenly heated up.

Did he not pass by ignoring the hunting dogs at the beginning of the wilderness?

‘Nope. I can’t. There must have been another reason I didn’t know. Because he doesn’t know what’s inside.’

She shook her head vigorously and cleared her mind. Then I started the bike again.

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