A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 32

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 32

032 episode. companion (2)

hey hey!

A huge body that came out of the ground and could be as high as 10 meters.

Sharp teeth protruding from the snout.

“Sandworm… !”

five in total. It wasn’t just one or two.

It was a monster that ran underground and ate anything it came into contact with. whether it is organic or inorganic.

“Have you ever met? It would be better if you release the handcuffs now.”

“I don’t need any help. Do not move from your seat. Sandworms don’t have eyes, so they vibrate to sense their prey.”

There was a slight tension on her face, and a more intense sense of excitement.

‘You must have been educated.’

I didn’t give you a clear answer, but I probably won’t have any practical experience.

Sandworms only inhabit a very small area, and due to their violent nature, it is almost impossible to catch them as a training specimen.

Once she did as instructed, she stepped back a little and waited in her place.

Watching her leap towards the worms, the cold air around her body lowered her body temperature.


In response to her movement, the worms flooded in.

The attacks that take place incessantly between the holes, and the battles she unfolds in the meantime, reminded me of a sophisticated dance.

Bego. stab Avoid.

Use your body as a stepping stone and leap forward.

All movements were performed accurately without any error.

The scales of the worms fell off one by one in the sword attack loaded with mana.

It was admirable to see the worms inducing movement by throwing stones at every dangerous moment.

‘It really deserves to be counted as one of the best knights in the capital. But the real thing is now.’

Simultaneously with the thought, the speed of the worms increased with one scream.

“… … !”

Embarrassment spread in Zervia’s eyes.

The snouts of the worms bombarded her.


A series of explosions followed the ground along her evasion route.

It was cloudy and dusty, and in the meantime, her figure was reflected.

No matter how many times the attack rubbed off, his coat was torn in long lengths, revealing red scars in the meantime.

Bang-! Bang-!

It was a wild and anomalous movement with no predictable patterns.

Gradually, the steps were twisted and Zervia began to be pushed to the defense.

Even though she stopped moving, the worms noticed her location and attacked her.

It senses its prey through vibration. It’s not wrong.’

Survival under the ground for a long time. Instead of degenerating the eye, it acquired other extremely developed senses.

However, it is not only vibrations that sandworms sense.

It also senses the object’s temperature.

It is a very detailed unit that far exceeds human standards.

In order to avoid the attack, it takes violent movements, the body temperature rises, and in response, the worms attack intensify.

It’s like a sandy hell from which you can’t get out.

The absolute majority of adventurers do not understand the hidden characteristics of the worm and end up being a prey.

‘And if she’s like this.’

The time has come to intervene.

A small amount of mana was poured into the handcuffs, and the internal circuits were touched in the prescribed order.


The handcuffs were released.

After releasing his wrist once, he raised the mana in his body to the top of his palm.

The water-based elements congealed in the air began to freeze from one point.

Soon, a huge spear the size of an adult male was completed, and additional mana began to gather at the tip of the handle.

Condensation of mana.

and explosion.


The body shook violently due to the recoil.

The spear that gained momentum flew away with a terrifying force, scattering cold air.

The body of one of the worms, the scales were peeled off, and lodged precisely in the bare skin.

Kee Eek-!

The guy with the spear was writhing in pain.

Zervia turned her head with surprised eyes.

Had it not been for my help, I would have suffered fatal injuries.

─How are you?

Her face seemed to ask so.

However, she didn’t have the time to spend a long time shooting the eyes of interrogation.

Due to the continued attacks of the worms, they had to forcibly focus on the battle again.

Simultaneously with preparing the next magic, a worm dug into the basement.


Vibration felt under your feet.

The direction was exactly in my direction.

‘It’s still fine. 5 seconds.’

One after another, the completed spears fly towards the long-bodied monsters.

The body shakes in the recoil, and the vibrations under the feet intensify each time.

Ignoring it, the magic continues.

No matter how agile their movements are, the calculation of coordinates and aiming are perfect.

‘3 seconds.’

The spears are stuck in the vulnerable areas that have been peeled off the scales.

The guy who was hit by multiple spears couldn’t stand it and collapsed.

‘1 second.’

I kicked the ground and jumped back.

At the same time, the worm’s snout rose like a fountain from where I was.

In an instant, the casting of the next magic was completed.

“Floating” and “Ice Barrier”.

The body was fixed in the air and a thin film of ice was wrapped around it in the form of a sphere.

The scattered sand clogged the barrier and fell off, and the temperature inside the barrier dropped rapidly.

‘Five degrees below zero.’

The temperature a worm can detect is exactly minus 4 degrees Celsius.

The bastard, who had lost its prey, stood still in the air and was frozen.

Soon, he went back into the basement and headed towards Zervia.

[circuit level: 1]

[Mana: 182 / 485]

Mana was reduced to less than half due to attack magic.

Due to the maintenance of magic, it was still decreasing in real time.

‘It can’t be long.’

I prepared fortification magic.

The subject was Zervia, not me.

At the same time as blue mana was shot out towards her, I spoke my voice with magic.

“It’s on the left. Take three steps back and cut your sword horizontally.”

Her movements stopped for a moment.

However, it soon appeared to be moving according to instructions.

Just in time for the worm to rise above the ground, her sword cut deeply into the body of the worm and the vulnerable area where the scales fell.

“Five steps back.”


“Just step on your head and jump. If an attack is coming from the right, turn your shoulders.”


Under the effect of strengthening magic, her movements became faster.

She also understood the situation quickly. The command I gave was immediately executed through her body.

“You just have to take the guy you see below and take a picture.”



As if it was a lie that they struggled so far, the worms were quickly subdued.

Not only her, but I would not have been able to get out of this situation safely if I had been alone.

A complete understanding of the enemy’s habits and attack patterns.

Excellent combat ability to perform any given action

It was the result of synergy between the two factors.

In a matter of minutes, the battle was over.

The dust cleared, revealing her standing among the fallen worms.

“… … .”

She was silent for a moment.

He looked surprised at the strange events he had caused with his own hands.

Then he found me and slowly approached me and pointed the sword at me.

“Tell me how you got the handcuffs off.”

“It looked like it was defective. If you give it strength, it just loosens up.”

She narrowed her eyes and looked at me.

A tense tension filled the space between her and me.

absurd excuses.

At first, I had no intention of making a proper excuse. And she knew that too.

“Cain. You must die here too. It’s too dangerous to keep alive.”

I chuckled.

“Like I said, if you want to kill me, you can kill it. But if you do, I wonder how you will get out of this wasteland alone.”

Silence fell again.

Her hand holding the sword trembled.

Even if you think about it, the answer is fixed.

Although I have strong self-esteem, I am not an idiot to forcefully put myself forward in front of Silly.

She turned her back and started walking as if to follow her.

I thought that was the most expressive expression of permission she could have.

“Lend me a sword for a second.”

I called her up.


“I said I would borrow a sword.”

Her forehead frowned.

“Don’t cross the line, Cain. We only cooperate for a while, but that doesn’t mean we want to become allies. Asking me to borrow the same sword as the life of a knight is nonsense.”

“There must be other things you carry with you. The length doesn’t matter. If it is sunny.”

After thinking for a moment, she took a knife from her arms and threw it at me.

I snatched the handle and grabbed it.

‘A space cloak. You’re still wearing it.’

She was wearing a double subspace cloak under her stealth coat.

The holy land of magic engineering located in the capital.


The one and only cloak in the world that the engineers there made with great care.

In the latter part of the work, the main character steals and can store up to a volume of 1 cubic meter.

‘And I’ve been keeping an eye on it since I was in prison.’

Due to her personality, weapons and equipment, etc., would have filled the space with things that would help in battle.

I approached the corpses of the worms in her gaze carefully following her.

Then, he removed the exceptionally dark scales from the back of his head one by one and stored them in a bag.

“What are you doing?”

“It is a special part with higher strength than other places. There are many uses, so it is traded at a high price.”

It was the look she didn’t like.

You’re constantly getting help from the worst opponents, so your pride must be severely damaged.

Every action I take will be offensive.

After finishing the work, I continued walking.

Because I had to move as much as possible before nightfall, battles and short maintenance continued non-stop.

There were times when a tricky monster appeared and it was a bit dangerous, but with smooth cooperation, we were able to overcome the crisis.

“As the sun goes down, it is impossible to move further. Rest in this hut and then move again at dawn when the sun rises.”

She sat with her back against one wall of the hut.

In most situations, I felt that what I was saying was right, so I didn’t like the words.


I gathered some boards and made a fire.

Smoke rose from the cracked open ceiling.

“I heard that magic is a talent that only the chosen ones can use. For a criminal like you to use such magic, I can’t understand.”

“I don’t even want to be understood in any way.”

“… … .”

I sat down in the seat opposite her and lifted my head.

The sky was full of stars, and everything was quiet except for the sound of the firewood crackling.

She was the first to break the silence.

“In a village outside District 118.”

she took a deep breath

“I heard you rescued villagers who were captured by hounds. What were you thinking of doing that?”

“It sounds like it was wrong to help people.”

“no… ! I mean, you’re not that kind of person at all.”

help others preceding.

Even after joining the organization, Cain has been helping the lower classes in various ways.

However, it has only been carried out very secretly, as it can be taken as a weakness by other executives in the organization.

It was only natural that she didn’t know. You’ve only seen the outward appearance.

“Let’s just say that I was faithful to my interests.”

“I do not deny it. Have you ever worked as a mercenary? I knew the habits of monsters. It’s as if you’ve encountered it hundreds of thousands of times.”

“Think as you like.”

She kept her mouth shut.

He seemed angry with frustration when he did not get the answer he wanted.

“Cain. I hate people like you Those who think that it is okay to live by harming others if it is for their own benefit. What is your life goal? dream? Are you satisfied with living your daily life like that?”

It was a sharp voice.

It also seemed like a defense mechanism, trying to recover a wounded pride with successive help.

‘target. It’s a dream.’


Every character I cast has a dream, and every action is based on it.

Zerbia has a dream of eradicating crime, and Laika has a dream of rebuilding the great forest.

And Cain also has a dream.

His dream is to create a space where the poor can live without starvation, centering on the slum where he was born.

‘But it’s all a long story after all.’

The bonfire continued to burn.

Zervia didn’t say anything after expressing her emotions once. I spoke out.

“I would have to stay on the watch. Although the worm’s habitat has escaped, nocturnal monsters may appear. Standing in two-hour shifts.”

“I have to watch over you anyway, so I don’t mind being alone. sleep well I will not stop.”

His attitude was strong and it seemed difficult to persuade him.

“I don’t have to speculate.”

I relaxed my posture a little and closed my eyes.

Tick- Tack-

The night was deep.

Zervia’s rustling sound could be heard from time to time, as if she was trying to unwind in order not to fall asleep.

If it was originally, it would have been possible to stay up all night according to the words he had uttered.

No matter how tired you are from one day’s continuous battles.

But now she couldn’t help it either.

During a battle with a desert scorpion, she suffered a shallow abrasion on her leg.

It was because I purposely induced her to move that way.

‘Desert scorpions have a habit of putting their prey to sleep and then dragging them to their hiding place.’

Sleeping poison is secreted from the tail’s saliva. And Zervia doesn’t know that.

The accumulated fatigue even scatters her mental power, so she can’t do it either.

Not long after, there was the sound of pounding breathing.

I got up after making sure she was completely asleep.

And just in case, “sleep” magic was cast.

She took off her cloak, untied her cloak and draped it over my shoulders.


“… … .”

He looked down at her, who was still asleep without knowing the world, and used healing magic.

The white light permeated and the small wounds all over the body healed in an instant.

I learned all the habits of the main monsters.

He understood quickly, so he could move on his own without me now.

And I, too, was able to break through the remaining areas alone by using the weapons in the subspace.

“Have a good dream, Zervia.”

With the alarm enchanted all over the hut, I set out on my own.

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