A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 28

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 28

028 episode. train (1)

“Drink it. Right Now. at this place.”

Her blue eyes stared straight at me.

‘It’s a little difficult.’

Just by building the mana circuit, you get physical abilities that are many times stronger than normal people.

You won’t die from taking the drug.

If it were my mental strength, I might not show any painful marks.

However, it suffered some damage and could interfere with subsequent movement.

“hurry. What are you steaming?”

I slowly reached for the bottle.

I glanced around to see what was available at the same time.

‘Good timing.’

Behind them, two of the bounty hunters who had been lying down woke up just in time.

The eyes of the guys who were looking around and grasping the situation met me.

“You keep suffocating. If you keep hesitating, I will pour it into your mouth.”

In order not to show off as much as possible to Zervia, I beckoned them with a signal.

hit it

The boys nodded and slowly got up.

Then he pulled out a club with a gong and started approaching Zervia’s back.

They had very tense faces, but their eyes were quite usable.

They must be the guys who have been rolling in the back alleys for a long time.

At first, these guys didn’t have much of a choice.

“I will drink.”

I lifted the bottle and caught Zervia’s attention.

But I knew.

That she already senses everything behind her back.

The proof was that he was putting his hand on the handle of the sword.

‘In the first place, I didn’t expect those guys to hurt Zervia.’

The picture I wanted was different.

When the guys came close.

The moment you lift the club high.

I shouted one beat quickly.

As if they had just discovered them.

“Lieutenant! Dangerous!”

The surprised guys hurriedly smashed the club.

Zervia kicked the floor and flew to the side.

The club that lost the target headed towards the front of the table.


The table was pushed towards me and split in half.

I staggered heavily in response, snapping my wrists, and naturally tossing the bottle into the air.

While Zervia was rushing at them, the bottle fell to the floor and shattered beautifully.

The suppression took less than 20 seconds.

Just by being stabbed at the tip of the sword, the guys fainted again and collapsed.

“Are you not hurt? Inspector.”

She had no answer.

He just frowned at the broken bottle on the floor.

‘It’s a pity to throw away the medicine.’

I wouldn’t give her an order to lick her because of her personality.

Also, there were materials left in the room, so it had to be re-manufactured.

I pretended to look her in the eye and said.

“If the checkpoint is over, can I go?”

She shook her head as if reluctantly.

There was no reason to hold me back.

He’s not on the bounty list, he’s just a drunken wanderer.

“Before you go, I have a question for you.”

she held out something

A piece of green cloth the size of the palm of your hand.

The number 776 was sewn over it.

On the day of my escape, the jumpsuit I threw on a pile of scrap metal. One of them was the chest.

“Do you know what this is?”

It was definitely a question that haunted me.

I pondered for a moment how to react, and then purposely twitched the corners of my lips. Zervia’s eyes did not miss it.

“… I do not know.”

a moment of silence.

and moving eyes.

“You can go.”

I grabbed my luggage and bag that had fallen on the floor.

When I turned around before leaving the pub, I saw Zervia, who was contacting me with a magic ball for communication.

At first glance, from the conversation I heard, it seemed like I was calling for a manpower to deal with the bounty criminals.

Instead of going straight back to the hotel, I circled the streets and alleys.

As the nervousness slowly lifted his head, he felt someone following behind him.

It was a secret follow-up.

If I hadn’t been paying close attention, I wouldn’t have noticed.

I didn’t look back for acting. There were two possibilities.

‘Information Guild, or Zerbia.’

The former is unlikely.

Yesterday’s news should have informed my doctor enough. I don’t want to lose my strict subordinate again.

I didn’t mind the following and proceeded according to my original schedule.

[Simonise Bullet]

It was a gunshot.

It is the largest place in District 118, and I couldn’t visit it because it was closed until yesterday.


The afternoon sun shone through the windows.

swimming dust.

A wall full of guns.

All kinds of ammunition and parts.

For a shop on the outskirts, it had a pretty good assortment.

‘Isn’t it going to catch up to the inside?’

He’s probably looking outside the door, waiting for me to come out.

“It’s a face I haven’t seen.”

The bearded owner found me wiping the cover of his rifle with a cloth and said,

“Hunter? Or a wanderer?”

The former meant bounty hunters, and the latter meant independent mercenaries looking for work.

I went straight to the point without answering the question.

“I want you to see the most durable items in this store. Any kind.”

The owner’s hand stopped. He frowned and said.

“Durability? I hear all sorts of odd conditions. Even if you ask for something according to the money you have or if you are looking for something from a specific manufacturer.”

Most of the firearms distributed in the back alleys are copy products, and there are a lot of minor breakdowns.

However, the price is ten times cheaper than the genuine product, so it was common to use several tablets as consumables in moderation.

“There are a few genuine ones. But you know that, but the price is high… .”

Before the owner’s words were even finished, I pulled out my money bag and shook it.

Hearing the crackling sound, he nodded his head as if he knew it and came out of the counter.

As he headed towards the door that looked to the warehouse, he said looking back.

“I’ll show you if you want me to show you, but does any kind really matter?”

In other words, it meant that I had that much skill.

The basic principle of all firearms is the same.

Loading, firing, separation of bullets and warheads.

It’s not difficult to shoot any kind of gun as long as you have both hands on it.

However, it is a different story whether they can all be dealt with in real battles that compete with each other.

Since there are cases where even the same type of firearm works differently depending on the manufacturer, it was common to use only one or two types of firearms with the highest proficiency as the main weapon.

“Does not matter.”

The owner came with a sack full of guns and poured it on the table.

There were various types of rifles, pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles, etc.

“Look. It is stamped with the genuine mark. You can rest assured about the quality. This item is from Colt Action Manufacturer… .”

I paused, picked up one of the guns and checked the condition.

Familiar grip and weight.

Even without looking at the mark, I could tell that it was genuine.

The owner looked blankly at me as I looked at each gun with skillful movements.

‘This is not enough.’

Normal weapons cannot withstand the infusion of mana and are shredded.

The same goes for the guns I use now.

If the circuit level rises and high-intensity magic is engraved on the bullet, it was self-evident that the rate of destruction would be faster.

Whether it is genuine or a copy product.

“Isn’t there a Brown Hall MK series? Or the 12th series from Low Tactic is fine.”

Metal with strong mana resistance, Orichalcon, were products used in the manufacturing process of the body.

Although the content ratio is not high, at least it will show superior durability than the ones in front of it.

‘The sword of Zervia was made to order, made from 100% pure Mithril.’

A higher grade metal than Orichalcon.

Resistance to mana, of course, had the effect of amplifying the received mana.

Guns for mana users are not generally manufactured, so I needed to make a custom-made item like hers in order to continue using magic bullets.

“uh… We don’t put such expensive items in our store.”

The owner looked perplexed.

I paid for only the portable size items and walked out of the store.

I went around the street again to see if there was any follower left.

A sign was felt.

There were times when they disappeared for a while as they explored other places, but they caught up again without a very long interval.

The trailing continued to the front of the hotel like that, and started again in front of the hotel the next morning.

‘You’re stubborn. In truth, he must already be convinced that I am Cain.’

Perhaps I am waiting for the decisive moment when I accidentally spill my identity.

I grabbed my bike and headed back to the station.

I bought my ticket again and asked the ticket clerk.

In a loud voice, as if to listen to the surroundings.

“Is this the train heading to Area 102?”

How long has it been since I waited on a desolate platform?


With a loud horn, the huge body of the train passed before my eyes.

A gust of wind blew and his hair and hem fluttered wildly.

Clap- Clap- Clap-

The train that had finished running came to a stop.

At the end of the line of sight, the car was lined up so long that the last compartment could not be seen.

I adjusted my clothes.

First, I loaded the bike in the cargo compartment and got on the passenger compartment in the middle of the train.

The interior was quiet.

Passengers, who seemed indifferent to each other, sat sparsely, reading the newspaper or eating.

I sat in a suitable seat and looked out towards the platform.

A man in a black cloak was seen getting into the passenger compartment in the distance.

Under the pressed hood, dark blue hair could be seen.

Clap- Clap-

The train started running again, and the scenery receded back.

Up to this point, Zervia has moved well in my opinion.

Now all that’s left is to make good use of this situation.

‘First of all, we should make sure that Leica is on this train.’

There were two crossbody bags.

One is placed on the luggage rack and the other is draped over the shoulder.

It was a bag containing only small-volume firearms.

‘For once, there are no gang members in this space.’

He squinted at the passengers and headed towards the train’s tail.

The movement of the train was as rough as its speed, and I staggered in the middle.

There were a lot of vagrants who seemed to have boarded the cargo hold without buying tickets.

didn’t slow down.

Because there might be a drug dealer Warrek somewhere, and Laika and his men somewhere else.

As they neared the train’s tail, a crew member blocked the passage.

“You cannot move forward.”

As I glanced away, the flight attendant flinched and said.

“There is a person who has rented the entire 3 car in the back.”

“Who made a reservation? Are they nobles from the inner quarters?”

“sorry. I can’t tell you because of the rules.”

At that moment, a harsh, loud laughter could be heard through the wall from the inside.


It felt like the hairs all over my body were standing up.

At the same time, blood spurted with rage.

“It’s a companion.”

“sorry. I was told not to let anyone in until an hour later.”

The attitude of the crew was tough.

‘Is the transaction already taking place? if not… .’

In case of a surprise attack, it would be best to hit the trading floor.

Since they are dealing with expensive drugs, they are focusing their attention on each other rather than the outside.

‘no. You don’t have to think in a hurry. Because I haven’t looked around the front of the train yet.’

The fact that a deal is taking place right now is only one of the possibilities.

I turned around and headed the way I came.

In order to find Warrek, it was also necessary to look at Zervia’s movements.

As I was moving in thought, I raised my head at the shadow in front of me.

A crew member was pulling a wagon loaded with luxurious dishes and was heading towards the vehicle behind.

I remembered at that moment a plan I had been considering.

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