A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 36

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 36

036. Skyscraper (1)

I quickly went to and from several rooms.

There was a study room full of old books and a room with corpses used in the experiment lying around.

‘Here you go.’

It was the deepest passage, the innermost room.

Cash, about the height of an adult male, was piled up in the form of a cuboid.

It was a huge volume, but it was not enough to reach 2 billion shillings.

「Bank Ignis」

At the top of the pile was a black card with an antique design. The writing was gilded on top.

It was a bank with excellent anonymity and confidentiality.

Instead of having an expensive annual fee, it was famous for keeping any money safely.

Because of this, it was safe to assume that black money from all sources was gathered here.

I remembered what Van Woods said.

“The card has been put on hold, so you will have to go to the head office or branch to unlock it. I will tell you the password you need then.”

There was no rush to unwind the suspension.

Because I have enough money to spend right now.

I shoved the bills into the subspace and kept the cards in my arms.

─ This is it! Attract attention! Cover the wounded!

The closer we got to the bunker entrance, the more the sound of the ground could be heard.

Urgent cries, clashes, and the cries of giants were mixed in a mess.

Climbing up the stairs, he looked at the situation without revealing himself completely.


The battle was still going on.

Dozens of priests and mercenaries were fighting around the giant.

The giant’s body was full of all kinds of scars, but his momentum did not break at all, and it seemed to only provoke more ferocity.

“Sa, save me!”

A mercenary was pulled by a hook and sucked into the giant’s grasp.


His neck was pulled out as it was, and he collapsed to the floor, suffocating.

“Are you still applying?”

“People from the outskirts of the other side are joining! arriving soon… !”

‘I don’t know if that giant is stronger than my master. Relativism at least for priests and knights that engage in close combat.’

After observing the situation for a moment, he secretly took a step back.

It was in the direction of going back to the area after passing the side a little away from the battlefield.

“… … .”

As I was passing the battlefield, a priest turned to me.

It was the blonde priest who had come to the group of mercenaries and asked for cooperation.

‘Did you feel my presence during the battle? Even though I erased it as much as possible with magic.’

Our eyes met for a few seconds.

It was the gaze of a coward leaving the battlefield. He smiled once, and then took a step back.

“Cow, shouldn’t we have to go to hear the sound?”

“Stay still. Go and get killed. The priests will take care of it.”

I passed the residents who had gathered at the entrance of the district and headed for the hotel.

I packed my bags and flipped a coin at the bell boy before leaving the first floor door.

“If the blue-haired female police officer finds someone, tell them that they are heading to Area 92.”

“Ah, yes, yes!”

After that, we headed straight to the bike shop in the city centre.

“Do you have a model you are looking for?”

“The best thing here.”

The owner’s eyes widened as he pulled out the bundle of cash and put it down.

“Hey, come this way.”

Bikes of various designs were lined up inside the store.

After listening to the owner’s explanation, I chose the most suitable model for me.

SI-006 model manufactured by Black Wheel, also known as Black Wheel.

As a company specializing in the production of combat vehicles, the SI-006 also had thick armor to match.

“You have an excellent eye. With four cooling systems attached, it is a model that can withstand long-term driving.”

After examining the details of the bike, I paid for it in cash.

Stacks of bills worth 3 million shillings piled up on the table.

“Come again!”

I started the bike with a warm greeting from the owner.

He put on his helmet, waited for people on the street to pass, and then pulled the throttle.


On the other side of the road, the guard rail broke and ran towards the open space.

The bike flew through the air smoothly through the crevices.


And landed on the road down the hill.

There was no problem with engine vibration.

‘Not bad.’

It was equal to or higher than the bike Estelle had prepared for the first time.

Passed between vehicles.

Out of the area in an instant, a straight road and wilderness appeared.

‘The next destination is the 90’s.’

It was a period in which the poorest people such as slums decreased, and the proportion of the lower class gradually started to rise.

It was also a period in which the struggle for interests between organizations was fierce and the black market was actively activated.

I was thinking of getting a doctor there first.

body treatment.

Forgery of ID.

And a request for the production of an exclusive weapon.

Among them, the treatment of the body was the highest priority.

Identification is required starting from the 30th zone where entry is strictly restricted.

A weapon can be covered to some extent by storing a large amount of firearms in a subspace.

Not all of them were urgent.

However, in the case of a body that is moving with magic, if it encounters a situation where it cannot use mana, it will be in a defenseless state.

I stopped thinking for a moment and focused on driving.

The speed had reached 252 km/h. The wind blew through the sides of the screen, causing a roar.

The scenery suddenly disappeared behind me.

wilderness. Lined factory area. smoke.

transport vehicle. hunting dogs. cracked ground.

The hot sun, and the wilderness again.

Vehicles bearing the company logo were transporting materials and goods along the road divided into sections.

We arrived at the next area around sunset.

The heavily subsided air, the soot that covered the sky, and the helpless faces of the residents welcomed me.

I grabbed a hotel room and walked around the street looking for a sign with the information guild’s mark.

‘It doesn’t look strange.’

I approached the vagrant who was sitting with his back against the wall of the building.

A can was placed in front of him, and the scars all over his body made him look like a former mercenary or someone who had been kicked out of the organization.


“Do you know where the rumors are the fastest here?”

The vagrant took turns looking at me and the inside of the can, then raised his finger and pointed in one place.

In the center of the district, a building of great height rose through the smoke.

I turned the steering wheel of the bike and approached the building.

It was 51 stories high.

The corroded walls were scattered everywhere and filled with black grime with scorched soot.

‘I don’t see any guests.’

It was quiet inside.

Beyond the glass walls, vacant rooms were revealing a desolate interior.

I got on the elevator and headed to the top floor. Through the glass wall, the scenery on the ground looked down.

An elevator that moves with magic stones.

Still, it was proof that a lot of investment had been made in the building.


The door opened with the sound of arrival.

The top floor was a huge lounge.

There were tables all over the place, and the walls were made entirely of glass so that you could see the scenery outside.

There was a bar in the center, and a well-dressed middle-aged bartender was washing the glasses.

I approached him and sat down.

“It’s been a long time since you’ve been a guest. You don’t seem to be a local, you seem to be a traveler.”

“I order the howl of a black bird.”

The bartender’s hand, who was cleaning the glass, stopped.

“You were your guest.”

“I made a request from Area 118.”

The bartender nodded and headed towards the back spiral staircase leading to the roof.

After a while, he came back with a file and handed it to me.

“That’s what branch 118 said. Since you are a VIP, you have to treat them very well.”

“… What. I guess you thought so. But isn’t there a branch manager here?”

“I am the branch manager. We are also serving customers as well.”

“I know that the branches are usually located in back alleys, not in such conspicuous places.”

“Each branch has its own circumstances. It’s not a bad place to avoid people’s attention either.”

It wasn’t wrong at all.

Because there were no other guests in the lounge except me.


Larksen Investigation Report

Category: People

Security: Class A


I turned the cover of the file.

* * *

Estelle woke up with a blank expression on her face. It was a house and a bed.

It was 8:00 in the morning and there was a cloudless sky outside the window.

“… … .”

It’s been a few days since the explosion happened.

Yes, it was an accident.

which has been dealt with externally.

An explosion in the central building was caused by a prisoner’s riot.

The explosion in the warehouse was caused by the prisoners’ cigarette problems.

Investigators from the imperial family came out, and all were treated as ‘accidents’ to prevent unsavory rumors.

Of course, that wasn’t entirely wrong.

Because the revealed circumstances and physical evidence supported it to some extent as an ‘accident’.

“Three people are dead.”

Warden, Kiftel, and Cain.

All three were officially declared dead.

“But Cain, that man.”

The first two were really dead.

He even saw the body with his own eyes and even led the funeral.

But Cain.

Estelle clasped the pendant Cain had put on her hand.

It was said to be a pendant that slows down the erosion of Magi. Since that day, I haven’t taken it off my neck once.

He also did not take off the ring, which shares the same location with life and death.

“… Obviously alive.”

Not only was he alive, but he was able to know the approximate direction of where he was now.

“You keep moving away from prison.”

I didn’t know the specific principle.

I can only express how I feel.

My heart started pounding and my stomach started pounding.

He had already seen many of the miraculous things he had shown, but it was true that he was still in doubt until the day of the incident.

He really did escape.

as he had predicted.

“I am leaving this place.”

The set future was a battle that could even be predicted. There was no sign of anxiety at all.

“… … .”

what the hell was that person

In fact, I still felt like I was dreaming, but the pendant on my neck and the ring on my finger were telling me it wasn’t a dream.

‘Maybe it can really cure my disease.’

“It will come naturally. When you need to come to me.”

He said that he had to finish his work first so that he could cure the disease.

So please wait patiently and come back.

“Then it is now.”

In fact, I knew it wasn’t now.

He added that it would take at least half a year to get his job done.

But I can’t stand still.

In a life sentenced to death, an opportunity came to change her fate.

But how can you sit still and wait?

“If you can cure a disease when you finish your work, you can help me get it done.”

Estelle jumped out of bed.

After taking a shower in the washroom, I changed into my uniform.

I was worried that I would hear gossip when I went to visit him, but no matter how much I thought about it, he was more helpful than a burden.

One of the highest ranks among combat priests.

High-level divine magic.

Since he has carried out the missions of the Church while wandering the continent, he can see that he has a wealth of experience in various fields.

‘It will definitely help. The job must be something related to the organization, and it is also a dangerous job.’

She found many other reasons to rationalize her choices.

Outstanding looks, excellent cooking skills, or even small reasons.

‘Come to think of it, the chief guard also quit right after the incident.’

Lieutenant Xavir.

He’s a famous person, so I’ve heard his name a lot before.

She was suspicious of Cain throughout her tenure, and resigned as soon as Cain was declared dead.

I can’t say for sure, but maybe Cain thought he was alive and went after him.

If that’s the case, it really couldn’t be overlooked.

To say that he was caught was the same as saying that the disease could not be cured.

“… I can’t leave it like that.”

After she looked in the mirror and adjusted her appearance, she opened the desk drawer and took out her resignation letter.

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