A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 31

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 31

031 episode. Accompanying (1)


Cain fell into the sea with a sound like a skin cracking.

The height of the cliff was vast, and even though the body was protected with magic, the shock was considerable.


The same sound came from not far away. I knew who it was without even turning my head.


The train vanished out of sight, with faint horns and scattering smoke from the explosion.

‘Isn’t there only one nearest beach?’

A chill engulfed his entire body.

Repeatedly being pushed by the strong waves, he moved forward slowly.

When I glanced away, I saw Zervia, who was facing the same place.

It was Cain who arrived first.

The first thing to check is whether the task has been accomplished.


[Task – Flames of Hatred]

Objective: Insert a sword into the heart of a traitor. (0/3)People

Acquired Skills: Boldness, Fortitude. coolness.

Reward: Return to the real world


The number didn’t go up.

It was proof that Leica wasn’t dead yet.

‘Avoided the explosion, or survived the explosion.’

I wanted to follow the train and check the condition, but it was impossible right now.

‘And if Baek Jin-woo fell into this world, the possibility of possessing Laika… .’

It was not known from what had been revealed so far.

The Leica was the perfect Leica.

At least in appearance and behavior.

‘If there was an “Eyes of Truth” characteristic like Estelle, it would have been possible to find out on the spot through the judo newspaper.’

Either way, it wasn’t a big deal.

Because Baek Jin-woo’s possession was still only a hypothesis.

What was more important right now was the fact that Leica could not hold her breath.

‘The ammunition eats water… . Guns can’t be used in this state right now.’


“Do not move.”

A sword was hung around his neck while he was checking his condition.

Cain turned his head.

It was Zerbia. Wet hair was clinging to his forehead and cheeks.

“From now on, I will restrain your life. If you show any movement that is not in the instructions, I will cut you immediately.”

Her face showed signs of exhaustion from the previous battle.

His physical strength was almost at the limit, but he seemed to be holding on with his mental strength.

Cain looked down at the sword that touched his neck and said.

“Kill it.”

“… What?”

“I told you to kill me. Whatever the question, I have no intention of answering it.”

her face is pale

Cain continued.

He spoke outspokenly, as if he were sure that she wouldn’t do any harm to him.

“If you don’t want to kill, get rid of it. Unless you want to leave me with a scar like the one on your neck.”


For a moment, Zervia felt a burning sensation under her neck.

far away

messed it up

Frowning his forehead, he raised his collar with the other hand holding the sword and covered his neck.

‘If you kill Cain, you must kill it now.’

Cain must have mastered magic.

How to get out of prison.

The movement shown on the train.

powerful bullets.

There was no way to explain all of them other than magic.

However, until just two months ago, when he was arrested, Cain had never been shown to use magic.

Rather, they were just ordinary people who could not handle even the slightest amount of mana.

There were two possibilities.

have you ever hidden

Or learned in prison.

The latter was more likely.

There was no reason why he had to hide his power.

Even for a long period of many years.

It didn’t matter how you learned the magic. Because he has always been unpredictable.

What was important was the fact that the monster who was not even a monster had wings.

‘You must kill me now. If you give him room to grow, he will become an unbearable monster.’

Obviously he knew it in his head.

But one question was anchored, preventing me from putting my thoughts into action.

-Why didn’t you kill me?

In my first year as a police officer, I was captured by Cain.

Back then, a dagger was pointed at his neck.

The sword mark on the neck was also created at that time.

He vividly remembered the words he had uttered.

“Kill it. I am not afraid of death Not being able to eradicate trash like you and go will only grind your teeth.”

The guy stared intently at this side and picked up a dagger.

Then he disappeared leaving behind a dry word.

“… I lost interest.”

‘And this time, you saved me.’

A battle on the train.

If it hadn’t been for the voice that rang in my ear for a moment, I would have been caught up in the explosion.


simple sympathy?

What plan to use?

Even after thinking about it, there was no answer.

Feeling her chest tighten, she managed to spit out the question.

“Ask first. why did you save me If I had left it alone, I would have been caught in the explosion and seriously injured. You and I are clearly enemies.”

“… … .”

Cain didn’t answer.

He just stared at Zervia with empty eyes.

With just that, her emotions began to ripple.

“Answer me! I’m asking! Even then, 4 years ago, he sent me alive without killing me. What are you thinking… !”

“It will come naturally over time.”

Zervia was momentarily speechless.


“That is all I can say.”

She was confused.

Even looking into his face, he couldn’t even guess what was inside.

A face that is dry and cold, as if made of sand and ice.

It’s always been like that.

I always lost my composure when dealing with him, and I felt trapped in a huge maze.

“You mean you saved me on purpose?”

“I said earlier. I have no intention of answering as many questions as I want.”

The tip of the sword gradually penetrated the neck.

But Cain was still calm.

‘… Threats don’t work.’

Zervia thought.

No matter what I do, there will be no more answers from him.

‘If you cut the guy’s head here.’

It was really easy.

No matter how much he’s a wizard, he can’t get out of this situation.

If you put mana on the sword and push it forward, you can stop him from breathing.

have to kill

The guy is just a criminal.

But if you do.

If you really do.

“Do you still think I was the one who killed your brother?”

My mind was blown.


“Applying to a prison on the edge of the continent for revenge for your family, you still can’t tell the difference between public and private.”

She bit her lip.

It cannot be said that the reason is all.

But it cannot be denied that there is none.

He shouted loudly, as if in refutation, like someone who had been told his true intentions.

“Don’t get me wrong. I am pursuing you because you are a vicious criminal who must be removed from this world.”

Cain didn’t answer.

It’s like if you’re going to kill yourself at any time, try killing yourself.

The tip of the sword trembled.

That trembling was coming from Zervia’s hand, not Cain’s neck.

In a short period of time, there were numerous conflicts.

At the end of it, in the end, he took the sword.

It wasn’t the time yet.

This heinous criminal has a lot to learn.

Why didn’t you kill yourself?

Also, on the day my brother died, who was the black curtain that broke the bridge?

He had to die after he vomited it all out.

So she repeated it to herself.


Instead, it flew into the air.

A sword shot out and knocked down a tree in the back.

It was kind of a warning. A warning that the same thing will happen if you play stupid tricks.

“Know it. The reason I am not killing you now is to hand you over to the courts to inquire additionally about the crime of jailbreaking.”

Then he took the handcuffs from his arms and put them on Cain’s hands.

It was a restraint tool that limited the use of mana as an object made in the horse tower.

Cain looked at the handcuffs, smiled and said in a no-nonsense tone.

“As you know, I have broken tendons in both my feet and my right wrist. If you don’t use mana at all, you’ll have to carry me around.”

“… … .”

Zervia lowered the limit so that the minimum mana can be operated by manipulating the small button on the handcuffs.

“Well, I can walk.”

Cain pulled the handcuffs to both sides and gathered branches around them.

And ignited a small spark.


The momentarily fluctuating mana was black and red.

However, it passed so quickly and it was difficult to notice because the proportions of the colors were still subtle.

“Don’t dry your clothes first. You will have to walk a long way to reach the village.”

Zerbia shot Cain and sat down next to the fire.

And he growled, revealing as much discomfort as possible.

“As soon as you arrive in town, you will be escorted to the police.”

The black was still removed.

It was a sign indicating that he was vigilant and that an attack was possible at any time.

‘Where is this place?’

Deep blue sea and sandy beaches.

An endless stretch of wilderness beneath the cliffs.

She estimated the location.

Cain said as if reading her thoughts.

“It’s the end of the wilderness that starts outside of Sector 112. 103 kilometers in a straight line to the nearest section. If you calculate the direction and speed of the train, yes.”

She glanced at Cain.

As if he didn’t like that quick calculation very much.


I took a good rest and started moving.

A dry wind blew and the sand rolled around the ground.

“Are you going to keep walking like that?”

“When escorting a dangerous person, it is a principle to sit in the rear.”

A few steps away, I was in a position where I could run and subdue me at any time.

A voice pretending to be a threat, or a real threat, did not approach me.

‘She can’t kill me.’

Her heart is deficient in many ways.

father’s indifference.

expectations around you.

envy and jealousy.

Betrayal of the schoolmates he trusted.

The death of his older brother, the only refuge.

Extreme situations in the field that he often encounters, complex about himself not being able to make a choice that crosses the line.

Ironically, that deficiency was filled by pursuing ‘Cain’, who he thought killed his own blood and flesh.

for many years of time.

Slowly, without even realizing it.

‘At least at the moment of chasing the target, I would have been able to escape from the reality I didn’t want to face.’

Her dream of eradicating crime is not false.

However, she only has a decisive weakness against Cain.

object of obsession.

And the person who has been the driving force of his life for the past few years.

She was unconsciously afraid of the hole that would appear in her chest when it was pulled out in an instant.

‘It’s not that you don’t have a chance to overcome yourself and grow, but that’s a later story.’

“You attacked the Leica on the train at the last minute. Is this a planned move? mine? The rumors circulating when you were arrested are probably wrong.”

She threw the judo newspaper endlessly.

Even unconsciously, I tried to complete my reasoning, hoping that I would give an answer.

I added to her frustration by not answering anything.

good bye

Handcuffs crafted in the horse tower.

It was one of the key settings I made, so I knew how it worked.

It could be released by injecting a small amount of mana and touching the intricately entangled internal sensors in a fixed order.

But the reason he didn’t do it right now was because he was looking for an opportunity to escape from Zervia.

103 kilometers.

A distance that can be covered by walking for 20 hours with pure walking alone.

Unlike the relatively safe outskirts of Area 118, dangerous creatures haunt here.

After entering the safe zone to some extent, I was planning to outrun Zervia.

‘From the safe zone, the hounds will start their activity and they may take the bike.’

I glanced back and said.

“Aren’t you going to make the handcuffs a little weaker? Those who appear here must be difficult to deal with alone.”

“Don’t even think about messing around. He knows everything about how to deal with monsters. Alone is enough.”

In fact, at the Knights School in the capital, they learn how to deal with wild monsters.

If you work in the capital, you may not see it for the rest of your life, but just in case.

And with the strength of Zerbia, even if you don’t know much about opponents, you can subdue all the monsters in this world.

‘Except for some monsters.’

Rare monsters that only inhabit certain places.

A complete understanding of the habits and habitat, as well as practical experience, was required for suppression.

It was impossible to press down with simple force, so no matter how much she was, she could not escape the hardship.


He covered himself with his cloak, and continued to hit the sand.

A giant desert wolf or scorpion appeared in the middle, but they collapsed within seconds of Zervia’s sword attack.

In the middle, an abandoned house used by miners appeared, and I searched the sandy floor to find a hidden preservation food.

“When the mine runs out, the miners leave food like this for those in distress.”

Zervia accepted the canned food I had given her with trembling eyes.

He was curious as to how he even knew this.

He quenched his hunger and started moving again.

The sun was setting, and the sand shone in the setting sun.

“… … !”

How much time has passed since you walked like that? I stopped walking.


I felt a huge vibration under my feet. It was approaching this way with the same momentum as a train.

‘It’s a guy.’

Vibrations were felt in all directions, as if not one person.

Zervia also stiffened her face as if she had sensed the vibration.

“left. No, right… !”

She took a counter stance, blowing mana into her sword. I was confused because I couldn’t find the right direction.

‘It’s too late to tell in words.’

I flew away and pushed Zervia away.

At the same time, their long bodies sprung up behind their backs, scattering sand in all directions.

Kye eeek-!

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