A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 39

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 39

039. Skyscraper (4)

I grabbed a guy who came out of the hallway to drink water behind the wall.


When he strangled his neck with his arm, he lost consciousness and slipped down.

He put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger. The movement stopped with a single flicker. Absorbed a small amount of mana.

‘I can’t see the hostage. You may have to keep the basement in mind.’

He pushed the body behind the wall and stared into the dark hallway.

He was heading down, scanning all the rooms, regardless of the fire.

All who stood out along the way stopped breathing. either awake or asleep.

If there are mercenaries in this building.

If so, quarrels are unavoidable.

with a very high probability.

You’ll wake everyone in the building, and there’s nothing wrong with reducing the number of enemies ahead of time.

Absorbing a small amount of mana was a side benefit.

I passed the hallway and stood in front of the last room on the 5th floor.

‘I feel one person from the inside.’

It was the same as floating on the bed.

Seeing how his body moved up and down in accordance with his breathing, he seemed to be in a deep sleep.


Mana was injected into the doorknob and hardened in the form of a key. I went inside and closed the door quietly.

The moonlight shone through the window, revealing a blurred silhouette of the room.

The moment I looked at the bed, I couldn’t help but feel my breath stopped.

“… … .”

Two torn eyes emitting yellow light were staring at me.

With the sound of tossing and turning, the pupils rose to eye level.

“I thought it smelled like gunpowder, but there must have been night guests.”

It was a soft, husky voice.

He aimed the pistol and fired.

The eyes rushed up from the bed and flooded me.


The sound of weapons crashing into each other echoed through the air.

My side is a barrel infused with mana.

According to the outline, the opponent had fingernails about five centimeters long.

“I still couldn’t sleep, but it’s a good gift. It’s been a long time since I smelled blood. The idiots called me and told me to wait.”

visor! visor!

Workshops went back and forth non-stop.

I didn’t get hit, but it was me who was being pushed.

‘… If this is the case, I am at a disadvantage. The attack doesn’t look right.’

He aimed at the gap and fired a gun at the guy’s face.

The outline of his face had disappeared from the aiming position.

A bullet flew through the air and smashed a light switch far behind.


The light in the room was turned on.

At the same time, he tumbled backwards to widen the distance from me.

“Weren’t you trying to hit me in the first place? He’s a pretty useful guy.”

A werewolf with a slightly larger build than me.

The eyes were glazed open.

‘… Drugs.’

A used syringe rolled around on the table in the back.

The bottle of the clear drug had the words X9 written on it.

Cheap drugs distributed in back alleys.

In addition to the pleasure component, it had the effect of momentarily amplifying the body’s ability.

However, it has a fatal defect that it damages body tissues and eventually causes death or disability when administered for a long period of time.

Judging by the trembling of his fingertips, it seemed that he was already addicted.

I had to be nervous. Because there is nothing as dangerous as water infused with stimulants.

the guy asked

“Are you here looking for something? to steal money? Or who are you trying to kill? Ah, I guess. I think you know. I smell the doctor.”

He sniffed, and I looked around the room instead of answering.

“No matter what! Just have fun with me!”

The guy rushed in and the battle resumed.

The nails were long dangling.

The workshop went back and forth in an instant, and the pistol ran out of durability and fell to pieces.

He immediately took out a new one and shot it at the heart, but the guy’s body was bent at a strange angle to dodge the bullet.

“Do more! more! more!”


He immediately rolled over to dodge the next attack. The guy stuck with it straight away without giving it a break.


‘… Now I know who I am.’

He bit his lip in response.

The silver hair on the back of his neck allowed him to recognize him only later.

Rabies feet.

Due to the nature of the organization, there are no executives other than the boss who leads the whole group, but among them there are definitely individuals stronger than the others.

One of them was Pete.

Icons of impulses and madness that lead to drugs, gambling, alcohol and carnage.

His name is known to some extent among other organizations, and he was the one who made the protagonist struggle in the middle of the work.

“Pete Rabies. I heard that he died while raging against monsters in the arena in Area 44, but the rumors must have been wrong. How do you get orders to come to this place? Were you hungry for money or blood?”

“Five? do you know me Was it the guy who ate around here a little bit?”

“I can’t know. Everyone is betting on when you will die.”

Once the words were spit out, the situation was not very relaxed.

If he poured all his mana, he didn’t know how to suppress it.

But the battle is not over with this one time, so I had to think about it after that.

‘There is one way. It’s not a very good option, though.’

I was on the defensive and I was pushed to the window over and over again.

There were already a few pistols on the floor, the guy said as he looked at me not pulling out a gun anymore.

“The weapon is gone. What are you going to stop now? hand? foot? head?”

Then he giggled and laughed as if it was funny.

“It would be better not to come any further.”

“This is the last time, so I guess you want to beg for your life. I will kill you painlessly. Because it was a little fun.”

I backed away slowly.

The moment his body touched the spear, as if it was a signal, he rushed in with a roar.


Sharp claws are about to rip my body apart.


A window was broken and a man rushed in.

Surrounded by golden mana, the mace violently ripped the air, and he hurriedly pulled back.


The room rang loudly. At the place where the vibration stopped, she stood with a mace and a thick shield.

Glass shards sparkling in the moonlight.

Curtains swaying in the wind.

I laughed out loud involuntarily at the thought that a scene in the movie would be just as good.

“Look. You said you’d need me?”

It was a proud expression.

As if asking for a compliment.

However, I could see a little embarrassment, probably because of me, because of the stress.

“Once you subdue that guy.”

The guy was looking at his shoulder, which had been crushed by a mace with a bewildered expression on his face.

She nodded her head slightly and left.

“Hey, what!”

The situation turned around in an instant.

She drove him like a child, and the mace roared incessantly, and the sound of leather cracking echoed through the room.

“Can I kill you?”

“I have information to dig up, so don’t kill me.”

“Can I break my limbs?”

As the pistol cut off an important movement in the right place, it was gradually pushed back.

“These Chewables!”

Footsteps were heard from downstairs. It was greed to want the enemies to sleep in the midst of such a commotion.

‘I have to finish it as soon as possible.’

“Yes, there is a way. If it’s because of that doctor!”

That was the moment. The guy pokes through the cracks, picks up an ashtray from the table, and throws it upwards.


The light was broken, and when the light was turned on again by magic, he was gone, along with the syringes on the table.

As soon as I left the room, I saw his silhouette disappearing down the stairs at the end of the hallway.

“Sorry. I was distracted for a while… .”

“Okay. Go down the stairs on the other side. Because he can move through the hallway. If you find a girl around the age of 14, protect her first.”

“I barely understood the situation. But it will be faster this way.”

She stopped me from moving. Then he raised his mace and slammed it down to the floor.


A huge hole appeared with a roar.

“… … .”

“Go. Can you jump like this?”

I remembered that she could not be defeated by Zervia simply by her destructive power.


jumped to the 4th floor.

The guy running down the hallway saw us and turned around and ran away.

“It’s here! The intruder is here!”

The whole building was on fire.

He wrapped a protective shield around his body and ran down the hallway with accelerated footsteps.

Doo doo doo-!

Bullets rained on the shield.

The swarming enemies were either thrown out by the mace wielded or knocked down by the bullets I fired.

The distance with Pitt was not easily narrowed.

An empty syringe was dripping down along the guy’s escape route, and each time he moved even faster.

‘A number like this… . It has already far exceeded the lethal dose.’


Estelle hit the floor again.

3rd Floor.

The boy’s figure disappeared again at the bottom of the stairs.


“Turn the other way. I will go down alone.”

“I see.”

Second floor.

I saw him walking out of one room with a sack on his shoulder.

Brown hair flowed from the mouth of the wriggling sack.

‘It was the second floor, not the top.’

“I don’t like it! I don’t like it! What are you guys, you dare me!”

His whole body was trembling as if it was about to explode.


As soon as the effect of the drug is exhausted, the muscle will collapse and die.

Even if I don’t know if I can get a lot of power in an instant.

I fired at his feet and continued driving in one direction.

“I didn’t like these bastards from the start! It’s like waiting for the opposing boss to die!

Even when he saw Estelle who appeared on the other side, he did not stop.

“I got it!”

Her mace was swung wide sideways.

For a moment, his legs swelled up, and he leapt and jumped over her.


Mace went straight through the air and knocked down the wall.

“You guys will make me as angry as I am! so unbearable! enough to die!”

She bit her lip and turned around.

She said to me as I arrived next to and kept pace.

“Does it make sense? It was definitely an angle I couldn’t avoid.”

There was nothing that could not be said at all.

Because in this world, things obtained by cutting life usually have a powerful effect.

The pursuit continued and they reached the basement.

“Sa, save me!”

“What are you doing now? !”

The guy ran through the Scarface gang and was approaching a van parked to one side.

“I’ll stop you!”

She said as she swung her mace at the swarming foes from the upper stairs.

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely keep the contract to wipe out the scumbags!”

A mad laugh escaped the boy’s mouth. He grabbed a member of the gang and forced him into the driver’s seat.

I passed between the fleeing gang members and slowly approached the van.

and pointed the gun.

“That’s it.”

The guy loading the sack into the van turned to me.

At the same time, I let the mana flow down and applied the “Shock Absorption” magic to the bag.

Even if he couldn’t be free from all the shocks, he would block them all to some extent.

“I guess I got it right? Do you see me running after you like this? Did you come to save this at the doctor’s request? right? Am I right?”

“… … .”

His sense of smell was beyond imagination.

I had to admit that.

“Put down the hostage and go away. Otherwise you will die.”

“Wow, woah, you want to shoot? If you want to try it, do it.”

The guy put his sack forward and covered himself.

Seeing me not taking the next step, I giggled and boarded the back of the van in order of myself, then the sack.

“You know what I’m going to do with this girl? I’m going to take you to the doctor and tear them to shreds. And that’s where you run wild. Killing everything, whether it’s a J-Moon or something.”

The boy trembled as if he was ecstatic just by imagining it.


The door is closed.

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

“Yes, yes!”


The van started abruptly and drew a trajectory towards the exit.

I aimed at the magazine without missing the gap that appeared in the moment.


It was an anti-personnel bullet that maximized penetration.

The bullet shattered the rear windshield and pierced everything it reached in front of it.


It staggered for a while, but the car did not stop and went straight up towards the exit.

I could see through the glass that he momentarily turned his head and hit the shoulder.


As I was running straight up, I heard a huge crashing sound from above.

When we got out, several of Scarface’s cars were scattered around the exit, with their fronts halved.

‘You must have tried to stop them from disappearing with the hostages.’

The guys coming out of the car were quickly shot and finished.

I said to Estelle, who was following me after organizing the following.

“Did you bring your car?”

“I put it nearby.”

“Chase. Catch it no matter what.”

No long explanation was necessary.

Estelle’s sports car and my bike started at the same time.


A loud exhaust sound echoed the dawn of the city.

Alley, road, alley, road.

The van went all over the place without a break, and the handlebars of the bikes were bent to and fro.

The gun was aimed at the wheel, but all normal bullets bounced off.

speed and durability.

It was clearly an illegally modified vehicle.

‘… You can’t use magic bullets. Hostages can be dangerous.’

A few spells suitable for the situation came to mind, but I couldn’t use them right now.

or insufficient level in the circuit.

Or there is a condition that the distance must be reduced and the opponent’s speed must be lowered.

Once the alley was over, a vast bridge appeared.

It was a straight road from north to south.

‘Now that’s a little bit worthwhile.’

There were no more obstacles.

I followed the van and pulled the throttle to full speed.

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