A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 3

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 3

003 episode. Solitary and Mana Circuit (1)

“Move your hands quickly. We have a lot of work left to fill this month.”

I glanced around, shoving the fabric under the sewing machine.

In various places in the workplace, guards were walking around carrying a suppression rod, watching the people here and there.

‘Is today the 6th day of enlistment?’

As expected, there was no one other than me from Blue Serpent in Building 1.

‘The majority of the members of the organization are mana users, so even if they came in, they would have been classified into two buildings.’

It was saying that there was no power that I could rely on.

Igor said that he would provide ‘protection’ if he paid 80% of his future salary, but in reality, it is an offer that is no different than a slave contract.

I guess he wants to raise the value of his name by making me ‘Suha’.

I did not bend.

As a result, lynching continued everywhere.

Most of the guys were arguing with the atmosphere or out of curiosity, and there were rare cases where they came to get rid of what Cain had done to them.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one suffering.

Somehow, one or two of them made my nose bones collapse or my stomach emptied.

Thanks to you, I went to the infirmary every other day.

“Can I make a stamp for you? One stamp each time I come.”

Estelle seemed accustomed to seeing the prisoners who were wounded in fighting. He was just throwing jokes that weren’t even funny with his characteristic languid smile.

“Or I can tell you above. I’m going to use it as an assistant in the infirmary. Then at least you won’t be bullied during your labor hours, right?”

When I looked at why they were willing to give me a favor, she answered.

“It’s just, you don’t look like a bad person. It may sound funny, but I have eyes for people.”

It wasn’t funny.

Because she actually had the “eye of truth” trait that distinguishes between good, evil, and lies.

That was the reason I was especially careful about what I said in front of her.

“… … done. You don’t have to help.”

“Eh? Do you like hanging around? If you like that… … .”

“… … .”

I felt that the character setting was wrong, once again.

Anyway, I turned down her offer.

There was a separate place for labor that I wanted.


The place of labor was largely divided into ‘factory’ and ‘mine’. It was obvious which one had the highest labor intensity, and when the penalty points were accumulated, the place to go was the mine.

‘There is zirconium among the ore mined there.’

Main ingredient used in magic engineering.

When swallowed, the hardened mana blood is activated.

Exactly, ‘explosive’. Within 24 hours after swallowing.

and bleeds and dies.

But if you can control the runaway blood, it’s a different story.

“If research progresses in the future, won’t there be more ways to utilize zirconium?”

The double line mentioned at the beginning of the novel.

It was planned to be retrieved by the main character in the second half, which has not yet been written.

‘The main character has developed a way to control blood.’

This is one of the reasons the main character later attacks this place. To secure resources to train wizards.

And I know how.

Because I am the author who wrote the setting.

Cain’s natural talent and my knowledge.

If you use both, the probability of building a mana circuit safely approaches 100%.

‘How to get zirconium… … .’

I envisioned several possibilities.

Basically, only laborers and prison guards in charge are not allowed to enter the mine.

Because belongings are inspected along with the entire shower when coming and going, you can’t even ask someone to hide the pieces secretly.

‘Even though there is no one to ask because all sides are enemies in the first place.’

Estelle? Not even through her.

The purpose of the “eyes of truth” is discovered.

It is impossible to make friends with the guards.

Right now, with restrictions on the scope of action.

There is only one conclusion left.

You have to go down and swallow it on the spot.

And there is definitely a way to go down.


In the midst of the stitching, the murmur of the prisoners next door could be heard.

“Hey, you made a lot. Can’t you just give me a few? I haven’t met my quota for this week yet.”

“Shh! stop talking If I get another warning, I’m demoted to mine.”

They were Igor’s minions in another room.

The guys bowed their heads when their eyes met the guards. As the guard’s gaze disappeared, one of the heads rose again.

A face that looks like a weasel. Rotten.

The guy who put the plate on my head in the dining room and kept walking around with muffled tricks.

And the guy who was kicking with the most excitement when lynching.

He looked around and fixed his gaze on my basket of finished clothes.

Then, slowly, he reached out his hand.

“Oh, rookie. Are you pretty good at working with one hand?”

Right timing, good job.

Because I was about to blow something up anyway.


I grabbed his arm. Without a moment to react, he grabbed it and pushed it under the sewing machine.


A sharp awl pierced the back of his hand.

The output was already set to maximum.


According to the rules, a colleague injury is 15 demerit points.

I pressed the boy’s arm down on my shoulder, and in an instant I put on a joint. The more you try to pull yourself out, the more pain you will feel.

Beep! Beep-!

“What are you doing!”

The guards blew a whistle and ran, but I didn’t care.

“You crazy bastard!”

The prisoners were clinging to each other and trying to get rid of it.

“Go, how dare you in the Sacred Workshop! I can’t stop right now!”

It was Gerek.

Failure to follow instructions was worth 5 points.

I whispered into Rotten’s ear.

“Is it painful?”

“Shut up, shut up.”

The boy nodded madly.

My pants were already wet with urine.

… … I don’t mean to make it easy though.

‘It is self-evident that the Igor gang will stick more persistently than this method.’

Rather, it is not a bad choice to set an example so that the insignificant little ones do not even dare to attack.

Moreover, the penalty points are still not enough… … .

“Uh, huh?”

I bit Rotten’s earlobe.

In that state, he turned his head with all his might.


His ears were torn and blood splattered in the air. At the same time, the guards arrived in front of me.


The shock gun hit my body, and I fell to the floor.

“Aww, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

With half-tilted vision, Rotten was seen disappearing into the infirmary with support. Blood was dripping down.

“It’s only a few days after entering the hospital that you have an accident like this.”

Gerek said with a flushed face and a frown on his chin.

“Non-compliance, indoor riots, worker injuries, and vandalism. Your workplace will turn into a mine tomorrow. I don’t know how long those limbs can hold up.”

His tone was gentle, but he could see how angry he was. He couldn’t stand the fact that something like this had happened in his own workshop.

Igor came over and said,

“Guardian Gerek, I will educate you for a while.”


Igor’s face turned.

“Don’t think that I am just taking care of the class leaders’ convenience. It’s because I’m telling you to manage it properly so that trouble like this doesn’t happen.”

“… … I will keep that in mind.”

* * *


Igor’s palm hit my cheek.

I had no intention of avoiding it.

Both arms were being held by his subordinates, and after being hit a few times, it didn’t even feel so painful because he got used to it.

“Do you know why other prisoners or I don’t cross the line when I beat you up?”

I know it well. It is also the reason why I am so daring.

“I am afraid of being penalized. If it accumulates, you will go to a solitary cell. In severe cases, the sentence may be increased.”

“Knowing that… … . I thought he was smart, but he was just stupid.”

Initially, this prison was built to secure a workforce. If the purpose was to eradicate crime, the death penalty would have been given to these heinous criminals right away.

Killing other prisoners, or inflicting fatal wounds that make work impossible.

In such a case, even if the guards look after you, it is difficult to avoid punishment.

‘After all, even violence has its limits.’

Especially if it’s a guy like Igor.

There are so many things I enjoy, so I have no choice but to spare myself.

He gave strength to his stomach as he looked at the flying fist.


“… … !”

The fist continued to fly.

I clenched my teeth and endured it.

At least this is it.

No matter how hard you try to beat me to death, it doesn’t actually bring me to death.

Fractures, abrasions, or bruises.

The sequelae will remain for a few days, but if you are treated in the infirmary, you can recover without difficulty.

“You don’t know how scary a solitary room is. If I get one more penalty point, I’m going to go solitary right away, so I’m sure my guts will be broken and I’ll come out.”

“I look forward to it.”

My subordinates looked tired of me as they continued to talk in a detached manner even though they kept getting punched in the stomach.


An enclosed space of less than one square foot, with no light or sound. It is difficult to stretch the limbs properly, and meals are only given once a day, mulgun soup and a slice of bread.

usually can’t stand it.

Unable to withstand loneliness, darkness, and hunger, it literally goes crazy.

[Indomitable Will]

Category: Task – Passive

Effect: Fighting cannot be broken. Immune to all mental interference.

Of course, that doesn’t apply to me.

* * *

gang-! gang-!

Prisoners in hard hats and masks rushed around the mines.

“Move faster! faster!”

As dangerous as the working environment was, the mine had more prison staff than on the ground.


I lifted the cart handle with one hand. The piled up tornium spilled into the loading bin of the collection vehicle.

─ Why did the eight assholes come down to the mines? I can’t even pick a pickaxe.

─ Shh! Listen. That baby gave me the back of the Rotten hand and the ears. I can see blood just by touching it.

The condescending prisoners quickly turned their heads when our eyes met.


I coughed out of the dust full of mines. It was clear that even a few months of work would destroy the lungs.

‘… … I’ll have to change the place of work later.’

Fortunately, it didn’t take long to figure out the structure of the mine.

The zirconium mining site, my target, and the path the cart traveled were all entered into my head.

“Don’t be silly and move quickly.”

“All right.”

I turned the cart and made my way back to the inner workshop.

I stopped for a moment at the crossroads and patted my back.

Knock Knock Knock-

“You, who told you to rest?”

Immediately, the guard’s order of disrespect fell.

I deliberately ignored his words and stared at one of the aisles.

Knock Knock Knock-

“Can’t you hear me?”


The sound of an approaching wheel can be heard from inside.

“Answer prisoner number 776!”

The guard frowned and began to approach.

At the same time, the head of the cart appeared at the end of the passage. Chunks of purple ore were piled on top of it.

If zirconium is swallowed, mana and blood will start running out within 24 hours at the latest. And it takes a lot of time to manage it.

‘That means you need a space where you can focus on your work without being disturbed.’

The penalty has already been set.

Here, if I take a specific action, the penalty points to receive the minimum number of days in solitary confinement are completed.


I let go of the cart I was holding and started running towards the cart on the aisle.


With the sound of a whistle, everyone’s eyes turned to me.

“An emergency has occurred. A-08 Aisle request assistance. Catch that bastard!”

The guards rang the radio and gave instructions to the nearby prisoners.

“I’ll give 5 shop points to the guy who knocks that bastard down!”

The hesitant prisoners set their pickaxes and carts and followed me behind me with their eyes twinkling.

Because he couldn’t run properly, the distance narrowed in an instant.

“Buy, shop! You can go upstairs!”

“Get away! I’ll catch you!”

Fortunately, I reached the cart first with a short delay.

“You, what are you!”


Embarrassed, he pushed and knocked down the wagon, which had stiffened in his running posture. He immediately regained his balance and began to search the pile of zirtonium.

What I want is the size of a small pebble.

Larger chunks than that are too much mana and blood flow, so I can’t handle it.

After a quick scan, I picked two suitable lumps and put them in my mouth.

“It was like that from above, but what the hell!”

“Hey, you bastard, what did you put in your mouth!”

I crouched on the floor to block the pouring fists and kicks with my back.

“Hey, hey, if you swallow that, you die! My body is going to explode!”

“You crazy bastard, don’t we see blood when someone dies in the workplace?”


One of the lumps was swallowed.

It would not have been seen as such.

‘Acting would be enough.’

It was impossible to endure the difference in strength for a long time anyway.

My body turned over and turned upwards.

Soon, countless hands flew over my face, trying to check the structure of my mouth.

After holding on for a while, he pretended to be exhausted and opened his mouth.

A finger full of dust entered his mouth and grabbed the saliva-soaked zirconium and pulled it out.

“The shop is mine!”

“Hey! I fell over!”

became situation that was intended.

It would be known as failing to swallow zirconium and die.

I smiled at the prisoners and guards looking down at me with absurd expressions and the black ceiling.

One of the prisoners said in a frustrated voice.

“Professor. Is this kid smiling?”

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