A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 25

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 25

025 episode. Area 118 (1)

It had been a while since I left the village of 11-A and rode a bike, and in the distance, under the setting sun, the 110th division appeared.

I got there and got off the bike.

Just in case, he changed his face with magic and went inside.

‘… Poor.’

Shabby buildings and old sidewalks.

Factory smoke fills the sky.

Black wastewater flowing in the river.

The image I had imagined as I was writing was reproduced right in front of my eyes.

As I walked slowly as far as my feet could reach, it was an oyster bridge.

Inside, homeless people were leaning their backs against the wall.

I approached one of them and asked.

“I want to know where the train station is.”

The head was lifted up.

It was a blunt look with no desire or will.

“… … .”

Without a word, he tapped the can in front of him with his toe.

I tossed a coin into it and then opened my mouth.

“Go south. Go straight ahead and you will see a bakery. Go past it and go down seven blocks to the train station.”

“Do you know of a place to stay?”

Silence again.


Another coin tossed in.

“Are you a traveler? You better be careful. There are a lot of places run by sheepdogs… .”

den- den-

The bell rang.

At that moment, the homeless, lying like dead bodies, got up like lightning and ran out of the burrows.

I followed them slowly, checking where they were headed.

‘… It’s a cathedral.’

It was not far across the bridge.

In front of the vacant lot, in front of the statue of the goddess, poor people were flocking.

It looked as if a food distribution vehicle had arrived from the appearance of the plates being distributed in a hurry.

—Get in line, line up!

The priest’s busy voice could be heard in the distance.

Due to the devastated soil where nothing can be planted to grow, this world is basically in short supply of food.

The quality of the land improves little by little as you go to the inner part, but it is not very significant.

‘Although there is a land of gold in the capital.’

Fertile farmland managed by the denomination.

But it’s for the upper class.

The amount distributed to the lower classes in the outskirts is very small.

─Can you give me a little more? I have children at home… .

─In front! Hurry up, get some, get out of the way! Do you know that there are no frivolous people here?

As we headed south with our bikes, the voices of the people gradually receded.

They will not have enough to eat. Like Cain in his childhood.

As we went down the road, as the homeless man said, a shabby platform appeared.

The area where the money is buried is number 102.

My current area is 118.

It was located opposite the north and south of the capital.

It was quite a distance to travel by bike.

As long as they don’t cross the zones in a straight line.

‘But after a middle-class residence, you need an ID to move between districts.’

There was no way I could use it right away, so I was thinking of using the train.

Originally operated to transport materials from nearby mines, it circulated around the outskirts, including the 100th and 110th divisions, in a circle.

However, after the resource began to be depleted, the vehicle was converted and served as a passenger function.

The downside is that there aren’t many trains, so the closest stop time is lunch two days later.

The window was empty.

If there was no special purpose in the first place, there would be no reason to visit such an outlying area.

“One adult. Yes, nine thousand shillings.”

Officials were also helpless.

When I got out of the platform with my tickets, I ran into a group of children.

A face that is dirty because it cannot be washed.

patchy clothes.

The palm that came out and reached out.

‘I’m guessing he’ll find out that I’m a foreigner and beg.’

Most likely, they were orphans living in groups.

Memories of Cain’s past came to mind again, and I took a few coins from my pocket and dropped them on the children’s palms.

“… … !”

one thousand shillings.

The children’s eyes widened at the amount greater than expected.

Eternal salvation is impossible.

But it would have been enough to help you forget your hunger for a while.

The children nodded their heads and hurriedly turned around and ran. It was the direction of the bakery I passed by.

When you look at it for a moment and then head to your next destination.


A nearby homeless man was seen waking up.

His gaze was on the back of the children, and a knife handle protruded from the end of the pocket.

Without a word, he approached and grabbed the nape of his neck. He dragged him to a nearby alley.

Although he struggled, there was no way a homeless person could handle the strength he had strengthened by magic.

“Bye! Shut off!”

He pushed him against the wall and grabbed his neck. He could feel his energy sucking through his hands.


The body of the dead man fell to the floor.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 322 / 327]

There were no visible changes.

Perhaps it was due to poor nutrition, and it rose by a decimal point.

I left the alley and headed towards the bakery.

The children I had seen a while ago were wastingly eating the bread held in both hands.

I watched until the meal was finished and left.


I wandered the streets and opened the door of an old hotel and entered.

It seemed that no matter how much time I spent, I couldn’t find a particularly better place.

“I want to check in.”

“Oh, yes. How many days are you planning to stay?”

He was a man with a rather poor impression.

He’s reading a book about poker. He responded when I approached him.

“Two days.”

“Yes. You stayed two nights, what is your name?”


He answered with a name that came to mind.

“Yes. Five thousand shillings per day. A total of 10,000 shillings. You can check-out by 2pm two days later.”

I took the money out and paid for it.

In the process, it was felt that the eyes of the employee were touching the money bag longer than necessary.

“Here is the key.”

I went up the stairs and headed to the room.

I simply unpacked and checked my mana.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 327 / 327]

He took out the magazine and made one magic bullet.

Thanks to the artifact, the mana recovery speed increased, making it easier to stock up on ammunition.

I packed two pistols and a few magazines inside my coat and went out of the hotel.

I wandered the streets and looked at the signs of the pubs.

It wasn’t just for drinking.

It was to find the branch of ‘Crow’, an intelligence group that took root throughout the continent.

It had been a while since I started selling like that, and I was able to find a sign with a subtle feather-like stroke.

The inside was shabby and dark.

Due to the remote location, there were no customers.

As we sat down at the bar, the bartender, who was wiping the glasses, showed us the menu.

He glanced over and answered.

“I order the howl of a black bird.”

The drink was not on the menu.

“It’s a drink we don’t sell.”

“I’ve heard that you can drink at this store, of course.”

The bartender looked up at me.

Their eyes met for a while, and he turned his back and pushed the display case aside.


A passageway was exposed in the exposed wall.

“This is the second room from the end of the hallway.”

Without hesitation, I crossed the bar and entered the aisle.

When I opened the door to the location the bartender said, a man in his late twenties greeted me.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a branch in such a remote place.”

The man identified himself as the branch manager of District 118.

On the desk, along with miscellaneous papers, there was a communication ball for communicating with other branches or headquarters.

The progress of science in this world varied greatly depending on the field, and there were not a few parts where magic took its place.

“Yeah, what information did you need?”

“There is someone I want to find.”

“This isn’t an entertainment center, it’s a place that sells information.”

I pulled out my pocket and poured the junk I had taken from the hounds on the desk.

left and right.

“… It’s not something you can’t find if you’re looking for something.”

The branch manager changed his posture and sat down.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the pile of junk.

‘Part of the commission was supposed to be eaten by the branch manager as a commission.’

The estimated amount is around 1.5 million shillings.

Considering the difficulty of the quest and the market price of information, it was not a small amount.

Considering the information network spread across the continent, finding one person would be a simple task.

“okay. Who are you looking for? I like even the smallest features. Just tell me.”

I held my breath for a moment and continued.

“… Laxen, 18 years old. Lives in Molesen Town, southeast of the capital. I am working as a servant for Baron Pratten, blonde hair and gold eyes, and my height is 178 cm.”

The branch manager made a confused face.

“what. You already know the place of residence perfectly, right? Do you need to rely on us?”

You just have to know it perfectly.

Because he is the original protagonist of my novel.

In the future, huge events that can be called ‘revolution’ or ‘transformation’ take place around him in this world.

‘But there is a possibility that the story was distorted because of me.’

Cain was originally supposed to be the main character’s assistant.

Such a person intercepted the information that the main character should use, and even strayed from the designated position.

Even if the massive flow won’t change, it’s possible that my actions may have influenced the story in some way.

‘If it’s the original way, it’s the point at which you enter the disciple after seeing the elder Mattap’s visit to the mansion.’

I needed to figure it out.

As far as I know, the story flows.

Also, if there is something out of the flow due to my actions, what is it?

“Correct the words a little. Not ‘find’, but ‘check’. Does he work at the baron’s mansion, his appearance matches what he said, and his name is Raksen?”

“… It’s a weird request. It’s not difficult. It’s just a matter of moving the members of the capital.”

The branch manager stretched out his hand to the trash.

“Come in two days. It’s okay to find a branch other than here. Because the information network is all connected… what are you doing?”

As I pulled the trash, the branch manager’s face contorted.

“I haven’t told you all the terms yet.”

“Somehow, the amount of money you bet is large compared to the information you want. What else do you want to know?”

“Recent trends in Blue Serpent.”

The branch manager leaned his back on the chair and folded his arms. He looked at me sternly and said.

“I don’t look like a cop. Is it a hostile organization?”

When I said nothing, he continued.

“Well, it doesn’t matter either way. We only need money. Do you have a particular field of interest? It’s just too broad a blue serpent.”

“Executive Cain.”

The branch manager nodded and left the room for a while. And a few minutes later he came back with the papers.

“Be aware that you can’t buy a lot of information with the amount left after deducting the cost from the conditions above.”

“Know. If you think it’s worth it, then I’ll pay more.”

“First of all, how much do you know about Cain?”

“It was like being caught by the police two months ago and imprisoned in prison.”

“Yeah what. Of course, he knew that he was arrested in prison. Because it was such a big event in this world.”

The branch manager rummaged through the documents and said dryly.

“Here you are. Item A-13, Trends within the organization immediately after Cain’s imprisonment. The most notable change was the intensification of nerve warfare among the executives over the territory that Cain was managing.”

It was to some extent expected.

Even within the same organization, the powers and regions are divided.

They held hands only to oust Cain, the most obtrusive.

“Item A-14. Cain’s Administrative Area. Wondering where you are? It is said that the forces of each executive are mixed and they are still fighting a nerve war.”

“no. That’s not necessary. But what happened to Cain’s men?”

The branch manager’s fingers ran through the paperwork.

“Here it is. With the money I paid now, I’m done listening to this. This is high-level information.”

“I will listen.”

“… A-31. Immediately after Cain’s arrest, his men were also ordered to be killed. Cain tried to betray the boss of the organization. For a superficial reason, yes.”

“They must have all fled.”

“According to eyewitness accounts, there are some who fought back, but there must be a few who escaped. The pursuit continues to this day. There is some information caught in our guild. Why don’t you pay extra to hear it?”

“… became Listen up to here.”

Information about Cain and his men.

Just to confirm my guess was correct, so I didn’t need to hear more.

‘Besides, that’s not the only information you need to know.’

I didn’t want to save money, but I didn’t mean to waste it more than necessary.

“Okay then, let’s settle the bill.”

I took half of it out of the trash and pushed it onto the desk.

“Information about Laxen is delivered once a week for a total of one month. I will share the rest.”

Considering the amount I offered, it was an acceptable condition.

‘If you pay in a lump sum, there is a possibility that you will be pranked with your information later.’

“We’re talking about monitoring the subject for a month, then the unit price is not right. And we don’t have the concept of an advance payment. A lump sum payment is the principle wherever you go.”

The branch manager growled.

“no. This is the price of information. And the contract method can be changed at the discretion of the branch manager.”

“What, how do you know that? Have you been to a lot to buy information? If you know, it will be faster. It’s just ‘discretionary’ and I have no intention of changing the rules.”

Sometimes these guys were there.

Those who underestimate their opponents and try to slash the unit price of their quests.

“It’s disappointing that the people who buy and sell information don’t even know the market price.”

“That’s the one who doesn’t know the price, San-nim. According to the conditions you said, you should receive an additional 500,000 shillings.”

There was no sign of retreating from each other. The air began to scorch.

“I can’t put this into words—.”

The branch manager jumped up from his desk and threw a fist. He felt mana in his body.

‘Mana user.’

I expected it to some extent, but it was faster than I expected.


Get up from your seat and lean slightly.

His fists clenched at the side of his neck, and a sharp pain came up.

Without hesitation, he placed a hand on the head of the branch manager.


The blue electric current that bloomed in his palm fluttered as if it would swallow its prey at any moment.

“… … !”

The branch manager probably didn’t even want to hit a valid hit.

It must have been my intention to create a threatening situation like what I am doing now.

“Hey, was he a wizard? If I had told you right away, I would not have treated you this way.”

“If you move, you will be electrocuted.”

“Ah Okay. he’ll do whatever he wants From that magic… .”

At that moment, the upper part of the pad that had been attached to his neck slid off.

It seems that time has passed since bonding, and that it had been rubbed against my fist a while ago.

“what. That sea snake tattoo… Aha, things are like this… .”


The current got stronger.

“Well, don’t worry. Because I don’t intend to spread rumors. I don’t want to be photographed by a wizard either.”

Wizards are special among the professions that deal with mana.

They go beyond simply strengthening the body or putting qi on weapons, and they are the ones who cause phenomena that are close to miracles.

“Hey, you were Cain’s subordinate too, wasn’t he? I am being pursued right now. I wondered what happened to the scattered colleagues.”

As if he had accepted my silence as a positive meaning, the branch manager continued to spit out his words at will.

“… … .”

I was in trouble for a while.

If information about me is passed on to someone else through this guy.

‘It doesn’t matter. After all, he has changed his face with magic.’

No matter how the information spreads, it is not easy to infer that I am Cain.

I am obviously a prisoner who is still ‘incarcerated’ in prison.

‘No, rather, if you use tracking backwards… .’

A thought flashed through my head.

Since there will be a lot of work to be done, it is unlikely that the executives are directly involved in the pursuit.

At best, it must be to the extent of giving orders or receiving reports from above.

‘Assuming that the pursuers are members of the lower gang, or the level of the action leader.’

If you pay attention, you can deal with it enough.

No, it can be suppressed in the opposite way.

Because I know the profile and battle patterns of most of the members.

I glanced at the branch manager and opened my mouth.

“I don’t care where or how you talk. However, the information will be distributed over 8 weeks instead of 4 weeks. There is no post-payment.”

The branch manager widened his eyes at my words and hurriedly continued.

“Hey, that’s not really on the market. I, too, are in a business position, so it’s hard to match the half price. How about getting one more piece of information instead? That’s really interesting information.”

“… Interesting. If it’s not fun to listen to, it’s really no fun.”

“Listen at once. If you think this information is worthless, you can kill me.”

It was a formidable professional spirit to say that he was steadfast even in a situation where a blue electric current was rushing in front of his eyes.

“Tell me.”

“Can we get rid of this magic first? I feel like I’m going to die of suffocation.”

When the magic was lifted, the branch manager took a deep breath and adjusted his clothes. and said

“There are other Blue Serpents in this area besides you. Just a few hours ago.”

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