A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 35

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 35

035. Area 102 (3)

peeled concrete.

and damp damp.

The interior scenery was not much different from the first bunker.

However, the light fixtures on the wall indicated that this place was currently being used by someone.

‘It’s a luxury item that can’t be easily found in a place like this.’

Little by little, certainty was added to the speculation. He took out his pistol and headed forward.

The owner of this place was supposed to be of a higher rank than the warlock who fought in Area 118.

If so, is it an opponent I can fight and win?

The battle between wizards is determined by many factors.

Total amount of mana.

Compatibility between main elements.

Combat sense and accumulated experience.

But the most important factor is the ability to manipulate the elements themselves.

In some cases, the level difference can be reversed and the magic itself can be nullified.

Besides, the total amount of my mana was also increasing all the time, and I was looking at just before five hundred.

Even objectively, it was never a low number.

Considering my ability to raise the efficiency of magic to the limit.

‘There is a chance.’

I can’t guarantee it’s 100%, but I could be confident that I wouldn’t lose easily.

A murmur was heard in the distance.

It was a familiar voice.

As I quickly reached the end of the hallway, a large hall appeared.

“There is no need to be afraid at all. Rather, he’s a black magician. Look, the nose doesn’t even shine. uh, Cain? Is this friend alive?”

They were mercenaries, including Rifban.

He somehow escaped the giant’s attack and infiltrated this place.

“… … .”

I looked around the hall, ignoring them.

Furniture such as desks and chairs were scattered everywhere.

Also, other passages were drilled in all directions.

It was said that the size of the bunker was larger than expected.

“Hey, don’t move on your own. I am the leader now.”

Reefban said something from behind his back, but he ignored it.

It caused a wave with mana and pushed it slowly in all directions.

The position and shape of the structures through which the wave passed began to be drawn in my mind like a perspective drawing.

‘This is probably the study. The place that leads to that passage… .’

Mana consumption was extreme and could not be maintained for long.

I was going to figure out the structure of even the places that could be the next route right away.

“If you continue to act alone like that… .”

That was then. The lights around him started to go out at a fast rate.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

“What, what!”

“shit. Who didn’t touch what?”

In an instant, darkness fell.

He couldn’t see an inch ahead.

I hid behind the desk closest to me based on the information I had gathered.

“Do not panic! Turn on the lantern!”

“Oh, I see.”

The lantern lit with a click, and at the same time, the sound of something flying through the air was heard.


There was the sound of someone falling down among the mercenaries.

‘Inside the aisle.’


I fired one pistol in that direction and then rolled behind the other cover.

Soon after, an unknown projectile flew and smashed the desk where I was hiding.

‘The sign has disappeared. That’s not right.’

The lantern fell to the floor.

The mercenaries were in a state of panic, and the chest of one of the dogs was pierced by mana in the form of a sharp nib.

Mana emitted a soft black light and disappeared as if it was seeping into the body of the mercenary.

As if a vortex had formed in a single point in the chest, the mana-infused area began to shrink.

Without a single word, the mercenary died.

“Lord, he’s dead.”

A second mana tip flew in without a moment to catch a breath.

The mercenary who spat out fell down and went through the same process.

“Grip of Death”

It is a magic that twists the target part by cell unit, and was classified as a forbidden magic because of its viciousness.

The actions of the mercenaries were instinctive. Scattered in all directions, they somehow found cover and hid.

I analyzed the situation.

The second magic came from a different passage than the first one.

There were two possibilities.

or using flashing.

passages are connected to each other.

I heard the whispers of the mercenaries.

—Damn it, Reef. how do you do it

– Run towards magic. What should I do in this case?

—Shut up. ‘Cause I’m thinking about it now

-Trust yourself. It would be better to retreat now.

—If you catch it, it’s at least 5 million shillings, so you’re going to give it up?

The magic no longer flew. A brief silence passed, and a fire broke out on the floor not far from the mercenaries.

Reefban had a portable oil canister in his hand.

“Everyone stuck behind me! I will stop the flying magic!”

The fire wasn’t that big.

It was burning within the range where the oil had been sprayed.

But that alone made his vision much brighter.

“Follow! Everyone moves at the same time!”

Reefvan ran out to the side of the fire first.

After a moment’s hesitation, the two remaining mercenaries followed behind.

His tensed faces were reflected in the fire and turned red.

“There is nothing wrong with being a wizard! If you can’t use magic, you’re not as good as ordinary people!”

“How do you stop magic? Manaro? Are you blocking it with mana?”

“Shut up and have a look!”

The heads of the mercenaries moved non-stop toward the four-way passage.

The half-gloves he couldn’t see were worn on the hands of the Leaf Van, which was spread out in the air.

A magic circle of geometric shapes engraved on the palm part stood out.


A third mana tip flew in at the same time as the shout and the direction of the palm were turned.

“I am nullified by magic… .”

The mana sip passed Reefvan’s ear and pierced the head of the mercenary behind him.


“Hey, hey!”

The fourth mana tip flew in, and even the one remaining mercenary fell.

Reefban, whose legs were weakened, sat down.

“Oh, no. No way, no way My, how much did I pay for it? It’s a one-time thing, so I’ve been saving it up until now!”

He looked at the back of his gloved hand and muttered in a confused voice.

As soon as the fifth mana nib flew, I jumped out of cover.

And I tried ‘interference’.

Types of elements used in magic.

composition and order of association.

In addition to the part according to the formula, there was bound to be a part that changed according to the user’s tendency or characteristic.

He had grasped them all with the previous four magics.

The mana tip disintegrated just before it touched Reefvan’s forehead and disappeared into the air.

Reefban’s eyes, which had been tightly closed, opened.

Confused, he said in a trembling voice as if he had understood the situation.

“Yeah, yes! It’s working now. Now… !”

“go away.”

“What, what?”

“If you don’t want to die, go away. Put down those gloves.”

“Gee, now I’m magic… .”

Mana Chuk changed the position of the passage and continued to fly.

With every move I made, it vanished from the air without a pulse.

I removed the pad to reveal the tattoo on my neck.

“Last say. Put down your gloves and go out.”

It was only then that Rifban understood the situation properly.

In an instant, his face turned white, and trembling, he took off his gloves and laid them on the floor.

And without looking back, I ran towards the entrance.

As I continued the magical ‘interference’, I bent down and picked up the gloves and put them on.

It didn’t feel bad when it sticks to the whole hand.

It was an item made in Latium.

There was a function to promote the flow of mana during ‘interference’.

Its original purpose was as an auxiliary tool used in battles between wizards.

In other words, ordinary people cannot break magic by wearing this.

It is for wizards only, and since it is a simple ability support, basic skills had to be supported.

There was something to be expected.

He had experience fighting warlocks, but he probably wasn’t the main fighter.

Perhaps he went into the wizard’s escort, picked up various stories about magic, and gained poor experience.

Also, maybe you have seen the wizard ‘interfering’ with the magic of the other warlock while wearing gloves.

So I would have paid the wizard a lot of money to buy a new one.

It was not even common in this world that government goods were taken out of the country.

‘You can negate magic just by wearing a glove.’

he smirked inwardly.

Anyway, it wasn’t important right now.

The magic flew by changing the type to the lightning series. That seemed to be the main element he was dealing with.


Whenever magic flew in from the passage, it fired a counter shot in that direction.

I did not use bullets that were engraved with explosion-type magic. There is a possibility that the bunker will collapse and get caught up in me.

Instead, he used bullets engraved with lightning-type magic.

bang! bang!

The speed at which the magic flew increased, and the ‘interference’ also increased. The muzzle also spewed fire one after another.

‘I think I’m pretty confident in the amount of mana.’

The gnome was constantly using the blinker. Each time, the location was detected like a dot on the map.

The direction of consumption was not bad either.

‘Interference’ consumes much less mana than the opponent’s magic, so the exchange rate was excellent.

The only thing I was considering was time.

There was a possibility that the priests would subdue the giant and enter the basement.

The magic fire stopped, and its location was no longer detected.

The meaning has been clearly communicated.

If you want to hold me, come inside.

It wasn’t a very good option.

He didn’t fully understand the structure inside, and he didn’t know what kind of traps were lying there.

Instead, I pulled up the electric elements.

Mana, which was incomparable to when the magic was engraved on the bullet, began to drain out.

Soon, a dark blue electric current started flashing on the palm of his hand.

“… … .”

If you avoid it, there is nowhere to escape.

If you hide, you have nowhere to hide.

It just had to be done that way.

Interference came from the gnome, but I intervened once more to silence it.


The electric current split like a snake and shot out in all directions.

Following my guidance, it bounced off the wall and swept through the aisle.



A groan was heard from one side of the aisle.

He lit up the light with magic and approached that direction.

He pulled out a gun and aimed it forward.

A modernly improved crossbow, its overall shape resembled a rifle, but had thick crossbow flesh attached to the front.

When the light shone, I saw a man in a robe at the end of the aisle.

His legs were shaking as if he had already suffered a blow before fainting.

“Everyone, don’t come near me!”

Intervention continued.

He combined the elements, and I released them.

I approached slowly and brought my eyes to the scope.


crossbow flesh flew

It was nailed to the back wall with his palm.


Breaking the magic, approaching, and fleshing out again.



opposite hand.


left and right thighs.

When I approached right in front of him, his body was convulsing incessantly.

The last flash he intended to use was negated by interference.

“A monster, a monster… .”

I grabbed the guy’s head and lifted him up. Then he put the pistol’s muzzle in his mouth.

“… The monster calls the chimera you made a monster. It seems that he was nervous about it and neglected to develop his own strength.”

He wasn’t as experienced and skilled in combat as I thought.

No, it’s a strong enough opponent, but it may not be a good match for me.

“Just ask me once. Did you touch the money in the nearby bunker?”

His eyes were tinged with fear. His head shook violently up and down.

“More, more, more in the room!”

With his eyes and gestures, he understood the meaning.

“How did you know where the money was? Did someone tell you?”

“Wow, whoa! Also, go around!”

When I applied force to the trigger, the trembling intensified.

“It’s me!”

Said in a desperate voice, as if desperately trying to prove his innocence.

When I read the eyes, it didn’t seem like a lie.

After that, the information was collected briefly.

Things like where you came from, when you arrived, and your purpose.

It wasn’t much different from what I initially expected, and there was no particularly nutritious information.

“Everything, everything, buy it, buy it. I go out and sleep… !”


The body of the man who had been pushed against the wall slid down.

Money that could not be found was found.

whether it is coincidence or necessity.

‘Is this the butterfly effect too?’

Important settings have not changed.

Things like the worldview itself, the characters of the supporting actors, and the background.

However, incidents involving relatively small elements, such as the ruins outside Area 118 and the slush fund in this case, were out of the flow I was aware of.

“… … .”

Cain is the main character’s biggest helper.

Such a person leaves the designated place, wanders freely, and creates ripples with every step.

Perhaps, I didn’t even know that expecting this world to flow without change was a great arrogance and greed.

And in the past, there was a possibility that the main stem of the story itself would be twisted.

No matter how small the ripples are, if they pile up, they will become huge waves.

Once I stopped thinking.

I had an immediate task ahead of me, and anyway, I had a compass of revenge and a return to reality.

There was no fear of being shaken or lost under any circumstances.

I wiped the blood off the pistol once. And he reached out towards the corpse of the warlock.

[circuit level: 2]

[Mana: 92 / 526]

The rise is about 30.

In addition to that, the circuit level has also risen.

I felt that the recovery rate of mana was significantly faster. It was doubled, or more, accelerated.

2500 mana required for the next circuit level.

It was the mana level possessed by the organization executives with slightly lower combat power.

‘… Even the elements are felt more clearly than before.’

I checked the circuit by repeatedly clenching and straightening my palm.

After I had completely figured it out, I walked to the room where the money would be kept.

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