A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 27

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 27

027 episode. Area 118 (3)

I slowly turned over the paperwork.

The conversations the executives had had were recorded in detail.

“Kain will arrive at the meeting point early. Then let’s make the boss’s escort look like Cain killed it.”

“I will prepare the necessary personnel on my side. You have to be on time.”

The blue serpent is basically close to the point texture.

The boss gave instructions to the executives by changing the meeting place each time.

He appeared wearing a mask and delivered orders with a falsified voice, so no executive was aware of his identity.

‘He was a person who predicted the movements of the police and other organizations so well that it was creepy.’

Of course, I know the truth.

Although it has not been written yet, I was planning to develop it in such a way that the identity of the characters is revealed in the second half of the play.


[Task – Flames of Hatred]

Objective: Insert a sword into the heart of a traitor. (0/3)People

Acquired Skills: Boldness, Fortitude. coolness.

Reward: Return to the real world


There are three plural targets, and the boss is not included.

There are a total of five executives including me.

Three of them are my revenge targets.

White Beast King Laika.

Fighter Parter.

Black smuggler Bama.

Although it was inferior to Leica, the strength of the other two executives could never be ignored.

Anyway, Cain was betrayed.

He was framed for trying to assassinate the boss, was subdued on the spot, and later arrested by the raiding police.

The paperwork continued.

After the dialogue was over, Leica’s schedule for the next several weeks followed.

Contact for transactions or agreements with other organizations, meetings with district farmland managers, etc.

One of them caught my eye.


July 2nd at 15:00

Outer Ring Line No. 4 Train

Kagar Warek


It was not difficult to guess what the exchange was going to be, as it was a tangent for a certain ‘transaction’.

Because Warrek was one of the leading drug dealers on the continent.

‘The date is three days later.’

I was in trouble for a while.

The ticket I booked was for train 3 two days later.

If we had to wait one more day, we could take train 4.

‘Other guys will modify the place or time at the time the schedule was stolen.’

The Leica I know would never do that.

Because the main keyword I set for him is ‘arrogance’.

The power of the ten fingers in the worldview. No less brain rotation and viciousness.

‘If an intruder appears, you’ll think it doesn’t matter at all.’

It was an unexpected timing, but it was an opportunity to approach Leica anyway.

I foretold several possibilities.

Attack or surprise the trading site.

Trying to assassinate by poisoning food.

It certainly won’t be easy.

Not only is Leica’s own strength considerable, but there will also be escorts around her.

‘Still, it’s definitely worth a try.’

The train only travels in one direction, so the plan for my original destination, Area 102, was not disrupted.

I waited in the spot, drawing the future action in my head.

Mana consumed was restored, and all the corpses were burned using magic.

Maxim’s body was recovered and buried in a sunny place nearby.

In the process, I could feel the eyes watching me. It was far behind the building.

‘The branch manager seems to have attached the tail.’

I collected mana.

The magic manifestation coordinates are in the air of the height of the roof of the building.

A blue lightning bolt formed in an instant and fell.

Break up!


Along with the exorcism, the presence completely disappeared. There is no need to confirm death.

We cleaned up our surroundings and returned to the hotel where we had checked in. The sun was completely setting.

After locking the door, an alarm was put on in case of an unexpected intrusion.

I took off my clothes, went into the shower and turned on the water.


The hot water washed away the blood that had splashed on his face and body.

It felt like the accumulated fatigue and tension had eased a bit.

‘If you think about it, after falling into this world, I’ve been on my nerves all along.’

When I put my hand on my shoulder to use healing magic, the wound slowly healed.

I was idly getting hot water for a while, then turned the switch to cold water to wake me up and went outside.

* * *

The next day I went to the general stores all over the district. He handed out the paper to the owners.

“I want to get the things written here.”

“Wait a minute.”

Things like rare herbs or certain brands of soap.

We couldn’t get all the ingredients we needed, but we did have some assortment.

I went back to my room and put all the ingredients on my palm.

The gathered mana simmered, and his palms became hot.


The basic principle was the same as when making the catalyst. The only difference is the materials used and the final product.

The ingredients melted and began to agglomerate together.

The light rose and disappeared, leaving a transparent liquid in its place.

I put it in the little bottle I prepared for it.

‘Although there is no proper name.’

It was poison.

Even a single drop is absorbed into the body and the average person will die.

Mana users, it would not have a fatal effect on Leica, but it would be able to give some damage.

After that, he circulated around the area and gathered rumors. The place where information flowed the most was in the bar.

“I heard they are accepting residents from District 58 this time.”

“Wake up your dream. How do guys like us get there?”

“They say that Area 103 is looking for mercenaries to embark on an expedition to the north. Until the end of next month.”

“Do you have any medicine?”

“Illness. I can’t die, I can’t live My wish is to visit the capital at least once before I die.”

The bar was full of people since noon.

Local residents or wandering mercenaries.

Bounty criminals wearing masks to cover their faces were also seen.

‘Certainly, the worldview is the same as I set it up.’

We took a drink and gathered information. When useful information came and went, he pulled the story further by buying a drink by joining the conversation.

At the same time, whenever mana was full, he did not neglect to stock up on magic bullets.

And again the next day.

While we were having lunch at a table in the corner, someone opened the door of the bar and came in.


All eyes in the room were focused at once.

Blue hair and pure white skin.

A contrasting black rider suit.


To be honest, I couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

I expected to be pursued, but I didn’t expect it to follow me at such a speed and accurately.

“What kind of beauty is there in such a rough place… .”

A drinking giant approached Zervia.

The moment he thought that the light had flashed, the giant’s wrist flew away.

“Ouch! Oh, what the f*ck!”

Geohan, who stared blankly at his empty wrist, swung his opposite hand wildly, as if recognizing the situation.

No, to be precise, I was trying to wield it. If it wasn’t for the long sword that was pointed straight at his neck.

“E-class bounty. Ducat. Robbery and chain arson.”

She basically had a good memory.

Not only the high-ranking violent criminals, but also the faces and crimes of ordinary criminals are memorized one by one.

“This is Lieutenant Javir, Deputy Director of the Public Security Bureau of the Imperial Police Agency. From now on, I will control the personnel here and conduct inspections.”

With the other hand holding the sword, Zervia took out her wallet and showed her ID.

In an instant, the faces of those in the room turned white.

‘In addition to the guy called Ducat, there must be other guys with a bad back.’

“Oh, don’t be funny! Do you think you can beat everyone here by yourself?”

As expected, one of the leftists popped forward. He took out his pistol and fired it at Zervia.

After that momentary commotion, I placed my hand on the pad on the nape of the neck and applied transformation magic.

visor! visor!

The warheads were split in half and fell to the floor with a few iron sounds.

Even I had goosebumps running down my back.

Although not as good as Leica, she was reminded once again that she is one of the most talented people in the world.

“No, that’s absurd.”

The guy who fired the gun backed away.

“Everyone, stop moving on the spot. After that, you can’t guarantee your life if you play nonsense.”

Everyone stopped moving and held their breath.

The more Zervia approached and checked their faces, the tension in the room grew.

Those who turned out to be bounty criminals fell to the ground one by one and passed out after being hit with a malignant bite by Zerbia.

‘I’ve changed my face with magic, so you won’t be noticed.’

The circuit had already been disabled.

There was no concern that magic would be detected unless the mana was moving at the moment of casting.

‘If I use Zervia, I might be able to kill Laika.’

The original plan was to lure her to the ruins of the southeast and use it to dig a path.

In order to obtain relics useful for dealing with the executives.

But what if you lure Zervia to the train and face Laika?

There will definitely be a fight.

That will make it easier to target the gaps in Leica.

“Raise your head.”

Suddenly, she approached me.

I raised my head and made eye contact with her.

It felt like they were looking at me more carefully than others.

“… … .”

“… … .”

She must have had in mind the possibility that I had changed my appearance with magic.

On the day he escaped from prison, he left a letter in the air with magic.

However, it is impossible to see through magic with only the naked eye or sense.

I don’t know if a higher-level wizard uses a dispel.

“Take the pad off your neck.”

I simply took the pad off.

Instead of the blue snake tattoo, a scar I had drawn with my magic appeared.

Changing the tone of my voice, I said.

“I cover it up. It looks ugly.”

“… … .”

At the same time, my fingers began to tap the table.

Thumb and middle finger alternately, slowly with a certain beat.

Cain’s habit, which he used to come out when he felt nervous or nervous.

But this time, it was a deliberate move.

Because I needed to give her some confidence.

widely. widely. tap.

As expected, her gaze rested on my fingers.

you would definitely find out She studied Cain for quite some time and followed him.

“Everyone can go out. Except for this one now.”

With that one word, people rushed out.

The bar was left with nothing but her, me, the shopkeeper, and a stunned bounty.

She said sitting in front of me.

“Put your hands behind your head.”

I obeyed her instructions.

“name is?”

“… This is Carto.”

“Do you have anything to prove your identity?”

“no. There is not. I wasn’t born in the inner zone, but something like an ID… .”

She took my bag to the tip of her scabbard and inspected it.

rummaging through the guns and magazines, she said.

“What are you doing here?”

“It’s a wanderer. They are looking everywhere and doing anything. I carry a gun to protect myself. This area is so rough… .”

It wasn’t that guns were illegal or anything.

As the outskirts were out of reach, there was an aspect of encouraging their use in terms of self-arming.

‘Actually, it’s just neglect.’

She continued to rummage through her bag and ask questions.

Even though there was no blockage in my answer, he did not look at me with suspicion. Rather, it looked disgruntled.

“What is this?”

A small vial was lifted between her fingers.

He was carrying the poison he made yesterday in case he ever had to use it.

“It’s medicine. I have a chronic illness.”

She opened the lid and smelled the incense.

colorless and odorless.

Besides, it was made with a formula that was not in the world, so there was no way for her to know the identity of the drug.

She continued examining the vial.

It was a two-way conversation about my reaction, but I didn’t show any outward agitation.

She said after looking at the medicine bottle like that for a while.

“Drink it. Right Now. at this place.”

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