A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 26

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 26

026 episode. Area 118 (2)

On the outskirts of the district, there were rows of abandoned buildings that were likely to collapse at any moment. I remembered the words of the branch manager.

“Our informants are spread out all over town. An hour ago, a man entered the abandoned building. He had an injury to his side and a sea snake tattoo on the inside of his sleeve. Go if you are interested. You will be able to find the traces easily. I can’t say for sure if he’s still alive.”

I glanced down.

Amidst the scattered rubbish, dried blood stains were gradually leading to a single building.

‘The possibility that it is a fake cannot be overlooked. Because there are guys who arbitrarily engrave tattoos of large organizations in order to carry great names on their backs.’

Of course, you can’t find such guys in the middle number bands where large organizations are actually active. As soon as it is discovered, it is slaughtered.

But this is the outskirts, the high-numbered zone. It was a place where fakes could be active.

‘But if the opponent is real.’

Considering the injury and the fact that this is a high-numbered area, it might be Cain’s subordinate who is being pursued by the pursuers.

‘That would be the most probable guess.’

After temporarily stopping the flow of the mana circuit, he quickly moved along the blood trail.


A small three-story building that has been demolished everywhere.

The moment I stepped through the open door, I could feel a bit of relief and anxiety at the same time.

I could feel the mana circuit upstairs.

A weak flow that seems to be extinguished at any moment.

It was proof that he was still alive, but it also meant that he didn’t even have the strength to cover up the circuit.

‘It’s inside.’

The sunlight shone faintly through the broken window. At the far end of the spacious hall, a shallow breath could be heard from behind the box.

When I tried to close the distance.

widely. tap.

Unstoppable footsteps were heard from downstairs.

The sound gradually drew closer to the stairs, and I hurriedly climbed up the vent, using a nearby box as a stepping stone.

“If you leave a tail that long, we won’t be able to find it until we can’t find it.”

There were three men.

Full face mask and black clothes.

They shouted at the box I was looking at a moment ago, as if there was nothing more to search.

“Come on. After all, the outcome is set, so let’s not waste each other’s time.”

It was a memorable voice.

He was the subordinate of the white beast king Laika.

The strongest among executives by simple force.

A beast man with the appearance of a lion.

And the instigator of the plan to oust Cain.

‘The rest will be Leica’s subordinates. Judging from the hair color and physique, you can guess who it is.’

After a moment of silence, a middle-aged man appeared from behind the box.

Big eyes with a small stature.

side stained red.

I could recognize him at once.


He was a faithful subordinate and fatherly figure who stood by young Cain during his first step into the organization and growing up.

“It doesn’t make sense. A person who used to be in a good position among the members of the organization is now being chased.”

“… … .”

Despite the blatant sarcasm, Maxim did not say anything. He just stared at his opponents with anger-filled eyes.

“Well, there is nothing I can do about it. Cain The bastard tried to betray the boss of the organization, so his subordinates will also have to pay the price.”

“Do not use Cain-sama’s name in vain!”

Maxim coughed with a cry.

A few drops of blood were scattered on the floor.

At that scene, three of Leica’s subordinates chuckled and laughed.

“Are you still circling around the traitor? Loyalty is great. So no matter how much we tried to convince him, he wouldn’t budge.”

“I don’t have time, so let’s do the math a little faster. Did you get anything from our office, Leica-sama’s safe? give it away Then at least it won’t make you suffer when you die.”

At the same time, Leica’s men started the circuit.

At the same time, the colorful mana wrapped around the body in the form of a qi, and the intense flow was clearly felt up to here.

Watching it, Maxim said, grinding his teeth as if squeezing it.

“… You really don’t know anything.”

“That’s what you don’t know.”

“Cain-sama is a traitor. And give me the stolen stuff. Yes, I will return it.”

Maxim pulled out a small file folder from his pocket.

“Do you know what this is?”

“It must have been stolen. I heard that it was roughly classified as a document.”

“okay. It contains some very shocking things. Don’t you want to know?”

“We are not interested in the content. I was just ordered to execute the traitor and retrieve the documents.”

When Maxim opened the file and started reading, Leica’s men, who had just taken their steps, stopped.

It was the minutes of a meeting between the executives except Cain.

The date, the planning process, the dialogue, etc. too detailed to be called manipulation flowed out of Maxim’s mouth.

“You know? Cain was framed. And especially, Leica, the one you are following, was the mastermind of the plan.”

Maxim staggered as if he wasn’t feeling well. A moment of silence passed.

“What do you mean?”


“Even if the contents of the document are true, what is the difference? In any case, Cain is locked up in a cell and will not be able to come out for the rest of his life, and the person we are following is Leica-sama.”

The men began to giggle.

“Not many people naively think that Cain really planned a boss assassination plan. I just accept it because the outward circumstances are so clear and natural.”

“In my heart, everyone was predicting that it was going to be a conflict. Well, it wouldn’t be a good thing to know anyway.”

The men took the knife out of their arms. And he began to slowly approach the bewildered Maxim.

I have gathered the information currently given and calculated the appropriate action to take.

The names of his subordinates are Petran, Mirak, and Kassel.

As a user of the first level of the mana circuit, the level was slightly lower than that of a beginner knight.

‘The most ideal picture would be to subdue all three to dig up information.’

The difficulty of simply killing an opponent and subduing them are different.

It was unreasonable to fight with the circumstances in my hand at my current level.

Because there’s a situation where you have to protect Maksim.


I pulled out the submachine gun and quickly changed magazines.

After a short deep breath.

While casting the “Protection” magic, I jumped down the vent.

“Who are you?”

Laika’s men all turned to this side at once. The moment I found the gun in my hand, my eyes turned wild.

“Catch it now!”

They jumped in, and for a moment it felt like time was passing slowly.

protection deployment.

The coordinates are around myself and Maxim.

to the maximum output I can.

Short between adjustments.

The aiming point is three places at their feet.

bang! bang! bang!

The gun fired fire. Upon impact, magic was activated and an explosion occurred.

The old floor collapsed around the location where the guys stood.

“You crazy!”

They fell to the first floor along with the rubble on the floor.

Since the floor height was not high, the impact of the fall did not seem to be great, but the posture was disturbed in an instant.

I didn’t miss the gap, went to the front of the hole and pointed the muzzle down.

bang! bang!

“Red Skull? Big John? What organization bastard is fearless now!”

A blue film appeared and wrapped around them as if they were close. The bullet intercepted him and exploded.

Even if you were not a wizard, it was possible to protect yourself with mana.

Although the principle of expression is different from “Protection”, the efficiency is far lower.

‘Generally, the game was decided the moment the first magic was blocked.’

A wizard’s weakness is that it takes time to use magic.

It is orthodox that one cannot use power without an escort, and this is the case in reality.

However, if the completed magic was stored in the bullet, it was possible to pour the magic without delay.

At least until the bullets run out.

“This bastard!”

I pulled the trigger at regular intervals to prevent them from approaching.

As the casings fell, the faces of the guys grew harsher.

Anger is also anger, but it will be embarrassing.

Guns are obviously not a mainstream weapon among mana users, and they would have never experienced a battle like this.

After seeing that the shield was starting to crack, I changed the position of the control rod to a barrage.

‘There is no need to measure the situation further.’


A dozen or so bullets, which had been steadily stockpiled in the meantime, were pierced into one point of the shield.

The curtain was broken with a huge chain explosion, and the guys behind it were caught up in the explosion.


Amidst the rising smoke, a human figure jumped towards me.

Burned red skin.

Eyes glistening with anger.

Surrounded by reddish-brown mana, knives flooded in.


The “protection” that surrounded me was broken at once, and I quickly turned around.

As soon as my shoulder was pierced by the knife, I pulled out a pistol with a regular bullet from the bag and put the gun to his temple.


Blood splattered everywhere. The boy fell back to the first floor.

The dust subsided, and the other guys could be seen through it. He collapsed to the floor, charred, and didn’t even move.

“… … .”

He grabbed the handle of the knife that was placed on his shoulder.

A moment of great pain flooded in, but he pulled it out without hesitation.

The dropped knife fell into the chest of one of the corpses.

‘If I had, it would have been me, not the guys, lying there.’

It took less than two minutes for the event to end.

It was possible because he had an advantage by surprise and stockpiled ammunition.

“you. Who is it? For what purpose… .”

He turned his head towards Maxim.

His eyes were wary.

He also showed a determined will to fight with the risk of his life if he did.

Judging from the state of his body, it seemed difficult just to stand right now.

“I’m pretty sure it’s not the enemy.”

“stop! don’t come close! Reveal your identity first!”

As I walked away, Maxim pulled out his pistol and pointed it at me.

I continued walking without hesitation.

“It’s been a while, Maxim. Maxim Crowd. Can you recognize my voice?”

At that moment, Maxim’s body stiffened. Those who knew his last name were limited.

“Stand, please. Oh no, it can’t be. He’s obviously in prison right now… .”

I put my palm to my face. He canceled the transformation magic and revealed his face.

“Ka, Cain-sama?”

In an instant, Maxim’s body trembled.

But after somehow correcting his posture, he aimed the gun again.

“The words… no. It must be a fake impersonating Cain-sama. Find out what he is doing… . Otherwise, right now… .”

I narrowed the distance by talking about the past between Cain and Maxim, something that would never be known except by the parties involved.

Maxim’s vigilance gradually softened, and tears welled up in his eyes.

“I really… Are you Cain? How… .”

“Don’t say any more. Because things are getting worse.”

I sat Maxime with his back against the wall and checked his injuries.

A huge cut on the right side of the waist.

blood flowing non-stop.

Important internal organs appeared to have been damaged. It’s been acceptable to have endured so far.


A pure white glow from my hand flowed into the wound.

“Poetry, divine magic. this… What… .”

“I escaped from prison disguised as an accident. I’m dead now Do not say. Wounds open.”

Is it because I missed the right time for treatment? Healing magic did not show much effect.

“Now the situation is… Understanding is… but it doesn’t. Cain is always… He was an unexpected person… .”

On the contrary, perhaps because of the release of tension in the past, breathing gradually became more rapid and the focus of the eyes became blurred.

“face… There is not. Cain… I should have kept… Still, to be able to see you at least for the last time… .”

I was steadfastly focused on treatment.

How much time has passed in that state?

When I woke up, my mana had been exhausted.

“… … .”

And Maxim was no longer breathing.

With a faint smile, he was holding my hand with a wrinkled hand.

“… Good job.”

I closed Maxim’s eyes and stood up.

A strange feeling arose.

It’s not that I didn’t see people die after falling into this world.

Rather, depending on the given circumstances, if it was judged to be evil, he even killed him directly.

But now it’s different.

From the perspective of a person named Cain, I saw the death of a loved one right in front of my eyes.

goal too.

The death of a person who understood and sympathized with the goal of one day liberating all slums from poverty and hunger.

[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[Current synchronization rate – 77.0%]

“… It’s not a very good feeling.”

I bit my lip and asked.

He soon settled his emotions and went down to the first floor to absorb mana.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 52 / 372]

15 per person. A total of 45 mana increased.

I looked down at the corpses of these guys and went up to the second floor again.

He took the file folder out of Maxim’s arms and turned the pages slowly.

And I had no choice but to open my eyes wide to check the contents.

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