A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 38

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 38

038. Skyscraper (3)

“You must be in trouble. If you wish, I will arrange another doctor for you.”

“No, I liked him.”

I said, sipping the tears of the goddess. There was still no one in the lounge.

“Actually, I don’t have a proper medical license. I came out because I was told that I could make a lot of money by living in Clarkfield with my daughter.”

Freud’s story was simple.

“I came here on a request. But from the first request, I didn’t expect this to happen to me… .”

The patient is the boss of a powerful organization.

He was assigned a heart surgery.

While waiting for the date of surgery, it was reported that his daughter had been kidnapped by a hostile organization.

“They said they were preparing for war. I was threatened to make a mistake on purpose during the operation.”

It was a dire situation.

If the operation is successful, the daughter dies.

If the operation fails, you die.

“Sometimes I regret losing the escort of the organization because of the pressure. My daughter is dead the moment I tell the organization. Actually, even if my surgery fails, I don’t know if my daughter will come back safely. They are the ones who regard human lives as inferior to flies.”

Why do you want to make a lot of money while dealing with such people? I didn’t dig deeper.

“This is an organization called J-Moon and Scarface. It divides the northern and southern parts of District 92. There have been rumors recently that J-Moon’s boss has a chronic illness.”

A second cocktail glass was placed in front of me.

“If you wish, I will search for a location that may have kept my daughter in custody.”


The surgery date is 8 am the day after tomorrow.

Before that, he rescues Freud’s daughter.

But this time, I had to be more careful than usual because my life was not at stake.

‘It would be better not to take action until the location is fully understood.’

Even if there was a battle, it wasn’t too bad for me.

As I kill enemies, my mana continues to increase.

“Isn’t there an option to sell information about me to Scarface?”

The branch manager chuckled as if he had heard a funny joke.

“Please. I also have the ability to distinguish who is a VIP. There was also a request that the 118 branch manager be honored.”


Then the elevator arrived.

The one who appeared with the door opened looked around the lounge, saw this, and waved his hand and approached.

“I was here. You’ve been looking for it for a while.”

“… … .”

“You are beautiful. Do you know anyone?”

“Oh, thank you. The bartender is also dandy.”

Estelle, why the hell is she here?

He was wearing a shirt and jeans, not his usual uniform. The ring on his finger shimmered.

‘You’re giving me a headache.’

The assessment of the situation was quickly completed.

I didn’t feel her coming any closer.

It got in the way of the battle, so I had the ring removed and stored separately.

He felt a throb in his head and said in a cold voice.

“I would have told you to wait until my job was done.”

She flinched for a moment.

said with a timid tone.

“… Sorry. I’m angry? I can’t just wait… .”

“… … .”

“Actually it is. He doesn’t tell me what his job is or when it will end, he just tells me to wait.”

Her horsetail was elongated.

He looked like a child standing in front of his parents after committing a mistake.

“So, why have you already come to me?”

“I want to help you with that. If you help, it will be over sooner.”

“Did you quit your job?”

“I didn’t quit at all. I took a vacation. A very long vacation.”

I sighed inwardly.

“… Think for a second.”

“I see.”

She looked at me and sat down at the other table.

Then, holding a cocktail that the branch manager had given me, I approached the glass wall.

“Today, the smoke has lifted a little bit thanks to the wind. Sometimes on a clear day you can get a good view of the city.”

“That’s too bad. There are not many buildings this tall in the capital city.”

widely. widely.

My fingers slowly tapped the table.

‘If you accept her.’

It will definitely help.

Among the priests, there are not many talented people like her.

However, the moment I take it as a companion, there is a person I have to take responsibility for and take care of.

‘May affect the rate of assimilation with Cain. Besides, there are too many variables, the moment we become two.’

The moment they get close, their lives somehow seep into each other.

It was for that reason that he wanted to do both the beginning and the end of revenge alone.

alone is better

I made up my mind like that.

“Let’s change places and talk.”

“I know.”

Sipping her cocktail, she put down her glass and followed me.


We boarded the elevator together.

I said as I looked at the approaching scenery on the ground.

“Go back.”

“I do not like it.”

The answer came immediately.

When she turned her head, she saw her smiling face.

‘… I’m mad.’

“Go back. It gets in the way.”

“I do not like it. How do you know if it’s going to get in the way or not? We haven’t even been together yet.”

“I feel comfortable alone.”

“You said you were an executive? I’m not used to calling people.”

“Not now.”

“What is it? You’re a wizard, so you need a guard anyway. I will do that role.”

While they were fighting, the elevator reached the ground.

A luxuriously designed sports car was parked outside the building.

“It’s mine.”

He looked at you where the money was.

“… I borrowed it and bought it. Priests have a high credit rating, so the amount they can borrow is high. It also has combat-related functions, so it will help you in your work.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“How much?”

“Twenty million… Shilling.”

I pulled out two large denomination bills from my pocket.


“30 million shillings. The price includes the bike you provided.”

Her eyebrows rose.

“Does it look like I am doing this for money? I’m going to fall ill and die anyway. It’s because I’m anxious, I’m afraid! I’m too anxious to stand still!”

she cried out in anger.

When I didn’t respond, I bit my lip and turned and headed to the other side of the street.

Her figure disappeared, and I took the ring out of my pocket and put it on.

Her energy, which was gradually moving away, stopped at a certain line. When I moved, I kept a certain distance and followed.

‘There was a saying.’

Each character who has left the artist’s hand after completion has his or her own free will.

The author’s control is no longer possible.

Those words were realized in a slightly different sense.

I had work to do, so I stopped thinking about her for a while.

He toured the area to figure out the structure of the streets, repaired firearms and ammunition, and sold some of the byproducts from the worms.

And the next day, I got a call from the branch manager saying that I had finished collecting information about Scarface.

“The hostages are being held in a hotel used as a residence by the Scarface gang in the northern part of the district.”

The branch manager handed me a map showing the location of the building.

“I couldn’t figure out the exact location because access to the public was restricted, but I think he was detained on the 8th floor, which is the top.”

“Are the boundaries strict?”

“Yes. Armed gangs were roaming around the entrance.”

‘You may have to consider entering from the roof.’

I needed to move more carefully than usual.

This time, the lives of other people besides me depend on it.

“And one thing to keep in mind.”


“There is information that an officer of Scarface has recently made contact with the Green Horde.”

Green Horde. One of the three major organizations.

It was a mercenary group made up of beasts.

“It sounds like you hired a fighter.”

“Yes. Rumors have been circulating recently that he is preparing to go to war with J-Moon.”

If you prepared to that extent, war was highly likely to happen regardless of the success or failure of the operation.

‘Maybe Freud is just insurance.’

When I met him, there was no special surveillance attached around him. It was proof that he wasn’t paying much attention.

After receiving some more information from the branch manager, I paid the bill.

Leaving the building, he headed to the cafe he promised with Freud.

“What is this?”

“It is a communication device. If I put it in my ear, I can listen to my radio without being detected by others.”

He meekly followed my instructions.

It was a kind of arrangement.

You must deliver the message that you saved your daughter, so that he can safely make the operation successful.

“You are definitely different from the wizards I know.”

There was still anxiety in his eyes.

could understand

It’s like putting your daughter and her life in the hands of a stranger.

“You can trust me.”

“… I see. I beg you Save my daughter.”

His eye twitching stopped a little. After talking a few more, I went back to the dorm.

And started killing time.

Take a shower with hot water.

stock up on ammunition.

I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the second hand on the wall clock.

‘Looks like you’re going to keep following me.’

A familiar energy was felt not far away. Maybe I got a room in a nearby hotel.


Outside the window, the sunset passed and evening came. The lights of the building started to turn on one by one.

It was late in the night and when the bell rang for 3 in the morning, I put on my coat and went outside.

I got on my bike and headed to the northern part of the district.

I parked my bike at what I thought was an escape route, away from the target hotel through a quiet street.

‘Eight people were placed at the entrance. The total size of the organization was about 150 people.’

He hid himself in front of the hotel and behind the trees.

Several floors were lit, and there were guards armed with guns patrolling the entrance.

I turned around and headed to the abandoned building next to the hotel.

It was a place that had been researched beforehand, and the locked door could be easily opened by magic.

I climbed the emergency stairs and headed to the roof.

The number of floors was 9 and overlooked the roof of the hotel.

He took a gun from his arms and aimed it at the rooftop of the hotel.


A wire with a sharp tip stretched out and nailed it to the wall.

I cut the muzzle-side wire and tied it tightly to a pole near me.

You can also use “Float”, but it’s best to save as much mana as possible.

Besides, “Floating” has a slow movement speed, so there is a risk of being discovered by enemies on the ground.

I took out the equipment and hung the hook part on the wire. He grabbed the handle and jumped off the railing.

Fit geek!

It swiftly passed through the air and landed on the opposite roof floor.

held my breath for a while.

There was still darkness all around, and there was no reaction from the ground.

Even though they are members of the organization, the absolute majority are ordinary people, not mana users.

‘If there is a variable, it’s about the level of a mercenary of the Green Horde.’

Beasts are basically more developed instincts than reason.

For this reason, those who longed for blood and battle gathered and naturally formed a group.

‘It’s more like a group than a group because it’s often out of control.’

I can’t say with 100% certainty, but considering that he was sent to a war between such lower-level organizations, it was highly likely that he wasn’t a very high-ranking guy.

Even if not, it was well worth the risk.

It was the mana you would get when you subdue the mercenaries, and the fact that you no longer have to waste mana on movement with immediate tendon healing.


I opened the door of the rooftop building and secretly walked downstairs.

Numerous rooms followed in the dark hallway. In some rooms, light leaked through the cracks in the door.

He paused for a moment and raised his mana.


Mana, which was intertwined with elements of various species, spread like a snake.

The outlines of things that touched mana were drawn out in my mind.

Mana consumption was extremely limited, so the range was limited to one floor, but for now, that was enough.

‘This room is for three people. Judging by the shape of the objects on the table, are you gambling?’

The exact location of the internal personnel was determined.

I leaned my back against the door and swung open.

“what. There is still a long way to go.”

“Come on, wait. Not our organization… .”


The pistol fired fire three times in a row. It was close to silence by applying soundproofing magic on top of the silencer.

Closing the door, I passed through three corpses with their foreheads pierced.

‘There are no clues in this room.’

I quickly searched the room and then went out the door again.

After soaking in the darkness, I headed to the next room where the light was leaking out.

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